The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 6 Act 3 Ivankov’s Hatred

Why are the Hunters called Hunters ?

The meaning of a word would normally come from what a person does and to describing what it is.

In this sense the word “Hunter” would have come from the word “Hunt” itself which is the act of tracking or pursuing a animal or creature for personal gain.

This being either by skinning and eating the flesh of the animal or removing the creature because it is a huge threat to the hunter himself or those close to him.

These days anyone who ventures out into a dungeon and makes a living off of it is called a “Hunter”.

But why a “Hunter” in particular ? While its true that hunters hunt animals for survival and personal gain they do it in the wild and chase the animal from which the name really takes its roots from.

Someone who enters a large gate and kills monsters that charge at that person haphazardly could hardly be called a “Hunter”, rather why not call this person a “Farmer” since they farm these monsters or a “Fighter” since they fight them.

Or even better what about “Dungeon Explorer” because that’s exactly what those people do when they are down there fighting monsters.

It sounds strange right ?

It may have to do with the fact that the word “Hunter” simply sounds better to the ears which is why it was adopted in the first place.

But that is not true, in reality, officially the people that venture into the dungeon gates are formally known as the “Dungeon explorers” while the public may know them as the “Hunters” it isn’t really what those people are, rather the public is simply mistaken and had adopted this term by the events that had occurred 1 year later after the dungeons appeared.

And while this word was indeed first used by a “Dungeon explorer” who called himself a “Hunter” it wasn’t for the same reason as to why the public calls the dungeon explorers as “Hunters”.

This in turn leads us to the person who had caused all of this naming dilemma to happen in the first place.

His name was Michael Ivankov, when the dungeons arrived 20 years ago he was a 34 year old Russian military lieutenant that was on his vacation with his family in the united states of south Dakota.

It was officially documented that while he was sitting in his vacation home together with his family, Ivankov had suddenly felt a very bad premonition sweep over him, his instincts were crying out to him making Ivankov restless, at time Ivankov couldn’t understand what going on, he at first thought he was just tired and imagining things and tried to distract himself by watching TV.

While watching TV he coincidentally stopped at a news channel where they were just reporting on a sudden hurricane that had been heading towards florida, seeing this piece of news it was as if a lightning bolt had struck Ivankov, something seemed to have clicked in his mind making him immediately jump out of his seat and open the windows to look outside.

It was a clear sky, with no clouds or anything obstructing his view Ivankov could only see the brightly shining sun in the sky, but even though everything seemed fine and dandy Ivankov still felt unsettled, is battle hardened instincts of a soldier were telling him that things were going to get bad real quick.

With this in his mind, Ivankov didn’t hesitate any longer, even though he understood in his mind that he may just be incredibly paranoid he still didn’t want bet with his paranoia and risk having his family hurt, because of this Ivankov immediately decided to cancel their family vacation and bring his family to a place where he could keep them safe and sheltered.

The family had their own opinions regarding his sudden decision his wife in particular but in the end she didn’t say anything against it as she trusted Ivankov and knew that he wouldn’t just casually joke about something like this.

And oh be hold not soon after they decided to find a safe place with a lot of food inside their mini-van…

The dungeons appeared.

What happened there you already know, the dungeon gates appeared and the natural disasters followed with the world immediately falling into chaos.

Soon after that ability users the “Awakened” started to pop up one after another, Samson Brooks came into the worlds view, the church of Samson had been established.

What was Ivankov doing while all of this was going on ?

He was protecting his family.

Because of the chaos world wide society was experiencing its most devastating moments in history, all production line in the world were getting stopped starting to make food an issue, while city were getting obliterated by the natural disaster while the survivors started to forms groups and perform raids to gather food and other supplies.

Ivankov amidst this chaos did his all to protect the people that were dear to him, he had gone through a lot and being a trained military man he had a immense advantage in this chaotic world, he even established his own survivor camp very quickly and trained his men through discipline making him a powerful force to be reckoned with.

His camp in particular was very open and friendly, while Ivankov wasn’t a good man he wasn’t a bad man either, he wasn’t like one of those run of the mill bandit groups that stole and killed as they pleased, Ivankov had his own sets of rules and morals and while he was fully prepared to break them when it came to it, he still mostly found the act of banditry beneath him which is why he sought the way of self-reliance more appealing then raiding.

Unfortunately this all came to an end when they appeared.

The Awakened.

One day when they were peacefully minding their own business, a group of 3 Awakened suddenly came out of nowhere inside Ivankov’s camp, how they entered the camp and how they entered so deeply into its core was unknown but it was most probably by the use of a ability by one of the awakened.

Ivankov was very surprised at the time, he immediately questioned them and their intentions, asking them what they wanted, Ivankov of course knew who they were immediately upon seeing them, he already had heard news of those people with extra ordinary abilities, he felt them to be extremely dangerous which is why he didn’t immediately start shooting them when they appeared out of nowhere.

Though in the end this decision would cost him, because the moment he decided that he wouldn’t immediately shoot them was the moment he lost everything.

One of the awakened raised his hand, not even bothering to reply towards Ivankov he simply activated his ability, the ability being earth based as it immediately caused the ground beneath their feet to shake and turn, Ivankov was surprised he didn’t even need to order his men before a hail of bullets assaulted the group of 3 Awakened.

Alas their actions was also in vain as the moment the bullets near the Awakened they stopped in front of them suspended into the air the bullets were caught inside a invisible force field.

Ivankov was just about to order them to throw explosives instead but before he could even finish his orders the shaking ground beneath their feet stopped for a moment before gigantic human sized earth spikes started to appear from the ground itself.

Blood and flesh flew into the air, his soldiers were immediately impaled by those spikes Ivankov was stunned by this unnatural phenomenon though he immediately shook it off and decisively decided that he needed to get his family and escape.

He couldn’t beat them.

His gut feeling was telling him so, and because it was his gut feeling that saved him in the first place, he would trust it again.

With those things said, Ivankov escaped.

Leaving his men behind who covered for him, Ivankov sought his family and brought them towards his mini-van, putting both of his children into the van Ivankov made sure that he would be the last to enter as he quickly pushed his wife into the passenger seat.

He was just about to succeed.

But things weren’t always that easy, fate was not that fickle.

-Look out !

