Casts (Story Characters)

This page is dedicated for the characters that appear in the wep novel <The Rude Time Stopper> its their summaries and characteristics.

Dawn Timer (Protagonist Of The Series)

Dawn a 15 year old boy with black medium long hair and has golden eyes his skin color is pure white the reason being dawn has lived for 15 years in a prison made by the past king of wisdom solomon now free he lives his life doing work for money to keep his sister happy.Dawn doesn’t make jokes very often but is capable of doing so most people when seeing his face see him as a very handsome young man.Dawn is very thoughtful of the events that surround him he doesn’t get startled very easily and makes decisions most often through his logic he is very smart having an IQ over 230 he is most proficient in chemistry because of past forced teachings of the different drugs that can be made.In any other field he is also well knowledged .The only weakness he has is the low understand of the current society and other things that he didn’t read from his books while imprisoned.He draws most of his behavior of his books and not from experience itself making him a bit strange sometimes but also very polite in other times.Dawn doesn’t have any pride or honor while reading books dawn many times conducted that having pride or honor to draw from can also be deadly to the user he doesn’t charge something without 100% certainty and always thinks of the plan “G” if needed so.He is most protective about his dear sister but doesn’t get impulsive about it and always tries to compromise with everything he finds problematic he can be unreasonable sometimes but when faced against a enemy he is but cold heart’ed to the brim not caring about what kind of method he would use or how low he should go.Dawn works as a bodyguard for Cecilia Greenwood he is also the president of Timers Repair And Pawns he holds the clavicula that was made by the late king of wisdom solomon he has a strange ability that lets him stop time and move around while everything is frozen in time he can rewind the time of any item as long as he touches it he can also fast forward the item he lives in los angeles.


Stella Timer (Sister ? Of The Protagonist)

Stella timer is the sister of Dawn timer.She is 8 years old and has red long hair going down her back reaching to her thighs she has brown round eyes and is very cute.She was raised by Dawn timer since she was a infant not much is known if she really is the sister of the protagonist but in any case it wouldn’t matter much.Stella listens to her brother dawn mostly because she was raised by him and also because she cares a lot about her brother.Stella is childish and stubborn in most cases but tries to be polite with strangers she doesn’t go off from her brothers words and adores him a lot.Stella is very intelligent compared to her other peers the reason for this is because she was instructed and taught by dawn himself everyday in her life.Stella doesn’t uses her knowledge very well but can be crafty and creative sometimes she isn’t very demanding but when it comes to her brother she is very impulsive she has absolute pride in her brother and doesn’t get like people who insult him very much she speaks her mind often times making her a easy to talk to person.


She studies in a magic school learning to be a magician because of her talent as a magician .

Cecilia Greenwood (Female Cast Member Friend Of Protagonist)

Cecilia Greenwood is a 15 year old girl and the daughter of Markus Greenwood one of the most powerful firms in the supernatural community she is the next heir to the firm making her a giant target for assassination.Cecilia has long blond hair and olive green eyes and smooth skin making her eye-catching or pretty.Cecilia mainly specializes in magecraft and spellcasting and is there by called the Ice Queen because of her experience with <Ice> elemental magic.She has experience going to a mortal school until 6th grade but other then that she doesn’t interact much with anyone other then her bodyguard dawn or his sister stella she can be quite awkward in a conversation making her a bit of a loner sometimes even thought she is very popular in school.Cecilia is stubborn and honorable and always seeks fairness in everything she is also unreasonably curious in a lot of things giving her the habit of putting her nose into someone else’s business often times.Cecilia is a very smart tactician going after her fathers footsteps she dislikes to do moves that are dishonorable.


Steward (Butler Of The Greenwood House)

Steward is the head butler of the greenwood house.He is a powerful magus his rank is unknown and his surname is also unknown many people speculate his age it is documented he was still alive 200 years ago but still looks like a middle aged man.Steward short brown hair with brown eyes he is very tall and always wears his trade mark butler uniform.He keeps his face neutral or friendly most of the times even thought he is a butler he has many or expertise in martial combat,Investigation and supernatural and magic knowledge he is also the main accounted of the greenwood house and a part time magic teacher he is mostly seen in the greenwood house doing his work it is unknown how he has time to teach his students anything with that amount of time he has but over all he is very honorable he dislikes going after his morals and always tries to pay a dept back.It is also rumored that he got the job of a butler because he owed the CEO of the greenwood firm markus greenwood a favor.


