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Chapter 87 Complicated

Even though Hestia and I had left the school, we were still gaining massive amount of attention on ourselves while going through the small city. Well, Hestia was doing that mostly with an ignorant look on her face. I was … Continue reading

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Chapter 166 A True Idiot

-Ughhh….I really am a complete idiot… I grumbled to myself feeling very unfortunate at the moment as I felt cold sweat running down my cheek and into my neck line,the chill that come from this sensation made my heart tremble … Continue reading

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Chapter 86.5 Carry not Harness

==========================Sulivan Senjin========================== -He will come with a strike of golden light and a force so shocking that you won’t be able to withstand. Death won’t stop him; it will forge him even more where you will face your inevitable end … Continue reading

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Chapter 86 Long Story Short

-I see… Steward said a bit lost for words as he heard the end of my story. He held his chin appraisingly as he started thinking about the problem in hand. I had pretty much summarized the events that happened … Continue reading

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Chapter 165 Night Out

-It seems like we were already been noticed,it was somewhat expected,but they aren’t half bad after all… Wylniva said and just like me immediately noticed the face of the golden haired beast girl turning towards us as we kept flying … Continue reading

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