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[Web Novel Synopsis]

Follow our protagonist with is frail glass like body as he, by mistake, lets himself get taken to another World where he has to give it his all to survive. Will he make it ? Or will his fragile body let him down midway through ? How will his powers, granted by the very thing that took him, help him in his survival ? Find out in The Fragile Monster Lord’s world !

Description made by Doctorprimat

Chapter 1 A Path To Choose

Chapter 2 A Strange New Situation

Chapter 3 A Tough Call

Chapter 4 A Call For Help

Chapter 5 Finally Someone

Chapter 6 More

Chapter 7 Multitasking

Chapter 7.5 A Sign Of Civilization

Chapter 8 Danger Zoned

Chapter 9 The Light Crusader

Chapter 10 Begin Operation Rescue Blondys Friends

Chapter 11 A War Of Heads

Chapter 12 Conclusion Of The Battle

Chapter 13 Plan’s

Chapter 14 A Deal

Chapter 15 Start To Train And Kobold Village

Chapter 16 The Meaning Of Companionship

Chapter 17 Offer

Chapter 18 An Air-Head Of An Companion

Chapter 19 Idiotic Discovery

Chapter 20 Appraisal

Chapter 21 The Chicken Man

Chapter 22 The Mangled Crimson Wolf

Chapter 23 Fake Blood

Chapter 24 To Learn,To Understand

Chapter 25 The Irony

Chapter 26 Calarel Aelasar

Chapter 27 Story Time

Chapter 28 A Sign Of Temptation

Chapter 29 Companion Hill

Chapter 30 Drama ?

Chapter 31 Potential Allies

Chapter 32 The Artifact

Chapter 33 Stronger Than Steel

Chapter 34 Maybe You’re Just Uncomfortable !

Chapter 35 Do You Like Me ?

Chapter 36 The Real Woman In This Relationship

Chapter 37 Understanding Their feelings

Chapter 38 In Face Of Despair

Chapter 39 No Mercy

Chapter 40 Force Of Lust

Chapter 41 A Hard Egg To Crack

Chapter 42 Do You Want To Eat My Meat ?

Chapter 43 So What You Doing

Chapter 44 Late Night Visit

Chapter 45 Out Of Hand

Chapter 46 Did She Force You ?

Chapter 47 Dispute Between Captains

Chapter 48 Divines Fruits

Chapter 49 Contribution System

Chapter 50 Renovation

Chapter 51 First Contact

Chapter 52 Exchange Of Friendly Relationship

Chapter 53 Peak Of The Food Chain 

Chapter 54 Quick Finish

Chapter 55 Emergency

Chapter 55.5 Return Of Request

Chapter 56 Unspoken Conditions

Chapter 57 Deadly Moments

Chapter 58 Get Yourself Together

Chapter 59 Make Me !

Chapter 60 How’s The Soup ?

Chapter 61 One Step Forward

Chapter 62 Your Ally

Chapter 63 Sliver Of Respect

Chapter 64 A Partner Made

Chapter 65 Not The Only Dogs In This Camp

Chapter 66 Student Becomes The Master

Chapter 67 The Tamer !

Chapter 68 Two Bird With One Stone

Chapter 69 The Draw

Chapter 70 Peace In A Bath

Chapter 71 Surprise Attack ?

Chapter 72 News

Chapter 73 A Helping Hand

Chapter 74 Prediction

Chapter 75 The Santa Fairy

Chapter 76 All You Can Eat Buffet

Chapter 77 Dread

Chapter 78 Desparation

Chapter 79 Punshiment

Chapter 80 Back On Foot

Chapter 81 Taint

Chapter 82 Just Dance

Chapter 83 Where Am I ?

Chapter 84 Class Or “Job” And Skills Or “Arts”

Chapter 85 Goodbye Melody

Chapter 86 Little Or High Lord ?

