Kings Glaive Chapter 5 Giant Rat

[You have leveled up]

-Finally !

I cheered, getting back above the sewage, I raised the last drowned rat within my hand and opening the status window as I looked at my newly acquired stats which I finally acquired after grinding for the past 6 hours using my makeshift rat trap.

Name: Artorius

Race: Roteater Lvl.6/50

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Male

Class: Novice Lvl.1/10


Health Points: 78/100

Stamina Points: 46/90

Magic Points: 73/140


Strength – 10 (+1)
Constitution – 9(+1)
Agility – 10 (+4)
Intellect – 14 (+2)
Dexterity – 19 (+4)
Willpower – 11
Wisdom – 10
Charm – 5

-I didn’t notice it when I first leveled up but after getting to level 6 my body really seemed to have undergone a large improvement in both energy and capacity, admittedly the stat increase is really meager compared to a human, but it still should be enough at the moment to let me accomplish my goal, though I would have liked it if I just got a little bit more strength and constitution but alas since I am a roteater I can’t expect much in that area of growth until I reach max level and become capable of evolving.

I sighed with lamentation, closing my status window, I climbed up the side path of the sewer while holding the last drowned within my hand.

Glancing at it I considered eating it for a moment to regain some energy, but after again staring at it some more and watching the excrement and sludge roll off its dirty fur I started to get grossed out and didn’t think twice before dropping it back into the sewer stream and letting it float away with the other rats that I had killed previously for experience.


I sat down abruptly just as I threw the rat, feeling tired and yearning for rest, my whole body started to ache and itch from the filth covering my body.

The filth made me feel extremely uncomfortable and depressed, but because I didn’t want the [Depression] debuff to inflict me so soon I quickly tried to distract myself by thinking about the things I had done until now.

In total I had killed over 32 rats, with each rat giving me a maximum of 10 experience points I had gained a total of 320 points of experience which allowed me to gain 4 levels letting me reach level 6.

The leveling mechanic in this game is hidden for all characters, meaning that you can’t see your experience bar and know how much progress you had made and how much was left before you could level up again.

Kings Glaive the game in general does not give you a whole lot of information at all, the only reason I am even capable of seeing my status window with my attributes and skills is because of my unique talent [Phantom Eyes] that allows me to see my status and the status of other beings.

Normally none of the playable characters in this game can see as much information as I do, the only information any character has access to is their personal level, personal information, skill level, class level, health, mana, stamina and that’s it.

They can’t even see the damage numbers they deal or how much health a enemy character has like me, this being one of the main reasons why Kings Glaive was such a notoriously difficult game in my world, when people die in this game they would always need to start over and while most of the time it was obvious why they died, sometimes this didn’t apply when you would just die randomly without your knowledge through some other convoluted reason like poison or diseases.

Of course since now it isn’t a game I wouldn’t have to worry about this since I am using my own body to feel my current state, on top of that my status window would also be able to tell if something happened to me making it difficult for me to perish that way without me knowing before hand. but even then it would be difficult to die from poison or disease since my racial ability [Scavenger] would resist from most types of poisons and diseases.

-Right now the only way for me to stay safe is to get a higher level, even though I now generally get the gist of how most of this works in practice, this isn’t a turn based RPG anymore, just because someones has higher stats and level then me doesn’t signify my defeat or death proven with the rats who are theoretically way higher level then me at the beginning, but even then, I am curious to know how most of the mechanics would translate into real life like my attributes, I know that I gained significant improvement overall, but is there ever going to be a limit ? I know there exists a limit on the game called “Kings Glaive” I made but is this really the world of “Kings Glaive’ that I created ? What if its just the modded version of whoever brought me into this world ? How did the rules change ? And how much of what I know right of the game will really be useful to me at the moment ?

Those sorts of questions momentarily lingered in my head, those were questions that I really wanted answers to at the moment, but I shook my head after slight consideration, thinking that there was no point in thinking about questions I couldn’t get the answer to at the moment, I forced myself to once again the change the topic for now and focus on my current predicament like I planned.

-Yes, I should think about how I now should go about this, I know where the safe spot is and how to get there, but can I get there, is the question ?

I looked down once again opening my status window after a short rest I stared at my attributes all neatly lined down like a list of sorts with numbers attached to them showing the highs and lows of my current capabilities.

My highest attribute at the moment was [Dexterity].

Most of my level ups heavily leaned towards [Dexterity] and [Agility] which was not surprising considering the fact that my race is a Roteater.

Roteaters evolved in a way that made them flexible and fast enough take what they wanted without getting caught, they ate the rotten remains of other animals that were hunted by bigger predators giving them no need for [Strength] or higher [Constitution] to continue living since they actively avoided combat.

[Intellect] on the other hand while not completely neglected was still not very useful considering the fact that no amount of [Intellect] could save roteaters from getting eaten by a huge predator as roteaters were not know to be good spellcasters.

At the current stage each level up would guarantee a increase of my [Dexterity] and [Agility], with [Intellect] increasing every second level while [Strength] and [Constitution] increasing only with every forth level which sucked at lot at the moment since these two attributes were the most useful in my current predicament that affected my immediate survival.


I muttered, thinking about the setting of this world and everything related to levels and experience points.

The people actually call this the “absorption phenomenon” as in gaining experience from slaying creatures.

Originally when I made this game and implemented the race level up mechanic that allows any character to gain experience as long as they kill something, I wanted there to be an explanation for such event as why it made people grow stronger and not just write it off because of plot reasons.

The idea was actually pretty simple, when a creature/person dies through the act of another or more people/creatures that creatures/person’s soul will dissipate into thin air and return to the earth to be purified and then reincarnated, but before it completely dissipates, the soul leaves a small fragment of itself and gifts it to the person/creature or people/creatures it was slain by, the amount of experience gained is always depended on how powerful the creature itself was which is the race level and which evolutionary rank it is.

The evolutionary ranks being.

Inferior Rank.

Low Rank.

Middle Rank.

High Rank.

Top Rank.

On a side note as a roteater I am currently a Low rank creature while humans and elves on other hand are middle rank creatures.

But taking the [Big Rats] for example these creatures are one of the the lowest in terms of both power and evolutionary rank, them being low rank, they are barely above the strength of a simple house cat and no matter how high of a level a [Big Rat] is the experienced gained will always be 10 points because the evolutionary rank of the [Big Rat] restricts its soul fragmentation or released experience.

If one person single-handedly kills a [Big Rat] obviously that person will gain the entirety of the experience, but if two people kill a [Big Rat] depending on how much damage was dealt and who contributed the most to the fight, that person will always gain the most experience out of the rat, meaning that persona A cannot simply strike the killing blow after person B has done most of the job through incapacitating the creature.

If such event occurs persona A would at most only gain 1 percent of the experience for the killing blow which is extremely inefficient if you haven’t already guessed since a [Big Rat] gives 10 experience points 1 percent of that would be 0.1 experience.

It is far more efficient to fight such a creature yourself and get the full experience from it or even fight in a group of low level individuals and challenge a higher level opponent.

Though admittedly it is a strange sensation, whenever I killed a [Big Rat] I would always feel a strange flow of energy seeping into my veins, the sensation was similar to how you would momentarily get a high from a cigarette through inhaling the smoke or caffeine settling into your bloodstream, I hadn’t originally made any description regarding how it felt to level up as the word “level up” didn’t exist in this world, the way people judged another persons strength was purely through either instinct or through the use of investigative skills and spells.

-Well, at least I can feel myself starting to get more stronger, even though I hadn’t fought for a long time and had gotten rusty, it doesn’t seem like I will need a lot of time to get back to shape…

And just as I was thinking like this, I could hear the high pitched shrieks.


-Their coming, I think I had enough rest…I need to move.

I stood up, steeling myself once again I didn’t hesitate nor glance towards the rats before immediately jumping back into the sewer following its stream.

-Now I can only pray I succeed and that my memories are whole of this place, it wouldn’t be a joke if I end up in a completely different location from what I originally thought was the hub, I hope lady luck smiles at me today, but looking at my past few hours I really doubt it…

I thought as much, without stopping or averting my gaze I swam past multiple groups of [Big Rats] patrolling the area, not even giving them a second glance I moved like a fish inside water, though I doubt a fish could survive even a second inside this polluted waters, if they hadn’t already died from the smell itself.

As I swam though, I noticed that the groups of rats I encountered started to get more frequent and larger, my [Phantom Eyes] picked up on the frequency with the amount of red hues that were walking within my vision, the amount was starting to get so big that my vision started to turn entirely red from the amount of them and for a moment it seemed as if a literal strain was starting to get put inside my head giving me wicked migraines.

Fortunately it seemed as if my body understood the pressure and before I could even start to consciously fix them myself my eyes adjusted themselves as if fine tuning and changing their settings, the red hues of lights indicating my enemies started to get fainter until finally leaving only a speck of red, still showing their existence but not overloading me with their presence.

-Well this is convenient, after I get within safety I should really try to understand how this ability works in detail, up until now I had only been instinctually using it like moving a limb, but seeing this now, there is way more to this ability that I am not aware of, maybe I could even control the [Fear] effect of my [Phantom Eyes] if I really try to understand how it works..

I momentarily pondered thinking of the possibilities, and though I was thinking as much in the back of my head I already noticed that I was starting to get close towards the hub with the amount of rats that were increasing the closer I got.

