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It was night.

A very mysterious and beautiful night, a sorrowful night but most notably a cold night.

At least that’s what I thought when I opened my eyes laying on the ground somewhere, watching this bizarre night as I stared up towards the dark skies looking at the brightly lit moon up above shining down on me.

The cold dusty ground beneath my body was uncomfortable, the grainy sand beneath my clothes and the cold wind passing by felt like daggers running down my skin, but I didn’t care, I was too distracted at the moment to feel uncomfortable, my mind racing with dozens and hundreds of questions as I stared towards the moon.

-Where…where am I ?

But obviously the moon didn’t respond, not that I expected it to in the first place. It was just that I felt too overwhelmed at the moment to really make sense of what was happening to me, making lose touch of reality, my head especially felt the brunt of it all indicated by the wicked headache I was experiencing at the moment making it difficult for me to stand up though eventually I managed.


I cried out of pain, just as I started to recover a little bit and get myself back on my feet, my body immediately started to cry out instead, it had been long time since I felt so much pain and even though pain was the main thing that occupied my mind at the moment I still didn’t let my guard down even if it didn’t seem like anyone was here at the moment to cause me harm.

At this point I had already a few ideas as to why or how I got into the current state I was in, having lived for 25 years and being raised inside a orphanage until 18 near the outskirts of the city of Valkgrieve where the slums lay near, I knew every little thing that went on and every single low life that inhabited this place which also included me.

The city of Valkgrieve is the capital city of the empire and is also the biggest city with the most population, the crime index generally lists this city as one of the most secure within the empire but that only counts within the middle and high class areas where security is high with patrol cars going on the clock, the low class areas in the capital are the complete opposite, with crimes regularly happening around that area and murder being not too uncommon that is hidden within the shadows.

I remember that when I was little and still lived inside the orphanage that was technically still within the middle class area of the city, the countless drunkards and thieves roaming around the area making life miserable for everyone and sometimes even harassing the orphanage itself.

Having grown up in such a place and having to live through a whole lot of injustice be it personally or by observation, I always dreamed to one day leave that place and go somewhere better my goal being the high class area of the capital where all the rich folk and aristocracy lives no matter how hard it is.

Of course I realize that right now isn’t the best time to reminisce about my dreams as I am still in a precarious situation.

-I need to find a weapon fast…it doesn’t seem like anyone is here but I can’t be sure…damn…how did they even get me ? Wasn’t I safely within the middle class area walking back home ? I didn’t think those lowlifes would even have the balls to march into the middle class area much less try something funny in there…It seems like I underestimated them…

I mumbled to myself, forcing my aching body to move as I quickly tried to find anything I could use as a weapon to defend myself while also simultaneously watching my surroundings and trying to remember the last few things before I got knocked out.

The weird thing was that I couldn’t remember anybody ambushing me, the only thing that was still vividly within my memory was a bright light charging directly at me and then everything going dark all of sudden, the best I could deduce through those memories was that someone must have used a flashlight to blind me while charging at me before someone else came from behind and whacked me over my head knocking me out before battering my unconscious body.

-But…its strange still…why did they bother carrying me all the way here after knocking me out ? And where are they in the first place ? Something isn’t quite right here…

I thought, observing my surroundings in more detail as I started to get a better idea as to where I was, it was dark but because of the bright moon up in the sky it was still bright enough for me recognize some of the things that laid around such as the metal support bars, bricks, cement bags and a huge crane that stood next to a half finished apartment complex.

I immediately knew that I was in some construction site, I was intimately familiar with such place as I had worked most of my teenager years starting at 13 until I was 18 within a construction site as a construction worker back when I needed to save money for my future.

Back then I was a unofficial worker, the only reason the manager of this construction site even allowed me to work even though I was a minor was because they were under staffed and needed more workers pronto to finish the building in time.

Because I was a minor I couldn’t sign a official work contract meaning I became a unofficial worker who didn’t gain any health insurance if anything went wrong be it injuries or sickness, since I was a unofficial worker the construction manager also only paid me half the amount he paid for ordinary workers plus he worked me like a horse always watching me at every turn not giving me a break and making me his errand boy, at times when he was in a particular bad mood he would usually always verbally or physically abuse me be it in private or in public, sometimes he wouldn’t even pay me the amount he promised and when I would confront him about it he would usually beat up for defying him sometimes even calling other construction workers who were his underlings to teach me a lesson.

Nobody stood up for me when it happened which was understandable as nobody wanted to provoke the inhuman manager as that would very much mean a cut in the salary which was their livelihood.

I grit my teeth and endured, after 5 years of ceaseless working and studying in my free time I was finally able to quit my work as I had passed the national exam with flying colors making me eligible for a full-time scholarship in a prestigious school of my choosing within the middle to high class areas that covered everything from tuition, lodgings, food and even entertainment.

It was quite literally the happiest day of my life, it was also the first step I took towards my dream, finally able to get out of the low class area and leave everything behind.

I was only 18 back then mature and cool headed too, even though I did acquire the scholarship I kept myself calm and collected, I sorted everything I needed to sort out and quickly went back to the construction site to tell my ass wipe of a boss that I would quit while also showing off my accomplishment.

In reality I didn’t even need to go back to tell him I quit, since I was a unofficial worker it didn’t matter whether or not I told him that I was going to quit since he couldn’t sue me without the contract.

No, the truth was I simply wanted to show off and make the manager feel bad with my bright future, and in fact it was quite successful even now I remember the look of utter disbelieve and horror that man had when I showed him the copy of my certificate for the scholarship which was directly filed by the emperor himself with his stamp.

I don’t know why I did that, even though I usually refrained from doing anything unnecessary to keep a low profile, I just couldn’t resist showing off in front of that shit stain of a manager be it because of my vanity or just because I wanted to scare him to let him know that I would someday come back to take my revenge on how he treated me which I never did as I was too busy with my studies eventually turning him into a forgotten figure whose name I don’t even remember even now after recollection.

Lucky him I guess.

Those days were extremely miserable and counted as one of the most hardest days of my life, looking around again I felt a sense of melancholy envelope me as I smelled the dust and machinery oil within my nostrils.

I never thought that I would ever come back here in my entire life, its not that I feared this place but rather it invoked unpleasant memories that I would rather forget.

-Now I am really in a bad mood…damn whoever did this to me I am sure as hell going to make them pay…

A seething burst of anger streamed within me making me ignore my pain, but after a few seconds I quickly calmed down, it had been a long time since I felt like this ever since I left the orphanage, up until now I was always or at least most of the time in control over myself and my situation, the reason I am so insisted on control is because I am a extremely paranoid person by nature, my whole life I learned to not trust anyone and always rely on myself.

And even when forming relationships I always consider ulterior motives.

Friends are just people who use each other for personal gain while lovers are just decoration to show how influential you are, nothing more and nothing less.

Even blood ties such as the bond between a parent and a child is questionable to me, but that is likely just me being biased since my parents left me in the orphanage one day and disappeared without rhyme or reason.

I pondered, noticing how unusually expressive I am being today within my mind, even though it had been more then a few years even since I last thought about these things, the mere glance at something familiar about my past could invoke such a strong emotion and memories was bizarre, furthermore…

-This construction site…why does it look so much more similar to the one I worked before ?

I asked, to no one in particular once again, expecting no answer which is why I was surprised when I suddenly could hear a voice behind me answering me.

-Well ! Because it really is the place you worked before, master !

The voice shocked me, not even trying to comprehend what it just said I immediately sprang into action, crouching down I picked up a iron pipe laying around and swiftly swung it behind me hoping to land a lucky hit.


Unfortunately the moment I swung I could feel the pipe hitting air and nothing else, for a moment I believed the person must have dodged but after looking back I realized that there was no one there to begin with making me even more apprehensive then I already was…

-Who’s there ! Show yourself ! Why did you bring me here ? Who are you !?

I shouted, frantically glancing around looking for my assailant while also glancing at the exit which wasn’t too far off and within my view.

My body was battered and still in pain, but it wasn’t too damaged for me to be unable to run off, the only reason I hadn’t run just yet was because I couldn’t find nor see my assailant just yet making me hesitate or ponder whether or not there were people waiting near the exit to ambush me if I tried to leave, it all just made me terribly confused but I kept cool.

I’ve lived through worse, I knew I could push through again.

I reassured myself, constantly looking around as I tried to find any trace of my assailant to no avail, I was about to shout again hoping to garner some response but ultimately didn’t need to as the voice of my assailant once again resounded just as near as it was before.

-Hey ! That was dangerous ! What would you done if you hit me ! Are you listening ?! I am down here idiotic master ! Look down !

The voice shouted unhappily, I was a bit surprised suspicion mixed in, but I still looked down not sure what I would be looking at only to find a small golden retriever puppy near my feet trying to climb my leg.


I was slightly dumbfounded, the tension that was in my body immediately risked to fall apart upon being exposed to the cute little puppy that was shaking its tiny tail and panting with its tongue out, I was even feeling tempted to drop the iron pipe, but I forced myself to still cling onto my only weapon and glanced around to see if someone was here.

-You still don’t get it ?! How can you be so thickheaded !? Yes that’s me ! The puppy is really me !

The voice once again shouted, clearly coming out of the golden retrieve puppy that was furiously clinging onto my leg shaking it, I looked down again, now finding the whole situation even more bizarre I couldn’t keep on holding the iron pipe any longer and sighed, throwing it away while also crouching down and picking up the little puppy.

I narrowed my eyes at it, looking at its pure, cute and shining little eyes I simply couldn’t comprehend what was going on, I slightly started to suspect that someone was playing a prank on me but after thinking about my injuries and how battered I was I shelved that idea and simply inspected the puppy, turning it around and feeling its soft body.

-Wahhh ! Ahh~ what are you doing ! Where are you touching ! Thats sexual harassment ! Hey ! Say something ? Uhh~! Why are you touching me like this ! OHhh~!

The puppy continued to moan sensually with the voice of a adult woman, somewhat getting on my nerves as it always moaned whenever I touched a sensitive area like the crotch or the belly sometimes even its leg.

The puppy begged me to stop, tears even starting to well up its eyes but I didn’t care, the only thing I cared about was finding any sort of microphone or speaker on it to expose this facade, I was convinced that someone must be messing with me and that the dog was just a distraction which is why I ignored everything it said.

Unfortunately after much searching and inspecting its every nook and cranny, I couldn’t find a single indication as to where the microphone or speakers where, the puppy for all its purposes also seemed like a ordinary puppy with blood and organs, other than the fact that it could speak somehow or was projected to speak, I didn’t find anything unusual.

I was about to put down the puppy and let it go but just before I was about to do so the puppy or the person who was projecting its voices cried out tearfully.

-WAHHH! I had enough ! Let me down you brute ! Sexual fiend !

Its cry surprised me, not only because it was loud but also because with its cry a gigantic flash of light enveloped the puppy and streamed outwards blinding me while also forcing me to let go of the puppy who fell down on the ground with a light thud.

My surprised couldn’t be described at this point, I was already starting to think that maybe something was wrong with my head but soon enough the bright light disappeared leaving only a small golden retriever puppy that looked really exhausted on the ground.

-What the hell…

I murmured, sitting on my butt I stared at the puppy not sure what to do anymore, the puppy itself slowly started to get up on its feet, seeming to have recovered a bit it looked at me with a hard glare and charged at me as fast as it could, which was not very fast, until it finally landed on my laps and bit my hand surprisingly causing blood to come out.

-Ouch !

I had half a mind to just throw away the puppy for biting me, but after having experienced all of this and seeing that it wasn’t putting pressure into its bite anymore, I kept it there instead as I wasn’t into harming innocent animals, furthermore I was starting to get a weird feeling within my chest the moment the puppy bit me, looking at it I see it drinking my blood for some reason, common sense dictates that I should stop it from doing so as it could lead to a infectious diseases but for some reason I didn’t think that at all, instead I let it drink my blood until it was satisfied letting go of my hand which surprisingly didn’t have a single injury even though the puppy had drawn blood and drank some of it…it was like.

-It healed within a few seconds…

It was like a dream, for a moment I thought that maybe I was just dreaming everything, and that I was actually just sleeping inside my home safe and sound.

-Hahah ! Silly master of course you aren’t dreaming ! This is reality and just like the pain you just felt, I am real !

The puppy proclaimed, somehow capable of reading my thoughts, but after thinking about it some more I noticed that now I had a weird connection to the puppy as if a invisible line was binding us together.

-How…no…what is happening…who are you ?

I asked, staring at the puppy who now looked a bit more regal then before.

It was still sitting on my lap, but now it had a completely different air then before its eyes full of pride, it proclaimed to me.

-I am Sistina ! Your eternal partner and loyal guard dog ! From today on you will be my master and also our god’s first Angel, your duty from today on will be to help this world and put balance back into its wake !

It spoke, telling me of my holy duties or whatever, everything was simply too surreal at this point giving me no other choice but to helpessly put my hands up into the air and shout.



The puppy or Sistina immediately got quiet after that staring at me dumbfounded from the look of its eyes. It took a few seconds for it to recover before it shook its head and glared at me.

-No ! You can’t refuse ! You already agreed !

-Yes, I can ! I don’t remember ever signing up for this ! What makes you think I will agree to anything you say to me ?! Who do you think you are !

I shouted at it angrily, my previous calm completely ruined as I denied vehemently about any involved with the puppy or whoever it was.

Sistina the puppy, was very unhappy, I could feel it through our invisible bond but suddenly that unhappiness immediately disappeared and instead I could feel her coming up with some kind of idea which I was unaware of.

I was a bit disturbed, staring back at the Sistina I could now see its scheming intentions as it looked at me with laughing eyes.

-Hehe ! So you say you don’t remember ? Now then if its so, then I make you remember watch me !

It shouted, wasting no time, it jumped up my chest climbing with speed quickly reaching my head before I could even react, now eye to eye, the puppy Sistina looked as if it was smiling at me with the face of a puppy, a small light gathered within its paw as it touched my forehead.


It hurt…the moment the light infused paw touched my head a terrible pain assaulted me like no other, I wanted to shake off Sistina and throw her away, but I was too weak and too pained to move my limbs, not being able to do anything I could only endure the pain as a vortex of memories started to appear within my mind, unlocking some memories that I had forgotten.

That night..when I was going home from the convenience store..

The bright light that charged at me…

When everything turned dark the moment the light caught me…

I realized.

I had died.

A truck had run me over.

Unwilling to die I frantically reached for something in the dark.

But I couldn’t find anything, falling into the eternal abyss I heard a heavenly voice speak out to me.

