Different Classes And Species

This Page is Dedicated to all of the different monster seen in the series <The Fragile Monster Lord> the monsters are ranked by stars.

Stars Determine how rare the quote “Species or classes” are strength is not determined by the stars.




Humans are the most common species in the world they aren’t good at anything but can do anything if they so desire this species more then once showed how cunning it is by their nature humans tend to team up using each other individual skills as one they strength don’t lie in anything but themselves.


Dwarves are located to the east side of the continent and are one of the major kingdoms their unique capabilities are their strength dexterity with their hands making them perfect craftsmen or close combat warriors that can swing a double edged axe with one hand they usually live in caves next to a cliff or a mountain because of the ore that can be easily acquired by them.This race has many sub-races to this main race.

  • Black Iron Dwarves
  • Hobbits
  • White Dwarves
  • Gnomes
  • Barbaric Dwarves


Elves are located at the south side of the continent and are one of the major kingdoms they also usually live in heavily forested areas and protect the green life in their environment.Their capabilities lie in intelligence and agility as spell caster this race is the most potent and as archers the most deadly there are more sub-races to this main race and elves tend to live a very long time compared to the other races.

  • Dark Elves
  • Wood Elves
  • Blood Elves
  • Lunar Elves
  • Solar Elves
  • Elfling
  • Spirit Elves
  • High Elves

Lord ★★★★☆

The Lord is a evolved species of the human or Half-Lord that evolves from a goblin there are also other beings that can evolve into a lord if humanoid enough to do so.A lord is a very intelligent species and is often described as a powerful arcanist there are also melee fighting lords but they are very few.A lord often appears when a humanoid being is pushed to its limits resulting in a evolution the lord is not different looking then a normal human but depending on what their base species was they can differ for example a hob-goblin who evolved into a lord can have horns or gems on their bodies as catalyst.This species is often alone or mingles through society avoiding people because of their high intelligence that exceeds human understanding they mostly try to improve themselves.As said this race can be evolved into by any humanoid race.

Basic Slime ★☆☆☆☆

The slime is a monster that mostly digest anything it touches nothing much is know why it exists or how it lives.This monster is a fairly easy opponent its nuclear is its life energy it is protected by its semi-fluid like body that isn’t effected against physical hits.It dies when the nuclear gets destroyed getting too close to it can result in being swallowed by it and suffocated.The slime can evolve into many different other slime species for example the poison slime or the acid slime.

Sticky Slime ★☆☆☆☆

These slimes are the basic evolution form of the basic slime the body gel is 4 times stickier then original they aren’t any different then that their stats also get amplified.

Harden Slime ★★★☆☆

These slimes are the basic evolution form of the sticky slimes the body gel in their doesn’t change but they gain the ability to harden their gel making it as robust as steel and flexible as aluminum.their stats get amplified.

Fire Slime ★★☆☆☆

This species evolves from the basic slime.It is not different from its base species the basic slime the only difference is its color that is crystal red it can also spew fire and heat itself like a giant fireball it can only use its flames as a flamethrower but is still deadly in a 5 to 10 meter radius because of its hot flames.

Poison Slime ★☆☆☆☆

Poison slimes are the evolved forms of the basic slimes.Its body is no different then that of a basic slime the only difference being this slime can cultivate many different poisons if it can acquire it first it uses it body as poison to make its target suffer slowly and die at the end.

Acid Slime ★★☆☆☆

These slimes are the evolved form of the sticky slimes their body gel are capable of melting anything that makes contact with them they generally use ranged attacks on their foes to make them weaker and melt their body.Their stats aren’t different then that of a sticky slime.

Paralyze Slime ★★☆☆☆

These Slimes are capable of paralyzing their foes by making them touch their body gel they generally use ranged attacks to get a opportunity to kill their foes.

Metal Slime ★★★☆☆

Mostly found in caves or dungeons these slimes feed off from different kinds of raw metals or ores it is unknown from where they originated from but their stats aren’t different then that of a sticky slime.These slimes look like liquid metal and when killed they drop a precious mineral called magic liquid that can be shaped in anything through the imagination of the user.

Blood Slime ★★★☆☆

These slimes are rare and are found in random places sometimes but mostly in forests they have the ability to suck their opponents blood through their injury they can harden their body into a blood crystal that can be used as magic stones.

Goblin ★☆☆☆☆

Goblins are numerous little fiends that attack with their numbers on a one on one battle they are very weak they aren’t intelligent but are smart enough to use armor and weapons at some point they look like a small child with green skin there are female and male goblins only the male goblins go out hunting the female goblins collect fruits and other items.This monster has a frightening reproduction capability for a normal goblin to grow up it takes only 20 to 25 days to do so.This goblin because of its humanoid nature is able to evolve when it gains a particular mastery over something it also evolve after exceeding its attributes.

Hob-Goblin ★★☆☆☆

The hob-goblin is the evolved form of the goblin.Its much smarter then its previous form and has the capabilities of a teenager in this case its over all strengths have jumped up a massive scale its intelligence has also gained a big boost but its still inferior to a human.At this stage a hob-goblin gains the basic understanding of a mastery such as a skill to use it also starts to understand how things work by observing it.The hob-goblin at this stage can learn a mastery and evolve to a particular species determined by its mastery it also use its ordinary evolution path to evolve into a ogre or a troll or something else depending if it is a melee fighter or a physical one it can also become a scholar and gain magical abilities to evolve into a different species.


The ogre is the evolved form of the hob-goblin.Its only slightly smarter the its previous form but makes it up with its massive strength gain comparable to 10 knights.The ogre at this can learn different kinds of masteries such as skills and spells it can also become a Ogre-Magi if it desires so.The evolution path for the ogre can also branch from magical to physical or something else entirely.


Monster Lord ★★★★☆

A very rare and extinct class this class can be only bestowed by a Monster Master class to a lord species.This class allows the user to make a pact with a monster swearing its loyalty to the user.This class also influences the air around the user making them more trustworthy or calmer what makes this class different from the other tamer classes is its spiritual link with the monster being able to understand it more and being to talk to it freely without restriction.The monsters will also have a free will compared to the other tamer classes the monster lord also has a lot of odd skills that make it unique.

Light Crusader ★★★☆☆

A light crusader is a fallen paladin who devotes his life to goodness this class can only be gained after being banned by a church of light and afterwards still believing in good the class is bestowed by a god or goddess only good willed people are bestowed with this class.A light crusader combines the basic powers of a paladin with the swordplay of a crusader what makes them different is one their skills called <Avenging Wrath> Its a skill that doubles the attack and magic power of the user for 1 minute this skill is key to a large scale battle and can be used in a dire situation it has no rebound making it a very useful skill.A light crusader generally uses two great swords or one great sword they also use a tower shield combined with a long sword or a great sword.


5 Responses to Different Classes And Species

  1. sriper says:

    Always loved ranked stars!
    I imagine it will update when a monster swears loyalty, right? Because we are missing a certain wolf, haha.


  2. ertulio says:

    I normally don’t pay attention to rankings and lists, but this one is an exception. The only strange thing I found was that Moster Lord was a four stars class when there is only one user and it was formerly extict, which may mean that someone else will also use this class in the future…


    • malkira says:

      lol just found this page thought the same thing was gonna say how come monster lord is only 4 stars since theres only 1 what could even be a 5 star there would have to be less than 1 aka extinct lol


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