Ivankov’s wife shouted and out of nowhere she immediately jumped out of the car, pushing her husband away from her, Ivankov was confused he couldn’t understand what was happening and just as his mind fell into disarray he saw a huge spike from bellow, coming from the spot he had just stood on and his wife pushed him away from.

He Immediately understood raising his head he looked at his wife’s face who was smiling at him with tears in her eyes.

It had happened so fast.



With a shout of unwilling sadness and a morbid piercing sound, blood was starting to flow with the body of his wife going limp as a huge hole was made through her chest, the spike that was originally aimed at Ivankov had missed its mark and instead pierced his wife who saved him at the last minute.

Ivankov still had the last moments of his wife in his mind, that smiling face and those sad tears were still deeply engraved into his eyes, the children were crying seeing their mother pierced right in front of their eyes and the people who were responsible were just 50 meters away one of them talking.

-Tsk…I missed.

It was the man with a dark coat who had spoken, his voice immediately waking Ivankov from his brief moment of grief, he remembered the face of his wife again just before she, he immediately understood what she meant with that expression, that smile.

Live on, protect our children.

He understood, and as such Ivankov didn’t continue to grief any longer, he couldn’t afford it as this was not the time, the death of his wife could not be just simply wasted like this and neither could her wish.

With those thoughts in mind Ivankov immediately raised his gun, not even looking at that man with the dark coat he shot at him across the field getting into the drivers seat.

The man or rather the awakened who could control earth immediately summoned a wall of earth to protect himself upon seeing the gun, the bullets flashed across and embedded themselves onto the surface of the earth wall, because the awakened came alone he couldn’t use the ability of the other awakened to protect himself by suspending the bullets, which is why he didn’t attack Ivankov while he was escaping since he needed to protect himself from the bullets with his own ability which couldn’t do 2 things at the same time.

This little exchange was fortunate as it still gave enough time for Ivankov to act, riding the mini-van Ivankov successful escape together with his children who were still crying by the sudden loss of their mother.

Ivankov himself didn’t feel any better, he also wanted to cry but both of his children were girls and he didn’t want to worry them with his pathetic display, which is why he held it in and simply drove in silence, letting the memory of his wife’s death repeat countless of times inside his head a very dark emotion surfacing inside his heart, something far more powerful then hatred had swallowed him like a beast.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 5 Act Two Rise Of Samson

This period of havoc lasted for a total of 4 months with the awakened gaining large amounts of followers and even forming their own factions.

The way they gained those followers ranged from simply threatening their well being to making them worship them and their unnatural powers which they displayed to do heroic deeds.

The world was really starting to form a divide at this point, the other countries higher echelon and the ruling sovereigns were worried that they couldn’t control these awakened anymore as they were growing too quickly and influential, they even considered whether they should pull the root before the tree grows, but because the natural disaster were still happening at this point and the abilities of the awakened were useful ,they hesitated a lot before ultimately not being able to come towards a decision which cost’ed them heavily.

Samson Brooks.

This was the name of the once most powerful awakened on earth, he was also the leader of the biggest faction that had emerged from this chaos, the way he managed his faction in particular was through the way of worship, most of his followers revered Samson as a god because of his abilities and in a sense that may have been partially true for Samson as his ability was simply too powerful to be called anything other than godly.

His ability was Transmutation.

This ability allowed the user to change and alter the structure of minerals and objects by will, like turning stone into gold or creating entire fortresses that spanned a few kilometers from the earth itself.

Samson was capable of changing anything in his surroundings as long as he was able to perceive them in any way, with this ability Samson had protected a lot of towns and villages in his surrounding area by either building bunkers or extremely sturdy walls to shield them from the elements of natural disaster.

Through his ability Samson was capable of saving a huge amount of people and keep them safe as his ability did not only protect them very well but also had a lot of uses such as producing a lot of food by transmuting the earth and increasing its fertility or produce ores to make tools and other things that could help their survival which he did.

Samsons beginnings were very humble and full of goodwill, he expressed his desire to protect humanity world wide which gained a lot of recognition to the world at large.

Through his heroic actions the people he saved not only started to revere him but some even started to worship him as a living god, since he could literally manipulate the form and structure of anything he was near at people started to call him the god of creation himself, most of these people who worshipped him were saved by him in some way or another while others were simply superstitions and couldn’t recognize the fact that Samsons was a simple human like them just with a ability.

In the end a whole religion was made after Samson, called the church of Samson in which the worshippers tell about the story of Samson and how he saved the world from destruction some of these stories being real while most of them being completely fabricated.

And as for Samson himself, there was never really any statement coming from him or anything that suggested he believed himself to be a god, but in the end his inaction on itself must have been the biggest indicator towards where he was leaning with people claiming whether he was a god or not.

After a while Samson rarely appeared in public anymore and at one point he seemed to have completely disappeared, because he was gone so suddenly it was rumored that he had become a true god and ascended to godhood leaving earth and going into heaven, the rumors of which were all being spread by the so called pope of the church of Samson who also claimed that Samson had given him a part of his power which he demonstrated by changing the earth beneath his feet into pure gold, this demonstration only served to further fuel the power of the church with the pope claiming that whoever joined would also share Samson’s great powers and be protected.

The influence of this event was extremely large as it was all recorded and streamed live all other countries tried to convince and prove the public that the abilities the pope demonstrated could be easily attributed to Samson just hiding amongst the crowd and using his ability to fool the crowd and make them think he bestowed the pope with such abilities.

In the end nothing could be proven or disproven at this point, even though the other countries were aware of the fact that the church was growing at a rapid pace starting to become a threat, they simply couldn’t do anything against it as the natural disasters were fully occupying their hands, the only people that could resist those disasters to some extend were the people with extraordinary abilities this being Samson’s biggest forte as his Transmutation ability allowed him to easily create big and heavily resistant shelters for others to use.

It seemed only a matter of time until the church of Samson would ultimately take the world by storm, people were joining left and right most of them not joining because they believed in Samson as a god or anything but because of the security the church could provide against the natural disasters that the government seemed to fail in utterly.

By the end all the countries seemed to have finally decide to gather and hold a world congress meeting, this meeting was aired throughout the entire world in which they discussed the ever changing events that happened so far and what they should do to counteract them.