-Do you want to live ?

It asked.

Knowing nothing and having no idea what was going on other then wanted to live I desperately answered.

-Yes ! I want to live please ! Save me !

But the heavenly voice didn’t answer immediately, it waited the wait feeling like e eternity before it spoke again.

-Then, what are you willing to give ? How far are you willing to go ?

The question stumped me, and for a moment I stopped flailing around falling into the abyss, I don’t know what I was thinking at the time but it must have been something important as I didn’t need a lot of time to answer.

Unfortunately I couldn’t remember what I said, but as soon as I finished saying what I wanted to say the heavenly voice laughed.

-Hehe..I see, indeed it looks like you will my purposes, very well, I will give you life, but in exchange you will follow my will, this is all ask of you so little soul…what is your name.

It asked, a bright celestial light suddenly tearing out of the dark up above, a beautiful hand reaching down to me as it sought to grab out of the abyss.

I reached as well, telling it my name.

-I am…I am Rahmiel Phostus

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Macebearer Of The Magus World Chapter 4 Split Roads

To become a sharp blade means to go through countless bouts of tempering.

Those were the words that stuck the most with Philip over the past 6 years of his life, ever since Tolvir uttered those sentences Philip couldn’t help but always remembered those words and sometimes even mumbled them to himself.

He didn’t know why he was so fixated in such a basic phrase that could be heard from almost anyone who had read a book or even was just a ordinary blacksmith, it seemed just common sense that those words meant what they said without anything hidden in them, but Philip was continuously focusing on them as if there was a certain hidden meaning to them, Philip himself didn’t know, he tried to think and think about what was making him focus to such a extend but in end he couldn’t figure it out no matter how much he thought, be it because of his lack of knowledge or lack of experience, ultimately this phrase simply became a mantra within Philips mind that encouraged him to pursue the strength called “Aura” as he trained.

Within the first 4 months Tolvir taught Philip everyday regarding the proper way of using Aura, Tolvir even taught Philip how to write and read using the common tongue of the continent, the reason for this was because Tolvir wouldn’t be able to stay with Philip for too long, having him write down key points of Aura cultivation was important if he ever forgot as Tolvir would only stay as long as his body needed to recover and within those first 4 months a significant amount of healing had already been done, if Tolvir wanted to he could have easily left after spending those 4 months but he still continued to stay another 2 months making it half a year just so he could teach and impart everything regarding the basics to Philip and make his foundation as stable as possible, it was the least he could do for the boy who saved his life.

Luckily for Tolvir, Philip was decently talented when it came to learning on how to use Aura, the most he struggled with was by learning how to write and read but even then he got it down after a month, and at the end of the second month Philip was finally capable of circulating his Aura without a problem needing less and less time to complete the task, if before he needed a entire day to circulate his Aura once now he only needed a hour to make a full circulation without a mistake which increased his efficiency significantly.

He also learned how to perform Aura bandaging by himself, patching up his Aura Ring to perform a stable Aura circulation everyday forced him to learn on how to do it everyday whether he liked it or not, it became a daily routine for Philip to wake up and then check the state of his Aura Ring which would soon be followed by patching up those small decayed bits of Aura Bandages which didn’t even take a hour.

Tolvir was very satisfied by Philips progress, even though he was only teaching him the very basics of Aura everyday which could be quite repetitive and boring, Philip still continued to learn eagerly and with great motivation, making teaching even enjoyable to Tolvir who had never taught anyone other then Philip before.

There was once a time that Tolvir felt curious about the motive or goal of his unofficial disciple, after having been teaching for 3 months, Tolvir came to known Philip a bit more and what his personality was like.

Philip was generally very laid back and hardworking, he was also honest to a fault and not a very good liar, or rather he avoided lying in the first place as Philip himself knew that he was bad at it too, causing him to generally be quiet, keeping to himself.

Philip never talked very much, though that didn’t mean he couldn’t talk, he simply didn’t talk about anything that didn’t interest him, but when it came to Tolvir’s lessons the kid was always very curious and open, non-stop asking questions about anything he didn’t understand and even making his own theories which surprisingly sparked quite a bit of debate between unofficial disciple and teacher.

Of course ultimately the teacher would always be the winner in each debate since he simply had way too much experience then Philip, but Philip was never dissatisfied with losing, loss in general never made Philip discouraged.

-Philip, what do you want out of life ? Why do you want to learn how to use Aura ?

This was the question Tolvir asked after getting to know Philip for a bit, Tolvir would have never guessed that he would ever ask anyone something like that since most of the time the answer would be very self evident no matter who it was.

Power, money, woman.

Those were the 3 common reason why people pursued strength or knowledge, he himself wasn’t excluded from this as what he wanted from pursuing strength was power and acknowledge, not only from his clansmen and his master but also from the neighboring authorities.

Tolvirs grand dream in the end was to unite all the clans, schools and sects nearby under one banner to create a humongous kingdom for himself, a monarchy that could span for generations on end, such was his wild ambition and what kept him going forward.

He had met others who had similar ideas as him, and some who pursued strength not for themselves but for the sake of others who couldn’t.

Which is why he wanted to know, what was Philips purpose or ultimate goal in the end ?

Since he was even willing to risk his own life, saving Tolvir from the goblin Shaman just to learn on how to use Aura, there must be something that makes him willing to go so far as to stake his life.

Philip opened his eyes, having just finished his circulation made his slightly muddled headed as he wasn’t entirely used to it just yet, but nonetheless he had still heard what Tolvir had just asked, Philip didn’t need think too much either to answer such question and simply replied.

-I am not sure myself, previously before I met mister Tolvir, I didn’t really think a lot about what I wanted to do after growing up, it was only after I saw you walking by did I feel something and wanted to go see, after watching you fight against the goblin shaman and noticing your Aura I became enthralled and wanted to know more about that glow and how to use it, how I was going to use it or for what I never really thought about it and even now, I don’t know, I just know that I want to and that I need to pursue it more.

After hearing that Tolvir simply didn’t know what kind of face to make anymore, knowing Philip he understood that he wasn’t making anything up or trying to avoid the subject, Philip was simply speaking his mind which still slightly baffled Tolvir to some extend making him ponder shifting within his seat.

-So the whole reason why you followed me and helped in the first place is because you followed your gut the whole time ? Kid I knew you were strange but now you just seem like a crazy person to me…not that I mind hehehe..

Tolvir laughed, Philip didn’t understand why he was laughing but he smiled as well keeping the atmosphere.

And just like that another month passed making it the fourth month already.

Tolvir at that point could have left, he had already taught Philip most of the basics regarding Aura and even written the rest into a small notebook for Philip to continue studying, Tolvir even considered gifting Philip his clan emblem just so he could eventually come to his clan and show them his emblem so he could further his studies and become a part of his clan, but after all this planning and consideration Tolvir still ended up become hesitant, not because he was stingy or anything but simply because he already started to value Philip way too much and considered what he was doing too little to really thank him.

That is when it hit him.

-Wait…why even leave him here ? Can’t I just bring him with me to the clan ?!

That was the brilliant idea Tolvir had thought of after thinking for half a day already, for some people it would have most likely been the first thought to come to mind, but the reason it took Tolvir so long to make this decision was because of one thing that stopped him to take Philip along with him.

Philips cracked Aura Ring.

In the back of Tolvirs mind, he lamented about the fact that Philip had a cracked Aura ring, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was cracked, Tolvir would have long since without any hesitation taken the boy along with him to his clan and make him stand before his master to groom properly, but after seeing those cracks Tolvir always subconsciously thought that Philip wouldn’t be able to become anything amazing, underestimating him even when he didn’t directly think so.

It was only after teaching for 4 months and being a teacher for the first time did Tolvir realize how truly driven and hard working Philip was, after 4 months he had already reached a commendable level for his age close to reaching rank 1 squire which was abnormal but not unusual as Tolvir himself only needed half a month to reach this state while Philip needed 4 months and the average person needed 1 to 2 years.

In short it was a great accomplishment, the only thing that was holding him back were those cracks, if it weren’t for those cracks draining his Aura mid circulation Philip would have probably only needed 1 to 2 months to reach rank 1 squire.

-No, I can’t think like, I need to change my mind, if my master was here right now, he would have probably immediately taken Philip even with those cracks, who knows maybe master can also cure Philip and heal those cracks permanently, while I haven’t heard about anything that can heal cracks on Aura Rings, master must know something !

Tolvir concluded, resolving his decision he immediately stood up, without any hesitation he left the village chiefs house and sprinted towards where Philip and his family lived.

Having recuperating for 4 months now his body was already for the most degree healed up, the burn marks gone and his flesh stabilized from shock he could already move like he previously could swift as the wind.

Philip at the time was at home together with his family.

That day Philip had a day off from “taking care of Tolvir” and was in the middle of doing what he usually did before Tolvir came to teach him to use Aura.

Tending to the fields.

But this time it was a whole lot different from before, ever since Philip started to train himself and learn to use Aura his body had undergone a massive change for the past 4 months, even though he was only 10 years old he was already just as strong as a adult, and had even more stamina then a ordinary adult being able to do 3 peoples worth of work with minimal need for a break.

His family of course had noticed the change Philip had undergone over the past 4 months, Philip hadn’t clearly stated what happened neither did his family ask him how he became like that because they to some degree already had their suspicion since Philip spend almost all his time for the past 4 months taking care of Tolvir who the village adored as a powerful Aura user.

They simply assumed that Philip must have picked up some tricks from Tolvir by taking care of him and even though they were right, Philip had learned far more then a few mere tricks, being able to temporarily empower himself by covering his body with Aura, the work he was doing was not only just work anymore but also training to improve his control over his Aura so he could finally breakthrough his mortal shell and become a rank 1 Squire.

No one other then his family knew that he had changed, and his family generally didn’t gossip too much either, they kept their family matters to themselves even his siblings who were also just as young as him kept their mouths shut as they all understood that Philips change could affect the entire village and maybe even bring jealousy onto their family.

Life out in the frontier was hard, just like the goblins that previously wanted to invaded the village there were a lot of other dangers from which people had died every year, anything one could use to protect themselves was already very coveted by everyone like swords and spears, furthermore the village wasn’t quite united after all even though the people here lived together for a long time, it didn’t mean they saw each other as fellow kin, it was only because of circumstance that they were here, because the taxes in the frontier were low almost close to nothing people lived here even with the danger just so they wouldn’t pay more taxes.

Philip liked his village, it was dangerous sure, but it was still his home a place where he and his family lived who he loved very much, Philips family consisted of 7 people, his father and mother and his siblings.

Philip had 4 siblings he was the second oldest in his family the eldest child being his elder sister who was only 1 year older then him, bellow him were his two younger sisters who were twins and 8 years old, and then finally the youngest in the family and his only brother who had just turned 6 years old and just started to help around the house.

His parents were both farmers, his father especially liked to farm coming from a family of farmers who farmed 4 generations, Philip had heard that he had 2 uncles and 1 aunt somewhere and that the reason his father came to this village was to farm in peace without worrying about taxes in a sense Philips father was already living his dream working everyday with a content heart just like Philip even if Philip didn’t like farming too much, his mother on the underhand didn’t come to this village like his father did, his mother was actually a native of this village whose family lived for 3 generations, by trade Philips mother was actually seamstress but after meeting his father she also became a farmer while also being responsible of sewing the clothes of the children while sometimes working commission for the villagers to sew some clothes.

It was very simple really, nobody in the family was exceptional or anything, they all had their own thoughts and opinions, hopes and dreams but over all everyone was on the same page and Philip liked that, even though Philip knew that he couldn’t stay forever he still wanted to stay as much as could and support his family.

-Excuse me ! Hello ! Philip !

Tolvir shouted, having finally reached his residence Tolvir could see Philip standing across the field working on the farm, his loud shouting pulled not only the attention of Philip but also his family who were just like him outside.

Luckily, it was only them who could hear Tolvir as the other villagers were a bit far away separated by the vast field.

Philip looked at Tolvir with surprise, he wasn’t sure what was going on but he could at least tell that Tolvir wanted to tell him something, Philip wanted to go over but before he acted he momentarily stopped and glanced back at him family especially his father and mother who quickly nodded at him and told him he could go ahead their expressions not changing a bit.

Philips siblings on the other hand were not as calm, they were actually excited about seeing Tolvir who rarely ever came out of the village chiefs house, Philips mother noticed their excitement and quickly tried to handle the situation by shooing them back into the house and dragging them inside, the siblings moaned and wailed but in the end they couldn’t go against their mother and slowly went inside.

Only his father was left on the fields, he gave Philip a slight glance before nodding at him and going back to his work, Philip also just simply nodded and went towards Tolvir who stood with a smile on his face as he watched Philip come to him.

-Ehm…was I interrupting something ? It seemed like your family had quite the impression of me..

Tolvir started, but Philip simply waved it off and said.

-No, its nothing of that sort, they just aren’t used to outsiders especially not to the savior of our village, its normal that they are nervous..

-I see…

Of course Tolvir could have guessed that much its just that he simply wanted to make small talk before talking about something serious to loosen the atmosphere.

Philip could also to some degree guess that Tolvir wasn’t actually here to talk about his family, there must have something important happened for him to come personally which why he waited patiently for Tolvir start.

-(ahem) well Philip I thought about it for a long time and after thinking about it some more I finally decided…Philip how about you come with me to my clan and official become a clansman ?

Philips eyes went wide for a second, he didn’t expect for Tolvir to make such a offer all of sudden, but he quickly calmed down and seriously thought about it with his eyebrows furrowed, he glanced back at his father still working on the fields and then towards his house where his siblings were peeping out of the window observing them.

He looked back at Tolvir who was patiently waiting for his reply with utmost seriousness before saying.

-I am sorry mister Tolvir, but I can’t come with you…

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Macebearer Of The Magus World Chapter 3 To Be A Blade One Needs To Be Tempered

Philip didn’t mind about the fact that his Aura Ring had “cracks”.

He sure felt regretful about it it and slightly inconvenienced, but in end he understood that there was nothing really he could have done about it and that it was no ones fault, it was only his bad luck that he didn’t meet Tolvir sooner to prevent his Aura Ring from cracking which was the end of discussion.

The only thing he cared about was the fact that he could still use “Aura” even with the “cracks” on his Aura Ring.

Tolvir was quite unsure what went through the boys head, he was a very weird kid he thought, but nevertheless Tolvir simply chalked it off as a childs ignorance and continued teaching Philip about Aura telling him the effects of the cracks on his Aura Ring while also patching up the cracks using his own Aura like a bandage.