It now wouldn’t be long until I finally…

-I see a [Giant Rat]…

I voiced the last few of my thoughts as I finally saw one of the  real dangers within this sewer.

And just like I imagined the statue of the [Giant Rat] walking next to the side path was anything but similar to the [Big Rats].

Being 3 times as big as a [Big Rat] the [Giant Rat] was most of the time a lone hunter because of its size and strength, a low rank creature, the amount of food it needed to satisfy its tummy could fully feed 4 to 5 other [Big Rats]  which was another reason why [Giant Rats] were most of the time lone hunters since they don’t want to share their meals with other rats when it can barely feed itself.

This aspect in fact was one of the only solaces I could expect from this place, [Giant Rats] detested sharing their food which made them often times easier to spot alone, but at the same time they were far stronger and smarter then [Big Rats], the only way I could realistically defeat one was through using my [Lesser Fireball] spell on it constantly and hitting it from a range.

In close quarters the [Giant Rat] could easily just push me to the ground and kill me without a problem, with the amount of strength I had right now and the skinny 10 year old build I had there was no way for me to contest in brute strength even if I filled the gaps with skill alone.

Employing tricks was also not very effective as compared to the [Big Rats] the [Giant Rat] didn’t easily get deceived by simple tricks like the cloth of blood that lured the [Big Rats], a [Giant Rat] with its intelligence would at the very least be able to differentiate the difference between meat and blood, what was edible and what was not.

-I expected it, but I truly didn’t think it would come so quick…

I thought to myself, observing the [Giant Rat] that 90 cms tall and 90 cms long, I watched as it swaggered through the sewer side path as if it owned that place, its long and pointy nose sniffing the air and ground as it looked for anything to eat and appease its stomach, sometimes looking into the sewer stream looking for a delicious snack to float its way, and when it didn’t find anything it would just continue to look elsewhere its nose never stopping its awfully twitching and sniffing.

Any [Big Rats] that were heading this way immediately stopped the moment they saw the [Giant Rat], the looks the [Big Rats] showed when they spotted the [Giant Rat] was incomprehensible, but even though I didn’t know what kind of expression they were showing, I still understood the immense apprehension these [Big Rats] had towards that [Giant Rat], the [Giant Rat] in turn also noticed the existence of the other [Big Rats] and even though it was aware of their presence it did nothing to them and simply continued its own search for food.

One of the [Big Rats] who looked to be slightly braver then the others stepped forward approaching the [Giant Rat] I was unsure what that [Big Rat] was trying to accomplish by getting near that [Giant Rat], but the moment it came near the [Giant Rat] stopped in its tracks observing the little [Big Rat] coming its way with big red eyes.


After the [Big Rat] got close enough it cautiously made a subdued squeaking sound which it usually used whenever its trying express something. It looked like it was trying to probe the [Giant Rat] with that squeal, but still nothing happened, the [Giant Rat] was still the entire time simply watching the [Big Rat] in front of it as if observing something interesting.

-Hmm…I understand what its trying to do but if the [Big Rats] can distract this [Giant Rat] maybe I don’t have to make detour after all…

And just as I was thinking like that I could immediately see a bright red sinister light shine within the [Giant Rats] eyes, the [Big Rat] hadn’t noticed at the time too dumb to realize the danger it continued to approach the [Giant Rat] after noticing that it wasn’t doing anything.

The comrades of the [Big Rat] also seemed convinced about something and followed the courageous [Big Rat] who was the at the front, this action itself only made the [Giant Rat’s] eyes glow more dangerously and as soon as every rat was close to its reach…

(Chomp !)

It was only a single instant.

The [Giant Rat] moved abnormally fast aiming for the courageous [Big Rat] first, the [Giant Rat] opened its horrifying and sharp mouth, chomping onto the [Big Rat] it was capable of putting 80% of its entire body into its mouth alone before crushing it within its mouth making blood splatter everywhere as it finally swallowed its meal.

The other [Big Rats] who had witnessed what happened were momentarily shocked by the event, it took only a second though for them to understand what happened before they started shrieking again this time not in a threatening manner or subdued but rather in absolute fear.


The [Big Rats] ran for their lives, all of them were pretty fast and for a moment it looked as if they could get away from the [Giant Rat] who hadn’t even moved after crushing that [Big Rat] within its mouth, but no that was a mistake.

I could see a very disturbing and sadistic light within the [Giant Rat’s] eyes, even I for a moment felt disturbed by that brief intelligent cruelty it was showing even though it was a animal, its early act of cannibalism hadn’t fazed the [Giant Rat] at all, no rather it looked as if it was very used to it licking its over sized mouth from any excess blood.


And then, it laughed, or what I could perceive as a laugh, the usual squeaking sound that I had come to expect from all these rats was nowhere present within this [Giant Rat] it didn’t even sound like something a rat would make with its deep grimy tone.

I furrowed my brows.

-I need to leave, this doesn’t look good at all…

And without a moment of hesitation I started to swim backwards, I would have swam away already if I had known from the beginning how abnormal that [Giant Rat] was, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a “If” the [Giant Rat] may have been just another minor mob character in my original world but in this world it was a cruel and cold blooded killer, no matter how weak it was in the grand scheme of things, it can still easily kill me if I let it get close to me.

I swam, swam like my life depended on it which it technically did, since the place I was in was merely a singular path, the [Big Rats] could only escape one way which was the way I was also headed, and the [Giant Rat] who still hadn’t moved was obviously not going allow them to get away that easily, it was obvious with that look in its eyes.


And just like I thought, I could hear a grueling roar behind me, I didn’t look back or stop to see from where it came from already knowing the source of that grimy deep tone it only forced me to swim faster.


And as I swam I could hear the deathly throes of the [Big Rats] behind me, once again I didn’t bother to look or stop in any matter, the crunching sound of bones getting grinder apart was enough for me to understand what was happening, and from the way it was repeating with death throe followed by crunching I understood the the [Giant Rat] was also extremely fast there being a total of 5 rats and 3 being killed so far 1 at the beginning and 2 on the run, I knew that there must have been not much distance before the [Giant Rat] caught up and ate all of the [Big Rats] and since I was slower in water then on land the [Big Rats] were always slightly catching up to me causing me to worry as I was simply not sure how far the [Giant Rats] perception radius was and whether it was going to notice me.

-Faster…Faster… come on !

I lightly mumbled to myself, my limbs moving like never before, in my past life I had imagined countless times on how I was going to go out, how I was going to breath my finally breath of air, I always imagined extreme scenarios that were somewhat ordinary to me considering with the way I was brought up, most common way of death being through either gun or poison, but never had I imagined that in that life I would die from old age instead.

And now ? Well I hadn’t even considered how die yet since I only just arrived into this world, but one thing I can tell for sure.

I would have never imagined it would be a [Giant Rat] that would kill inside this world.


And just like that the last [Big Rat] died just before it could scream its final shriek, hearing that sound I stopped swimming exhaling deeply from within my stomach.

Most people would have continued swimming at this point to try to get away, but I wasn’t considered “Most People” after all the moment I heard that last death throe I felt “it” through the countless life and death experiences I had I knew.

-Damn…it noticed me.

Fleeing now was only a waste of energy, the burning gaze I had felt on the back of head was proof of that, and not soon after I could hear a deep grimy shriek that sounded like laughter coming from behind me.


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Kings Glaive Chapter 4 The Rat Trap

-[Lesser Fireball]

The moment those words escaped my lips I felt a decently high amount of MP drain out of my body, the MP that was being drained concentrated itself atop my right hand palm, creating a small ball of fire that had the similar shape and size to that of a baseball letting off extreme amounts of heat but not actually hurting me in any way or making me feel uncomfortable.

Checking my status window I could see that it took a fixed 20 points of magic to cast this [Lesser Fireball] spell and with my maximum amount of 120 points of Magic I could only cast it 6 times until I completely ran out of MP.

This spell was at the moment the most powerful and most MP consuming spell in my entire arsenal dealing the most damage because I still had [Fire Spell Mastery] at level 1, if I desired to have more powerful spells with more damage and effects I needed to first increase the level of my [Fire Spell Mastery] which in the game simply meant casting high level spells for that certain element to gain a lot of experience, and get a [Spell Tome] with a higher level fire spell on it or have someone teach me a higher level fire spell.


But as I admired and observed the floating ball of fire above my palm I suddenly came to remember why I even cast that spell to begin with, ever since getting into this body I was starting to get a bit too unfocused with my surroundings, I don’t know whether this is because my soul is too old or because my body is too young, but I am aware that there exists some kind of lag between my brain and my actions that makes me easily distracted if I don’t focus well enough, the only thing I hope for right now is for this lag to go away with the increasing battles to sharpen my senses.


I thought, Immediately throwing the ball of fire towards the loud high pitched squeaking sound as it hurled through the air emitting strong heat waves all around, the ball itself was not that fast, but because I put all of my weight inside that throw the flying speed of the fireball was pretty decent hitting the charging [Big Rat] it directly hit its head, the [Lesser Fireball] exploded upon impact with a subdued and hollow sound before enveloping the entire rat and then immediately proceeding to turn it into a small pile of ash.