Chapter 87 Tough Bird

Chapter 88 Preparation

Chapter 89 Adventurers

Chapter 90 You Dropped Something

Chapter 91 Discoveries Can Be Disturbing

Chapter 92 Building

Chapter 93 Gang Bang

Chapter 94 Baka

Chapter 95 Boss

Chapter 96 Yellow Dust

Chapter 97 The Real Boss Appears

Chapter 98 The Divine Black Ice Dragon Emperor

Chapter 99 You !…Your Tiny !

Chapter 100 Having You For One Day

Chapter 101 Party Hard Rest Hard

Chapter 102 DUEL !

Chapter 103 Akri !

Chapter 104 Attacked

Chapter 105  Blacksmith Rohimen

Chapter 106 Appreciation

Chapter 107 Village Touring

Chapter 108 Nomination

Chapter 109 Cold Shoulder

Chapter 110 I Have Hope !

Chapter 111 The Three Great Monsters

Chapter 112 Neither Or Either

Chapter 113 I Need Attention

Chapter 114 Pain Train

Chapter 115 Angry And Lovely

Chapter 116 Semi-Evolution

Chapter 117 Dungeon

Chapter 118 Onwards

Chapter 119 Entitled

Chapter 120 A True Demon King

Chapter 121 Hobura Vs Succubi

Chapter 122 Cheerful

Chapter 123 A Monster Lord

Chapter 124 A Bite For A Kick

Chapter 125 Submitting Roar

Chapter 126 Unity

Chapter 127 Action’s Speak More Then Thousand Words ?! Or Not

Chapter 128 Boulder Smash

Chapter 129 Little Mystery Girl

Chapter 130 Dragon Rattle

Chapter 131 Alliance 

Chapter 132 The Pouting Two

Chapter 133 Work Hard For Your Freedom

Chapter 134 The Duty To Satisfy Their Needs

Chapter 135 Between The Dragon And The Meat

Chapter 136 The Seven Cloud Flower

Chapter 137 The Spicy Meat Man

Chapter 138 Big Moves

Chapter 139 The Flow Of The Situation

Chapter 140 The Chefs Wound

Chapter 141 The Piggy Back Dragon

Chapter 142 Faithful Gaze

Chapter 143 The Use Of The Emblem

Chapter 144 The Net And The Strings

Chapter 145 Overcome The Distance

Chapter 146 A White And Royal Surprise

Chapter 147 Horned Rabbit Queen Of Light

Chapter 148 Subordinate And Boss

Chapter 149 I Am Here

Chapter 150 Following The Current

Chapter 151 A Hot Night

Chapter 152 A Bloody Pillow

Chapter 153 Improve From The Outisde

Chapter 154 You Need To Know About Me

Chapter 155 Slimy Memories

Chapter 156 Monster From The Deep Sea

Chapter 157 Everything Will Be Alright

Chapter 158 Meat Glutton

Chapter 159 Pat Pat Pat

Chapter 160 Slimy And Unexpected Business

Chapter 161 The Golden Mane

Chapter 162 Solar Beam

Chapter 163 Are Villagers All Ugly ?

Chapter 164 Did He Notice Me ?

Chapter 165 Night Out

Chapter 166

Chapter 167

Chapter 168

Chapter 169

Chapter 170

Chapter 171

Chapter 172

Chapter 173

Chapter 174

Chapter 175



11 Responses to Table Of Content

  1. Pyro says:

    Just a quick note, the link for chapter 23 actually links to 24. 🙂 Thank you for the series btw. I just started reading it this morning.


  2. Does he ever get physically stronger, I know its called fragile monster lord but what was the point of wishing to leave earth if if bodily condition is the same?? Kudos to the author if you can make this story interesting with a pathetically weak MC who has to rely on someone else’s strength but if he doesn’t get stronger then this story will suck. I only read 3 chs so far so forgive me if he does get stronger but I’d like to know now before I continue reading does he get physically stronger anytime soon???


  3. Yui says:

    ty for the reads

    ps: please fix link to chapter 64 (it sends to 63)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. bijanabrahim says:

    This list seems a bit out of date.


  5. Pingback: List of books | Red Rose Writes

  6. link of chapter 64 sends to 63, thought you may wish to know


  7. theudblad says:

    Super histoire merci 😊


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