This took approximately 4 long hours, after it was finished Philip felt very different from before, he wasn’t tired per say before he had his Aura Ring bandaged but after having it Bandaged he felt as if his whole body had more spare energy left which invigorated him immensely.

Luckily Philip was exempt from field work that day, conveniently assigned as a temporary servant to Tolvir by the old village chief to care for his daily needs until he fully recovered which was also a request by Tolvir to the village chief just so he could teach Philip in private and so nobody would suspect anything when Philip was gone for a long amount of time.

Those first 4 hours were Philips most exciting moments of his life ever since he was born, with Tolvir patching his Aura Ring while simultaneously teaching Philip about the basics of Aura, Philip started to understand the intricacies of his Aura Ring and how everything worked.

Mind you the patching of Philips Aura ring was only temporary, Tolvir was not capable of fixing Philips Aura Ring and could only temporarily alleviate it to a extend until the Aura bandages started to “Decay” and he would need to change them again, of course Tolvir couldn’t stay with Philip forever to help with this issue regarding the cracks.

Tolvir would only stay until he was fully recovered and until then he would teach Philip as much as he could while also showing him how to change those bandages himself without his help.

Back to the teaching.

The First thing Philip was taught through this tutoring was the use of circulating his Aura.

Aura circulation is the first thing a Aura user learns upon being officially taught, it is the essential technique to which a Aura user gains more strength circulating the Aura within their rings, with each circulation the maximum capacity of a Aura user increases allowing them to access more Aura without changing the size of the Aura Ring.

A normal person with the talent to use Aura would usually circulate Aura passively without knowing it, a single circulation around the ring could significantly change the body of a person strengthening their physique, unfortunately such passive circulation is not very efficient as it would take a person with average talent 2 to 3 years until they completed a single circulation.

In comparison a Aura user who knew what they were doing would only need 2 to 3 hours a day to circulate their Aura once which is still a good amount of time but still far more efficient then passively having your Aura circulate on itself.

The size of the Aura Ring also plays a huge role as people who have smaller Aura Rings have a far easier time making the circulation in less time then people who have bigger Aura Rings, though this also comes with different results as the people who have bigger Aura Rings usually gain far more then the people who have smaller Aura Rings forcing those who have smaller Aura Rings to circulate more then once everyday to keep up.

Age is also a extremely important factor when it comes to Aura circulation, as one gets older and the body starts to deteriorate the Aura circulation slows down, it becomes harder to actively circulate the Aura making further progress difficult in old age.

Aura is formed through the refinement of life energy, the Aura Ring acts as a sort of generator, absorbing the life energy largely from the things humans consume everyday, breathing air and being exposed to the sun or other elements also absorbs life energy, but the amount of life energy absorbed this way is so negligible that its not even worth mentioning.

Philip on the other hand was very different.

Philip produced 3 times the amount of Aura a normal person does, Tolvir wondered about this fact and couldn’t simply understand how that was possible, Tolvir at first tried to understand by asking Philip and trying to see whether or not he was doing something that was causing him to produce so much Aura, through the state of his current Aura Ring which was full of cracks everywhere, Tolvir concluded that Philip must have consistently produced so much Aura all his life making him believe that there had to be a kind of routine in his life that caused him to produce so much Aura.

-Hmm ? Routine ? What do you mean ?

-Well, like for example, what do you eat everyday ?

Tolvir asked, to Philip the question seemed very strange but since Tolvir his unofficial teacher wanted to know he easily complied and told him his diet or rather what everyone in this village usually ate everyday.

Philips village was a remote agricultural village, they mainly grew wheat and potatoes, making the usual meal, bread and potato soup 2 times each day all year around.

Sometimes there would be meat in the soup but that was rare as meat was extremely expensive in a remote village like this, hunters did exist in the village but they were few and rarely caught anything as the forest was very dangerous for villagers like them especially at night.

Trading caravans usually came to this village once per month, most of the necessities are bought from these caravans like salt and oil by trading their yearly harvest to the caravan.

Of course there also existed celebration such as the harvest festival and birthdays where people could eat a lot, but even then meat was still very limited.

Hearing this Tolvir wasn’t very surprised about the impoverished situation of the remote village, even though he hasn’t gone out yet to inspect the village in detail he knew that he didn’t need to as his own daily meals alone showed him how really poor the village was, his meals usually always had a bit of meat in them but now listening to Philip he understood that the meat must have come from the village chiefs personal stash to show Tolvir his appreciation.

Tolvir having come from a prestigious family and a large clan didn’t put those meals in his eyes, he still ate them to nourish his body and speed up his recovery, but he didn’t feel anything or thought they were good in anyway, after all he ate far better things his whole life like whole pigs and large steaks, his upbringing was very abundant in which he never lacked anything, and that’s not to say that he disdained the food as he also understood certain standards from different places through his harsh training and the travels he had been through which forced him to eat cold and hard rations over time that were hard to swallow.

In the end Tolvir still didn’t get the slightest idea as to how Philip was capable of producing so much Aura without any external help, he ultimately concluded that Philip must have had some kind of special Physique that allowed him to produced so much Aura and upon thinking of it that way a light bulb flashed within Tolvirs brain giving him an idea as to what the answer could be.

-Maybe…maybe Philip doesn’t absorb life energy from the things he eats…maybe Philip uses another channel to absorb life energy, like air or the sun maybe even a combination of all two or forms…

Tolvir thought of his idea as plausible.

If an Aura user like Tolvir who ate a lot of food to absorb life energy from was a fuel generator, then an Aura user like Philip who worked in the fields would be a solar generator or wind turbine.

In fact such special physique wasn’t unheard of within Tolvirs memory, though it wasn’t to the extend of Philips capabilities there did exist people who absorbed more life energy from either the sun or air within the atmosphere, those people would still rely on food to absorb life energy but they would also not be too inconvenienced even if they didn’t have much food available.

-Mister Tolvir ? Is anything the matter ? You got quiet all of a sudden.

Philip asked, pulling Tolvir out of his mind for a moment as he stopped his line of thought, he looked down towards his small unofficial little disciple of his and couldn’t help but smile at him wryly.

-Fate really plays a lot of tricks these days…

He mumbled, Philip didn’t quite get what Tolvir had said, but since it didn’t look like he was talking to him Philip didn’t question it and simply waited until Tolvir was ready.

On a side note, Philips first time circulating his Aura was very difficult.

Having Tolvir explain Philip the procedure didn’t quite help either as the whole sequence was about sensing it then following a instruction, if it wasn’t for the fact that Philips Aura sensitivity was high and close to himself, Tolvir suspected that it would take quite a while until Philip would be able to even control his Aura and let it circulate within his Aura Ring.

Luckily such thing did not happen as Philip completed the task within a day through persistent training.

-Yes ! I finally did ! I feel it, it seems like my Aura which was lighter before got a bit thicker…my body its also a bit more lighter then before…amazing !

Philip happily exclaimed.

Watching him this entire time, Tolvir only gave Philip advice and pointers whenever Philip was stuck at something and didn’t know what to do next.

Usually it takes close to a week of training before a Person with average talent can make a successful circulation.

Tolvir himself remembered how he only needed 3 hours with the help of his masters tutoring before he could make a simple Aura circulation, this already showed how small of a gap these two had when it came to talent but at the same time it didn’t mean Tolvir was better then Philip as Philip had his own good points that Tolvir couldn’t replicate, on top of that Philip was extremely persistent regarding Aura, the fact that he pushed through for an entire day just to learn how to circulate Aura without a stop somewhat impressed Tolvir, increasing his opinion of Philip which was already pretty good.

Unfortunately even though Philip succeeded with great delight things never were as simple as they seemed, while circulating his Aura Philip couldn’t help but notice something.

-Ehh…mister Tolvir I did everything as you said but while I was circulating my Aura I noticed…

Philips Aura, while circulating through his ring partially decreased as he continued his circulation, at the beginning he used a lot of his Aura as much as he could use since more Aura within the circulation meant more benefit leading it through the Aura Ring just like Tolvir had taught him.

But the longer he was leading the Aura through the ring the more Aura was decreasing with each second until finally only two thirds of the Aura remained which circulated through the entire ring.

Philip explained as such and upon hearing it, Tolvir wasn’t surprised and calmly explained to Philip what happened.

-The reason why your Aura was decreasing mid circulation was because of the “cracks” on your Aura Ring, even though I patched them that doesn’t mean I completely “blocked” them small amount of Aura will still seep through the gaps, if it wasn’t for the “bandages” I applied I doubt that you would be even capable of circulating the Aura in the first place before losing everything to the cracks, but don’t worry even if its only 2/3 of the amount you originally used, since you still produce a lot of Aura even the amount you lose won’t mean much other then a bit of lost time, the only thing you need to do is to circulate your Aura once again and this time regulate it, control it to make sure that nothing gets wasted and while you can’t retain 100 % of the Aura within the circulation at least I am sure you could keep at least 70 to 80 % of it, but beware don’t circulate your Aura all day, after 4 to 5 circulations take at least 8 hours of rest maybe even more.

Tolvir warned him sternly, but Philip was confused, he couldn’t understand why which is why it couldn’t be helped when he suddenly asked.

-Why ? What would happen if I didn’t rest ?

Tolvir furrowed his brows, raising his hand he pointed it towards Philips forehead tapping it lightly while speaking.

-Your mind is a mechanisms within your body that allows you to make complex movements at will or imagine difficult concepts, when a Aura user circulates their Aura they rely on their mind to control and lead the Aura through the ring, controlling the Aura exhausts the mind, consuming mind energy while also pushing the body to its limits consumes your stamina, mind energy is inherently more brittle then the stamina that comes from your body, which is why it also gets consumed much faster, the more one circulates their Aura the more mind energy one depletes, there is no real limit as to how much mind energy one can have, some people have more while others have less, some people have a lot at one point while having close to nothing at the next, Will can substitute the mind for a while but it cannot sustain the body, the mind relies on will to determine its limits and set its scale, a body without a mind has no control while a body without will has no life…do you understand what I am trying to say ?


Philip was silent, staring directly towards Tolvir he thought long and hard about what Tolvir had just said, he especially focused on the last line.

“A body without a mind has no control while a body without a will has no life”

Philip wasn’t very smart, but he could reason and connect dots, his head heated up from thinking so much, the mind he was using right now was consuming a lot of mind energy to comprehend the concept Tolvir was trying to convey, through this consumption of mind energy Philip realized something, the connection it had towards his will and the connections of his will towards his life, Aura users absorbed life energy and refined it to become Aura.

To circulate Aura one needs to control Aura and lead it through the ring, controlling Aura consumes mind energy if the mind energy is at one point completely exhausted it gets temporarily substituted by will, but even will has its limits if will is exhausted what happens to the Aura that is being controlled ?

Philip thought, but as much as he thought and thought he realized that he had no clue as to what would actually happen, in the end he could only look at Tolvir blankly before giving him his best guess.

-Without will the Aura user would let go of the control of the Aura ?


Tolvir only smiled at that answer giving him a light chuckle, he shook his head before saying.

-Your not wrong but you aren’t quite right either, its true that one would let go of the control of the Aura without sufficient will, but what you neglect to think about is what happens when you let go of control and I don’t fault you since it is easy to assume that the Aura would just slow down within the Aura Ring and regain its undisturbed state, but in reality that’s not true…

Tolvir gave a slight pause.

-You see, as I said before a body without a mind has no control while a body without a will has no life, the real result of losing control of your Aura without your will, can cause your Aura to start rampaging within your Aura Ring, this is also called “Aura deviation” and is a extremely fatal state in which a person in the lightest state can get mortally wounded or die instantly, the reason being the rampaging Aura within the Aura Ring, once its starts rampaging it will it start to ram and smash the insides of the ring nonstop until the Aura gets under control again, this ramming and smashing can have dire effects such as “cracking” the Aura Ring like in your case or completely break the Aura Ring in two which would kill someone instantly as they wouldn’t be able to circulate life anymore, the reason you are fine even though you have a cracked Aura ring is because your Aura ring got cracked overtime and not instantaneously while you also produce 3 times more Aura then a normal person, this is like having small nonconsequential cuts covering your whole body over time and also pumping 3 times as much blood then a normal person, it stands to reason that your body would adapt for a short while within a equilibrium until it starts to deteriorate as you get older breaking the equilibrium, another good example of this would be the heart itself, our heart is connected to our mind what we see and what we feel influences the rate of which our hearts beat, forcing ourselves to be calm is the act of controlling our mind to control the beat of the heart, fear is the opposing force of our mind a type of emotion and the enemy of our heart, when we fear we risk losing our control over our calm which controls our heart, when we’re enveloped by fear and lose control, our will supports our heart to stand firm against fear even when we are scared, and when we finally lose will despair is born and our heart breaks.

Philip could finally understand, listening to Tolvir he found his explanation quite profound and easy to follow, it was as if an entire new world had opened up towards Philip as if he had gotten enlightened even though he was only just 10 years old.

-Mister Tolvir, if I don’t want my heart to break what do I have to do ?

It was an innocent question really, maybe even too innocent to the point that it made even Tolvir slightly dazed, but nevertheless he recovered before putting on a light smile gazing at the kid.

-Well there isn’t really much you can do, fear is merely one such emotion that can make you lose your heart, there are many more emotions and feelings out there that can make you feel hurt or break you, directing your effort in one area will still make you weaker in another, its unavoidable we’re human after all, not mindless machines without control over ourselves or lifeless undead without will to live, our emotions is what makes us human and gives us meaning, the only thing you can do is strengthen your mind and steel yourself, to become a sharp blade means to go through countless bouts of tempering…

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Macebearer Of The Magus World Chapter 2 But I Can Still Use Aura Right ?

Philip remembered the first time he was taught about Aura from Tolvir.

The first time he was taught, there was one crucial question Philip had on his mind ever since he became aware of this glow called “Aura”.

What is Aura ?

Aura is the name given by humans to describe the use of refined and controlled life energy within their bodies, subsequently also naming the organ that produces said life energy as the “Aura Ring” which looks like a ring made out of stone located within the stomach.

To determine whether or not someone has the talent or the capability of using Aura one needs to first see whether or not the Aura Ring in that person’s body lights up, the light represents the “Awareness” the person has towards aura, it is a type of sensitivity which is different from person to person, those whose’s ring bear no light whatsoever cannot possibly use Aura as a ring without light is a inactive ring without life.

