The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 10 Origin Of The Hunter Act 6 Finale Part 2

No healer, no magic user or scout.

With only these two 2 roles they were capable of conquering the entire dungeon planting a achievement almost unprecedented into this world.

There were a lot of factors towards their success and how they coped with countering their weaknesses.

But this all came down towards one thing that really stamped their success.

Trial and error.

When Ivankov and his two daughters entered the dungeon for the first time he spent a entire month inside the first floor together with his children teaching them how to fight and clear the floor together with him.

The way they survived for an entire month inside the dungeon was all through the help of the car that had a lot of resources inside of it, water, food and tools, the car itself didn’t come with them since it wasn’t allowed but the things that were inside of it entered the dungeon and laid beside them inside the floor.

When they finally came back it wasn’t only Ivankov who had changed, his daughters had completely transformed, it was like a trial of blood that washed away their naivety, Ivankov stated that he always regretted and felt guilty for forcing his two daughters to become like this, but in the end he also said that if he had the ability to go back in time and decide again he would still do what he did many years ago to ensure the survival of his daughters to make sure that they would never meet the same end as their mother.

When they came out a lot of other people coincidentally also were coming out of the dungeon most people who entered the dungeon had at least spent an entire month inside of it, nobody was able to clear it sooner and even if they cleared the floor faster then others they still had to fight off the floor master the goblin chieftain to finally escape.

Ivankov together with his daughters had just come out of a difficult fight against the goblin chieftain, at that time Ivankov was injured but not heavily as to impair his mobility, his first thought after coming out of the dungeon with his daughters was to run away as far as possible and hide but just as soon as he thought about that he frozen in place and remember the things that had happened inside the dungeon the sensation he felt after every kill and how he and his daughters were becoming stronger, this being the main reason why his children could go on fighting for so long in the first place.

He can become stronger, his revenge was possible, he only needed time.

Ivankov remembered that earth bending awakened, the burning rage in his heart was still very much lit, the only reason why it wasn’t blazing right now was because Ivankov was forcing himself to stay calm and not think about it too much, but eventually he understood that it wouldn’t work and that as long as he was alive that awakened would hunt him and kill him just like he promised in his heart when he stared him down that day.

That awakened, he wasn’t stupid he would come for him.

But as all this may be, Ivankov still had reservations and concerns most notably his daughters, he looked at them for a moment and gazed them, their eyes had long lost their previous innocent sparkle even though they were finally out of that dark and scary place, they didn’t feel happy at all when everyone around them the survivors were shouting from happiness for having survived that hell only these three people father and his two daughters were silent deeply pondering inside their own minds.

Ivankov didn’t ponder anymore, finally making his decision he decided that it was for the best that he took his daughters and started to make a run for it before people started to recognize him and his daughters, while his desire for revenge was big he couldn’t risk the life of his daughters no matter what.

But just as he was about to take his daughters away Nathasa the youngest sibling stopped Ivankov from taking another step.

-Daddy where are we going ?

She asked, Ivankov was stumped by that question especially since Nathasa was speaking in a very cold tone, he simply wasn’t expecting her to speak like this making him momentarily stunned before he answered trying to be as normal as possible.

But just as he opened his mouth and was about to answer he suddenly once again found himself stumped.

He didn’t know, he didn’t know where they were supposed to go, he didn’t have friends or relatives in this country, going back to russia to their homeland wasn’t possible as of now because of the natural disaster which disabled any major form of transport and because the security was tight on the borders even if they do somehow manage to escape, life was simply not guaranteed to be good, rebuilding what he lost would take time and by now quite a lot of powers must have been established while he was gone.

He had nowhere to go, and no way to hide, eventually he understood that the awakened would somehow find him even if he thinks that Ivankov is dead now if someone notices him and his daughters it could end right there and then.

With so many thoughts in his mind, Ivankov truly started to become more desperate as time went on, pushing himself into a corner all because of the single question his daughter asked him.

Noticing that their father wasn’t replying for a long while the elders daughter Masha started to come close to her father, there was a extremely resolute look on her face as she approached, Ivankov didn’t even notice until he felt her small hand gripping his own.

Ivankov stopped thinking at that moment looking down he looked at his daughter Masha, there was something different about her, no that was wrong they were always different every since they lost their mother, ever since he taught them how to kill, ever since they cleared the goblin cave with him, impressionable little children, blank slates overwritten with dark emotions and urges.

