Skills And Attributes

This page is dedicated to all the skill that are mentioned in the <The New Start> series explaining what they do and how they are used.




Strength determines the over all health of a character it also determines how strong a character is 1 strength point equals to 10 health points it is not shown how many health points a character has but if converted it is very much shown.Strength is useful for over all all kinds of labor heavy work.To raise strength one needs to do labor or lifting.


Endurance determines how resilient a character is.It can also determine how much punishment one can endure it.Endurance is useful for ones patience.To raise endurance one has to receive pain to be able to resist it later on.


Wisdom determines how fast a character can recover its mana over time.Wisdom is useful for all other stats because for someone to raise his endurance he needs to understand things making him more wise.


Charisma determines how attractive a character looks like.Charisma is useful when it come to barter or conversations.To raise charisma one has to be experienced when it come to conversation making or over all appeal.


It is unknown what the luck attribute actually does people say it governs all other skills or it isn’t useful for anything nonetheless luck is a attribute that has an unknown origin it can’t be trained it independently raises itself on its own.


Agility determines how fast and agile a character is.It is useful when it comes to running or avoiding obstacles it also highly useful for maneuvering once body.To raise this attribute one has to move around a lot.


Intelligence determines how smart a character is it also determines how much mana a character has 1 intelligence point equals to 10 mana points.It is useful when it comes to quick thinking or remembering things.To raise it one needs to gain more information from various things.


Leadership is a attribute that is only raise able when a character control mass amount of individuals and makes commands if the leadership of a character is very high orders will be executed more easily and effectively.

Fighting Spirit

This attribute can be only raised if the character can surpass its own limits what it does is unknown but skilled fighters tend to have very high fighting spirits.


This attribute can only be raised if the set character is known enough it gives the character with fame more intimacy with other individuals.


Skills are abilities that can be learned by anyone there are also unique racial skills only that particular race can learn.The mastery of the skill governs how good you are in that particular skill the scale or level of the skill goes from 1 to 10 and after it reaches the 10th level the skill will rank up for example.

There are 5 ranks/stages for a skill these are.


Each rank has 10 levels and depending on the rank of the skill it will also determine how much experience you will get with that particular skill magic skills also have their own mastery but not one spell is its own skill but is branched on its own element that governs it like the Fire Mastery Skill you gain control and strength over this particular element and also gain resistance to it each rank up for a skill is like a bottleneck that you have to breakthrough there are people who get stuck in the advanced level for their whole life the expert level is rare and the master level is like a legend over all.

To gain a skill you have to practice it until your status tells you,you are proficient enough to have learned the skill it judges how good you are in that aspect.


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