The brighter the light shines the easier it is for the person to sense Aura, the size of the Aura Ring can also differ it can be smaller and bigger depending on the person, this in fact is not disadvantageous per say, just because you have a bigger Aura Ring doesn’t automatically mean you can defeat anyone who has a smaller ring then you rather it means instead that your Aura Ring is better suited for different fields of usage.

Bigger Aura Rings represent larger production of Aura and larger Aura capacity, people who bear such rings usually are those who are good at battles of attrition, extended fights and detection, the destructive and defensive capabilities of these Aura users are also higher as they are constantly covered by their own Aura without their knowledge strengthening their physiques, on the other hand they are not very skillful with their Aura and need a long time of training before they are able to skillfully control their Aura so they don’t waste everything at one go.

Smaller Aura Rings represent quicker production of Aura and more concentrated capacity, people who bear such rings usually are those who are good at quick bursts of attacks, higher eye-hand coordination, swift and nimble movement, these people are the most skillful with their Aura and can easily control their Aura with little to no training required, their attacks are the most vicious and lethal as their small rings allow them to concentrate their Aura to such a fine degree that they are even capable of piercing through a diamond with their fingers alone, these Aura users are also the most skilled in hiding their own Aura from other Aura users but as powerful as all that may be they quickly spent most of their Aura upon confrontation making them glass cannons of sort.

Aura in general was something that came way before magic did, even though the world Philip inhabits is now fully controlled by the Magi, it wasn’t always like this, way before the Magi came to this world Aura was the most dominated form of power, even to this date the history involving Aura has still not diminished in the slightest and to some degree it even rivals or surpasses Magic itself, but alas the reality was different, there is only so much one could do with Aura, as Aura is not capable of manifesting itself into a physical form like Magic can, which gives magic a huge almost infinite amount of possibilities to choose from giving Aura users a disadvantage in the way that they cannot possibly defend or prepare for every possibility imaginable that is caused by magic.

When Philip first heard of this from Tolvir, he was quite depressed to know that Aura couldn’t stand up towards the might of Magic, he himself to some degree also understood that Tolvir was right, as the fight between the goblin shaman and Tolvir showed him how truly risky it was to challenge a magical being with the strength of Aura alone.

Even Philip who never went through any kind of combat training knew that the goblin shaman would have stood no chance if it only fought using its physical capabilities, even if Tolvir didn’t use Aura the goblin shaman still would have no choice other then to get cut down by Tolvirs blade.

But unfortunately through the use of Magic even a highly trained swordsman like Tolvir almost lost his life to a measly goblin, if it hadn’t been for Philip interrupting the fight with his stone, Tolvir would have been ash right now while the village would have probably followed his steps as well.

Philip was miffed, it was the first time that Philip felt how completely unfair magic truly was irritating him, Tolvir noticed this irritation and could sympathize with Philips emotions, he too felt the same at one point when his master explained to him how utterly ridiculous magic could be, remembering how Tolvir himself was back then and comparing to how Philips current state was, it was already pretty good that Philip wasn’t getting discouraged by the power of magic or looked as if he wanted to pursue it, the fact that Philip still wanted to pursue Aura even knowing that it was inferior to Magic said a lot of things about him even though he was still very young.

If it was Tolvir right now, he knew that he would have chosen the way of magic if he could within a heartbeat, the only reason he didn’t pursue the path of magic was because Tolvir was simply not talented enough to even walk the path of magic, even though his clan master hailed him as a genius Aura user who was able to become a rank 3 Squire at the age of 17 close to becoming a official knight he was still not satisfied with his strength.

Tolvir still remembered the fight between him and the goblin shaman deeply, never before had he been this close to death and never before did he feel the disparity between Aura and Magic this deeply.

Tolvir had fought against magic users before mostly acolytes who were between rank 1 or 2 who had already become elderly and had no chance of becoming official magi abandoned by their organizations to fend for themselves with no protection whatsoever, in combat he thought of their strange abilities to be tricky and useful but in end Tolvir still managed to defeat them with ease giving him confidence and slight doubt on whether or not Magi were truly powerful as his master the clan leader had said and if it wasn’t just fear that swept the heart of his master all along.

After all Tolvir himself had never seen an official magi before, but after having fought the goblin shaman and having determined that the goblin must have just reached rank 3 acolyte while he was at the peak of rank 3 squire one step away from official knight, Tolvir truly started to understand how big the disparity could truly grow if he fought against a official Magi instead.

Not even reaching knight rank could save him, that’s for sure.

Even now he felt longing towards Magic and the power it brought, which gave even a measly goblin the ability to kill him straight up, the thought alone made him angry and sickened inside, but he learned to deal with it and could only continue walking his own path.

Tolvir considered Philip as well, when Tolvir inspected Philips Aura Ring he discovered that Philip produced 3 times the amount of Aura a normal person did, that is not to mean that Philip’s Aura Ring was 3 times as big as a normal persons, no instead it was just the production level of Aura that was high within Philips Aura Ring, the size of Philips Aura Ring was pretty average not big nor small just the right size that covered all areas of usage while specializing in nothing in particular which could be good or bad at the same time.

The brightness of the Aura ring was above average almost reaching the level of Tolvir himself but not quite there yet, combining his above average sensitivity to Aura and his abnormal production level of Aura, Tolvir could easily imagine how Philip was able to perceive and see the Aura on Tolvirs body mid fight.

He at first thought that Philip must have been some kind of gifted genius like himself and wanted to bring him back to the clan, but after further inspection, Tolvir regrettably found out a problem within Philips life ring that he hadn’t expected when he saw his Aura Ring in detail.

Philips Aura rings had “cracks”.

What does that mean ?

Well it could mean a lot of things, like having a diseases or being crippled altogether.

The cracks could severely hinder the control and usage of the Aura itself, a good analogy to this would be a water hose with holes on it, one could still use the hose to spray water but the amount that would come out would be small as the majority of the water would be leaking away from the holes.

And while one can patch up those cracks within Philips Aura ring and make it work normally for a while, Tolvir knew that it would never solve the base issue that plagued Philip.

The heavenly gift Tolvir thought Philip was bestowed to that allowed him to produces 3 times as much Aura as a normal person turned out to be a deadly curse instead.

It was because he produced so much Aura that Philip had a cracked Aura Ring in the first place, his Aura Ring couldn’t take the amount of Aura Philip was producing everyday and since Philip didn’t know how to actively expel the Aura out of his body the Aura kept piling up within his ring until finally it forced to create a way out of the ring which formed the cracks on the Aura ring in the first place.

Philip wouldn’t feel it now since he was young, but as a person got older the slower the Aura would circulate within the Aura Ring, the slower it gets the less a person has life within them to use until finally the Aura within the Aura Ring completely stops circulating and the person dies from old age.

This is especially more lethal on Philip as his Aura Ring already has a lot of cracks on it, meaning as he gets older and his Aura circulation slows down, the amount of Aura that is lost will heavily effect Philips life and general health, it is even doubtful whether or not Philip will live over 20 years old which is the general cut where the Aura really starts to slow down.

External factors such as diseases and injuries can also affect the circulation of Aura but those are extremely minimal to a degree that their negligent, time itself is the most powerful poison, a poison so strong not even gods can escape from it.

If Philip hadn’t helped Tolvir and asked him how to use Aura, Philip would have most likely died as a young man without knowing why, but even now with the help of Tolvir patching Philips cracked Aura Ring and teaching him how to expel the excess, Philip still didn’t have all that much time left as the cracks would still continue leaking even when they are patched, at most he could probably live up to 30 or 35 if he was lucky, eventually he would just die with no rime and reason when his Aura circulation finally has to stop without enough Aura.

Tolvir at first pitied the poor Philip, he understood how much Philip desired to learn on how to use Aura, that he was even willing to risk his life by helping him kill the goblin shaman, he thought that Philip would be devastated by the news and maybe even start crying but the thing he heard after watching Philip think for a while with a blank expression on his face dumbfounded him instead.

-But I can still use Aura right ?

Tolvir immediately had a fleeting inside his mind when heard what Philip had just said.

“This kid is strange”

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Teaser Trailer Macebearer Of The Magus World

Within a small forest, near a small little village that was close to a rocky mountain was a young man with black eyes and long black hair.

The height of this young man was approximately 195 cms tall, his physique bulky and explosive, the fine lines of his body showing through even with his baggy linen clothes, his hair reaching down all the way to his waist.

The face of this young man was obscured by his long hair only showing the visage of his eyes peeking through the slits of his hair as he stood in place repetitively swinging his hands up and down holding a huge wooden club half his size hammering a big boulder beneath him which caused quite the ruckus within that small forest.

This young man was called Philip, a generic name, without a surname indicating his common descent, fitting for a villager living inside a poor little village out in the sticks.

At the current moment the day had just begun, it was early morning, the sun had just risen with the air outside still cold as ever even though it was midsummer.

Normally people would be shivering at this temperature, but not him, Philip was already used to this, he had experienced worse and found this to be quite enjoyable, even though it didn’t quite look like it, Philip was very content and unusually excited that day as today was a very special day indeed.

-97…98…99 !

Philip shouted, sweat coursing down his body drenching his tunic as he swung his wooden club onto the big boulder, each strike of his was ferocious and full of unrelenting force, each time the boulder was struck by this unrelenting force the boulder got smaller and smaller, shards of rocks splashing everywhere with each strike.

-Hisss…Now one last time…

Philip thought, breathing in sharply as he felt the cold morning air within his lungs, his arms were shaking, his legs were tired and his hands were sore, but Philip wasn’t bothered, looking down onto the small boulder he raised his wooden club one more time before he put all of his remaining strength into his arms and then…

-100 !

He cried, his last strike hitting as the ground shook beneath his feet and the boulder finally giving in, splitting into countless pieces flying into all directions from the powerful strike.

Philip now finally having finishing his daily regime dropped the wooden club abruptly and collapsed onto the ground, panting heavily and painfully as he looked up into the sky staring at the clouds up above.

He whispered.

-Today I am turning 16, I am finally a adult, which means I can also finally make the first step towards my dream…

Philip imagined, dreamed as he looked into the sky, he thought about all that has happened for the past 6 years ever since he started doing this and couldn’t help but recall his memories of that day when he finally decided what he wanted to do.

6 years ago Philip was just like any other normal village boy his age, full of vigor and playful attitude he lived a normal village life together with his family and siblings, most of the time working out in the fields day in and day out but sometimes also gathering with the other village children to play and have fun.

Philip was never really exceptional or talented in anything, he also never really had any type of ambition, being a villager, the only things he knew for certain were the fields he tended to and the borders of his small village he lived in, he sometimes did wonder about what laid beyond those borders, but he never really dared to go and find out for himself and instead simply opted to learn those things from the villagers who did go outside or even just listen to the stories of the occasional rare travelers that came by once per month.

Out of everyone, the village chief was the most informed about the outside world, he was after all responsible of managing the village making him the smartest individual, whenever the tax collectors from the lords castle came he would always be the one to receive and talk to them.

Most of the knowledge Philip had came from the old village chief, and through the words of the old man Philip came to know that the world outside was full of things that he couldn’t have even imagined just by living in his small village that was as big as a world to him.

The world that Philip resided in was known as the magus world, magus meaning (Mag)ic (us)ers sometimes also referred to as Magi.

When Philip first ever heard of the term Magus he already had a certain idea of who they were, he had already heard stories about them when he was smaller, myths and tales of their great accomplishments and supernatural powers were wide spread, all children actually knew of these stories but up until then he always believed them to be mere fairy tales and nothing more, some adults also shared this skepticism, but that was only because most of the adults never left the village and the people who did leave rarely came back while the people who did come back had never mentioned to have encountered these Magi who could call storms or summon spheres of fire.

Such narrow mindedness was common amongst villagers which wasn’t anything rare, the village chief also, while clearly knowing a lot of things, never tried to completely convince everyone of his knowledge as he seemed to think that ignorance was better for the people then knowing what really lurked outside, and Philip, he didn’t really care, he found the idea of Magi interesting, but he wasn’t drawn enough to seek or even try to become one of them.

Of course not everyone was like Philip, some kids who believed in the wisdom of the village chief would ask lots and lots about the mysterious Magi and how to become one, most of these children were in fact the dreamy sort who had a lot of wild ambition, the village chief wasn’t bothered by it as he was kind enough to entertain the thoughts of those children seeing no harm in them trying to pursue something like this even if it was borderline impossible to accomplish, he believed the experience to be the most important aspect and even if those children wouldn’t be able to accomplish their goals at least they could make something out of themselves using their motivation as fuel to guide them forward.

And as such life went on, Philip being his usual self spend his days like he always did tending to his fields with his family and playing around, content with what he had, he never once thought about leaving the safety of his village or even entertained the thought of becoming something bigger, though it wasn’t as if he didn’t want to, it was just that Philip never had a good or clear reason to pursue strength or wealth, and love was the farthest thing he thought of when he considered the future.

Of course all of that came crashing down when he was 10 years old, that day was a very nightmare inducing day indeed for most of the villagers at the time, but not for Philip, as what he saw that day was the direction he would finally be pursuing his life to give him meaning.

That day a group of goblins were about to attack the village.

Goblins are ugly childlike looking green skinned little creatures who have long ears bald heads, long nails, long noses and red eyes, their faces look extremely ferocious with their mouths almost always open showing their jagged yellow brown teeth while also making weird shrieking cries.

The goblins usually lived deep within the forests, possessing a small degree of intelligence the goblins formed little tribes all over the place and within those tribes they all usually did the same thing scouring their surroundings, hunting or gathering for food all the time so they could satiate their stomachs all day to fill their desires.

Goblins usually never attacked the villages around them, as goblins by nature were extremely cowardly, they sought other goblins to bulk up their numbers to increase their courage, goblins knew that humans were strong even when alone which is why goblins only ever attacked villages when they had close to 100 goblins gathered and only when the village was small like Philips.

Which makes you wonder, what gave the goblins who only had 20 of them the confidence to storm the small village in the first place if they really were so cowardly ?

The answer was.

A Goblin Shaman.

Normally even the old hunters of the village could take care of these small creatures on their own, as the goblins weren’t really all that powerful even weaker then a human child, but even goblins had different ranks among them such as goblins warriors and archers with the most physically powerful being goblin champions who rivaled the strength of orcs and had the same height as adults, it was even questionable whether or not the hunters could defeat goblin warriors much less goblins champions who could rip them into shreds.

Then what is a Goblin Shaman then ?

Well goblin shamans are actually not that different from normal goblins, they had the same physique and strength of a normal goblin, but what made them special instead was their high amount of intellect and spirit which allowed them to cast powerful spells just like the human magi from the stories to devastate their enemies.