Just like him.

-Lets become strong…I want mother to rest in peace…

She said, hearing her words, Ivankov visibly shivered with a cold chill running down his spine, these words could interpreted in many different ways coming from a child, but Ivankov knew from way she spoke she didn’t mean anything close to what a child would think no…

She wanted revenge.

And with the power she gained she once again wanted more to fulfill this revenge.


At this point no more words needed to said, or rather Ivankov was speechless and just stood there, little Natasha didn’t seem to fully understood the meaning behind her elder sisters word because she was still too young, but even then subconsciously she didn’t reject her idea and even let it run free she had no qualms about returning back to that hell, the only thing she could think of right now was her mother she wanted to see her again.

Ivankov closed his eyes. taking a deep breath he couldn’t even believe what he was about to say right now.

-We will rest for a day and collect some supplies, you two go to sleep, after you wake up we will eat something and then go back into the gate…



Neither of the children had any opinion about their fathers decision, they simply nodded and followed him, the car they originally entered with into the gate was not too far away the two girls entered into the back seat and hugged each other, covered in grime, sweat and filth they peacefully within each others embrace, Ivankov didn’t watch them anymore he simply started the car and silently sobbed as he drove off to the nearest supply chain.

And just like this.

They continued to relentlessly challenge the first floor of the Goblin cave, the girls weren’t the same anymore both taking the role of a striker they fought with steel and vigor Natasha using a bow while the Masha holding a sword, Ivankov in the end became the tanker, reason being that the best he could do was to protect his daughters from harm.

The floor master of the first floor would always be a goblin chieftain with 3 to 5 goblin henchmen under him, the fight against the goblin chieftain while not difficult was still challenging as the goblin chieftain actually possessed some greater intelligence allowing him to think properly and use strategies.

In combat he alone was stronger then all of his goblin henchmen combined wielding a glaive, his henchman were also unique as well each holding a low grade weapon ranging from clubs to short swords and possessing some skill in using it.

Ivankov commented that the first 3 fights against the goblin chieftain was always tough, with him needing to almost always carry his two daughters through the entire fight because the children were already used to fighting the weak goblins on the first floor not being able to adapt as quickly, injuries were also unavoidable with Ivankov being the tanker he was able to soak most of the damage dished out by the henchmen and the chieftain but sometimes things didn’t go as planned his daughters would at times completely forget about the plan and become reckless or even distance themselves from him to a place where he couldn’t reach giving them a few cuts and bruises.

In the end the injuries weren’t lethal and the experience through getting them was valuable, said Ivankov, after the 3rd fight against the goblin chieftain and experiencing pain his daughters started to become more level headed, even though they were children age 6 and 8 respectively Natasha and Masha became extremely skilled at fighting and killing.

The more they challenged the dungeon the stronger they got, for each kill a hunter would feel a strange sensation entering their body and making them stronger and more energetic. this is the reason why the children could fight in the first place and by the time they cleared the first floor for the 5th time they were already as strong as full grown adult males and when they cleared it a 9th time they were closing into become as strong as trained soldiers.

Skill books, mana stones, weapons, equipment and all kinds of accessories started to drop throughout their hunting sessions, more and more power was accumulating inside their bodies until finally they didn’t feel any significant power ups throughout their bodies when they finished their 12th hunting session.

Upon noticing this Ivankov finally decided that they should aim deeper, looking at the stairs that lead towards the next floor, he headed down with his two daughters following closely behind.

At this time it had already been a month since they continued to hunt, the beneficial effects of the dungeon were already known by everyone, the governments were speedily trying to take over the all the dungeons within their countries, the american government already close to the dungeon Ivankov and his daughters were occupying the goblin cave.

The army was coming through the earth bending awakened originally planned on taking over the goblin cave but because of the army interfering he had no other choice but to retreat and while doing so he had actually stumbled upon a alliance whose goal were the dungeon gates.

The “Chosen Ones”.

The earth bending awakened with his comrades swiftly escaped joining the alliance and helped them take over a weak country.

Ivankov on the other hand while knowing that he army was coming didn’t feel too flustered by it.

On the day the army approached Ivankov simply stood in front of the dungeon gate all alone with a shield on his back and a heavy mace on his waist he watched as the tanks. helicopters and army soldiers marched towards him.


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