[Critical Hit, 98 Magical Damage has been dealt]

[Target has died, 10 experienced has been gained]

-No level up huh…but well it was only one [Big Rat] can’t expect to get a level up with every kill, and looking at the amount of damage I had dealt, isn’t this a bit too much overkill ? My attack didn’t even leave a single piece of meat ! I think I should from now avoid using magic until I am actual in trouble, but since I also want to raise my recovery skills I should always use at least 1 spell for my MP to constantly recover.

I silently planned everything, walking towards the [Big Rat] that had turned into a small pile of ash from the [Lesser Fireball], I was quickly astound by its destructive capabilities and noted to myself to not use it as haphazardly like this while also planning to increase the level of my [Increased MP Recovery].

-Alright, enough gawking more hunting I guess.

And with that decision I once again jumped into the sewer canals swimming through the filth and other excrement’s trying to find lone rats that I could take 1 on 1.


Ever since I avoided the first batch of rats and made my escape through the sewer canals I started to use these sewers to my advantage the moment I realized that the rats could not identify or find me the moment I entered the sewage.

My [Phantom Eyes] Talent combined with my [Scavenger] racial ability both became incredibly useful in this situation since I could easily see through the darkness and the walls through the use of my [Phantom Eyes] even with my eyelids closed while also seeing at least 5 kilometers away and being able to spot each individual lone rat as any object of interest that my brain considered important lighted up with a bright blue hue while groups of rats would be colored a bright red hue meaning I couldn’t fight them in my current condition or strength.

Hunting this way was easier since I could easily avoid a group of [Big Rats], but it was also extremely strenuous since swimming costed me a lot of SP or stamina, I had to frequently stop a few times and rest in one particular area to recover my stamina, my body also needed to recover heat for me not to freeze to death making the [Ignite] spell into my lifeboat.

The weakness penalty was also still in effect, but ever since I started hunting 2 hours ago, 16% of my attributes already recovered allowing me to hunt longer and rest fewer.

I only hunted 1 rat ever since I started doing this, a rat which I entirely burned into a small pile of ash through the [Lesser Fireball] spell, just because I wanted to know what my strongest attack was like at the current stage.

Of course I regretted doing that since I didn’t get to eat and recover more energy, but all in all things seemed to be going well at the moment, my [Scavenger] racial ability shielded me from almost all diseases and sickness that were inside this sewer, without it I doubt I could even survive half an hour without immediately turning sick.

But in all honesty in my mind nothing was going well, rather I was staring to get depressed instead, if this was simply just like a game where you sat on the other side of a screen then I probably wouldn’t feel like this right now, but that was not the case.

With all of the disgusting smell everywhere, having your body covered with all kinds of filthy fluids and sludge, sometimes having it enter your mouth as well became a extremely irritating, humiliating and depressing, I wanted to curse on numerous occasions and shout in disgust but stopped myself at the last moment since I didn’t have energy for that.

I am not a germ freak, but even I had my limits causing me to constantly think about a shower and bath the moment I had the opportunity to rest and get out of the sewage.

But what made it worse was the fact that I even had the spells to do such things that could simulate a shower like [Create Water] from the [Water Spell Mastery] and [Cleaning] from the [Gray Spell Master], though in the end I decided to not do it since I would only waste more MP that way and would only relief myself temporarily since I would once again need to get into the sewage to avoid the groups of rats that patrolled this sewer.

I knew that if this continued on I would at some stage acquire the [Depression Penalty] which when in effect caused my stamina depletion to increase by 50%, the [Depression Penalty] was not a debuff that was particular hard to get rid off since you only needed to rest in a area that you were decently comfortable in, but the problem was exactly this, there was simply no place that I was comfortable in for this debuff to go away when I get inflicted by it.

Every area I would stop to rest in, could only be at maximum inhabited for 10 to 20 minutes before a batch of rats came to inspect, this was only enough time for my body to relax and get my breath in order, sleeping right now was impossible without getting eaten and I knew that at some point I needed to do it since I was starting to get drowsy the more I got tired.

If this was my old body from when I was still in my prime I would easily be able to stay awake for 2 days straight even if I did strenuous activities, but now with this skinny 10 year old’s body I was struggling to keep my limps moving without them suddenly falling asleep on me.

In this situation I had a few ways to survive, of course the easiest for me would be to directly head towards the exit of the sewer and get outside, this would not take me a lot since it literally was only a 20 minute swim from here to there, but that plan was immediately thrown out of the window the moment I thought about the fact that if I did that, I would basically put my fate into the hands of another person who could objectively end me if he just wanted to, as the city up above was known for being a gathering place of scum and other unsavory folks who had no remorse in selling a child off to slavery.

And seeing that I had already made my decision to not get to the surface before I got strong enough or evolved, this idea did not even enter my head before I thought of my final solution.

I knew this sewer like I knew the back of my hand, I knew every passage and turn there is and even a few secret passages that could be unlocked through certain actions, this place was like my own neighborhood since I was the one who created it in the first place, and knowing all of this I also knew a few safe spots in this place where I could safely lay my body and sleep for as much as I wanted.

The only problem was, the place I was thinking of at the moment was directly opposite to the exit, it was further located into the deeper parts of the sewers, right next to the sewer hub where all the filth is collected and gathered to be disposed off, that place was also one of the nesting places for the rats meaning the further I swam towards it the more rats I would see, who would also get increasingly stronger as I swam into their territory.

The rats I had previously killed close to the exit were merely [Big Rats] in the rat colony who were considered the lowest of the low who weren’t even allowed to stay inside the nest, if I continue to swim further I would at some point meet the next strongest rat which was the [Giant Rat] which had 3 times the size of a normal [Big Rat] and could swim as well !

The only reason I could avoid all of these [Big Rats] right now was because they couldn’t detect my scent or swim inside the sewage which was the main reason why they didn’t search it to be begin with, but [Giant Rats] were different, they did not only patrol the side paths like the other rats they also inspected the surface of the sewage once in a while in hopes of finding a floating corpse they could nibble on.

Why they would look for corpses was also understandable since this sewer was directly under one of the most crime ridden cities in the Imperia continent, corpses would be dumped into this sewer regularly with the people above knowing full well that the corpses would be eaten clean by the rats without even leaving the bones behind.

Originally upon remembering those things hoped to find a corpse and maybe try to scavenge some gear out of that corpse like clothes and tools, but as soon as I came up with that idea it quickly became void the moment I realized that those scum backs up there wouldn’t even leave a single loincloth on a person if they could sell it for a copper of profit !

And as such I had no other choice but to frustratingly forget about that idea and simply continue to look for lone [Big Rats] to get experience and increase my level, at this stage I was simply no match against a [Giant Rat] even if I could defeat one using my strongest attack the [Lesser Fireball] spell I was comfortable about roaming around the area where those [Giant Rats] were prevalent, I needed to eat, recover my attributes and most importantly I needed to raise my level, increasing my skill proficiency came dead last since the only thing I was worried about at the moment was survival.

-God…I think I can only last another 8 to 10 hours until I get so drowsy that I can’t move anymore, I need to level up at least another 6 to 8 times until I can safely make my way to one of the safe spots and thinking about it, the path alone would take another hour or so if I swam to it meaning that I can only spend 5 to 6 hours grinding if I don’t want to lose conscious in the middle of the path…where can I get so much experience ? Finding a lone rat alone is difficult since rats are rarely alone inside this sewer and most of the time always stick with groups for security and power, should I try to fight a group ? But that would mean I also have to take some hits, in my current condition there is no way that I can take on so many of them at once without getting hurt in the process, and if I get hurt I will get slowed down some more and may even suffer some kind of penalty…No, how about I make a trap instead ? Maybe I should use the sewage to my advantage ? Wait…

Suddenly an idea sprung into my head, I stopped for a moment slightly considering the possibilities of such idea, turning my head I looked at the wall of the sewer, the sewer was basically round in shape and made out of stone bricks, the middle of the sewer was meant for the sewage to flow while the other two sides were considered side paths to walk on.

There was nothing special here, no edges and no places you could use as a hook of some sorts, only round shaped stone bricks, but that was maybe enough for my plan to work.

Without any hesitation I immediately started on my plan, I first waited at one spot and looked around me using my [Phantom Eyes] to see through walls, this ability was a bit strange and hard to use since I wasn’t used to it, but because it was also a part of my body, I could control it like I move my limps.

From a distance I could see a pack of rats coming my way, they were a total 4 in that group who were walking side by side.

I tried to judge whether or not they were too much for me to handle, but after watching them for another few seconds and seeing that the next closest group there was had 6 members in it I immediately turned to action.

Still holding the rock that I had previously used to murder a [Big Rat] I used it this time to cut off a long strap of my potato sack that I used as a robe, the strap was long enough to reach from my chest towards my palm, being satisfied with the length I didn’t pay much attention to it anymore and instead used my rock to make a tiny cut on my finger letting blood flow out of my body.

I know that this is extremely dangerous thing to with the all filth around me, but I was confident enough in my [Scavenger] racial ability that I would easily be able to resist anything that tried to infect me.

With that out of the way I finally used the strap of cloth in my hands and let it absorb my blood starting from one end until it was completely soaked and I stopped bleeding.

This took roughly 2 or 3 minutes, and after I was finished I once again looked at the group of rats approaching my location, I knew that I didn’t have much time left and quickly stepped on top of the side walk, I climbed the sewer wall using the brick cracks as stepping stones to get a bit higher and stuck the clean end of the strap that was not covered by my blood inside a brick crack so it wouldn’t fall off easily letting the bloodied end of the strap dangling next to the wall to where the rats couldn’t reach even if they jumped but could almost touch it.

