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My Email is:lordsudartoemoer@gmail.com.

Enjoy your stay here ! \(>_<)/.

Kakemo: The Author.


9 Responses to About Me

  1. hi… do you have any plans on posting your work our site?
    it was rebirthonlineworld.com
    if you want, you could post your work under home of original works and you will have your own page, donation button and a link to this site…
    if you are interested, can you send me an email on ryan_darmawan@hotmail.com to talk about the details?

    ldyrdy – rebirth online world


  2. When you post a new chapter you don’t tell us what story its from and you don’t update its table of content either so yeah fix that please.


  3. jerryeleko says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you needed help with proof-reading/ editing because I’m looking to improve my experience in that department. Anyway, shout out if you’re interested. I’ll stick around as long as you continue to post such great stories!


  4. Is all of your work dropped or are you still active in writing?


  5. Maxime Cohen says:

    Hello Kakemonoko,

    I would like to know where are you from ?



  6. Xth says:

    Are there any news ? for Rude time stoper?


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