The church of Samson was not excluded of this congress they were even invited for some reason because they were powerful enough to hold an opinion, the pope himself even came and took a major role inside the congress putting in his own two cents by telling the congress that their god Samson was the only person that could protect them from the natural disaster and that if they didn’t join they would all die.

This statement in on itself was incredibly outrages and shocked a lot of people world wide, the world leaders were furious on TV gritting their teeth but chose to keep quite even though their mouths were bitter which was obvious as to why.

And while most of the world leaders chose to stay calm it was unavoidable that a few would completely lose their temper one of which was a man that came from a not so powerful country but did very well for himself who was also one of the only world leaders that had largely been successful of counteracting the natural disasters through smart planning and clever tactics.

This man while not very important to this story was the president of Austria, the reason why he lost his temper so quickly was because the president just couldn’t stand the shamelessness of the pope and the way he was outright threatening the world congress.

The first thing he said after collecting his thoughts some more was “Scum” after which he completely lashed out towards the so called pope of the church of Samson saying that they were nothing more then smelly trash trying to take advantage of the circumstances which threatened planet, the way he spoke held a lot of meaning and passion, the people that watched him on TV resonated with his voice of reason in this world of chaos and watching it again even to this day his voice alone seemed to be the only thing that made sense to lot of people who were watching at that time.

Not soon after he was finished with his speech the camera immediately focused back onto the pope himself, his face as recorded had the most deepest and blackest line that you could ever imagine, the way he was displeased couldn’t even be describe as angry it was rather more than fitting to say that he was infuriated, there was a strange pause when the camera switched towards the pope, looking at the recording it seemed as if the image had frozen or muted at that point, but that was not the case, it was simply that the pope was so angry that he couldn’t even say anything and the crowd was so amazed that they became mute themselves.

This continued on for another 20 seconds before the pope finally stood up from his seat, that black line that came down his eyes and the enraged look on his face were simply never before seen, the humiliation he must have felt could be even felt by a mere recording and when he clapped his hand all of a sudden the situation couldn’t have gone even more down the drain.


Immediately a strange shrieking sound could be heard, the voice coming from a woman who was handing out water to everyone, the cameras moved hastily to show what was going on as they did so you could see heads of the other world leaders moving towards that spot from where the scream came from most of these people had already stood up while others who were closer towards that spot had already moved away out of fear.

There was intense discussion and uproar, and when the camera finally moved towards that spot it was seen.

A stone statue.

More precisely it was the statue of the Austrian president sitting in his chair with a strong frown on his face, the statue looked extremely life like with every crease and line matching the president, it actually too real and seeing that the actually president of Austria had also disappeared into thin air there was only one answer to this mystery.

The president of Austria had been turned into stone.

Immediately after this happened nobody started to waste time any longer, security were all called in and the leaders were all hauled away back towards their respective countries, the only victim in this case was the president of Austria and while it was unknown how he had turned into stone it was very clear to everyone who had done it.

The pope of the church of Samson.

The moment the pope returned he announced to the people that he had a revelation that the great god of his Samson had told him that he had turned that man into stone because he disrespected him in front of the world, the people were obviously skeptical about this some that were smart enough to think for themselves understood that this was all just a farce to further pressure the other countries while the more weak willed ones just accepted this fact and further worshipped their gods great figure.

The reaction of the countries leaders towards this proclamation was solemn, everyone was starting to get trigger happy, the militaries of every country were starting to get drafted and the buttons for the nuclear weapons were being stroked as if they couldn’t wait to be pressed and put this world to even more chaos.

Luckily, the situation didn’t come to the worst case because just as world war 3 was about to start the gate of the dungeons shone with bright light all over the world.

The 1 million people out of the 5 million had finally made it back in a span of 3 days.

They had returned.

The curtains finally opened for the hunters.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 4 Act One The Awakened

Just as the wounds caused by our fathers death started to heal, we found out about the strange diseases that infected Katie when we noticed that Katie’s pupils started to become bluer and bluer as days past, both me and my mother got worried the first time we found out and immediately decided to send her to the hospital, she was 13 when it all started and at first no doctor was able to diagnose her or tell us what was going on.

Through regular check ups it was discovered that nothing really was wrong with her body and that the doctors just couldn’t discover any abnormalities other than her changing eye color, Katie herself admits to it as well as she stated that she doesn’t feel any different, she only gets occasional irritation in her eyes but other than that nothing seemed really be in need of concern.

Of course this alone didn’t calm neither me or my mother, in the end we just started to look for more qualified hospitals and doctors until they could at least tell us what was going on so we could rest easy.

The amount of money we used for these doctors was exponential, usually we wouldn’t have that much money on hand but because of my fathers smart idea as a businessman and the worlds chaotic state he had left a will with a contract stating that upon his death every business asset he owned would be sold to the government and the money would directly given to his family which was us.

From this will we gained such a huge fortune that it allowed us to live the rest of our lives without ever having to work again.

Though in the end ¾ of the money had already been used to pay those doctors and other things that could potentially cure my sister, neither me or my mother regretted this decision, we both had jobs and it was not like we really needed the money, we also didn’t tell Katie how much of the money we used as to not worry her, even though she probably knows that it had to be quite a lot by the amount of times we went for check ups with her.

Father probably wanted us to use it that way anyways to keep us safe, which is why no one felt anything by the loss of money when it was gone.

Years passed.

With more regular check ups and transfers into different hospitals we started to get more and more ink lines as to what this disease could possibly be and after finally ending up inside Britain’s most medically advanced hospital did we hear what the diseases was.

“Blue eyes shut down”, a diseases so rare in fact that only 3 victims of it had ever been recorded in history, only a very miniscule amount of people on earth were even capable of catching this diseases, much less detecting it as the only symptoms of the diseases until it fully matures were change of eye color that would turn the victims eyes sky blue, and when the diseases fully matures the body would instantaneously experience organ shut down from where it finally got its name from “Blue eyes shut down”.

It was horrible and as you can imagine this type of news just didn’t come well to me at first, much less did the final diagnosis of the doctor who predicted that Katie would only have 5 years to live at the bare minimum before the disease would mature and claim her life.