With those preparations in place I stopped doing anything and simply entered back into the sewage to hide waiting for the rats to come and notice the strap of cloth with my blood on it.


And as predicted the moment those rats came close and smelled the familiar scent of blooding coming from the strap they immediately became enthralled by the sweet smell with their hunger urging them to inspect what it is.

The rats immediately went into action, scrambling over each other their eyes were focused on the bloody end of the strap jumping up and down trying to get it and even climbing the wall to reach it, but always ultimately falling to the ground with only a few centimeters away from the sweet scent they wished to consume.

I watched all of this silently, keeping still inside the sewage waters I didn’t even dare to move a single muscle in front of these 4 [Big Rats], even though they couldn’t swim it didn’t mean they were scared from the water, [Big Rats] were possessed by their infinite hunger, they would even endanger their own lives just for food even jump into the sewage just to get a bite of meat, a [Big Rat] would usually only have food in its mind the moment it was born and when a [Big Rat] eats enough food they can sometimes immediately evolve into [Giant Rats] and become slightly more intelligent and capable enough to swim, at that point they can also control their hunger to some degree and feel the threat of mortality, but until then [Big Rats] are nothing more then food addicts that would do anything to quench their addiction.

But that also didn’t mean they didn’t feel other emotions.

Surprise for example is one of the emotions any creature can feel no matter how insignificant.


I whispered, my eyes concentrated onto the bloody end of the strap as I felt small amounts of mana drain from my body, I didn’t even need to look at status window to know that it only drained 1 point of magic, the spell itself comes from the [White Spell Mastery] branch of magic, most of which is support oriented or healing related, this specific does only one thing.

It casts a bright shining ball of light to illuminate the darkness.


The rats shriek from surprise, or at least thats what it looked to me since they can only make one type of sound, they were immediately frightened by the light that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, they were scared by it and stumbled back trying to run away from it putting the entire group into a massive panic and disarray.

As this was happening I understood that this was my opportunity, I immediately approached them like a aquatic predator watching its prey, looking at the rats I found one of them that was close to the edge with its tail dangling towards the sewage, it was the first to recover from its shock and momentarily observed the light as if trying to figure out whether or not it was harmful or not, it had no clue what was behind it at the moment since it wasn’t worried about the sewage, I didn’t miss that and grabbed the tail of the rat while it was distracted, the other rats were nowhere close and far too distracted by the light to care about their companion and even as the rat squeaked from fright having its tail pulled, the other rats didn’t care because of the light and simply heard a splashing sound before noticing that one of their friends was gone.

The Rat struggled quite a bit underwater, because the water was so murky and full of filth the rat could not see what was happening or who was dragging it, though it was struggling and thrashing its limps everywhere it still didn’t hit me since I was a fair distance away with his tail being 30 cms long which was half of its body length already.

I calmly observed it with my [Phantom Eyes] giving it the [Fear] debuff that it easily succumbed towards, the rat had swallowed quite a bit dirty water while it was struggling in fear until finally it drowned and turned limp after 10 seconds.

[Target has died, 10 experienced has been gained]

[You have leveled up]

I couldn’t help but smirked after I heard the pleasant notifications ringing inside my ears.

But because it was no time to celebrate I quickly erased my smirk and slowly came up to the surface holding the drowned rat and looking at the rats that were still there who had completely forgotten about their friend and continued to observe the light that was still on.

I silently thought to myself concentrating on the light I canceled the spell making everything turn back into darkness again which didn’t matter to me.

The rats were also dumb only waiting for a few more seconds before approaching the bloodied strap cautiously and then once again trying to get it by scrambling over themselves after noticing that nothing was happpening.

-Looks like I’l be staying here for a while…

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Kings Glaive Chapter 3 The World Of Orbis

The world of Kings Glaive.

Also called by its inhabitants as the world of Orbis, it is a world where all kinds of races and creatures exist with each other, where all kinds of ways of life meet with one another.

This world that I created is divided into the 5 major continents that are separated through the boundless ocean with numerous other smaller islands scattered by these distances.

The names of these 5 continents are named after what type of main race inhabits that continent or how it looks.

This is similar to how we humans on earth separate the europeans and the asians from another with continents, the names of these 5 continents are as followed.

The Imperia continent or also known as the land continent.

This continent by far is the most lush and widely covered with greenery, having recently switched into the industrial age, a lot of machinery and modernization can be seen everywhere in the most developed cities and areas of that continent, but for the most part even through industrialization it is still covered by the most vegetation out of all the continents that are known, having almost 60% of its area covered with trees and plants, it is a place that thrives everyday both in strength and in technology.

And in terms of politics there exist occasional wars between kingdoms but only to a small scale and not fanning towards the entire continent making it fairly peaceful.

The main races that inhabit this continent are the humans, the elves and the beastman, other than those major races that have a lot of members there are lot of other races that live in that continent as it is fairly big and full of life, these races while not considered major are still very powerful to its core and are recognized on this continent even with a few members, those races are the giants, the dragonkin and the vespians, even though they possess the least amount of territory compared to the other 3 major races they still are not a force to be scoffed at as any single member of that race possess astounding or even weird innate capabilities that make them powerful on their own.

And while there are other races that live on this continent, they are simply too weak, too few or too dumb to properly call them a race, any race that falls under this category is considered by the world as the “Minority’ or the bottom feeders,.

Races that are simply not worth mentioning if they aren’t exceptional in any way and are most often rather looked at as monsters instead because of their trait of not wanting or not being able to evolve into a higher species leaving others to do with them as they please be it killing or enslaving them, in technical terms as a “Roteater” even I am considered a “Minority” by the world, even if I am more intelligent and capable of speech, the world will still not recognize me or my kind as a intelligent race.

The “Majority” is far more important then the “Minority”, only the “Majority” decides what is a monster and what is a person, such generalization is cruel and inhumane, but it is what it is, because this is not a world where all individuals are equal like humans on earth but a world where a single individual can surpass the strength of an entire army, rules such as these have become necessary to keep the world at balance, and individuals like me the “Minority” can only follow them and make the best out of their shitty luck.

Continuing on the second continent which is called the Aviana continent or the sky continent.

The reason its called the sky continent is because the continent is literally floating on top another continent which is also a part of the sky continent called the bottom layer making the floating upper continent the top layer, all continents by this point in time are roughly the same size, the size being the same as the entire continent of europe on earth, having a gigantic floating continent on top of another continent sounds weird I know, but thats just how it is, the bottom continent is just like another land continent but the difference here is the fact that the bottom continent is almost always dark, the vegetation there is almost non existent or extremely weird because of the lack of sunlight, evolving into a bizarre manner with a lot of humidity causing them to have a lot of swamps and drinkable rivers but less edible food. The top continent on the other hand is almost always bright, being very close to the sun compared to the other continents and also closer to the sky, they suffer from droughts regularly and often have a water shortage, with most of their terrain either turning into rocky terrain or into a desert they often times struggle to live with the lack of water, food on the other hand is something they don’t really worry about, as the top layer is almost always infested with creatures who yearn for the sunlight making hunting a very common theme on the top layer.

The major races of this continent are the Nightbats and Arachnids who live in the bottom layer and the Harpies and Sunfuries that live on the top layer.

As of now there is a intense political strife between these 4 major races, the top and the bottom layer have each formed their own faction wanting the resources that are found on their side of their layers which is water and food.

Originally this political conflict did not exist, it is only a recent event that has happened, before, the 4 races used to trade with each other fairly and without complaint as they all knew that they needed the resources the other one hand on each individual layer to survive.

But soon a scandal occurred through one of these trades, it was discovered that the Harpies and the Sunfuries had colluded with each other and raised their food prices down in the bottom layer so they could take advantage of the Nightbats and the Arachnids for more water.

This when discovered caused a widespread conflict between the top and the bottom layer of the continent, many accusations and explanation where brought forward between the 2 factions, if this were only just greedy merchants who had caused this scandal, this whole event wouldn’t even have been that bad and simply blown by the wind, but because it was later also discovered that the royalty of the harpy race was also involved with this machinery the issue could no longer be ignored and just simply forgot.

Even though a full blown war has not happened yet, in the future the chance of it occurring is not zero percent making everyone on that continent stressed and set on edge.

Because of this, both continents had also stopped their official trade agreements finally getting into square one as both sides were made to suffer again especially the common people on both layers.

Some notable races on this continent if not being major are the Lamias from the bottom layer and the golems from the top layer.

Now going to the third continent the Mermidia continent or the sea continent.

This sea continent just like the sky continent has also 2 layers.

Well not whole 2 layers but rather 2 different types of terrain.

The first layer or rather the surface layer is a collection of numerous big islands that are connected to each other.

The islands used to be the homes of numerous other inhabitants of the Mermidia continent, the most common people in the Mermidian continent being the fishmen and the merfolk, these people while mainly living inside the ocean could also live above the surface, and because the islands had numerous other resources that were not available inside the sea, the people of the Mermidian continent decided to use that opportunity to collect these resources and gain another stream of revenue for their respective countries.

It all went well and good until one day thousands of pirate ships coming from both the sky continent and the land continent swarmed these islands.

The pirates that came from those ships while originating from the sky and the land continent were not actually the main races of those continents.