And what made it worse was the fact that Goblin Shamans were incredibly rare in the first place, the chance of them being born was 1 in every 100.000 goblins.

There was virtually nothing ordinary villagers could do to such foe, it was literally a disaster coming to the village, it was like a gun wielding man from the future going up against a group of cavemen from the stone age, the result would a be obvious one sided slaughter, the gap was simply too big.

Knowing this the village chief made the most sensible decision at the time and decided to have everyone in the village flee as best as they could before the goblins arrived, the next closest human settlement at the time was another small village like theirs that was 150 kilometers away from them, with their speed the village chief estimated that it would take a total of 2 to 3 days for them to reach that settlement and ask for help, but at the same time it could also be that the goblins would continue chasing them which at that point nobody knew what the outcome would be.

Goblins were voracious creatures after all, they ate almost anything even their own kin, they would most probably kill all the males for food and enslave the females for reproduction and pleasure once they were caught, there was simply no reasoning with these monsters making the village chief extremely troubled about what to do as the goblins got closer, the villagers were already scared out of their minds, and while some of them had experienced similar incidents such as this in the past, those incidents were always small and more isolated then this, nobody knew for certain what to do making everyone quiver within their boots.

If no intervention would have occured that day, this poor little village would have probably been erased from the face of the planet along side its inhabitants who would suffer.

But Miraculously such thing did not happen.

-What is happening ? Why are you all so unnerved ?

Out of nowhere a mysterious stranger appeared, a traveler from a foreign land wearing a big gray cloak hiding his silhouette only his face was visible which was not handsome or ugly, the man seemed good nature and well intended when he asked a random villager, and while usually villagers were guarded against outsiders, this man had a particular swaying air about him that made the villager unconsciously trust him for some reason.

-Ahh…how unfortunate, good man you should better leave this place at once, a group of goblins are soon going to attack this village and even though there are only 20 of them, the hunters had reported that a goblin shaman was amongst them, this place is soon going to turn in no mans land or even worse a scorching hell.

The villager was already packing his belongings when he talked to the stranger, giving him his last warnings, the villager soon didn’t bother anymore and quickly left the stranger by himself leaving together with his family for a chance to live.

The mysterious stranger didn’t say anything to the villager and simply watched as the villager ran for his life, a contemplating expression on his face as he stood and thought about something with his eyebrows furrowed.

Luckily his thoughts didn’t last long having made some sort of decision, the stranger started walking again, but instead of heeding the warnings of the villager to leave that place, he instead started walking towards the direction from where the villagers where fleeing from, the place from which the goblin shaman would appear.

Philip at the time of the crisis was also packing up hastily together with his family, because Philip was just a child at the time and also never saw a goblin before up until this point.

He didn’t feel as scared as the other adults though, he was uneasy about the whole situation because his parents and other adults were influencing him with their fear, but he also understood that it was a matter of life and death out here in sticks and that there was no time to think other than try help his parents and siblings pack up.

But as he was packing and stuffing his bag, Philip saw the mysterious stranger passing by his house from his window.

The stranger was walking leisurely down the dirt path, countless villagers passing him by as they fled away into the opposite direction, only the stranger was calm, looking weird but also sort of tranquil amongst the panicked crowd as he slowly made his way towards the forest from where the goblins would appear, some of the villagers also noticed the stranger and tried to warn him, but he didn’t care nor did he bother to respond to them, because the situation was dire and everyone needed to care for their own lives, the villagers didn’t try to warn the stranger anymore after attempting once, soon enough there was only the lone stranger on top of the dirt path about the enter the forest.

-Who is he ? What is he doing ?

Philip thought at the time extremely intrigued of what he had just seen, the curiosity within him welling and rearing its ugly head as it urged him to see for himself, never did he once show this sort of urge to see or wanting to know something like that day, and even though he was still packing, his mind was not into it as he constantly thought about the weird stranger who entered the forest.

-Maybe…maybe I should go check on him…

Such thoughts whirled inside the boy’s head, he knew it was a insane thought that could get him potentially killed, but for some reason he was still willing to take that risk, there was something he really wanted to see, his gut was telling him to go and see, it was a urge he couldn’t control and just as he finished packing up his belongings, he swiftly got out glancing towards his parents and siblings who were still packing.

He whispering.

-I’ll be back soon, don’t wait for me…

And as such, Philip sprinted out of his home, carrying nothing more then his clothes behind his back, this scrawny, malnourished, 100 cm little boy ran towards the forest after the mysterious stranger, there was nobody to stop him as almost everyone had already at this point fled or were still packing their belongings, the boy without being noticed entered the now dangerous forest looking for the tracks of the stranger and where he went.

It was midday that time, the sun was still up high getting ready to set, the forest didn’t look any different from its usual self, birds were chirping and leafs were rustling by the wind, and even though nothing was different, the atmosphere had noticeably undergone a huge change, no wild animals could be seen, it seemed as if it weren’t only the villagers who had decided to flee, most of the wildlife had also noticed the presence of a powerful creature within the forest choosing to abandon their homes just like the villagers to survive.

Philip was disturbed, he even started to second guess himself and blamed his impulsive decision making, what he was attempting at the moment was nothing short of suicide and he knew that as well, but even then, Philip steeled himself taking a deep breath he tried to calm his beating and fearful heart and gather courage in himself.

-I am just going to take a peek, after that one peek I will immediately leave and run away, its only going to be a second nothing more and nothing less…

Those words seemed to have a good amount of impact in them as Philip regained his motivation, he still didn’t know what he exactly wanted to see, but that didn’t matter anymore the only thing that was important was the fact that he knew that there was something to see and even though he didn’t know where it was yet, he would soon know.


A loud explosion rattled the forest, the smell of burned wood drifted within the air carried by the wind, a tower of black smoke appeared not too far away, Philip seeing that knew where to go now and sprinted forth towards the smoke.

-Haa !


As soon as he arrived on scene Philip could hear the cry of a man and a creature, the sound startled him, but Philip got himself together and stopped running, now opting to be sneaky he crouched towards a pair of bushes next to a tall tree, as he got closer, Philip could smell the vivid stench of blood entering his nostrils, the smell made him freeze for a bit, but he didn’t entirely stop finally getting into a good vantage point Philip peeked through the bushes now finally being able to see what he wanted to see.

And what he saw, made his eyes go wide.


It was pure and utter carnage, blood and organs scattered across everywhere with bodies sliced in half and heads rolling on the ground, the scene was too much for the boy, Philip wanted to scream, but out of fear of being discovered he cupped his hands and closed his mouth and nose shut subduing his voice within the bushes shivering.

It took a few moments to adjust, but after observing for a few more moments Philip started to understand that the bodies on the ground weren’t of human origin, they were all green and ugly monsters, having heard of their appearance Philip was quickly able to discern that those creatures were the infamous goblins Philip had heard of from the villagers.

They were all cut down and amongst those bodies stood one lone man holding a ordinary iron long sword that dripped blood, the gray cloak that was once neat and tidy was now covered in grime and blood as well, nothing was untouched by that stinking blood, but even then the calm and tranquil figure of the stranger didn’t change, he stood peacefully amongst the heaps of blood and flesh as if there was nothing wrong about it.

For a moment Philip thought that maybe everything was now over and that the stranger had already taken care of everything, but he was wrong, because the stranger back facing towards Philip. Philip couldn’t see what was exactly in front of the hulking figure of the mysterious stranger.

Only after he heard a shrieking voice of another creature did Philip know that it wasn’t over yet.



The stranger moved, faster then Philips eye could see charging towards the shrieking voice, now finally out of the way, Philip could see who the stranger was fighting against and when he did Philip instantly knew what it was.

The Goblin Shaman.

Comparing the Goblin Shaman to the ordinary goblins, Philip couldn’t see any physical difference, other then wearing a robe and holding a staff, the goblin wasn’t very different from the rest, but even then Philip did notice that the aura or air around the Goblin Shaman was totally different from the normal goblins sprawled on the ground, its eyes were shinier and more sinister making him feel cold.

But that wasn’t the only exceptional thing about the goblin, soon enough Philip came understand why he was called the “Shaman” because as soon as the stranger started to approach, the goblin made a vicious grin, chanting something underneath its breath and moving its staff in a circle, strange light started to gather on the tip of the staff, until finally a globe of fire the size of a football started to condense on top of the staff.

Philip gasped the moment he saw the globe of fire, the stories told by the old village chief came to mind when he saw the globe of fire making him petrified.

The stranger on the other hand immediately stopped his charge the moment he saw the globe of fire, he didn’t freeze like Philip didn’t and instead watched carefully as the Goblin Shaman threw the globe of fire with his staff, the speed of the globe wasn’t very fast, even Philip could see its trajectory, but even then it didn’t make the ball of fire any less dangerous then it looked.

The stranger obviously dodged the ball of fire stepping away from it he distanced himself for about 10 meters from it for some reason which made Philip confused, but very quickly he understood why he did as the moment the ball of fire missed and hit the ground a large explosion occurred with flames spewing everywhere around the blast.


Once again a tower of smoke rose into the air, a 4 meter long crater appeared in the place the ball of fire exploded the remnants of the attack still scorching area around the crater with raging flames.


Only now Philip could truly start to understand the horror of Goblin Shamans and Magi in general, a mere single attack of such a condensed ball of flames was enough to create such a big crater and even leave behind lasting flames, he could also now understand why the stranger distanced himself so much, if he hadn’t even if he didn’t get hit by the ball the aftershock of the explosion would have gotten him and potentially even devastated him.

Philip now started to get idea that he wasn’t meant to be here, his mind started to logically tell him that this was way beyond his capabilities and that he should leave as quickly as possible, but even then Philip still didn’t run, not because I wasn’t scared or anything but because there was still something he hadn’t see yet that he wanted to see, any normal person would have already left at this point, hell any normal person wouldn’t even be there in first place.

But there he was, Philip needed to see this through, staring at the stranger, Philip felt a type of expectation well inside of his when he saw the sword and the blood covering his body, it made his blood boil and his cheeks flush and his eyes glow intently.

-What are you going to do ?

Philip thought, continuing to observe the battle between swordsman and magi with his fists clenched tight and his mouth closed shut.

The fight raged on, the stranger and the goblin shaman fought aggressively, one shooting balls of fire while the other dodging the balls trying to close in on the opponent, sometimes the stranger would be able to get close enough to land a slash, but as soon as that was about to happen the goblin would strangely raise his other hand that was empty and raise some kind of invisible wall blocking, followed by a invisible projectile of energy forcing the stranger to take distance and evade, which was soon continued by another bout of balls of fire that exploded without giving the stranger a single inch or room to breath.

At this point the battlefield was already full of holes created by the balls of fire, both sides had expanded a lot of energy and while everyone felt as if the fight had been going for hours on end, in reality it was merely a few minutes since the fight had started, soon it would coming to a close as both sides were extremely exhausted by now, the goblin shaman in fact was started to woozy from all the magic he was using, but because it was a fight of life and death, the goblin shaman refused to back down as that would mean certain death for him.

The stranger on the other hand wasn’t faring any better, he looked fine on the outside holding his sword with both hands concentrating on the fight, but on closer inspection you could see the sweat that was pouring out of his body drenching him and few burned spots on the cloak already showed that he was near his limit too.

Philip could feel it, the next bout would be the last, in the next instant the victor would be decided.

Philip was already satisfied with what he had seen, he could have left by now and ran back to his family, but he still stayed and continue watching, for why that was he didn’t know anymore, but halfway through the fight Philip found himself silently cheering for the stranger and even idolizing him, the elegant and lethal swordsmanship he showed while fighting the goblin shaman was killer in his eyes, occasionally he would even see slight glows of light concentrating on different body parts of the stranger when he moved and sometimes that glow would on the sword as well giving it a divine feeling that Philip just couldn’t get enough of seeing.

People usually wouldn’t be able to notice such fine detail, in general only the moves of the goblin shaman were slow enough to see what exactly he was doing, whenever the stranger moved on the other hand, he accelerate so fast that eye of a commoner like Philip wouldn’t be able to catch much less notice the slight glow of his movements.

Naturally it was clear that Philip unbeknownst to him had a type of talent recognizing these sorts of things involving the glow of the stranger, this display in fact triggered something within the depths of Philips heart, a ripple appearing in his soul that made him want to pursue and acquire that glow..

-I also want to be like that…that glow I want it too !

And with that a seed of ambition formed within the heart of the boy, he still didn’t understand anything regarding the glow or on how to acquire it, but he knew that he wanted it and for him to have it he was willing to go through all lengths to get it.

With that in mind, outcome of this battle became 10 times more important to Philip then it normally should have, the reason being the person who already had acquired the glow could also tell Philip how to acquire it, if he died right here right now, Philip wouldn’t be able to ask him anything regarding the glow and even likely end up like him too as the goblin shaman would most likely kill him when he gets noticed.

Philip tried to think, he wasn’t a good fighter neither was he a good planner, no matter what he did, Philip knew the he couldn’t bring close to anything to tip the scales in the favor of the stranger, but at the same time Philip noticed that he didn’t really need to do much in the first place, observing the battle up until now Philip understood that the 2 still hadn’t noticed his existence since the beginning as they were too focused on each other to care for their surroundings, using this could be immensely advantageous if it was used correctly.

Philip didn’t even need to deal damage to the goblin, 1 moment was enough, if he was able to even give the stranger a single second, Philip was sure that he could win.

And with that in mind, Philip no longer hesitated and sneaked out of the bushes, he collected a few rocks from the ground and started to sprint around the battlefield keeping a slight distance so he wouldn’t be noticed, both the stranger and the goblin shaman were still in a stand off against each other, Philip didn’t know how much time he had left so using every ounce of strength he could muster, he ran as quickly as he could to reach behind the goblin shaman.

As he was doing so, the stranger and the goblin shaman were about to commence their final bout, both of them were probing each other out while glaring at each other to guess the intent of the opposing party, it was truly suffocating but both of them understood that neither of them would be backing off today and that one of them would be dead at the end of this.

The goblin shaman especially started to get nervous, being a goblin, cowardice was something he couldn’t entirely get rid off even with his high intellect, he constantly fought with his instincts and rational reasoning on why he shouldn’t run away, if it wasn’t for his cowardice effecting him the entire time, the goblin would have probably won by this point with his superior magic.

But now it didn’t have time, running away wasn’t a option anymore, the goblin shaman could only cast a few more spells before it completely dried out of energy and then would get cut down.

The Goblin Shaman contemplated, how could it win ? How could it kill that human ?

