Magic Tablet

Elemental System

There are the 4 main elemental magic systems with all kinds of spells to it.Each element has a tiered system of ranking how powerful a spell is that tier ranking goes from Tier 1 to Tier 10 spells the spells don’t have any mastery percentage the only thing that raises is the mastery of the particular element for example Fire.

The Fire element spell mastery in tier 1 has dozens of spells the basic spells anyone learns are <Fire Arrow> <Fireball> <Firewall> <Fire Storm> when a spell is executed properly the elemental mastery live for this particular element will rise harder to execute spells will give you more experience points for that particular elemental mastery.

You can also raise 2 or 3 elemental masteries by using spells that have 2 elements in them like the spell <Erupt> which has the fire and earth element or <Fog> which has the element of fire and water element just know that you want get as much experience with the elements using this method to gain full experience for a element you have to use that particular element from its spells.

You can also use your arcane powers to combine them with your element to make a new element these elements are the non-basic elements such as.

Ice,Thunder,Magma,Solar,Acid,Torchlight,Devouring Flames,Mud and so on.

Arcane System

The arcane system is also a mastery on itself a skill to wield the pure magic power it is also called mana mastery arcane magic is mostly used as boosting strength enchanting physical hits or runic magic this is the very basic of magic and is the mages very first skill to control and learn.

There are also illusion and Support spells in the arcane system the very basic spells every mage learns are.

<Heal><Mirror Image><Strengthen><Confusion>

Death And Spiritual Magic System

This the magic system that is very uncommon the use of this magic system can range from everything coming from support to straight out area on effect spells that can destroy a wide area this magic system is also rumored to be able to converse with the many different gods of the world depending on the nature of the person the skill can evolve into either Demonic Magic system or Divine Magic system it is not know what kind of spells these particular systems have there aren’t many people with this unique alive to this date.


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