No humans, elves, beastman, darkbats, arachnids, sunfuries or harpies could be seen among those ships, what was instead discovered were numerous other unheard races and creatures aboard the ships, the leader of which was also a powerful individual who came from a unknown race, this man called himself the king of the pirates and the leader of the “Minority” which entirely comprised of his crew who were in fact all of the “Minority” races.

From where they had suddenly popped up from and how they came to being no one really knows, there are numerous stories about them and origin tales depicting their lives but the pirates under the leader of the pirate king Ozurk still remain a mystery as no real story could point or proof the origin of these people who all came from “Minority” races.

Ozurk the pirate king official also became a real “King” taking over every single island of the Mermidian continent and making it his kingdom, he claimed and set his mark on this world, and obviously in the process he was not very gentle about it as well, his path was covered in blood with ruthlessness unrelenting.

The Mermidian people were obviously outraged by this turn of events, their immediate action upon this invasion was also to chase these pirates away, and at first the Mermidian people seemed to have victory on their side when they attacked the pirates from the sea which was their home ground, but soon enough as the battles continued, ships sank and the Mermidian people drowned in their own blood, the final victor still ended up to be the pirate king Ozurk.

How all of this happened, was also fairly simple as well, Ozurk from the very beginning understood that he and his crew would stand no chance against the Mermidian people on the sea with their ships, the sea gave the Mermidian people their power while also restricting the strength of his crew mates.

But without the sea the people of the Mermidian continent would be weaker than humans from the land continent, easy pickings so to say, and because of this Ozurk with the help of his finest tacticians made a plan to swiftly seize every island they could grab and by doing so they could then defend they islands from the Mermidian people overturning the home ground advantage the sea gave to these people while enhancing the strength of his own crew mates.

Admittedly Ozurk still could do nothing to the Mermidian people on the sea, but so as well, the Mermidian people could do nothing to Ozurk on land.

This stalemate continued on for a few years, Ozurk continuously fought against the Mermidian people be it on sea or land, but mostly preferring to fight on land, the Mermidian people upon seeing this stalemate and the vicious tactics Ozurk employed couldn’t help but lament their bad luck and curse the pirate king and his shameless ways,

Everyone thought this war would continue indefinitely until one side completely exhausts their fighting strength but no one expected that only a few years later the pirate king would once again pull another audacious move.

The pirate king now formally and official a “King”, build a alliance with one of the “Minority” races of the Mermidian continent !

And it wasn’t just simply a ordinary “Minority” race, No, just like the dragonkin,vespians and the giants on the land continent this race while few in numbers was still considered powerful.

Those were the Bloodwhales, vicious and terrible hunters of the sea not even the most powerful of the fishmen and merfolk would dare to challenge a bloodwhale who was literally the sea goddesses favorite.

Bloodwhales in general were commonly known as only brawn and without brain hunters, they never communicate with others making people believe that their evolutionary trait gave them herculean strength and enormous power in return of intelligence, but in reality this was not the case, the strongest of the Bloodwhales, the bloodwhale king, was known throughout the entire Mermidian continent to be the most chattiest of all kings, even though his own people never talked, this king was strange as the only thing he did was talking as if he was possessed.

Ozurk in fact made this Alliance through talking with the Bloodwhale king, giving him a few generous conditions and hefty amounts of payments for his help, he was able to convince the Bloodwhale king to come to his side and help him fight his battle against the Mermidian people.

This sort of news shocked everyone as no one could believe that the bloodwhale king was so easily convinced just with a few conditions and payments, the other countries even scrambled among themselves rushing towards the bloodwhale territory to speak with the king and also make an alliance.

Though ultimately none succeeded, the bloodwhales even ate some of the ambassadors and envoys who came, and when asked why the bloodwhale king only agreed to Ozurks condition he replied like this.

-I like him ! He has interesting topics to talk about and he is a strong king who had the guts to talk with me face to face. if he becomes the next emperor of this continent I am sure there will be a lot more interesting things happening in the future !

This answer left everyone dumbfound, but in the end no one could do anything against it, the war continued for another year but as time went on it was already crystal clear that the Mermidians couldn’t chase the pirate king away any longer, with the help of the Bloodwhales and even the king himself the initial sea advantage they had immediately backfired on them, this in turn giving the Mermidian kings no other choice but to sign a temporary ceasefire treaty until it finally transformed into a peace treaty.

The islands since then became known as the kingdom of the “Minority”, lead under the banner of the pirate king Ozurk the kingdom flourished in trade as they possessed thousands of ships to send cargo with and with the help of the Bloodwhales who became employed in the end, Ozurk could practically assure the safety of the cargo with having at least 1 of the Bloodwhales escort the cargo ship.

The Bloodwhale king was very happy with this duty, he wanted his people to become more educated and knowledgeable of the world outside and hoped to one day being able to exchange words with his people, even the king himself sometimes escorted precious cargo on sea desiring the outside world and conversing with other unfamiliar creatures.

Next is the fourth continent, or what people call the continent of Galfonda also known as the ground continent.

This continent does not possess any types of layers, it is generally comprised of 2 halves one of which is a thick jungle forest and the other being a barren rocky terrain, but what is unique in this continent is the fact that there exists a gigantic inactive volcano which takes 10% of the continent that the inhabitants of the continent use as a power source.

The people in this world don’t really know much about the ground continent, out of all the 5 continents people have rarely ever ventured into this continent as the entrance to it was completely restricted by its people.

The Dwarves and the Stoneskins.

As far as the public knew the entire continent at the current phase seemed to be incredibly united for one reason or another, these 2 races control virtually every single perimeter of the continent making it almost impossible to invade them without being spotted, they are also the most reclusive and boast incredible technological prowess showing the world weapons and machinery that has never been seen before like ships made entirely out of steel and metal or arrows the size of a tree shaft that can fly for at least a kilometers until they hit their mark and even explode causing devastating damage.

Of course these things are pretty common on earth, technologically the Dwarves are simply too far ahead compared to the other races even though culturally they still have been lacking which is not a problem since the stoneskins make up for this weakness by improving culture alongside technology which rangers all the way from clothing and machine design to architecture, medicine and food.

Now why is it that these 2 races don’t let any foreigners into their continent ?

And why is it that even though they are so far technologically advanced they don’t want to explore the rest of the world ?

The answer to this question is quite complicated really.

I myself don’t know why I made this continent this way, but I gave numerous reasons as to why it could be.

First of all, the Dwarves fear that their technology could get leaked to the outside world if they let people into their continents.

This is one of the most common fears that exist, having your technology, that you and your ancestors worked so hard to complete for the past centuries,  stolen by another race would be both humiliating and hurtful, nobody could accept such results much less the dwarves who had done entirety of the work.

Furthermore the dwarves are by nature a reclusive race that likes to keep away from the surface world and just fiddle with their devices instead.

Mining, smithing and tinkering is their natural calling and even though they are also capable magic users the dwarves don’t use this talent for magic to improve themselves but rather prefer to use it for improving their devices.

At one point the dwarven people probably sat down with each other and discussed this problem as well whether or not venture out into the foreign world and see whats out there and maybe even join the people outside as well to broaden their horizons.

Ultimately the result of this discussion must have not gone well as there still are no signs that the Dwarven people want to interact with the outsiders and the same goes to the other race as well.

The stoneskins.

Standing approximately 2 to 3 meters tall, this races skin is covered entirely in what seems like ragged stones, their eyes and other facial features similar to gems, a adult usually weighs somewhere between 300 to 450 kilograms and even though they look intimidate with their big statue and strange appearance at heart a stoneskin is very gentle and kind.

Their reason for not letting anyone in or going outside is also complicated but at the same time it also has to do with the fact that stoneskins are a race that simply don’t feel the necessity to move away or feel comfortable enough to let others into their territory.

In short they are a bunch of rock heads.

Stoneskins prefer peaceful solutions towards a problem and never choose violence if they aren’t forced to, they are kind, gentle, patient and almost always out to help people if needed, but don’t let that fool you, even though the stoneskins are a bunch of zen seeking monks they are by no means weak, the fact that they can become a part of the majority race on a continent so big with so many other vicious and smart creatures proofs as much.

Stoneskins are inept magic users, no rather then saying that they are inept it is more accurate to say that they simply cannot use magic of any kind other than their racial ability which is close to magic but not quite, but in return stoneskins boast the most highest magic resistances that exists, as they get stronger stoneskins are capable of tanking all kinds of high level magic without even a single drop of sweat or scratch on their body.

And in terms of fighting strength, even though they can’t use magic this doesn’t make them immediately weak, a stoneskins preferred way of attack is through either utilizing their racial ability which allows them to bend earth into their desire or just simply slamming their opponents with their sheer size and strength, sharp or heavy weapons are nothing in comparison to a stoneskins ragged stone armor, if a stoneskin really wanted to they could easily snap such a weapon like they snap a twig.

And with that said you should probably now understand why stoneskins are so strong, Their inherent nature comes from the earth itself which makes them a peaceful and loving race, they are also far more interested in the fine arts and rather then fighting prefer to practice these arts, even though they are also the most inept artists since they have such a large statue and big hands that doesn’t allow them to do detailed work.

But even then the stoneskins don’t care, in terms of willpower and persistence a stoneskin is almost unrivaled, they try until they succeed which makes them both inspiring and adorable at the same time.