The goblin was crafty, it only thought for a few seconds before a light bulb flashed within its brain, it was a surprise that it didn’t think of this in the first place, considering how the stranger had fought until now there was an easy way to kill the stranger !

A vicious grin appeared on the goblin shaman, the stranger was disturbed by it and tried to guess what the goblin was scheming, to avail unfortunately.

-Looks like I have no other choice, I need to cut it down before it gets the opportunity to act, I shouldn’t avoid the spell anymore, getting hit once shouldn’t be a big deal as long as I concentrate my aura around my body I shouldn’t die with just one hit…

Having finally made his resolve, the stranger no longer stayed idle, making a huge leap the stranger once again charged at the goblin shaman, the goblin seeing this could only forcefully hold back its grin, chanting another spell under its breath, the stranger assumed that it would be once again either just a Fireball or a Arcane Missile, either one he could block forcefully with his body with the use of his aura, but would still heavily injure him even if he gets the opportunity to kill the goblin shaman.

Things seemed to be going well, it looked like the stranger was going to kill the goblin while also getting heavily injured himself, the only problem was the goblin, who still made the stranger uncomfortable with the way it was looking at him, his intuition honed by countless battles was also telling him that something was wrong, but because it was the crucial moment he simply subdued his gut feeling and concentrated on the fight.

-DIE !

And with that cry, the stranger slashed his sword, aiming at the goblins neck the stranger tried to decapitate it, all this time he was expecting some kind of lethal spell coming its way and devastating him but nothing came, assuming that the goblin forgot how to cast spell out of fear of its life, the stranger cheered in his heart watching as his long sword cut through the neck of the goblin.

But mysteriously enough no blood came out, feeling that something had gone terribly wrong the stranger watched as the goblin whose neck he thought slashed, slowly disappeared like smoke together with the rest of its body.

-Shit it was a Mirror Image !

The stranger realized what the spell the goblin was chanting this entire time, his face paling for a second as looked ahead where the real goblin shaman stood grinning at him victoriously as he showed his ugly teeth.

But that wasn’t what made the stranger truly frightened, no instead the thing he was scared of the most were the 2 balls of fire floating above the goblin shaman, having successfully duped the stranger, the goblin was able to cast 2 consecutive spells and holding them for the right moment.

-I can block one, but the second one…

He would without a doubt die from the second spell.

Even if he dodged at the last moment, the stranger knew that the aftershock was still enough to deal significant damage to him and kill him instantly, the only way for him to survive now was to abandon everything and go for one last push to kill the goblin shaman, if he was going to die then he would take that bastard together with him as well !

Luckily for him it was not going to happen.

Because out of nowhere a palm sized rock flew through the air, the rock wasn’t fast nor was it slow, flying directly behind the goblin shaman, it directly hit the head of the goblin shaman making it momentarily flinch from both the pain and the surprise it caused.

The two balls of fire that the goblin shaman had been holding this entire time immediately dispersed into thin air the moment the goblins concentration was severed.

Neither the stranger nor the goblin shaman could believe what just happened, but the stranger didn’t care using his last bit of strength he fueled his charge with desperation as he thrust’ed his blade towards the goblin shaman piercing its heart in one breath.

-GAHHH! (cough cough)…C…C..CURSE YOUUUUU HUMAN !

The goblin shaman cried venomously, giving the stranger one last death glare before the light within its eyes disappeared, now only a limp body remaining on the end of the sword that stuck to the goblin.

Even the sword started to lose its strength, the stranger collapsing onto the ground with all energy leaving his body.

The most he could do at this moment was stare in front of him, he was like a helpless pig ready to be slaughtered, if the person who helped him just now wanted to even if he was a ordinary mortal he could still take the life of the stranger right here and right then.

Which is why it came to a surprise when he discovered the identity of his savior or murderer when he finally revealed himself from thickets of the bushes standing right in front of the stranger showing a strange glint in his eyes.

The stranger gulped, his guard slightly lowered after witness the person who came out of the bushes, he also couldn’t help but smile for a second thinking of how comical this was before asking the small boy in front of with a ragged tone.

-Hahh…You…What’s your name kid ?

-My name is Philip..I live in the village you just saw…I saw you enter the forest and came see what you were up to

-I see..Philip huh…you’re rather courageous for a kid your age…though I don’t know what you want…I still thank you for saving my life there…oh also where have my manners gone to, I haven’t even introduced myself yet…Well my name is Tolvir Watersprout

-Tolvir Watersprout…

Philip silently repeated that name, staring intently towards the stranger or rather Tolvir who also stared back at him with a wondering expression, for a few seconds these two simply stared at each other just like that, silence overruling this area as they did so it was only after another 60 seconds had passed when Tolvir finally couldn’t take in anymore and smiled wryly towards the little boy.

-Kid…I don’t mean to pry or anything but you obviously want something from me, and since you saved my life I won’t feel offended if you tell me what you want, as long as its within my capabilities I will give whatever you want…now come on tell me..

Tolvir urged, being a upright and righteous individual Tolvir thought very highly when it came to repaying back his dept’s and even though person in front of him was just a kid, he still the person who Tolvirs life and for that he would be forever grateful.

Listening to Tolvir, Philip for a second about what to say, Philip at this moment knew exactly what he wanted, looking down at the sword that was pierced into the Goblin Shaman’s heart he went beside it and pulled the sword out of the corpse.

Blood gushed out the moment he pulled the sword that was way heavier then he imagined, the stinking blood spraying his face red but Philip wasn’t bothered by it anymore, even though it had only just been a few minutes since he got exposed to blood and gore he felt as if had already used to it making him wonder whether or not he really had talent for these sorts of things.

Tolvir on the other hand wasn’t as calm or collected as Philip when he watched him silently pull the sword out of the goblin shamans corpse, he was especially frightened when the kid still continued to pull the sword unflinchingly even though his entire face was sprayed with blood, for a moment Tolvir thought that he was still going to die under the hands of some ruthless kid but after watching him for a few more seconds, Tolvir realized that Philip pull the sword to murder or anything but instead pulled it out so he observe it.

-You..do you want the sword ? You can have it if you want to rather its a really cheap piece the only thing it has going for it is its sturdiness so I wouldn’t recommend it if I were you rather if you want a sword I could give you money so you could…

-How did you make the sword glow ?

Philip interrupted Tolvir abruptly, the entire time Philip was trying to see whether the sword was special in anyway, he thought of directly asking Tolvir himself about the glow but after thinking about it he was also very interested in the sword itself which he could barely hold with his small statue.

Hearing Philips abrupt question made Tolvir quite dumbfounded for a second, he slowly tried to remember again what he meant by making the sword “glow” until he finally realized something and looked at Philip in surprise before asking.

-Wait…you saw a glow ? No, you mean you saw my Aura ? Wait could it be ? You want to learn how to use Aura ?

Philip, being completely clues about the concept of “Aura” simply nodded towards Tolvir, placing the sword back beside him while speaking.

-Yes, I want to know about that glow or rather this thing you call “Aura” I want to know how to acquire it ! Please mister Tolvir teach me how to use the glow !


It took a while for Tolvir to fully understand the request of the little boy that stood in front of him, with his face entirely color red from the blood the boy seriously looked at Tolvir and patiently waited for his response, Tolvir on the other hand tried to understand what boy was intending and whether or not he was hiding something, but after looking at him he came to understand that there really wasn’t anything the boy was hiding, there was only yearning within the eyes of this youth, the yearning for the thing he called “glow” that he so badly wanted to acquire.


Tolvir laughed.

Tolvir didn’t know why he was laughing, he just suddenly felt like laughing and that he did, Philip on the other hand was confused, he didn’t what to expect, he really wanted to learn how to acquire that “glow” or what Tolvir called “Aura” and for that he would do anything which is why he helped Tolvir in the first place which was to learn “Aura” from him.

-Alright…hehe…Kid I will teach you “Aura” since you saved my life teaching you seems to be an extremely fair deal indeed but first of all there is something I need you to do before we can start your lessons..

Philip was excited, beaming with a smile he looked Tolvir and asked.

-What is it ! I will do anything as long as you teach me how to use “Aura”

-Well it ain’t actually that difficult…you see…I can’t get up…I may need your shoulder

And just like that, Philip acquired a teacher who could help him learn to use the power called “Aura”.

It took quite sometime for the weak and small Philip to drag the big and heavy Tolvir back to the village, luckily the villagers hadn’t all left yet, his family in fact was still there looking for him, and the village chief was also present making it extremely easy to explain what had happened and that the goblins including the goblin shaman were exterminated.

The old Village chief was quite surprised by this turn of events, he at first couldn’t believe it but after showing him proof in the form of a goblin head he could finally feel relieved, thanking Tolvir who saved the village from destruction while also calling back the villagers who fled, back to the village.

Tolvir was celebrated heavily by the villagers, having defeated the goblin shaman the old village chief made Tolvir a guest of honor and let him live inside his home until he could fully recover, after all that was the best he could do as the old village chief simply did not have enough money to really pay Tolvir for his accomplishments.

Tolvir in fact didn’t ask for money, he was thankful enough for shelter he got so he could recover, he also wanted to disclose the fact that Philip had also played a major role in saving the village but was silenced by Philip himself who didn’t feel the need for people knowing his minor move of saving Tolvir from death.

Philip wasn’t keen of attention, he really didn’t care about it, the only thing Philip wanted was to learn how to use Aura and nothing else.

Tolvir while taken aback by such decision still silently accepted Philips decision and kept quite about it, he even somewhat admired Philips actions though he never stated them out loud.

Since then Tolvir kept his promise, after recovering well enough to be able to walk again the first thing Tolvir did was call Philip and finally officially start his training on how to use Aura.

Though before he would do that there was something very crucial Tolvir needed to check first before teaching Philip about “Aura” and everything related to it.

Philip listened to it, not understanding everything but getting the basic gist of it, he repeated what he understood back to Tolvir just to be clear.

-You want to check my “Aura Ring” to see whether or not I have the ability to use “Aura” is it ?

-Yes, Philip as it stands I know that I promised you that I would teach you on how to use Aura but you also have to understand that not everyone is capable of using it, Aura is an ability that people have to have talent for before they are able to use it, if you don’t have the talent, no matter what you do or how much you train you can never use Aura, the Aura Ring I have just told you about is the one crucial aspect that allows ordinary mortals like us to use and harness Aura, through the use of the Aura Ring we can increase and strengthen our Aura which is both beneficial to us mentally and physically.

Tolvir continued to explain, showing Philip where exactly the Aura Ring is located and what he had to do for Tolvir to check whether or not he had the talent.

Overall it was very simple, both Tolvir and Philip simply needed to touch each others stomachs where the Aura Ring was located and close their eyes, since Philip didn’t how to do this, Tolvir had to everything by himself, using his own Aura he injected it into Philips body and used that Aura to act like “Eyes” for him and observe the Aura Ring Philip had to see if he had the talent or not.

To be completely honest, Philip was extremely nervous at this juncture, he didn’t want to be told that he didn’t have talent for something he yearned for the first of his life, the only thing he could do was pray that he the talent and be able to continue with this path so he could reach his goal.

Luckily or unluckily as Tolvir looked at Philips Life Ring he discovered that Philip indeed did have the talent to use Aura and in fact he also discovered that Philips Aura Ring produced 3 times the amount of Aura a normal person does explaining how he was able to see the Aura on Tolvirs body when he was fighting against the Goblin Shaman back then.

This Discovery baffled Tolvir for a moment as he never seen something like this before, momentarily he had believed that he had come across a rare genius that was born once every millennium or something and was ready to take him back to his clan and bring him before his clan leader so he could be properly taught and groomed but just as he cheered, he discovered another fact about Philips Aura Ring that put cold water over his celebrating spirit.

-Oh no…Philip your Aura Ring…It has cracks…you are able to use Aura but you can’t entirely control it…

Tolvir was solemn, conveying the bad news with a sigh he looked at Philip as he felt bad for the kid for being born with such misfortune.

Philip on the other hand wasn’t quite sure what face to make, he thought about the solemn word Tolvir just spoke and simply smiled before asking him.

-But I can still use Aura right ?

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Kings Glaive Chapter 5 Giant Rat

[You have leveled up]

-Finally !

I cheered, getting back above the sewage, I raised the last drowned rat within my hand and opening the status window as I looked at my newly acquired stats which I finally acquired after grinding for the past 6 hours using my makeshift rat trap.

Name: Artorius

Race: Roteater Lvl.6/50

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Male

Class: Novice Lvl.1/10


Health Points: 78/100

Stamina Points: 46/90

Magic Points: 73/140


Strength – 10 (+1)
Constitution – 9(+1)
Agility – 10 (+4)
Intellect – 14 (+2)
Dexterity – 19 (+4)
Willpower – 11
Wisdom – 10
Charm – 5

-I didn’t notice it when I first leveled up but after getting to level 6 my body really seemed to have undergone a large improvement in both energy and capacity, admittedly the stat increase is really meager compared to a human, but it still should be enough at the moment to let me accomplish my goal, though I would have liked it if I just got a little bit more strength and constitution but alas since I am a roteater I can’t expect much in that area of growth until I reach max level and become capable of evolving.

I sighed with lamentation, closing my status window, I climbed up the side path of the sewer while holding the last drowned within my hand.

Glancing at it I considered eating it for a moment to regain some energy, but after again staring at it some more and watching the excrement and sludge roll off its dirty fur I started to get grossed out and didn’t think twice before dropping it back into the sewer stream and letting it float away with the other rats that I had killed previously for experience.


I sat down abruptly just as I threw the rat, feeling tired and yearning for rest, my whole body started to ache and itch from the filth covering my body.

The filth made me feel extremely uncomfortable and depressed, but because I didn’t want the [Depression] debuff to inflict me so soon I quickly tried to distract myself by thinking about the things I had done until now.

In total I had killed over 32 rats, with each rat giving me a maximum of 10 experience points I had gained a total of 320 points of experience which allowed me to gain 4 levels letting me reach level 6.

The leveling mechanic in this game is hidden for all characters, meaning that you can’t see your experience bar and know how much progress you had made and how much was left before you could level up again.

Kings Glaive the game in general does not give you a whole lot of information at all, the only reason I am even capable of seeing my status window with my attributes and skills is because of my unique talent [Phantom Eyes] that allows me to see my status and the status of other beings.

Normally none of the playable characters in this game can see as much information as I do, the only information any character has access to is their personal level, personal information, skill level, class level, health, mana, stamina and that’s it.