After knowing all this I immediately pleaded and asked the doctor if he could do anything, but as fate had it once again the shook his head and simply said that our current medical standards hadn’t reached as far to cure a diseases such as this, research for the cure hadn’t even started since only 3 victims had been ever recorded which is why it was impossible to cure the diseases.

It was a devastating thing to hear, when the doctor told me the truth new years had just gone by, at that time it hadn’t even been that long since I celebrated new years with my little sister and her new friends inside her ward, merely a few hours had passed, I felt extremely hopeful watching her cheer, laugh and smile and even foolishly thought that everything was going to be alright that the doctor would bring good news to us and that we wouldn’t need to go to any hospitals anymore for a while.

Ultimately those were just my delusions, but at part it was true that we didn’t need to go to hospitals any longer, as the moment I felt myself falling into a deep abyss, the doctor finally told me an answer that gave me a thin line of hope supporting my crumbling will.

-You misunderstood me Mr.Owain as I said before there is nothing I nor this hospital can do, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t cure your sister…In fact there is one way to cure your sister 100%, you only need to get a elixir from the dungeon down bellow and she will be cured.


I screamed.

My scream rightfully justified as what the doctor spoke was nothing short of a fantasy or the ramblings of a madmen as getting something like a elixir was not as easy as the doctor made it out to be when he casually proposed such a crazy idea without even blinking.

He probably even knew that and seeing my pitiful appearance he must have wanted to either make me feel even worse or at least give me some kind of hope to support myself.

Either way the feeling was still the worst.

Now this is the point in which you may be curious about what we’re talking about right ?

More precisely you would probably ask me this.

What is a Elixir and what does it do exactly ?

And to be honest while there are a few easy ways for me to explain these things to you, those explanation would probably be incredibly confusing to hear when I have not even given enough context yet up to this story.

You remember how I once said that I would talk about how the dungeon effected the people and how important it became to our modern economy ?

And why anyone would possibly risk their lives to clear a dungeon in the first place ?

The elixir in this context would be one of those reasons, but that’s only a very small part of it that I have not explained yet, with all this talk about my family and current circumstance I should probably now tell you another aspect of the dungeon and the people who work inside the dungeon.

By now you should have heard me mentioning them through this story and its about time I introduce them to you.

Their names are.

The awakened and the hunters.

First of all before I go in depth on this topic I would like to tell you another story.

I know that I am probably rambling too much by this point, but this story is something very important to hear before we go in depth at what I am about to speak, in a sense this is also a very crucial reminder to myself to get my noggin spinning since I am not really bright at all.

Now… where did all of this start again ?

Oh ! Yes ! These events happened not so soon after the dungeons appeared world wide.

The emergence of people with extraordinary abilities !

These people were just like you and me, people who had lived ordinary lives and were simply affected by the changes of the world that was brought by the dungeons, these people were never special in any way as they were simply humans, they weren’t chosen by some extraterrestrial being either, but for some reason the world seemed to simply decide that it was them who would gain these extraordinary ability.

Being able to fly, use telekinesis and turning yourself invisible were one of those abilities, nobody understood how these people gained their abilities and neither did the people who received them, the only thing everyone understood at the time were the hard times that were about to come.

And they were right.

Because of the rampant natural disaster of the world caused by the dungeons, the government’s all around the globe were completely focused on the well being of their countries and temporarily neglected the dungeons.

In this period of negligence the curiosity of the brave few were ignited all around the world causing them to finally enter these mysterious gates and see what was beyond.

And while these two things were happening not soon after did the people with extraordinary abilities start to pop up one after another, some who had quote on “Awakened” to these abilities used them to help humanity, while others not so virtues immediately decided to use it for their personal gain causing even more havoc to this world then it already had.

This event was called by the people the “Emergence of Awakened” it is unknown who had started to call these people with extraordinary abilities the “Awakened” but it couldn’t be more fitting as those abilities were simply out of this world as if those people had awakened from their deep sleep and with it brought their dreams into reality.

Now you can imagining how truly messed up the world was back then, it doesn’t even need to be explained how many people had died in these first few months by the natural disasters alone much less the amount of damages caused by those awakened who as soon as had the ability to toy with the lives of another started to unceasingly use it for their own benefit.

Power corrupts, other than this there is not much needed to be said.

The only saving grace I could think of at this moment that could make this situation slightly better would be the fact that there weren’t many awakened to begin with, each country in the world had roughly only 10 to 20 awakened not even china who had the largest population on earth had more then that, why that is nobody knows.


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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 3 The Life Of A Turbulent World

Flying at high velocity, the baseball was travel so fast that it was barely visible to the untrained eye, after all the hit was made by one of the opposing teams best batters and arguably one of the best batters in history.

If it wasn’t for father being a former baseball athlete it was doubtful whether he could have seen the ball with his vision, he would have probably been just like mother who had no clue that a high speed baseball was flying her way and threatening to cause serious damage to her if it hit her.

There was only a few seconds for my father to make a decision, he thought very quickly and considered whether he should pull my mother into him so the baseball could be avoided, finally scratching that idea as his pull would probably push them down the seats and make them roll down the stadium maybe causing even more damage to both of them.

In the end time was of essence with no better idea to think of my father finally decide to shield my mother instead and jumped next to her turning himself into a target by setting himself into the trajectory.

Even to this day my mother always loved to talk about this moment when she saw my father heroic actions to protect her, she was unaware at first but as the ball was getting closer she started to realize what was going on but still could do nothing about it as her reaction speed was way too slow for her to do anything.

My father…He was simply a great man, someone heroic and someone I will always look up to, I once asked him whether or not he was scared of the ball when he shielded my mother and you know what he said ?

He smiled at me, I was barely 8 years old when he told me this story I was very impressionable back then which is why this memory stuck to me the most when I was at that age his words in particular moved me.

-Son, of course I was scared of the ball, bloody hell it was hit by one of the most greatest batters in history, even though I was a former athlete I still wouldn’t dare to say that I could catch that ball of his 10 out of 10 times or even 1 out of 10 times.

-But you still caught it didn’t you !

I chimed in as a kid, already knowing the end of that story my mother always used to talk about, it was only then that I heard my father tell it to me for the first time.