And in terms of their diet, stoneskins aren’t carnivors or herbivors, they generally only eat stones and drink water, and most of the time a stoneskin can also choose to simply absorb the energy of the world to feed itself as well, stoneskins are one of those races that you are glad about that they are not your enemies, if the stoneskins weren’t so kind and gentle they would have probably conquered the entire continent and even ventured out into other continents for conquest.

The other continents on numerous occasions already tried to negotiate with the ground continent, but on each and every occasion the answer was the same, which was “no”, such level of rejection would usually be met with a similar level of initiative but unfortunately on each initiative the other continents took by charging at the continent with their ships blazing, they would only ever meet the other end of the explosive metal arrow.

Even Ozurk the pirate king who also tried his luck finally stated that it was simply impossible to breach that continent without having a similar level of technology or possess higher level of magic.

This in some sense very much frustrated the rest of the world as the kings and rulers wanted to see what was on that continent and what they could find to maybe benefit them.

A lot of those countries even send numerous amounts of powerful spies towards that continent, but most of the time these spies would either never return or when they did return have nothing much to say other then the general terrain and the people living on that continent.

Diplomatic relations with this continent in general have not been going well for the past few years, but its improving to a large scale, numerous dwarves and stoneskins have already been send all over the different continents to either teach or explain them their culture, both Dwarves and Stoneskins are highly admired as they possess extremely huge potential and knowledge, the dwarves and stoneskins also get something out of this as they can collect information about the other continents while also looking at all the unknown and different resources they don’t originally have in their homeland which is a win win situation for everyone.

Finally we get to the final continent of this world.

This continent is actually uninhabited by any intellectual race, but at the same time it also not owned by any single race either who came to it when pioneering, this continent was also the last to be discovered and the most hardest to get to as it is completely surrounded by whirlpools and tornado’s on all sides, the continent itself is also completely obscured by fog you wouldn’t be able to see what it looks like without actually setting foot on it.

This continent is called the Xehas continent or what the people call it the forgotten continent.

Early pioneers and adventures who came to this continent all commented that such name was fitting for such mysterious and hard to get place, the fog is actually a large scale magic that only activates when the people look at it from outside, the fog drastically wanes and even disappears the moment you set foot on the land as if it wasn’t there to begin with, allowing you to see clearly.

The whirlpools and tornado’s aren’t natural either even though people still have no clue how they are made, they known that it is similar to how the fog was created with the help of magic.

Now what the continent itself holds even now no one knows, getting to it was already hard, but as soon as they landed and advanced their expedition, every person who has come so far soon came to realize that things were just starting to get harder.

The area they walked on was a forested area of the continent, as soon as they walked a mere 100 meters into the forest the expedition came to witness its first ever encounter with a creature of this continent.

Everyone expected to find some kind of small fry at first but the moment they laid their eyes on the creature everyone gaped their mouths.

They saw a 500 meter tall looking raptor with crimson fiery scales, red eyes and pitch black claws, calling it a dragon was wrong but also calling it Lizard wasn’t right either, this creature was simply so out of place that it made the expedition team question whether they were simply unlucky or just stupid regarding the fact that they didn’t notice this creature until getting close enough to see its feet.

But the worst here had yet to come.

The creature was a Sudo legendary creature.

This in leveling terms being the equivalent of a pinnacle 4th advanced combat class who is one step away into the 5th advanced combat class that is legendary rank in terms of a creatures strength.

More explanation wasn’t necessary anymore, the expedition team was obviously terrified the moment they realized the strength of that gigantic raptor, everyone already wanted nothing more then just leave at that very moment before the raptor noticed them, but just as they were about to make a run for it.


They heard a terrifying roar heading their way, the roar was so loud and powerful that it even shook the earth and rustled the trees all around them, some of the stronger expedition members even bled from their ears listening to that roar whiles others who were not so strong plainly lost consciousness in their own puddle of blood with few unlucky ones instantaneous dying from the roar itself.

By this point everyone was terrified to their very bone, the raptor who seemed to be closest to the roar turned his head and looked grimly as something seemed to approach from the distance.

It was another Sudo-Legendary creature.

Now don’t misunderstand, Sudo-Legendary creature are not so plenty that you could easily find them inside a random forest. Usually people would never even see a Sudo-Legendary creature their entire lives if they aren’t strong enough much less a full fledged legendary creature.

With this common knowledge alone everyone could already understand the gravity and weirdness of this situation, there was something extremely fishy and weird going in either this part of the forest or…In this continent in general.

Judging by the whirlpools, tornado’s and fog screen alone when getting here, the expedition team knew that it wasn’t the former but the latter.

They did not hesitate the moment they came to this conclusion and didn’t even bother to pick up their unconscious teammates, instead everyone ran for their lives wanting to escape this hell heading towards their ships not wanting to be involved in this Sudo-Legendary battle.

But as they ran and headed towards their ships they realized that a lot of the other wild life in this forest had similar ideas of running away from the zone of destruction caused by the Sudo-Legendary creatures.

The expedition team when they saw creatures and appraised them mid-run realized that the weakest of these creatures was actually a rare rank monster while strongest was a epic rank monsters.

Rare rank being equivalent to 3rd advanced combat classes while Epic rank being equivalent to beginner 4th advanced combat classes.

There were simply no common or uncommon rank monsters to be seen only those two kinds were observed scaring the expedition team even more as they ran.

Common rank is equivalent to 1st beginner combat classes while uncommon is equivalent to 2nd advanced combat classes.

The strongest amid’s their team was merely a beginner 4th advanced combat class while the average power of the team was somewhere between 2nd class to 3rd class with majority of them not even being a combat class but more like support or crafting classes.

And just like this, the first ever expedition to the forgotten continent ended.

There were many more expeditions in the future, because of the rarity and abundant amount of rare and epic rank monsters even Sudo-Legendary rank beings plus many more rare materials found found the continent, strong individuals came to hunt for both experience and the materials found on this continent.

But as this stream of strong individuals came forward wanting to improve and find riches, they came to realize that there was another obstacles in their way the moment they came into the continent.

The continent didn’t just simply have physical restrictions keeping them away like the whrilpools and the tornado’s no, the moment a pinnacle 4th advanced combat class walked into the continent and desired to return back home, he soon came to realize that he was blocked by a invisible barrier from leaving the continent.

And it wasn’t only him, there many just like him at equal levels of strength which started at a pinnacle of 4th advanced combat class to a beginner 5th advanced combat classes all stuck inside the continent blocked off by the barrier.

Anyone who was bellow such levels of strength could easily leave and go as they pleased, but only these strong individuals seemed to be stuck and no matter how much they struggled and attacked the barrier even with their forces combined there was not even a crack on that barrier much less a scratch.

The people who were no stuck over there could only despair and lament their bad fates, realizing they now had to survive on that continent and maybe even live the rest of their lives their until they find a way to break the barrier.

This turn of events frightened a lot of the strong people who had initially ideas of coming there, immediately upon the discovery a lot of the stream of people started to lessen each month until it got the point that almost no strong enough person went there anymore, seeing this as a eternal death trap instead of a leveling haven and rare material harvesting plane.

The people who got greedy and hasty with their decision when heading there were still stuck on that continent, most of them already died because of the insane level of difficulty and danger involving this continent that had regular Sudo-Legendary fights all over its regions, as of now no full on Legendary creature has been spotted but everyone believes that they do exist since there are so many Sudo-Legendaries to begin with who can still evolve.

But if those Legendary creatures truly exist people wonder whether they can break or leave the barrier, ever since the discovery of the forgotten continent no other continents sovereign could sleep entirely in peace knowing that there is a gathering place for so many insane monsters out there in that continent.

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Kings Glaive Chapter 2 The Hidden Character

[Please Choose Your Class]

Mage, Archer, Thief, Fighter, Assassin, Cleric, Warrior, Novice, Hunter, Miner, Skinner, Chef, Merchant, Warden, Lumberjack, Herbalist, Songster, Dancer. Adventurer, Fisher, Tinker, Physician

-Choose a class ? Where am I ? Where did Sabrina go ? Wasn’t I just dying a few minutes ago ? What happened ? Am I dreaming ?

I unconsciously muttered under my breath, staring at the light blue window floating in front of my eyes as I was swept up by utter confusion and total loss.

I blinked for a moment lightly shaking my head as I tried to calm down some more, I thought about everything that has happened so far and tried to organize my thoughts, glancing back at the window I quickly started to piece things together.

The previous dizziness and blurry vision that assaulted me had quickly worn out, now finally being able to see clearly again I tried to look around me and see where I was, in hopes of finding a familiar place, though my expectations ended up in vain.

-This…this place is the sewer ? How did I get here ? Wait my voice ? Why do I sound so young ? No rather why can I see ? Where is the light coming from isn’t it dark in here ?

Immediately upon inspecting my surroundings even more dozens of questions started to assault my brain, the questions were so many that I even started to get another headache because of them, in the end I had no choice but to once again close my eyes and start to massage my temple slowly.

Panicking was easy, but it was hard keep yourself in check and regulate your emotions, since I lived for over 90 years and experienced a lot of things it came easier for me to sort my emotions and figure out a answer to my questions.

Ultimately the final solution I came up after thinking for a good few minutes wasn’t the answer I was really hoping for but in the end it was the only answer I could think of right now that made the most sense in this situation.