They can’t even see the damage numbers they deal or how much health a enemy character has like me, this being one of the main reasons why Kings Glaive was such a notoriously difficult game in my world, when people die in this game they would always need to start over and while most of the time it was obvious why they died, sometimes this didn’t apply when you would just die randomly without your knowledge through some other convoluted reason like poison or diseases.

Of course since now it isn’t a game I wouldn’t have to worry about this since I am using my own body to feel my current state, on top of that my status window would also be able to tell if something happened to me making it difficult for me to perish that way without me knowing before hand. but even then it would be difficult to die from poison or disease since my racial ability [Scavenger] would resist from most types of poisons and diseases.

-Right now the only way for me to stay safe is to get a higher level, even though I now generally get the gist of how most of this works in practice, this isn’t a turn based RPG anymore, just because someones has higher stats and level then me doesn’t signify my defeat or death proven with the rats who are theoretically way higher level then me at the beginning, but even then, I am curious to know how most of the mechanics would translate into real life like my attributes, I know that I gained significant improvement overall, but is there ever going to be a limit ? I know there exists a limit on the game called “Kings Glaive” I made but is this really the world of “Kings Glaive’ that I created ? What if its just the modded version of whoever brought me into this world ? How did the rules change ? And how much of what I know right of the game will really be useful to me at the moment ?

Those sorts of questions momentarily lingered in my head, those were questions that I really wanted answers to at the moment, but I shook my head after slight consideration, thinking that there was no point in thinking about questions I couldn’t get the answer to at the moment, I forced myself to once again the change the topic for now and focus on my current predicament like I planned.

-Yes, I should think about how I now should go about this, I know where the safe spot is and how to get there, but can I get there, is the question ?

I looked down once again opening my status window after a short rest I stared at my attributes all neatly lined down like a list of sorts with numbers attached to them showing the highs and lows of my current capabilities.

My highest attribute at the moment was [Dexterity].

Most of my level ups heavily leaned towards [Dexterity] and [Agility] which was not surprising considering the fact that my race is a Roteater.

Roteaters evolved in a way that made them flexible and fast enough take what they wanted without getting caught, they ate the rotten remains of other animals that were hunted by bigger predators giving them no need for [Strength] or higher [Constitution] to continue living since they actively avoided combat.

[Intellect] on the other hand while not completely neglected was still not very useful considering the fact that no amount of [Intellect] could save roteaters from getting eaten by a huge predator as roteaters were not know to be good spellcasters.

At the current stage each level up would guarantee a increase of my [Dexterity] and [Agility], with [Intellect] increasing every second level while [Strength] and [Constitution] increasing only with every forth level which sucked at lot at the moment since these two attributes were the most useful in my current predicament that affected my immediate survival.


I muttered, thinking about the setting of this world and everything related to levels and experience points.

The people actually call this the “absorption phenomenon” as in gaining experience from slaying creatures.

Originally when I made this game and implemented the race level up mechanic that allows any character to gain experience as long as they kill something, I wanted there to be an explanation for such event as why it made people grow stronger and not just write it off because of plot reasons.

The idea was actually pretty simple, when a creature/person dies through the act of another or more people/creatures that creatures/person’s soul will dissipate into thin air and return to the earth to be purified and then reincarnated, but before it completely dissipates, the soul leaves a small fragment of itself and gifts it to the person/creature or people/creatures it was slain by, the amount of experience gained is always depended on how powerful the creature itself was which is the race level and which evolutionary rank it is.

The evolutionary ranks being.

Inferior Rank.

Low Rank.

Middle Rank.

High Rank.

Top Rank.

On a side note as a roteater I am currently a Low rank creature while humans and elves on other hand are middle rank creatures.

But taking the [Big Rats] for example these creatures are one of the the lowest in terms of both power and evolutionary rank, them being low rank, they are barely above the strength of a simple house cat and no matter how high of a level a [Big Rat] is the experienced gained will always be 10 points because the evolutionary rank of the [Big Rat] restricts its soul fragmentation or released experience.

If one person single-handedly kills a [Big Rat] obviously that person will gain the entirety of the experience, but if two people kill a [Big Rat] depending on how much damage was dealt and who contributed the most to the fight, that person will always gain the most experience out of the rat, meaning that persona A cannot simply strike the killing blow after person B has done most of the job through incapacitating the creature.

If such event occurs persona A would at most only gain 1 percent of the experience for the killing blow which is extremely inefficient if you haven’t already guessed since a [Big Rat] gives 10 experience points 1 percent of that would be 0.1 experience.

It is far more efficient to fight such a creature yourself and get the full experience from it or even fight in a group of low level individuals and challenge a higher level opponent.

Though admittedly it is a strange sensation, whenever I killed a [Big Rat] I would always feel a strange flow of energy seeping into my veins, the sensation was similar to how you would momentarily get a high from a cigarette through inhaling the smoke or caffeine settling into your bloodstream, I hadn’t originally made any description regarding how it felt to level up as the word “level up” didn’t exist in this world, the way people judged another persons strength was purely through either instinct or through the use of investigative skills and spells.

-Well, at least I can feel myself starting to get more stronger, even though I hadn’t fought for a long time and had gotten rusty, it doesn’t seem like I will need a lot of time to get back to shape…

And just as I was thinking like this, I could hear the high pitched shrieks.


-Their coming, I think I had enough rest…I need to move.

I stood up, steeling myself once again I didn’t hesitate nor glance towards the rats before immediately jumping back into the sewer following its stream.

-Now I can only pray I succeed and that my memories are whole of this place, it wouldn’t be a joke if I end up in a completely different location from what I originally thought was the hub, I hope lady luck smiles at me today, but looking at my past few hours I really doubt it…

I thought as much, without stopping or averting my gaze I swam past multiple groups of [Big Rats] patrolling the area, not even giving them a second glance I moved like a fish inside water, though I doubt a fish could survive even a second inside this polluted waters, if they hadn’t already died from the smell itself.

As I swam though, I noticed that the groups of rats I encountered started to get more frequent and larger, my [Phantom Eyes] picked up on the frequency with the amount of red hues that were walking within my vision, the amount was starting to get so big that my vision started to turn entirely red from the amount of them and for a moment it seemed as if a literal strain was starting to get put inside my head giving me wicked migraines.

Fortunately it seemed as if my body understood the pressure and before I could even start to consciously fix them myself my eyes adjusted themselves as if fine tuning and changing their settings, the red hues of lights indicating my enemies started to get fainter until finally leaving only a speck of red, still showing their existence but not overloading me with their presence.

-Well this is convenient, after I get within safety I should really try to understand how this ability works in detail, up until now I had only been instinctually using it like moving a limb, but seeing this now, there is way more to this ability that I am not aware of, maybe I could even control the [Fear] effect of my [Phantom Eyes] if I really try to understand how it works..

I momentarily pondered thinking of the possibilities, and though I was thinking as much in the back of my head I already noticed that I was starting to get close towards the hub with the amount of rats that were increasing the closer I got.

It now wouldn’t be long until I finally…

-I see a [Giant Rat]…

I voiced the last few of my thoughts as I finally saw one of the  real dangers within this sewer.

And just like I imagined the statue of the [Giant Rat] walking next to the side path was anything but similar to the [Big Rats].

Being 3 times as big as a [Big Rat] the [Giant Rat] was most of the time a lone hunter because of its size and strength, a low rank creature, the amount of food it needed to satisfy its tummy could fully feed 4 to 5 other [Big Rats]  which was another reason why [Giant Rats] were most of the time lone hunters since they don’t want to share their meals with other rats when it can barely feed itself.

This aspect in fact was one of the only solaces I could expect from this place, [Giant Rats] detested sharing their food which made them often times easier to spot alone, but at the same time they were far stronger and smarter then [Big Rats], the only way I could realistically defeat one was through using my [Lesser Fireball] spell on it constantly and hitting it from a range.

In close quarters the [Giant Rat] could easily just push me to the ground and kill me without a problem, with the amount of strength I had right now and the skinny 10 year old build I had there was no way for me to contest in brute strength even if I filled the gaps with skill alone.

Employing tricks was also not very effective as compared to the [Big Rats] the [Giant Rat] didn’t easily get deceived by simple tricks like the cloth of blood that lured the [Big Rats], a [Giant Rat] with its intelligence would at the very least be able to differentiate the difference between meat and blood, what was edible and what was not.

-I expected it, but I truly didn’t think it would come so quick…

I thought to myself, observing the [Giant Rat] that 90 cms tall and 90 cms long, I watched as it swaggered through the sewer side path as if it owned that place, its long and pointy nose sniffing the air and ground as it looked for anything to eat and appease its stomach, sometimes looking into the sewer stream looking for a delicious snack to float its way, and when it didn’t find anything it would just continue to look elsewhere its nose never stopping its awfully twitching and sniffing.

Any [Big Rats] that were heading this way immediately stopped the moment they saw the [Giant Rat], the looks the [Big Rats] showed when they spotted the [Giant Rat] was incomprehensible, but even though I didn’t know what kind of expression they were showing, I still understood the immense apprehension these [Big Rats] had towards that [Giant Rat], the [Giant Rat] in turn also noticed the existence of the other [Big Rats] and even though it was aware of their presence it did nothing to them and simply continued its own search for food.

One of the [Big Rats] who looked to be slightly braver then the others stepped forward approaching the [Giant Rat] I was unsure what that [Big Rat] was trying to accomplish by getting near that [Giant Rat], but the moment it came near the [Giant Rat] stopped in its tracks observing the little [Big Rat] coming its way with big red eyes.


After the [Big Rat] got close enough it cautiously made a subdued squeaking sound which it usually used whenever its trying express something. It looked like it was trying to probe the [Giant Rat] with that squeal, but still nothing happened, the [Giant Rat] was still the entire time simply watching the [Big Rat] in front of it as if observing something interesting.

-Hmm…I understand what its trying to do but if the [Big Rats] can distract this [Giant Rat] maybe I don’t have to make detour after all…

And just as I was thinking like that I could immediately see a bright red sinister light shine within the [Giant Rats] eyes, the [Big Rat] hadn’t noticed at the time too dumb to realize the danger it continued to approach the [Giant Rat] after noticing that it wasn’t doing anything.

The comrades of the [Big Rat] also seemed convinced about something and followed the courageous [Big Rat] who was the at the front, this action itself only made the [Giant Rat’s] eyes glow more dangerously and as soon as every rat was close to its reach…

(Chomp !)

It was only a single instant.

The [Giant Rat] moved abnormally fast aiming for the courageous [Big Rat] first, the [Giant Rat] opened its horrifying and sharp mouth, chomping onto the [Big Rat] it was capable of putting 80% of its entire body into its mouth alone before crushing it within its mouth making blood splatter everywhere as it finally swallowed its meal.

The other [Big Rats] who had witnessed what happened were momentarily shocked by the event, it took only a second though for them to understand what happened before they started shrieking again this time not in a threatening manner or subdued but rather in absolute fear.


The [Big Rats] ran for their lives, all of them were pretty fast and for a moment it looked as if they could get away from the [Giant Rat] who hadn’t even moved after crushing that [Big Rat] within its mouth, but no that was a mistake.

I could see a very disturbing and sadistic light within the [Giant Rat’s] eyes, even I for a moment felt disturbed by that brief intelligent cruelty it was showing even though it was a animal, its early act of cannibalism hadn’t fazed the [Giant Rat] at all, no rather it looked as if it was very used to it licking its over sized mouth from any excess blood.


And then, it laughed, or what I could perceive as a laugh, the usual squeaking sound that I had come to expect from all these rats was nowhere present within this [Giant Rat] it didn’t even sound like something a rat would make with its deep grimy tone.

I furrowed my brows.

-I need to leave, this doesn’t look good at all…

And without a moment of hesitation I started to swim backwards, I would have swam away already if I had known from the beginning how abnormal that [Giant Rat] was, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a “If” the [Giant Rat] may have been just another minor mob character in my original world but in this world it was a cruel and cold blooded killer, no matter how weak it was in the grand scheme of things, it can still easily kill me if I let it get close to me.

I swam, swam like my life depended on it which it technically did, since the place I was in was merely a singular path, the [Big Rats] could only escape one way which was the way I was also headed, and the [Giant Rat] who still hadn’t moved was obviously not going allow them to get away that easily, it was obvious with that look in its eyes.


And just like I thought, I could hear a grueling roar behind me, I didn’t look back or stop to see from where it came from already knowing the source of that grimy deep tone it only forced me to swim faster.


And as I swam I could hear the deathly throes of the [Big Rats] behind me, once again I didn’t bother to look or stop in any matter, the crunching sound of bones getting grinder apart was enough for me to understand what was happening, and from the way it was repeating with death throe followed by crunching I understood the the [Giant Rat] was also extremely fast there being a total of 5 rats and 3 being killed so far 1 at the beginning and 2 on the run, I knew that there must have been not much distance before the [Giant Rat] caught up and ate all of the [Big Rats] and since I was slower in water then on land the [Big Rats] were always slightly catching up to me causing me to worry as I was simply not sure how far the [Giant Rats] perception radius was and whether it was going to notice me.

-Faster…Faster… come on !

I lightly mumbled to myself, my limbs moving like never before, in my past life I had imagined countless times on how I was going to go out, how I was going to breath my finally breath of air, I always imagined extreme scenarios that were somewhat ordinary to me considering with the way I was brought up, most common way of death being through either gun or poison, but never had I imagined that in that life I would die from old age instead.

And now ? Well I hadn’t even considered how die yet since I only just arrived into this world, but one thing I can tell for sure.

I would have never imagined it would be a [Giant Rat] that would kill inside this world.


And just like that the last [Big Rat] died just before it could scream its final shriek, hearing that sound I stopped swimming exhaling deeply from within my stomach.

Most people would have continued swimming at this point to try to get away, but I wasn’t considered “Most People” after all the moment I heard that last death throe I felt “it” through the countless life and death experiences I had I knew.

-Damn…it noticed me.

Fleeing now was only a waste of energy, the burning gaze I had felt on the back of head was proof of that, and not soon after I could hear a deep grimy shriek that sounded like laughter coming from behind me.


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Kings Glaive Chapter 4 The Rat Trap

-[Lesser Fireball]

The moment those words escaped my lips I felt a decently high amount of MP drain out of my body, the MP that was being drained concentrated itself atop my right hand palm, creating a small ball of fire that had the similar shape and size to that of a baseball letting off extreme amounts of heat but not actually hurting me in any way or making me feel uncomfortable.

Checking my status window I could see that it took a fixed 20 points of magic to cast this [Lesser Fireball] spell and with my maximum amount of 120 points of Magic I could only cast it 6 times until I completely ran out of MP.

