The World has many species of beings walking around in human disguise; these beings are called supernaturals. Why ? Because they are different than normal human beings, making them alien to us and with supernatural characteristics or abilities.


One of the most common supernaturals and one of the major factions in the world.The vampires are quick and strong.They feed on blood of human beings to nourish themselves and keep their body working vampires can taste and eat normal food like bread or ice cream but the don’t really digest it vampires generally tend to go for a liquid diet making the food easier to flow through their stomach the acid that digests the food is almost non existent meaning that if they eat something hard the food may damage them but won’t kill them because of their healing factor.

Becoming a vampire means also enhanced sense’s the basic 5 senses of a vampire are 8 times that of a normal human making them strong,fast,perceptive their intelligence doesn’t get enhanced nonetheless.Like most of the supernaturals the vampires are weak to silver.Their body if made contact with silver starts to disintegrate almost smoking its acid to their body and poison to their body too their healing factor gets temporary disabled their sense get also weakened a bit but they are strong nonetheless.Vampires are also weak to the sunlight very young vampires can’t go outside in sunlight because the sun burns them into ashes the reason for this is because their newly made blood cells are somewhat weak to heat in general making fire their second biggest weakness.Vampires are immortal but can be killed if their head or heart gets ripped out.The rest of the organs or limbs they can heal over time they are able to generate a second kidney if they need to.In public view vampires are undead creatures because of their generally lack of a “heart beat” but in truth vampires are alive.Their heart beats are different then any other species because their heart beats are very slow almost non existingly slow for anyone to hear even other supernaturals even a breath is louder then their heart beat.It is seen that one heart beat is equal to over 4 hours in normal cases.

The strength of a vampire can’t be judged by their appearance a vampires strength is judged by their age.Over time vampires get stronger they are a immortal race able to live through all kinds of diseases and punishments.Over time vampires can develop some fascinating abilities such as mind reading,telekinesis,Hypnosis or Compulsion.But these abilities only cultivate when a vampire reaches the age of 3 centuries making such vampires very rare generally a 4 or 5 century year old vampire is very rare because what they do is like this:Firstcentury do what you wanted to do .Second century do what you never did before.Third century do what you never thought of doing.And at the end when a vampire already finished doing everything he ever wanted they generally start to get suicidal most of the cases end up in suicide making the quote “vampire” bored out of life in the literally meaning making themselves question “how would death feel like”.Vampires when reaching the age of 1 century they also gain the sunlight immunity its not complete sunlight immunity in exchange of half of their powers they can walk freely on the sunlight they are still very weak to fire but very old vampires gain resistance towards fire too.

There are 2 kinds of vampires the Pure blood vampires a.k.a the royalty.And the turned vampires.What makes these two different is that pure blood vampires are born from a mothers womb.Female vampires can’t give birth but humans can hold the babies of a male vampire.In most cases when a mortal female woman gets pregnant by a male vampire and tries to give birth.There is a 50-50 chance the woman will die giving birth to a vampire child.This isn’t the end either in almost every case the born child will be most likely be a damphyr meaning half-human half-vampire.The chance for a royal pure blood vampire to be born is the same for a sorcerer or sorceress to be born and that is one out of a million.Now what makes the pure blood vampires special you want to ask ? The pure blood vampires can cultivate their abilities since birth they also gain fire resistance making them able to walk on sunlight without any back draw’s a pure blood vampire also ages like a normal mortal human but they stop aging when they turn 25.A pure blood vampire at the age of 12 is as strong as a 2 century year old vampire at 18 they are as strong as a 3 century year old vampire and at 21 they are equal to a 3 century and a half year old vampire and at 25 they are equal to a 4 century year old vampire at that point the strength spurt of a pure blood vampire stops leaving them to grow like any turned vampire.

Pure blood vampires also can eat normal food and digest it like normal human to gain some energy but it still isn’t enough to keep their body up and running they will need blood to be alive after all.


There are countless species of supernaturals one of those species have one common tree and that is the were-animal tree.

These supernaturals are by far the most wild once the society has to offer their population is not something to scoff at having many different sub-species.The most common were-animal and most numerous is the werewolf.Any were-animal has higher perception speed and strength depending on their animal for example werewolves are strong in physical field wereweasels are very fast and were-rabbits have very high perception with their surroundings what makes these supernaturals “were” is their unique ability to transform into the animal form almost in a humanoid way were-animals don’t necessarily turn when the full moon shines they can transform on will if one has control over their animal self they can also go rogue their animal self dominating their human self following their animal instincts.These were-animals can breed with each other making other were-animals they can also turn a human into a were-animal but the chances of a human to survive such thing is less then 80 % in most cases the infected goes rogue transforming halfway crazed by the pain the transformation had done to their body.


To be continued


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