His expression then was slightly awkward with a wryly smile covering his lips, I remember that he looked at his hand when he replied to me, it was the hand in which he caught the ball to protect himself and my mother, it had a deep and round scar on it, normally you would think that a scar was something to be hidden, but my father never thought so, no he was proud of this scar, that much I knew.

-Haha…Yes, I caught it, not even I know from where this strength came from that allowed me to catch that ball, I felt as if the ball was going to break my hand any second now but for some reason, I body wanted to let go, but my mind refused to obey, Owain, do you know what that’s called ? Willpower. As long as you have the willpower to move on and face your fears you will gain strength no matter what, and with strength you will be able to protect the things that are important to you and keep them safe, so can you promise me that you will continue to have will, even if your not destined for greatness, that you will not give up on yourself no matter what, can you promise me that Owain ?

-Ye..Yes ! I Promise dad ! I wont give up !

I promised, I was still very little back then and didn’t understand much of what my father meant with willpower and not giving up on yourself, but as I got older I would always remember this conversation and this very same promise, even on the day of the funeral when my mother cried and sister wept, I didn’t drop a tear, I grit my teeth and willed myself to not cry, to not wail or fall, because that is what I promised to my father, that I would never surrender myself nor my will.

Back to the story.

My father caught the ball, it was a powerful ball which my father caught that left a deep scar in his palm and almost broke his hand, but in the end he was still able to catch it with his will, after that not much had to be said anymore.

My father got send to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed him saying that other than the scar that nothing was wrong with his hand and that he just needed to heal, my mother came to visit him at the hospital at the time she apologized for the mustards that got on my fathers pants and thanked him for saving her, she even offered to pay for all of the medical bills and my fathers pants for dry cleaning.

My father not expecting her to finished laughed and took her offer for the medical bills but not for the pants instead he said this.

-Well, I didn’t like those pants either way I only bought them because I heard woman liked them, how about instead of paying me those bills we go buy myself some new pants instead ?

My mother back then was quite surprised by such offer, though in the end she simply smiled laughing and nodded her head.

This pants purchasing date wasn’t as special as a baseball stadium date but both my mother and father enjoyed it far more and treasured those memories, soon enough they started to officially dating for a year or two before my father finally decided to marry my mother, she agreed and even though my father was unemployed back then, he worked hard to change that and finally started to work as a businessman.

My father while not as talented as a businessman still got by fairly well in the world and years past, he had gathered quite a fortune with his methods, my mother continued to work as a police officer and even once became a deputy, in between her promotion and my fathers work, In 2017 I was born which was exactly one year before the great dungeon rise would occur and throw this world into chaos.

It was at this time that my family decided to start moving from town to town and city to city, on our journey we didn’t have to worry about finances too much since both my father and mother had saved up quite a bit and were smart enough to buy quite a lot of supplies at bulk before heading out, and though life was really dangerous at one point, I could say that we were really lucky since we didn’t have too many problems or encountered too many misfortunes.

We had quite a nomadic life on our hands until I was 6 years old when we finally decided to settle down in spade’s as my mother was pregnant with my little sister Katie it was 2023 when we settled down and my sister was born.

Fast forward to 2028, after 5 years since we settled in spade’s I had just turned 11, at this time all news and topics covered in channels was almost exclusively about dungeons, hunters and awakened, daily conversation would always somewhat revolve around dungeons, my father in fact continued his business and even involved himself with the dungeons turning it into a lucrative business that would feed our family.

My mother didn’t simply stay at home either, even though she lost her job in the chaos of the new world, she still wanted to continue enforcing the law as this was her passion, she was 34 when she desired to rejoin the police force and because of her excellent track record she was easily able to become a police officer again not as a deputy of course but at least as a senior detective.

Life at that time seemed as if it was going well, everything looked as If it was slowly but steady returning back to how it used to be, the world was starting to heal it seemed.

Well it seemed.

Not too long, just after I turned 11 years old the very first dungeon break occurred, the news covered this event world wide and I saw it on TV how it happened, when the giant dungeon suddenly created a enormous pillar of light and shot into the sky, the stone gate crumbled underneath the light and created another gate of light in which countless, hundreds and thousands of monsters came out, a horde stormed through the gate and laid waste to everything around them, shredding anything that they could find which while not included my father, was buried under a heap of rubble that was caused by the monsters.

We were all sad, I still remember how my sister cried day in and day out ever since she heard that we would never see our father again, my mother and I could only comfort her but what was worse is what came after, even though we had already lost one family member god was still not satisfied and turned his eyes onto my little sister.

A Diseases.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 2 A Throw Of Fate

Lets start again.

My name is Owain Bael-yeo, I am 21 years old and live in a tidy little town called Spade’s together with my family that consists of my mother, sister and I.

The town is located inside Britain but in today’s history it is actually a quite new town that had only been built 15 years ago by a lot of people who had lost their homes by the events that happened 20 years prior which people called the great dungeon rise.

The gates that came out of nowhere and the natural disaster they brought with them swept the entire globe, a lot of infrastructure of every nation was either broken down or entirely razed to the ground by tsunamis, hurricanes or earthquakes.

A lot of things that once existed like world wonders such as the great walls of china and stonehedge no longer exist because of these events, now they were merely memories or records of the past that gathered dust in some urban bookshelf somewhere in this world.

And while a lot of people felt sad about some of these things that disappeared, a lot of other people were instead more interested in the new things that came which were the cause of these disasters that swept this world and turned it upside down.

The dungeons were the main focus of this world now and while I would love to talk about them some more, I think you had quite enough of me talking about them and instead would rather like to know who I am right ?

Now as I said, my name is Owain bael-yeo.

As my name suggests I am both from British and Korean descend, my mother is a British person while my father is Korean.

There is not much really to say other than this, my name is a bit unique so to say since I inherited my father’s surname instead of my mother’s maiden name.

I am currently 21 years old, I barely graduate highschool 3 years ago and ever since then I had been working as a laborer doing heavy lifting and construction work.

Ever since the great dungeon rise 20 years ago, the world was heavily damaged and needed a lot of repair to heal its wounds, because I am not very bright I choose to willingly become a construction worker even against my mothers wishes who wanted me to become a businessman just like my father, even though it was clear she should have also known that I am simply not talented in such finer work as business and that I would fail quickly if I even tried.

