Magic System

Magic.It an be only learned by the gifted it highly depends on the talent of the individual who studies it.For example for a magic caster to cast the Tier 1 spell <Ignite> he has to have at least 5 magic points in his/her magic sense and power if the caster does not have those 5 points in their sense or power they will need to train more and improve their over all capabilities a magic user can train their magical abilities to improve.Talent also shows how fast the individual can improve.

Now as stated above magic talent has a big role in how good a mage can be or how fast he will improve now how about those who do not have any talent at all ? Let’s say a person is born and their magical sense and power is zero if they train to become a mage the possibilities of it happening is also zero why ? Because if they don’t have any sense nor power it indicates that the person is not strong enough to sense magic and absorb it nor are they capable to store it if they don’t have any power in the first place.

Magic Since Birth

Now lets look at people who have magical capabilities since birth any mage above 5 points in magic sense and power can improve and challenge any other categorized opponent equally if they are good enough.They first of all are categorized as such:

<The Cleric’s>Clerics are generally those people who have only 1 point in magic sense or power and the other attribute having over 5 points they are generally trained to become close combat mages that use weapons and other devices to aid their short comings.Even thought the clerics have attributes that go over zero not making them completely useless their other attribute that makes them a cleric that has 1 point in it is generally seen as a low talent mage that would need some months to learn one simple spell in comparison to a mage who will need only a week to learn such spell.

<The Mage’s> These are the people who have at least talent above 5 points in magic sense and power most ordinary mages tend to go in this category.The possibility for non-mage parent’s to have a mage son or daughter is less then 10% most of the successful mages also come from this category in the most case.

<The Wizard>The wizards are the magic casters that mostly come from mage parents these are the people who have magic sense and power above 10 points what makes them unique from normal mages is their quick understanding in magecraft in general being able to understand and cast a spell twice as fast as a normal mage making them perfect scholar’s or researchers.Only 20% of a student body are wizards

<The Sorcerer>The sorcerers one of the most rare talents in mage history.A sorcerer is only born one out of a million people making them the most rare thing you could ever dream of finding.what makes them so rare and unique are their capabilities.All sorcerers have been documented to have had at least above 30 points in magic sense and power their understanding in magecraft overwhelming making them capable of understanding a spell in couple hours and being capable of casting it too.Another thing that makes them unique is their birth.Sorcerers are born with something called innate magic making them capable of using any spell without a chant but only if they understand the spell.Another thing to note about innate magic is that sorcerers generally don’t need to absorb magicka from their surroundings innate magic enables them to have a small generator in their body to make magicka for them their magicka regeneration is normally 4 times that of a wizard.

Magic System:

Elemental System

The magic system is simple and divided into the 4 basic elemental’s  and the 2 non basic element’s being:







These 6 elements are the general used types for a typical mage.A individual tends to have a spiritual link to one or two elements making them good at it there are even people who are very comfortable with using all 6 elements and there are people who can only use 1 element and nothing else.Mages can also create spells to their liking if they understand the law of making a spell they can also combine 2 or 4 elements to make a new element they can also “Divide” one element to get another element for example.


Also when a mage combines a element they need to understand the law of how a element reacts to the other without good understanding “Dividing” or combining is not possible for example: Lets say a mage wants to combine the <Earth> element and <Water> element to get the <Mud> element but what they end up with is the <Nature> element the reason being the mage imagines the <Earth> element to get wet not combined and end up thinking about a tree making the <Wood> element.Once a element is fully understood they user can use spells from that element specific without combining or “Dividing” anything.


<Fire>+<Divided>=<White Flame>







Divided Elements can also be used to combine with other elements.

Arcane System

Arcane magic is one of the most common and basic arts of magic what makes it different from elemental magic is that arcane mainly focuses on the structure of a spell.For example <Dividing> a spell means to use arcane magic to influence the structure of the element to get it into its near related element like water when cold freezes making the <Ice> element now where does the cold come from ? The answer is arcane magic.As said arcane magic makes the structure of any given spell meaning that our thoughts can also be shaped and replicated into a spell too using arcane magic there are example spells that go to the other elementless spells like <Silence> <Cut> <Levitate> as the names imply <Silence> silences a person and <Cut> cuts something now there are some spells that have the same meaning but do different things like <Levitate> and <Float> spell these two spells are different how if you want to ask? its because <Levitate> makes a person fly at one height level not going up or down but the <Float> spell only makes the person go down slower.The reason for this is because of the meaning of the spell to use a spell the mage has to understand the spell itself thats why most of the mages can’t use the spell right away even if you have 30 points in magic sense and power if you have low understanding you won’t be able to use the spell.Another thing to note is that other then giving a spell a effect you can also code it into doing more then one thing meaning you can program a spell to follow a set of more commands or effects you can also add elements into a arcane spell to help constructing it there are numerous spells that can be made more then one way for example the <Fly> spell.

To use the fly spell one can use the wind element or arcane element to propel himself into the air you can also give more commands into the spell for directional flight the <Fly> spell is considered a spell for a mage above Tier 5 because of the complexity of the spell.

Enchanting A.K.A Perma-Spell System

Enchanting is a art where you infuse your own magicka into a item making giving it a effect or option to function for example:

A knife can be enchanted to be more durable or sharper you can also combine the elemental system to give it a elemental affinity for specific element like giving the knife a fire element and when slicing something giving a burn effect or more resistance to fire.

You can also use the arcane system giving the item or in this case the knife a specific effect or option as stated you can make the item more durable or sharper or you can even make it levitated on command.

All these functions are only possible if you understand enchanting itself and the concept of the spell you want the item to have.