This spell was at the moment the most powerful and most MP consuming spell in my entire arsenal dealing the most damage because I still had [Fire Spell Mastery] at level 1, if I desired to have more powerful spells with more damage and effects I needed to first increase the level of my [Fire Spell Mastery] which in the game simply meant casting high level spells for that certain element to gain a lot of experience, and get a [Spell Tome] with a higher level fire spell on it or have someone teach me a higher level fire spell.


But as I admired and observed the floating ball of fire above my palm I suddenly came to remember why I even cast that spell to begin with, ever since getting into this body I was starting to get a bit too unfocused with my surroundings, I don’t know whether this is because my soul is too old or because my body is too young, but I am aware that there exists some kind of lag between my brain and my actions that makes me easily distracted if I don’t focus well enough, the only thing I hope for right now is for this lag to go away with the increasing battles to sharpen my senses.


I thought, Immediately throwing the ball of fire towards the loud high pitched squeaking sound as it hurled through the air emitting strong heat waves all around, the ball itself was not that fast, but because I put all of my weight inside that throw the flying speed of the fireball was pretty decent hitting the charging [Big Rat] it directly hit its head, the [Lesser Fireball] exploded upon impact with a subdued and hollow sound before enveloping the entire rat and then immediately proceeding to turn it into a small pile of ash.

[Critical Hit, 98 Magical Damage has been dealt]

[Target has died, 10 experienced has been gained]

-No level up huh…but well it was only one [Big Rat] can’t expect to get a level up with every kill, and looking at the amount of damage I had dealt, isn’t this a bit too much overkill ? My attack didn’t even leave a single piece of meat ! I think I should from now avoid using magic until I am actual in trouble, but since I also want to raise my recovery skills I should always use at least 1 spell for my MP to constantly recover.

I silently planned everything, walking towards the [Big Rat] that had turned into a small pile of ash from the [Lesser Fireball], I was quickly astound by its destructive capabilities and noted to myself to not use it as haphazardly like this while also planning to increase the level of my [Increased MP Recovery].

-Alright, enough gawking more hunting I guess.

And with that decision I once again jumped into the sewer canals swimming through the filth and other excrement’s trying to find lone rats that I could take 1 on 1.


Ever since I avoided the first batch of rats and made my escape through the sewer canals I started to use these sewers to my advantage the moment I realized that the rats could not identify or find me the moment I entered the sewage.

My [Phantom Eyes] Talent combined with my [Scavenger] racial ability both became incredibly useful in this situation since I could easily see through the darkness and the walls through the use of my [Phantom Eyes] even with my eyelids closed while also seeing at least 5 kilometers away and being able to spot each individual lone rat as any object of interest that my brain considered important lighted up with a bright blue hue while groups of rats would be colored a bright red hue meaning I couldn’t fight them in my current condition or strength.

Hunting this way was easier since I could easily avoid a group of [Big Rats], but it was also extremely strenuous since swimming costed me a lot of SP or stamina, I had to frequently stop a few times and rest in one particular area to recover my stamina, my body also needed to recover heat for me not to freeze to death making the [Ignite] spell into my lifeboat.

The weakness penalty was also still in effect, but ever since I started hunting 2 hours ago, 16% of my attributes already recovered allowing me to hunt longer and rest fewer.

I only hunted 1 rat ever since I started doing this, a rat which I entirely burned into a small pile of ash through the [Lesser Fireball] spell, just because I wanted to know what my strongest attack was like at the current stage.

Of course I regretted doing that since I didn’t get to eat and recover more energy, but all in all things seemed to be going well at the moment, my [Scavenger] racial ability shielded me from almost all diseases and sickness that were inside this sewer, without it I doubt I could even survive half an hour without immediately turning sick.

But in all honesty in my mind nothing was going well, rather I was staring to get depressed instead, if this was simply just like a game where you sat on the other side of a screen then I probably wouldn’t feel like this right now, but that was not the case.

With all of the disgusting smell everywhere, having your body covered with all kinds of filthy fluids and sludge, sometimes having it enter your mouth as well became a extremely irritating, humiliating and depressing, I wanted to curse on numerous occasions and shout in disgust but stopped myself at the last moment since I didn’t have energy for that.

I am not a germ freak, but even I had my limits causing me to constantly think about a shower and bath the moment I had the opportunity to rest and get out of the sewage.

But what made it worse was the fact that I even had the spells to do such things that could simulate a shower like [Create Water] from the [Water Spell Mastery] and [Cleaning] from the [Gray Spell Master], though in the end I decided to not do it since I would only waste more MP that way and would only relief myself temporarily since I would once again need to get into the sewage to avoid the groups of rats that patrolled this sewer.

I knew that if this continued on I would at some stage acquire the [Depression Penalty] which when in effect caused my stamina depletion to increase by 50%, the [Depression Penalty] was not a debuff that was particular hard to get rid off since you only needed to rest in a area that you were decently comfortable in, but the problem was exactly this, there was simply no place that I was comfortable in for this debuff to go away when I get inflicted by it.

Every area I would stop to rest in, could only be at maximum inhabited for 10 to 20 minutes before a batch of rats came to inspect, this was only enough time for my body to relax and get my breath in order, sleeping right now was impossible without getting eaten and I knew that at some point I needed to do it since I was starting to get drowsy the more I got tired.

If this was my old body from when I was still in my prime I would easily be able to stay awake for 2 days straight even if I did strenuous activities, but now with this skinny 10 year old’s body I was struggling to keep my limps moving without them suddenly falling asleep on me.

In this situation I had a few ways to survive, of course the easiest for me would be to directly head towards the exit of the sewer and get outside, this would not take me a lot since it literally was only a 20 minute swim from here to there, but that plan was immediately thrown out of the window the moment I thought about the fact that if I did that, I would basically put my fate into the hands of another person who could objectively end me if he just wanted to, as the city up above was known for being a gathering place of scum and other unsavory folks who had no remorse in selling a child off to slavery.

And seeing that I had already made my decision to not get to the surface before I got strong enough or evolved, this idea did not even enter my head before I thought of my final solution.

I knew this sewer like I knew the back of my hand, I knew every passage and turn there is and even a few secret passages that could be unlocked through certain actions, this place was like my own neighborhood since I was the one who created it in the first place, and knowing all of this I also knew a few safe spots in this place where I could safely lay my body and sleep for as much as I wanted.

The only problem was, the place I was thinking of at the moment was directly opposite to the exit, it was further located into the deeper parts of the sewers, right next to the sewer hub where all the filth is collected and gathered to be disposed off, that place was also one of the nesting places for the rats meaning the further I swam towards it the more rats I would see, who would also get increasingly stronger as I swam into their territory.

The rats I had previously killed close to the exit were merely [Big Rats] in the rat colony who were considered the lowest of the low who weren’t even allowed to stay inside the nest, if I continue to swim further I would at some point meet the next strongest rat which was the [Giant Rat] which had 3 times the size of a normal [Big Rat] and could swim as well !

The only reason I could avoid all of these [Big Rats] right now was because they couldn’t detect my scent or swim inside the sewage which was the main reason why they didn’t search it to be begin with, but [Giant Rats] were different, they did not only patrol the side paths like the other rats they also inspected the surface of the sewage once in a while in hopes of finding a floating corpse they could nibble on.

Why they would look for corpses was also understandable since this sewer was directly under one of the most crime ridden cities in the Imperia continent, corpses would be dumped into this sewer regularly with the people above knowing full well that the corpses would be eaten clean by the rats without even leaving the bones behind.

Originally upon remembering those things hoped to find a corpse and maybe try to scavenge some gear out of that corpse like clothes and tools, but as soon as I came up with that idea it quickly became void the moment I realized that those scum backs up there wouldn’t even leave a single loincloth on a person if they could sell it for a copper of profit !

And as such I had no other choice but to frustratingly forget about that idea and simply continue to look for lone [Big Rats] to get experience and increase my level, at this stage I was simply no match against a [Giant Rat] even if I could defeat one using my strongest attack the [Lesser Fireball] spell I was comfortable about roaming around the area where those [Giant Rats] were prevalent, I needed to eat, recover my attributes and most importantly I needed to raise my level, increasing my skill proficiency came dead last since the only thing I was worried about at the moment was survival.

-God…I think I can only last another 8 to 10 hours until I get so drowsy that I can’t move anymore, I need to level up at least another 6 to 8 times until I can safely make my way to one of the safe spots and thinking about it, the path alone would take another hour or so if I swam to it meaning that I can only spend 5 to 6 hours grinding if I don’t want to lose conscious in the middle of the path…where can I get so much experience ? Finding a lone rat alone is difficult since rats are rarely alone inside this sewer and most of the time always stick with groups for security and power, should I try to fight a group ? But that would mean I also have to take some hits, in my current condition there is no way that I can take on so many of them at once without getting hurt in the process, and if I get hurt I will get slowed down some more and may even suffer some kind of penalty…No, how about I make a trap instead ? Maybe I should use the sewage to my advantage ? Wait…

Suddenly an idea sprung into my head, I stopped for a moment slightly considering the possibilities of such idea, turning my head I looked at the wall of the sewer, the sewer was basically round in shape and made out of stone bricks, the middle of the sewer was meant for the sewage to flow while the other two sides were considered side paths to walk on.

There was nothing special here, no edges and no places you could use as a hook of some sorts, only round shaped stone bricks, but that was maybe enough for my plan to work.

Without any hesitation I immediately started on my plan, I first waited at one spot and looked around me using my [Phantom Eyes] to see through walls, this ability was a bit strange and hard to use since I wasn’t used to it, but because it was also a part of my body, I could control it like I move my limps.

From a distance I could see a pack of rats coming my way, they were a total 4 in that group who were walking side by side.

I tried to judge whether or not they were too much for me to handle, but after watching them for another few seconds and seeing that the next closest group there was had 6 members in it I immediately turned to action.

Still holding the rock that I had previously used to murder a [Big Rat] I used it this time to cut off a long strap of my potato sack that I used as a robe, the strap was long enough to reach from my chest towards my palm, being satisfied with the length I didn’t pay much attention to it anymore and instead used my rock to make a tiny cut on my finger letting blood flow out of my body.

I know that this is extremely dangerous thing to with the all filth around me, but I was confident enough in my [Scavenger] racial ability that I would easily be able to resist anything that tried to infect me.

With that out of the way I finally used the strap of cloth in my hands and let it absorb my blood starting from one end until it was completely soaked and I stopped bleeding.

This took roughly 2 or 3 minutes, and after I was finished I once again looked at the group of rats approaching my location, I knew that I didn’t have much time left and quickly stepped on top of the side walk, I climbed the sewer wall using the brick cracks as stepping stones to get a bit higher and stuck the clean end of the strap that was not covered by my blood inside a brick crack so it wouldn’t fall off easily letting the bloodied end of the strap dangling next to the wall to where the rats couldn’t reach even if they jumped but could almost touch it.

With those preparations in place I stopped doing anything and simply entered back into the sewage to hide waiting for the rats to come and notice the strap of cloth with my blood on it.


And as predicted the moment those rats came close and smelled the familiar scent of blooding coming from the strap they immediately became enthralled by the sweet smell with their hunger urging them to inspect what it is.

The rats immediately went into action, scrambling over each other their eyes were focused on the bloody end of the strap jumping up and down trying to get it and even climbing the wall to reach it, but always ultimately falling to the ground with only a few centimeters away from the sweet scent they wished to consume.

I watched all of this silently, keeping still inside the sewage waters I didn’t even dare to move a single muscle in front of these 4 [Big Rats], even though they couldn’t swim it didn’t mean they were scared from the water, [Big Rats] were possessed by their infinite hunger, they would even endanger their own lives just for food even jump into the sewage just to get a bite of meat, a [Big Rat] would usually only have food in its mind the moment it was born and when a [Big Rat] eats enough food they can sometimes immediately evolve into [Giant Rats] and become slightly more intelligent and capable enough to swim, at that point they can also control their hunger to some degree and feel the threat of mortality, but until then [Big Rats] are nothing more then food addicts that would do anything to quench their addiction.

But that also didn’t mean they didn’t feel other emotions.

Surprise for example is one of the emotions any creature can feel no matter how insignificant.


I whispered, my eyes concentrated onto the bloody end of the strap as I felt small amounts of mana drain from my body, I didn’t even need to look at status window to know that it only drained 1 point of magic, the spell itself comes from the [White Spell Mastery] branch of magic, most of which is support oriented or healing related, this specific does only one thing.

It casts a bright shining ball of light to illuminate the darkness.


The rats shriek from surprise, or at least thats what it looked to me since they can only make one type of sound, they were immediately frightened by the light that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, they were scared by it and stumbled back trying to run away from it putting the entire group into a massive panic and disarray.

As this was happening I understood that this was my opportunity, I immediately approached them like a aquatic predator watching its prey, looking at the rats I found one of them that was close to the edge with its tail dangling towards the sewage, it was the first to recover from its shock and momentarily observed the light as if trying to figure out whether or not it was harmful or not, it had no clue what was behind it at the moment since it wasn’t worried about the sewage, I didn’t miss that and grabbed the tail of the rat while it was distracted, the other rats were nowhere close and far too distracted by the light to care about their companion and even as the rat squeaked from fright having its tail pulled, the other rats didn’t care because of the light and simply heard a splashing sound before noticing that one of their friends was gone.

The Rat struggled quite a bit underwater, because the water was so murky and full of filth the rat could not see what was happening or who was dragging it, though it was struggling and thrashing its limps everywhere it still didn’t hit me since I was a fair distance away with his tail being 30 cms long which was half of its body length already.

I calmly observed it with my [Phantom Eyes] giving it the [Fear] debuff that it easily succumbed towards, the rat had swallowed quite a bit dirty water while it was struggling in fear until finally it drowned and turned limp after 10 seconds.

[Target has died, 10 experienced has been gained]

[You have leveled up]

I couldn’t help but smirked after I heard the pleasant notifications ringing inside my ears.

But because it was no time to celebrate I quickly erased my smirk and slowly came up to the surface holding the drowned rat and looking at the rats that were still there who had completely forgotten about their friend and continued to observe the light that was still on.

I silently thought to myself concentrating on the light I canceled the spell making everything turn back into darkness again which didn’t matter to me.

The rats were also dumb only waiting for a few more seconds before approaching the bloodied strap cautiously and then once again trying to get it by scrambling over themselves after noticing that nothing was happpening.

-Looks like I’l be staying here for a while…

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