Her being my mother, I understood her reason for wanting me to do something that doesn’t involve interacting with dangerous instruments after all I was now the only man in the house, ever since father died from the events 10 years ago caused by a dungeon, mother judged that the outside world wasn’t as safe as it used to be and to some aspect she was quite right,  even though the natural disasters didn’t happen anymore like they used to for the first 5 years since their appearance,  the dungeons still posed a huge threat to mankind that could not be ignored.

This threat was called a dungeon break, and as it stood the first ever dungeon break happened exactly 10 years ago with my father being one of its first victims to take to its grave, while also leaving a permanent scar of fear in my mothers heart and I.

The dungeon break as one scientist said, he explained that it is similar to how prisoners stage a riot because of lack of warden supervision and then cause a prison break to happen to escape prison, the same analogy can be used for monsters inside the dungeon where the monsters are the prisoners and the people who clear these dungeons are the wardens, If the wardens slash dungeon explorers clear the dungeon they keep the general power and population of these dungeons at check and reduce their power, on other hand if a dungeon is ignored for a long amount of time the dungeon gets stronger with the monsters and will someday break permanently with the monsters inside gaining freedom and an opportunity for the monsters to raze the world outside.

It was unlucky really as we just had not a single clue something like this was even possible at the time, though now we had a better control of the situation and recorded the time for each dungeon break to know when it happens, it was not possible for each dungeon break to be suppressed or even stopped, our modern weaponry while effective on lower level monsters were sometimes completely insufficient against higher level monsters that came out of the dungeon break, at the beginning there simply weren’t as many awakened or hunters in the world to stop these dungeons from breaking or even suppress the dungeon breaks, which is why it could be said that now the world was starting to adapt towards its new ecosystem namely the dungeons.

Oops !…

I started talking about the dungeons again hadn’t I ? Even though I was supposed to be talking about myself…


Well it couldn’t helped to be honest, after all the dungeons were also in a sense a very crucial part of my life, I was born in the generation that had just experienced the rise of these dungeons with the natural disasters still going on, I was merely 1 years old when 2018 hit the clock and the world experienced its most shocking day of history to be ever recorded.

Hell my little sister wasn’t even born then, only after all the natural disaster stopped happening did my parents finally get a chance to breath and settle down as they didn’t have to get worried that a sudden tornado would carry their home away.

On this topic maybe it is better for me to continue talking about the dungeons, but before I do I’d like to tell you about my family before we get back towards the dungeons and my purpose.

Now this is a story to be talked about, while not very romantic my father and mother met each other in a national baseball game that happened somewhere between 2014 to 2015, both of my parents were extremely avid baseball fans at the time, my father mainly liking the sport and being a former baseball athlete while my mother being a police officer who loved the sport since childhood.

At the time my mother was sitting behind my father inside the stadium holding a mustard hotdog while being enthralled by the game, my father was only sitting a few centimeters in front of her also watching the game but not holding anything to drink or eat as he had already eaten before coming in.

Both of these people came alone that day, but that wasn’t actually planned as such as both people had actually invited someone to come with them on a date to that very stadium, my mother originally wanted to date a guy who worked inside a mechanic shop while my father had invited a woman that was a very respectable chef.

Not much had to be said about these people they wanted to date as it was not important anymore since in the end they couldn’t come to the stadium for their date.

The mechanic cancelled the date because he had a huge order coming his way that he needed to finish no matter what while the respectable chef on the other hand was also busy at the restaurant she was working in that would have a very influential food critic visiting it soon to judge their place.

In a sense it wasn’t good day for neither of them, both of them had been planning this date for a very long time trying convince the other party who weren’t really into baseball to begin with and when they finally agreed to it neither of them showed up.

And while the baseball game was really interesting for both of them, neither of my parents could really focus as much as they used to because they were sad.

Which is why, fate seemed to pity these two people and decided to give a light nudge to the two to help them get better.


In that single moment as they sat inside their seats inside the stadium, a strong gust of wind came out of nowhere blowing through the seats, at the time my father was wearing a hat which flew back towards my mother who held her mustard hotdog, the flying hat momentarily scared my mother as she wasn’t paying attention and because of this the mustard hotdog my mother was holding slipped out of her hand and flew right into my fathers lap, with the mustard sticking onto his crotch.

There was a moment of pause when all of this happened, my father had to yet to really realize what was going on before he felt the sticky sensation of the mustards within his crotch.

My mother on the other hand also looked in horror as she saw her not even bitten hotdog fall into the crotch of a stranger.

Both of them stood up and faced each other, with bottled up sadness and frustration both of them seemed to be ready to get at each other throat any second now staring eye to eye.

Until that happened.


The sound of the batter hitting the ball reverberated inside the stadium.

The crowd which still focused to the game cheered like never before as they stood up from their seats and waved their hands in excitement.

Both of my parents realized what was happening and quickly looked back to see what was going on and at that very moment my father saw it.

A Baseball.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 1 A World Of Change

Earth, year 2038, the second of January.

The new years celebration was just 2 days ago and with it all the news casts and television channels from all over the world somewhat reminiscing about the events that happened 20 years ago in a very same new years celebration which happened in 2018 where the world completely changed from its former self as its inhabitants once knew it from.

The moment 12:00 PM hit the clock and the world changed its calendar status from 2017 to 2018, the seas stormed, the earth quacked and the skies tore up, people at the time had no idea what was happening, a lot of people believed that the end of the world was near and that the gods which we forgot were angry at us for ignoring them.

Foolish truly, after all it was neither the end of the world nor the gods venting their anger on us that caused all of this disaster to happen, rather it was simply just another step to evolution, a type of metamorphosis that would remind mankind again what pain and suffering truly was.

And from this they came.

Sprouting from the earth itself, enshrouded in the deep oceans and floating in the magnificent depths of the skies, these gates became earths most treasured assets and also its most frightening nightmare the world had ever seen.

The infrastructure of every nation in the world was hit by this gigantic event the tsunami’s ,hurricane’s and earthquakes which came from the gates themselves were only the prologue to what was about to happen in the near future.

It was pure chaos at first with a lot of infrastructure lost and many lives suddenly snuffed out by the unnatural disasters, the governments of every country prioritized to keep their citizens at order, the gates that came while mysterious and suspicious were temporarily put at the backburners, the officials first needed to set their nation back straight and stop that chaos.