I opened my eyes, even though I couldn’t see what I looked like at the moment I was already 100% sure that this was not my original body, this place I was at most probably wasn’t even a place located on earth either…

-Its not a dream, it looks like I died for real, and upon my death my soul seemed to have transmigrated into another world mainly the world of Kings Glaive that I created, this would explain the floating light blue window that I am seeing right now with all the 1st rank classes listed for me to choose, but since every other 12 official characters in the game already has a class set upon starting the game and has a completely different starting zone, the character I am control can only be one character…

I silently deduced, raising my hands, the old wrinkled and scarred hands that I had come to expect were replaced by a pair of youthful and scarless hands instead, my skin that had a unhealthy ash tone to it from old age was also now replaced with a completely different smooth looking dark gray, further touching my face and my own body I was also sure that I must be somewhere between 8 to 10 years old judging by my facial structure and bone development.

My voice had also not undergone any changes yet, it seemed as if puberty was just about to hit which was really not something I looked forward to, to be honest.

-So it seems I am right, I have become the hidden character of Kings Glaive…haha…lady luck is really not on my side today is she ?

I laughed, half mocking and half worrying about my situation as I felt both extremely lucky and unlucky at the same time, a blessing in disguise basically.

Now why I felt that way came for many reasons, but the most important reason of all is the fact that the Hidden character of Kings Glaive is the most hardest to play compared to the other characters, as you can see through the starting zone of the hidden character it being a filthy sewer rather then a village, but that’s not the worst…the worst has yet to come.

Now since this is a game shouldn’t I be able to do this ?

Status window !

Immediately the moment I said those words inside my mind a blue window appeared before me overlapping with the other window with the classes on it.

Name: Artorius

Race: Roteater LvL.1/50

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Male

Class: None

Status: (Starved, Hunger Penalty;Attributes Reduction – 50%, -1 point of health every hour until individual dies from hunger penalty)

Health Points: 39/45(90)

Stamina Points: 22/35(70)

Magic Points: 55/55(110)


Strength – 4.5(9)
Constitution –3.5 (7)
Agility –4 (8)
Intellect –5.5 (11)
Dexterity -7 (14)
Willpower -3.5 (7)
Wisdom –4.5 (9)
Charm –2.5 (5)



[Racial Ability]



Phantom Eyes

[Normal Skills]


[Class Skills:]


-Pffft !

The moment I saw my own stats I felt the urge to laugh, disregarding the fact that I was starved and suffered under the hunger penalty that would kill me after 39 hours if I didn’t eat something fast, my base stats were simply horrible, the stats of a average human child that was 10 years old just like me would be at least at average be 15 points in all attributes, comparing a human child to me, the human child could easily overpower me in every aspect which was not a pleasant thing to think about.

But thats not all since its me who created this game and the character, I also at least knew its strengths and weaknesses, looking at the status window I immediately tapped at my racial ability and talent to see their descriptions.


Wild scavengers incapable of hunting survive by eating and consuming the left over prey hunted by another predator, because the left overs of a predator are always used by another smaller predator when the bigger predator has left, scavengers always need to wait a long time before they can have their turn and consume the prey, when its finally their turn to feast most of the meat would be rotten by the point they get the chance to eat, because of this the scavenger over the years has developed a high poison and diseases resistance that can combat the spoiled food or any other harmful substance that it comes in contact with, the scavenger. The scavenger possesses a very acute sense of vision, it can easily spot objects from far away up to 5 km with great detail, the scavenger gained this ability through evolution, searching for rotting corpses, it sacrificed its acute sense of smell that was not very helpful in its original environment to look for corpses instead, the scavenger through its evolved eyes is capable of seeing items or points of interests that light up inside its eye of vision.

[Phantom Eyes]

Because you have been on the verge of death multiple amount of times and always come back to life every time, you have seen a small glimpse of what lies beyond death, a slip of the truth that lies beyond the world so to say, because of this knowledge you are capable of seeing the status of any living being you see, your eyes are immune to any kind of vision debuff be it light, dark or physical obstruction, but because your eyes have seen death multiple amounts of times they have changed and now possess a small [Fear] debuff that scales with your level, people are also less like to approach or like you as well as they will feel the aura of death coming from you.

The descriptions were just as I expected, the hidden character is arguable the hardest character to play but it also possesses one of the most powerful Talents in the game which allows him to see any living beings status window and even gives the character night vision plus being able to see through objects like x-ray, but this doesn’t come without a price, because of this Talent my natural [Charisma] attribute is heavily influenced, talking with other people will become difficult without them becoming uncomfortable by my deathly aura and if they directly look into my eyes the [Fear] debuff will immediately activate making it even more impossible to talk with that person since they will either become scared and panicked or grim and hostile.

My racial ability on the other hand exists to directly counter the effect of my Talent, this racial ability allows me to eat and consume almost any kind of spoiled, diseased or poisoned food without getting inflicted by it, allowing me to live virtually anywhere by myself as long as there is food around, my race as it says on the upper half part of the screen is a Level 1 roteater, roteaters in Kings Glaive are originally wild scavenging monsters roaming the world

They look similar to humans and elves, living in small secluded tribes they don’t usually hunt and simply search the forest for fruits or vegetables, if they want to eat meat they don’t dare to fight another creature for it if not necessary as they are also extremely cowardly, they usually choose to search for the remains of a rotten creature instead, the roteaters are by nature cannibals, they eat anything as long as its dead even their tribesmen which is a type of custom in their place.


With all of this information in mind, I started to get slowly but surely get used to this bizarre situation, my acceptance came actually pretty quickly, its not as if I had any regrets in previous life before I died, I died witnessing my dream come true on top of that I also made up with my little sister Sabrina putting her at peace, virtually there is nothing really I should be worried about even though my current situation was a bit precarious because of the [Hunger Penalty] that would kill me in the next 39 hours if I don’t eat anything, I still mysteriously enough didn’t feel much pressure for some reason, be it because I was old or because I was too experienced already, maybe those aspect had already put me into a peaceful state of mind.

-Or maybe its just because I am the creator of this game, in a sense am I not the god of this place ? Hehe…

I lightly laughed, my youthful voice not even sounding a bit prideful or arrogant by my own statement as I knew how fragile I was at this moment, and thinking about…

Wasn’t I already staying too long at the same spot ?


Instantaneously as if responding to my own self conscious comment, a shrill and high pitched squeak resounded from the other side of the sewer canals, the sound echoed through the sewer as it reached my ears.

I turned my head, the darkness inside the sewer did nothing to obstruct my vision because of my [Phantom Eyes] talent which made everything look like it was still bright as day, and because I had the [Scavenger] racial ability I was able to see the big rat from far away in full 1080pHD detail.


I couldn’t help but exclaim, with my eyes wide I felt momentarily astound the moment I looked at that creature, standing approximately 30 cms tall and having a total body length of 60 cms, half of which was its tail, the creature or rather the big rat was the first ever fantasy creature I had ever encountered in my life, with its long sharp front teeth and its vicious red glowing eyes it glared at me from afar showing its feral and cautious look in its eyes.


But almost immediately the moment I made eye contact with it, the rats original feral and cautious glare immediately took a even more bloodthirsty turn, the effect of my [Phantom Eyes] the [Fear] debuff must have been triggered the moment we made eye contact and while usually the [Fear] debuff makes it so that the opponent becomes fearful and easier to fight against, sometimes this doesn’t necessarily mean it works, the [Fear] debuff I possess scales with my current level meaning if the opponent is higher level then me, more resistant or possesses similar capabilities they will not fall under [Fear] that easily and may instead become enraged rather then cowering, this rat that was charging at me with all of its might right now was one such case, the speed of which it ran at me and the bloodthirsty look it was giving me seemed as if he had met his most hated nemesis.

Thinking about all of these things and considering my situation a sudden piece information once again popped inside my head making me remember something about this character again.

-Oh right…another reason why this character is so hard to play is because my [Fear] debuff makes peoples more likely to fight me half of the time…

Though this information in my current state was pretty useless it wasn’t really bothersome either, as long as I don’t make eye contact with people or just wear a eye band then it should be fine right ?


Just as I was thinking about those problems I suddenly came to remember that I was actually in the middle of a dangerous situation, the big rat had already covered half of the distance between us while I was thinking about useless things, seeing it approaching ever so quickly I also stopped fooling around and stood up from the ground patting my rear.

The things I was wearing at the moment could barely be considered clothes rather it looked as if I using something like a potato sack to cover my body, the material of this sack was extremely itchy to the skin and it was slightly moist as well making me feel uncomfortable, furthermore I didn’t even have a weapon or anything that I could use to fight with, the only belonging I had right now was this potato sack that I was using to cover my small body.

-What did this kid do to get himself into this sewer in the first place ? What was the story of this kid again ?

I faintly tried to remember, at the same time looking around for a moment as I tried to look for a weapon I could use to fight against that rat that was coming for me, even though I was confident in killing the rat unarmed I also knew that it would come with the expense of getting injured, and right now I simply couldn’t afford to get hurt in any way, my [Hunger Penalty] was already pulling me down enough getting a [Wounded Penalty] was not something I wanted to deal with.

-Ahh well…I think this rock will do just fine for now..

Finally I settled for a spiky rock that seemed to have broken out of the sewer wall, holding the rock in my palm I guessed that I would at most get 2 or 3 uses out of it before it breaks.

-Well its not like I need that many, one use is enough..

