The Rude Time Stopper

[Web Novel Synopsis]

Year 2048, California, Los Angeles, a dense forest above which lies an enormous floating prison. There lives a boy with his little sister, imprisoned for an unknown reason. One day the boy escapes with his younger sister … but not as he planned : he got help through a strange ability he suddenly gained !

[The web novel updates once two days]

Author : Sudar Zeremdulam A.K.A Kakemo



25 Responses to The Rude Time Stopper

  1. ymmmechai says:

    not to be mean but plz don’t forget the credits


  2. ymmmechai says:



  3. edagami says:

    I`m thinking of translating your webnovel to portuguese, do i have your permission?


  4. For god sakes, please fix the punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes across all your written chapters and future chapters. It’s almost painful to read, though the story premise is very intriguing.


  5. kakemono did you drop this project? D= I love this! please continue!


  6. Protoman_Starforce says:

    I saw it 105 rude time stopper…


  7. juranai says:

    Love the story, looking forward to thousands of chapters =)


  8. zenkychii says:

    Are you still writing this? I read all of 153 chapters and it had to stop at a good part! lol


    • Kakemonoko says:

      Yeah don’t worry I am currently busy with other things,but I haven’t stopped anything so keep tuned for chapters.


      • zenkychii says:

        Oh thank You. I was trying to figure it out by seeing when was the last update of a chapter and one before and calculating all the posts. lol
        Never in my life have i felt like a detective. Hahaha


  9. Meifu Mado says:

    Merci pour vos œuvres ,maître^


  10. Is this story dropped or just on hold?


  11. Keyarze says:

    Umm….Has this stopped? Thanks for everything😊😊 I hope you will comsider continuing…

    Kind regards, A Random Passerby…


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