Because of this decision there was a small period of time where the citizens could freely interact with the strange gates without the involvement of the government and without anyone blocking their ways.

Most people who saw or lived near feared these gates that seemed to have come out of nowhere, the over all design of these gates were extremely simplistic, reaching a over all height of 60 meters with a width of 45 meters these gates almost had the same size football field split in half, purely made out of a strange stone, the gates were transfixed to the ground that couldn’t moved no matter what and with durability so hard that it was indestructible by our current standards that not even explosives could leave a scratch.

Calling them gates was also slightly a stretch since they didn’t even have doors or looked like they led to anywhere, they only excluded a bright angelic light out of their front and back that never shut off and always shone 24 hours a day

Their misleading angelic shining lights that came out of their entrances gave no hint as to what was inside and once people started to gain courage and throw things inside with a rope attached, they discovered that anything thrown into it couldn’t be retrieved even when the rope was pulled as when the rope was pulled only a cleanly cut end of the rope would be retrieved with nothing else whatsoever and item gone missing.

This result only served to frighten the humans more as everyone started to believe that the gates were simply a one way trip to hell, most people didn’t wanted to have anything to do with the gates anymore.

But that didn’t stop the curious and the brave few who saw the gate and what it did to want to know more about it, they saw these gates as not objects to be feared but objects to be studied and explored.

This mindless sense of curiosity and ambition led hundreds to thousands and millions of humans to enter these gates in which they finally discovered what laid beyond they saw what the other side held and unbelievably returned to tell their tales, but when they returned not one person that came back was the same person ever again.

And just like anything the first time isn’t always very pretty, through the studies made by one scientist, it was estimated that the amount of people that entered these gates in the first year measured up to 5 million throughout the entire world.

And of those 5 million only under 1 million people returned.

Such numbers were obviously frightening and when asked of one of the survivors of what happened inside these gates, they simply answered with a cynical smile.

-They probably didn’t make it, they were too weak, the dungeon must have swallowed them

The way the survivor spoke was eerie but there was finally a name.

Dungeons, the survivors called them, these monumental gates in what seemed laid another completely unexplored world filled with weird creatures and countless treasures.

Goblins, skeletons and imps ! All these creatures were found inside these dungeons.


It was as if the realms of fantasy and fiction had entered reality, things that the we could only imagine and read in our books came to our world in form of these gates.

The moment they entered these dungeon, the people were immediately exposed to all kinds of dangers and threats, every creature they had encountered had no desire to communicate or find even ground with them, once they tried to communicate the only thing they would get in return was a deep seated thirst for blood that came for them.

Some people immediately tried to turn back, heading back from where they entered only to discover that there was no exit but just a dead end with the only possible way forward.

Because of this the survivors had no other choice but to fight, almost 50% of all the casualties that came from the 5 million had died at this very stage, fighting wasn’t something every person was experienced at or knew how to do, most people felt extremely uncomfortable by the prospect of bringing serious harm to another being much less kill it outright which conflicted with their morality, it was a difficult barrier to force through for many that came inside the dungeon some succeeding while others failing and paying the ultimate price for it.

Fortunately through this experience the people who were able to cross the mental barrier soon started to quickly adapt to their situation, because almost everyone who entered was very much prepared for what may lie beyond they were all very well equipped for a long stay or days without much food, everyone brought a lot of dry rations and gallons of water but as soon as they started to check equipment and tools they had all come to realize a certain aspect of the dungeon or more precisely.

The rules.

At least 70-80 percent of all the explorers that entered had a firearm in their possession, but the moment these people entered the dungeon they all discovered that their firearm had magically disappeared out of nowhere.

While most people stored their weapons in their holsters a few of them actually held their weapons when they entered and the sensation they had upon discovering that the weapon they held disappeared was such a bizarre occurrence that it left a clear blank in their minds with no clue as where it went.

This in fact not only happened to firearms, anything in a certain sense technologically advanced to a certain level disappeared upon entering the dungeon with it, this includes smartphones, camera’s, computers, and any other piece of equipment that works on electricity.

In the end the only things that were spared were backpacks, foods, clothes, melee weapons such as swords, maces and daggers and more primitive ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows and javelins.

Most people that survived had either one of these primitive weapons in their possession giving a starting advantage so to speak, which was one of the major reasons as to why they survived in the first place.

Now to the dungeon itself, the entire layout is very straight forward in the beginning, it isn’t until you explore it further and go deeper down its floors in which it starts to become more complicated with more paths to choose from.

A dungeon is separated in what is know as floors, each floor is sort of a representation of difficulty with 1 being the starting point and easiest to clear as you go down.

Every floor has its own set of main monsters, or what its known as the monsters that largely inhabit that floor, it usually only takes 40 minutes of uninterrupted light jogging to run through the entire first floor of any given dungeon once, which further increases by another 20 minutes with each floor you clear meaning that if you clear the first floor and get to the second floor you would need 60 minutes to jog through it without stopping and if it’s the third floor it turns into 80 minutes so on an so forth.

At the end of each floor you will be presented a large metal door that would finally lead you to the boss room or floor room in which the boss monster or floor master resides.

Just like each floor has a main monster it also has a floor master representing it, the boss monster is usually always a enhanced and stronger version of the main monster inside the floor, meaning that if the floor’s main monsters are goblins the boss monster would usually always be a goblin chieftain with 3 to 5 goblin henchmen, if the main monsters are skeletons the boss monster would be a skeleton soldier with another 3 to 5 skeleton henchmen.

Killing all the monster in the floor is not necessary to clear the floor nor is it a requirement, if you want you can always just choose to ignore every monster you see and directly run towards the end of the floor which is the boss room and defeat the boss monster to clear the floor.

Also an important thing to take note of is the fact that upon clearing a single floor you can immediately choose to leave the dungeon at will, after killing the floor master and his henchmen another smaller version of the gate will appear with light coming out of it, if you enter that gate you will immediately be send back to earth exiting the dungeon with the items that had initially disappeared upon entered the dungeon such as firearms and electronics will be returned to you upon exit by either being in your hands or already stored inside your pockets somewhere.