Now the material for enchanting does matter in the often cases why ? because low grade items tend to overcharge because of the enchantments that were placed on them the example for this is a piece of paper why ? because paper to its roots is wood fine sliced slim wood the mass and properties that paper has doesn’t add up to the power a enchantment has now if the paper would be more extra ordinary like Iron Wood paper you could make a one use enchantment spell onto the paper but anything else no extra ordinary can’t do why ? because if you enchant a ordinary piece of paper in a matter of time the paper will burn from the burden the spell it holds more examples for this would be having a iron ring enchanted with a spell that can destroy anything in a 1000 meter radius not touching the user of the ring in the process.The iron ring can’t store something as complex as that and would explode in a matter of time the reason it explodes is because the power of the spell is massive compared to a piece of paper that can’t explode because it doesn’t have much mass itself.Item quality is key to enchantment mythril for example can store more then 20 different spell without overcharging making it one of the most sought after materials the reason it can store so many spells is because the ore itself is magic making it magic immune in most cases magical material tends to be magic immune most of the time

Alchemy System

Alchemy is generally considered a subject then a magic system because of the lack of magic use in it.Its not a popular system because of the sheer knowledge one needs to actually make alchemy useful.What makes Alchemy and Chemistry different is that alchemy studies extraordinary chemical reactions and chemistry studies compound structure and reactions to other elements.Alchemy can be studied by non-mage folks but in other cases magical powers are also needed to use alchemy.There are 2 types of alchemists.Metallurgy alchemists and Herbology alchemists.Herbology alchemists can make potions with many kinds of temporary or permanent effects they can also craft salves or pills in this case.These alchemists are also able to make all different kinds of poison and bombs making them one of the most annoying and nastier opponents in the world.Metallurgy Alchemists mainly study the science of different kinds of metals how to make them from the base without waiting for them to grow.One of the most popular believes are that master metallurgy alchemists are able to create a alchemical substance called the “Philosopher’s Stone” it is said that this stone is capable of turning base metal such as lead into gold or silver it is also speculated that it give eternal life there are people who believe in this and are investing all their lives for such stone into their research until now no one really knows if its true or not because no one really proofed as such.These kind of alchemists are also able to create artificial creatures through their alchemy main metallurgy to make golems there also notorious alchemists who used flesh to make “homunculos” an artificial human beings.

Summoning System

Summoners are over all very rare the reason for this is because studying to become a summoner isn’t easy it can be almost a non-rewarding labor and you need to understand all the different symbols and incarnations to make a summoning ritual and make a contract with a summoned being but only if that summoned being accepts you will be able to use its strength to aid you.

There are 3 basic types of summoned beings and there is also 1 non-basic summoned being.The word “Summoned being” goes for every creature that was summoned by a ritual there are over millions of different summoning rituals some short and some long that can take over 2 months.And even if you pull of a summoning it is not determined that the summoned being will accept you as its equal.

These are the types:





Each summoned being has a rank that goes from 1 to 10 it determines how strong they are 10 being very strong and 1 being very weak <Monster> at the rank of 1 has a very low intelligence at the rank of 5 it has the intelligence of a child but can’t talk at the rank of 7 it has the intelligence of a middle aged human and can talk at the rank of 10 it has the intelligence of a old man and can use telepathy to talk to anyone it wishes in a set size of radius.

Summoned beings can get stronger and get promoted each rank until 10 it takes quite a while and talent is also needed for the summoned being.You can teach them to understand something it will strengthen them by making them fix obvious mistakes on themselves.You can also wait time will also make them older and more mature making their brain develope more.You can also teach them through battle to make them understand by reflexes.

Each summoned being has a element that it was born with mages can use 6 elements so can summoned beings but they can only use the element they were born with.There are also summoned beings that more then one element they can also use their element and learn how to <Divide> it for example a <Water> element rank 3 hound wants to <Divide> his element and so he learns the <Ice> element and can use <Ice> property attacks or magic they also gain resistances through their element.

Each type of summoned being be it <Monster> <Demi-Human> or <Human> and <Spirit> they each are good at something.


<Monster> types are generally at the start more stronger and more easier to tame the only weakness they have is that they don’t have much intelligence compared to the other types such as <Demi-Human> or <Human or <Spirit>.They can follow easy commands but aren’t good enough to follow complex orders such as take give go back a <Monster> type is generally used for swarm attacks at one target very high rank <Monsters> in comparison are used for companions.



These are the types that are very balanced even a rank 1 <Demi-Human> has the intelligence of a child.These types at rank 1 aren’t the best attackers but are stronger then <Human> but weaker then <Monster> types.They are more intelligent then <Monster>  types but can’t compare to <Human> types .Over all a <Demi-Human> type is also specialized in only one thing being slightly stronger in one attribute they are also a type that can possess a magic spell at the beginning but those are mostly <Demi-Human> types with more intelligence then the others.They are not really hard to make a contract with but aren’t the most useful once having really not a specialization in anything they can be useful in most cases but aren’t very much used in strong large scale operations.They appear as half human half monster types for example:A Minotaur,Centaur,Fairy or Sharkmen.

But in the end a rank 10 <Demi-Human> is rumored to be stronger then a rank 10 <Monster> and <Human> combined.


The humanoid types of summoned beings are the most intelligent out of all the others they aren’t the faster or the strongest making them more of a long ranged asset or spell casters there are warrior type <Human> summoned beings specialized in close combat for example the Vanguard is type of <Human> summoned being that uses magic to strengthen itself there is also the healer type Priest that can heal your companions.Over all this summoned being is very arrogant and tricky because of its very intelligent nature they look like humans but come from the spirit world it is rumored that these humanoid summoned beings are late heroes from different worlds but when a summoner makes a contract with one and asks it doesn’t remember its past it always says.In physical combat these are barely decent they are more useful completing difficult orders then fighting they can also think for themselves making them sometimes really selfish.

Artificer System

To Be Continued…


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