The Old Man(From Solomons Prison Top Floor)

He was the previous owner of the clavicula not much is know from him he lived at the top of the floating prison in a luxurious floor.Dawn killed this old man when he was trying to kill dawn to get answers.He was dawns very first kill and also the requirement to summon leraje.The old man in his final moments gifted the clavicula an ancient book to dawn it is unknown why he did that but nonetheless the owner ship switched to dawn making him the new master of the clavicula.He is a very old man wearing a red robe and has white hair.Before dawn had the book.The book had thousands of bizarre scribbles on it later when the owner switched the scribbles were somehow removed from the cover.


Leraje Daemos(Servant Of The Protagonist)

Leraje daemos is the 14 demon of the clavicula sacrificing himself for a power boost for his men to a ancient demon god he made a deal with the demon ending up sealing into the clavicula.Leraje is a asset of the book his requirement to be evoked is for the user to be a cold blooded murderer he serves under dawn as his servant but mostly friend dawn insists.Dawn insists for leraje to be more human who leraje in turn thinks such manners are immoral for him but he doesn’t really is against it.Leraje is tall and looks like a young-adult in his college years he has long blonde hair and green eyes.His main profession is a assassin he can also be a very good commander he isn’t good with woman in a intimate way but can talk to them normally he doesn’t like vampires because of past experiences with them.Leraje is skilled in a vast amount of weapons but what he really exceeds in is his green light bow he cquired his bow from his girlfriend before she was taken away.He can summon his bow on will and can also make a vast amount of different arrows the most common arrows he makes are the gangrene arrows that suck blood from the victim mummifying them.Leraje as a warrior is very skilled he is also a shadow mage able to control shadows and meld into them becoming one with them.He works in Timers Pawns and Repairs.Leraje when in dire situation can use his demon racial ability called spawn the only difference is that leraje instead of turning into his demon self turns into a almost identical high elf his attire also changes


Serath(The Artificer Dragoness)

Serath is from the dragon folk and lives at the main library of sutopia using glamour to hide her horns on the and the stairs leading to her room.She is a second tier magician she specializes in fire magic and has 100% control in it.She mainly uses her fire control for her crafts such as blacksmithing or artificing.When she was born as a egg her parents abandoned her and the dragon village at the time took her in when she turned 10 years old the village exiled her because of her incompetence as a dragon she refused of killing anything below her and was exiled there by.Serath when she left the village she was found by a old dwarven couple in a forest near the volcano tired and injured.At that point she was raised by them becoming both artificer and blacksmith respectively by the couple one day the dwarven village was attacked by red dragon in desperation the couple opened a dimensional gate and sent serath into a different dimension giving her the necessities to become a mage at that day serath swore she would take revenge on the red dragon not in the dragons way but by the way of a artificer and since then she worked hard on her studies with artificing and blacksmithing she rarely trained her magic but was able to rank up in her first test and later on just thought that she would do all 3 tests in one year neglecting her magic studies a lot.Serath doesn’t take pride in things she succeeds but takes them as a matter of course she is hard working most of the time and serious too it makes her in other aspects also quite clumsy her social skill are not good either making her a bit of awkward conversation holder with normal people.She has tied long glossy hair running down her spine she usually wears her opaque round glasses looking mostly nerdy with them but taking them off she is a exceptional beauty being able to make continents fight for her.Her eyes are violet with a trace of pink at the edges.She is has a low self confidence when it comes to hear appearance and over all achievements pride isn’t something she likes to think about and in the most cases she is tired but polite.She has her racial skill called demi-dragon and dragon form she can turn her body parts to a specific dragon part she can also turn into her black dragon form making he combat potential jump by 10 times she never uses her last dragon form because she resents it a lot.



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