Over all it is unknown how many floors a dungeon has without fully exploring it, it takes a lot of energy and resources to even finish a single floor much less an entire dungeon, as of today the longest ever dungeon that had been cleared was only 10 floors deep.

Some dungeons that didn’t even have people returning from them were rumored to have had such many floors that it was impossible to clear them with only 5 people.

Why 5 people ? Because the moment you enter the dungeon together with other people you will not end up with all of them together but instead there will be only another 4 coming with you as this is the maximum amount that can come with you, the survivors also call this a party, most of the terms here are taken by online games more specifically mmo’s.

In a dungeon you also don’t need to wait for another party to finish their run before you can come in yourself, the dungeon operates in a instant realm meaning that the dungeon simply creates another much identical dungeon for you to explorer without having you collide or meet with another party, if you want to enter with 5 specific people as a party that is also a easy task as you only need to wait 5 minutes after another party has entered the dungeon before you can go in with your teammates.

Exiting is also separate meaning you won’t accidentally ram into another person when exiting the dungeon it will simply teleport you somewhere else near it where there is space and nothing to go wrong with.


With all this explanation about the dungeon you would now probably realize something right ?

Why would anyone risk their lives to clear a dungeon ?

Now this is a very easy to answer question as well, but as of now I haven’t even started to explain the monsters themselves that inhabit the dungeons and how important they had become to the modern economy of our world and how the dungeons really affected the people.

Now if I had to really explain I would probably need another hour or so to really get everything down but this is still just the beginning and I haven’t even introduced myself I should probably at least tell you who I am right ?

Though I can’t say that I really anyone special of sorts…

I wasn’t born into wealth and neither am I poor to the bone, money is not a important aspect of my life but it is a necessity I have to live by, when it comes to looks I am way bellow average to such an extend that woman rather walk the other way of the street and back from where they came from then cross my way, I was once even told by one of my female classmates that my face looked like that of a mad serial killer and that she would immediately call the police If I got close to her.

I am not smart either, my grades in high school were barely up par to average and neither am I some cool martial artist who can throw kicks at people like he can throw jabs.

If I had to describe myself, I would say I am an ordinary laborer who works day in and day out, a concerned brother and son who cares for his mother and sister.

I would say I am a man who at least would do his best and give his all to make sure the people he cares about stay healthy and happy.

My name is Owain Bael-yeo.

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The Almighty Search Engine Prologue

-I am sorry to say this but your sister only has at the bare minimum 5 years left before the disease fully matures and kills her… my apologies but there is nothing I nor this hospital can do for her.

The doctor said, sitting inside his black leather chair as he faced me with his stone hard look and solemn tone, the way he conveyed these dreaded news to me looked awfully practiced and very natural, I probably wasn’t the first person who he had once conveyed these very same words and by the looks of his eyes I understood that I wouldn’t be the last one either.

The room we were sitting in at the moment was the doctors personal office on the third floor inside the hospital, it wasn’t all too fancy like I imagined it to be, even though it still looked expensive it felt rather dull compared to the other offices that I had seen so far ever since I brought my sister to all kinds of different doctors to diagnose her, but mysteriously enough the room still very much fit this stone hard doctor with black circles for eyes who looked very much sleep deiprived, he probably never bothered to change anything every since he moved in here or rather he didn’t have the time, the only thing I could see which was new inside the room since my last visit was the calendar on his table.

Currently it was exactly 8:30 AM in the morning, as the calendar read today was the 1 of January, year 2038, a new year had just began, and it hadn’t even been that long since I celebrated new years with my sister and her new friends inside her medical ward, her bright smile couple with her happy cheering towards the new year was still very clear in my mind, the look of hope she had for the future to come was simply the best medicine that could have ever been prepared for me to finally hear her diagnosis from one of the best doctors in Britain.


But unfortunately those happy memories I kept in my mind immediately shattered after I fully comprehended the doctors words, a deep sense of despair lightly seeped into my heart, but I resisted strongly immediately trying to shake it off both mentally and physically as I refused to give in to fate not able to accept such truth.

Nevertheless a sudden impulse still managed to get into my head and before I knew it I found myself slamming the desk of the doctor while staring him dead in the eye, I understood that the doctor had no fault in this but I couldn’t stop my feelings from spilling out of my reach it was as if my body moved on its own the reins of my muscles escaping my grasps.


Fortunately the doctor didn’t seem to particularly mind as he calmly watched my actions without even a slightest sign of panic or fright, even this situation must have been very common to him to the point he sees it on a daily basis, the way he watched me was like looking at a piece of film that he has seen countless of times over and over again, but I didn’t care at the moment and simply spoke my mind, my desperation shoving me towards this position.

-Doctor please is there really nothing you can’t do ? You can’t just tell me that death is the only way, Isn’t your hospital the most renowned and medically advanced in all of Britain ? There has to be some way right ? At the very least don’t you know something that can help ? If its money I can pay as much as you want but please tell me something that can cure my sister ! Something that can save her !

I started shouting at the end of my sentence, the volume of my voice even surprising me for how truly stressed I was, luckily because the room was a hospital office not much sound must have escaped the walls as the room must have been padded with cotton like material to not let other people listen into the conversation and keep the conversation private, and while nobody must have heard my shouting the doctor on the other hand was different fully taking in the brunt of my voice but still keeping his professional and composed look on his face making even me slightly impressed by his composure.

With my outburst finished I very quickly started to pant for one reason or another, I was extremely agitated at the moment, frustration couldn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling at the moment but the doctor continued to be polite and composed, he waited for me to calm down properly before he spoke again, simultaneously standing up from his black leather chair as he opened his mouth, finally giving me one last of piece of news that could give me hope.

-You misunderstood me Mr.Owain as I said before there is nothing I nor this hospital can do, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t cure your sister…

The doctor said, his words turning me speechless for a moment as I wasn’t sure where he was going with this, but nevertheless because I felt a bit of hope I didn’t want to interrupt the doctor and further risk offending him in some way which why I stayed patient and listened to him, though at the back of my mind I couldn’t help but feeling a strange sense of premonition creeping up on me, and as it was it soon became clear where it came from as the doctor finished his explanation.

-In fact there is one way to cure sister 100%, you only need to get a elixir from the dungeon down bellow and she will be cured.


I screamed.

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