The New Start

[Web Novel Synopsis]

A world of sword and magic where the strong rules and the weak gets served as breakfast. Formally known as Blue on earth, the master over hundreds of martial arts gets reincarnated as Damon White into this world. What will lie ahead of him ? Only we will know.

Write in the comments below for a better description. If you want i will choose one and set it here with your name !

[Updates will begin when i’ve edited all the chapters]

Author: Sudar Zeremdulam A.K.A Kakemo


19 Responses to The New Start

  1. mountain4dew says:

    How long are you?


  2. mountain4dew says:

    oh yeah so how many edited chapters so far


  3. Tothrem says:

    o-o well i wish u good luck!


  4. Amir Tal says:

    do you want any help with editing?
    I don’t have experience but my English is above average


  5. stefanus101 says:

    Do u think u can update the links for the chapters?
    Coz there’s only around 21 chap in the TOC but I know that there is 35 chapter that is out already, I can help with the editing,my English is nothe best but I want to help to release the chapters faster….

    Plus I am too addicted to the story so If possible I want to read the next chaps faster…..


  6. mountain4dew says:

    so how many chapters have been edited so far. I am just curious because it’s a great story


  7. so new chapters soon? its a very good story


  8. dgcast16 says:

    Raws?Any Raws availiable??? I really want to know what happens next. Anyways,thanks for chapters so far!


  9. ates oguz says:

    still waiting for you to continue this

    you are the writer so i cant force you but i like this one more than your other series and card dealer teaser made me expect it too


  10. segyulah says:

    Hello? Please continue writing this…


  11. Keyarze says:

    Umm….Has this stopped? Thanks for everything😊😊 I hope you will comsider continuing…

    Kind regards, A Random Passerby…


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