I lightly hummed, still trying to remember again what the story of this child was, my memory had gotten bad over the years since I was getting old and even though I was in a new body I still didn’t retain all of my memories, some things I would bound to forget, and since it had been so long since I created the original 12 characters and the 1 hidden character there would bound to be some blank spots since I didn’t mainly dedicate the creation of the game for them specifically.

-Ahh Yes, I think this child is a slave child born from 2 other slaves, he hadn’t been contracted yet because he was too young and because of this he was able to run away the moment the guards were distracted and fled to the sewer, and since the sewer is completely under the control of monsters and is also a nesting place of diseases, nobody dared to follow the child thinking that he would die in here…

I recalled, and with those memories a lot of other memories surfacing into my mind, such as the map of the entire sewer and where I should go if I wanted to get out.

-Not that I want to get out right now since that would be the same as suicide if I went up there…a child like me even if not remembered by the slave merchant would easily be turned into a slave again the moment the people up there in that city see me…truly why did I even think about making such a difficult starting area.


And just as I was getting absorbed by my thoughts again, the rat that had been charging at me all this time had finally reached my place, it immediately jumped the moment it saw an opportunity, pouncing at it me it was very clear what it was aiming at, its bloodthirsty eyes directed towards my delicate young neck.

I wasn’t nervous or surprised by its sudden pounce, calmly I watched it approach me mid air, I already predicted that the rat would do such an attack from the very beginning, I knew that if it came to a direct confrontation, I wouldn’t be able to beat it completely since its stats were far greater than my own, not without a surprise attack.

This is the reason why I purposefully left myself open the entire time, animals like rats are opportunistic creatures that take any opportunity presented to them, the rat was bound to jump at me aiming for my neck the moment I gave it a opening, if it simply choose to come forward and started biting me from my leg instead than this fight could have probably gone a lot more in the favor of the rat.

-Well not that it matters.

I silently whispered to myself, finally taking a small step to the side as I lightly dodged the rat’s pounce completely, while doing so I also raised both of my hands, holding the spiky rock with both hands in a reverse grip, I drove it down into the ground with a stabbing motion, aiming directly at the neck of the rat that was flying by me.

The moment the tip of the spiky rock met the neck of the rat a hard bony sensation traveled from the rock towards my palms, soon after spurts of warm blood started to cover my hands with the final woes of the rat mixed into the fray as it died instantly.

[Critical Hit, 26 Damage has been dealt]

[Target has died, 10 experienced has been gained]

[You have leveled up]

Immediately 3 types of notifications resounded within my ears the moment the fight ended, I wasn’t surprised by those notifications and rather silently thought inside my mind.

Status window.

Name: Artorius

Race: Roteater LvL.2/50

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Male

Class: None

Status: (Starved, Hunger Penalty;Attributes Reduction – 50%, -1 point of health every hour until individual dies from hunger penalty)

Health Points: 39/45(90)

Stamina Points: 22/40(80)

Magic Points: 60/60(120)


Strength – 4.5(9)
Constitution –4 (8) +1
Agility –4 (8)
Intellect –6 (12) +1
Dexterity -7.5 (15) +1
Willpower -3.5 (7)
Wisdom –4.5 (9)
Charm –2.5 (5)



[Racial Ability]



Phantom Eyes

[Normal Skills]


[Class Skills:]


(Sigh) Even though I just leveled up I only acquired 1 point of dexterity, intellect and constitution, if I was a human right now all of my stats would have been raised by at least 1 to 2 points instead…

Thinking like this I groggily shook off the blood on my hand and wiped the remainder onto my dirty clothes, looking at the still twitching dead rat I momentarily imagined myself laying there dead for a second.

I smiled thinking like this before immediately erasing the smile with a grim look on face that didn’t fit a 10 year old.

-Well…at least I am glad I am alive, I may not know how I got here but its better then nothing I guess.

I thought so, self deprecatingly as I got down and picked up the still bleeding dead rat from its tail, my stomach grumbled endlessly the moment I smelled the foul blood of the rat, only hunger started to stay on my mind and even though the rat was raw and filthy I still didn’t hesitate when I bit into the fatal wound I caused, drinking its disgusting blood and chewing its sour meat.

Its bad…but its filling at least.

I thought inside my head, another notification suddenly ringing as well informing me of the change.

[Hunger Penalty has been lifted, attributes will now start to recover slowly until enough energy and nutrition is gained, this state will last for a total of 6 hours, if you desire to shorten the time span resting is advised]

With the hunger penalty finally solved I felt my body start to gain more energy and power, it didn’t come back to me immediately though, the attribute reduction was still in play it was only just getting lower the more I rested and consumed some food, the level up previously also must have given me some sort of spurt of energy, I wanted rest right now but at the same I also knew that resting was not a good idea.

The sewer was littered with monsters all over, the rat I just killed was merely the weakest of them, the blood of the rat would ultimately lure the other rats to my location, if I don’t get out right now or do something about the smell it was guaranteed that a swarm of rats would soon drown my corpse.

On top of that there were other important matters for me to settle as well.


I gulped down a bit more blood, feeling my head getting clearer and clearer from the bouts of nutrition I was gaining I looked down at the light blue window that was still floating within my vision.

[Please Choose Your Class]

Mage, Archer, Thief, Fighter, Assassin, Cleric, Warrior, Novice, Hunter, Miner, Skinner, Chef, Merchant, Warden, Lumberjack, Herbalist, Songster, Dancer. Adventurer, Fisher, Tinker, Physician

-I still need to choose a class…

I pondered for a moment, my bloodied hand hovering above the screen for a moment reaching towards the “Thief” class but just as I was about to tap it a sudden thought sprouted into my mind again making me hesitate to select the class.

I narrowed my eyes, all sorts of thoughts once again occupying my mind as I started to consider all possibilities that were available to me at the moment, my future plans, and how I was going to deal with this current situation.

In the end I came to realize that choosing the Thief class would not benefit me in any way, reason being…

-If I become a thief I can easily get out of here and start to use my skills to survive for a while, but knowing the city that is up above which is filled with thieves and other criminals my advantage would quickly become non-existent even if I have more experience, I need to get more powerful first, but to get powerful, I need to get levels, my current race only increases 3 stats by 1 point each level, by the time I get to level 10 as a roteater it would still not be enough for me to fight a level 5 human, and this isn’t even including the class of the human or my own, at the very base I am simply outmatched by the difference of growth that both our races have and for me to overcome this difference I need to become more than a roteater…I need to evolve.


It is the option one can unlock the moment a creature reaches its MAX level for their race, in the game every creature or individual who reaches MAX level can choose to evolve into a higher being and become stronger, this also Includes humans as well who have a total level cap of 99, the level cap always depends on the species of the race, me being a roteater my cap would 50 which is almost half of the human level cap, the amount of experience needed for each level up is also different for each species, weaker creatures need less experience and have a lower level cap while stronger species need more experience and have a higher level cap.

Because I am a roteater a low rank species I can easily hunt for rats and become level 10 inside this place, but if I want more experience I would need to travel further into the sewers and defeat more challenging opponents for more EXP.

Meaning that I simply can’t get out of this sewer before I am strong enough to defend myself from the outside…but if this is the case…how can I continue to live in this place ? At some point I am going to need water, I can’t just drink blood to sustain myself even if I have the [Scavenger] racial ability, I also need fire, some kind of warmth to keep me from freezing which is simply not available here, equipment is also a problem as well, I can’t just continue relying on stones as my weapon, and if I get injured in someway who is going to cure me ? Wouldn’t this mean that I am really forced to get out of here ?

I momentarily thought about it some more, my hand nervously hovering above each class that could elevate some of my problems, but as I was doing so I realized that no matter what class I chose there would always be some kind of problem that would force me to get out of here and seek help from the outside.

-There are only 2 options for me right now….either I quickly find a person who can become a party member who can help or try to do everything on my own until I am strong enough…

Thinking about these 2 options I immediately erased the first option as there was simply no available person up on the surface to help me in this current situation, even if there was, convincing such person to help was almost close to impossible as my [Phantom Eyes] Talent would immediately give them a bad opinion of me even before I get to talk to them, on the other hand, the second option, trying to do everything on my own was easier to do, but it was also an option I really didn’t want to choose as it also meant that I would immediately compromise myself to play the most hardest class while also playing the hardest character all in one go.

While the chances of my survival in this case would immediately go up by 50% in the later stages of the game I would be fucked pretty hard if I really go through with this plan.


I laughed once again, this time a faint sense of madness present inside my laugh as I started to think that I must have had all of this planned way back when I first made this character combined with the starting area and the city up above.

My circumstances were literally forcing me to choose that class for any hopes of survival, if I choose any other class my chances of living would simply plummet close to zero, but if I choose this class I would only have a 50% chance of survival where if I do survive I would incredibly fucked later on as my class will start to make my life even more difficult.

I was quite honestly torn about what to do, I was confident in my own skills, but at the same time I was aware that my skills could only carry me so far until they became negligible.

Sacrifice my future to live right now ?


Risk my life for a better future ?

It was this psychological question that made me hesitant about what to do, my hand that was hovering above the screen was stuck in place not sure what to do…

But in the end I could only sigh as I begrudgingly chose the option that would guarantee my survival.

[Please Choose Your Class]

Mage, Archer, Thief, Fighter, Assassin, Cleric, Warrior, Novice, Hunter, Miner, Skinner, Chef, Merchant, Warden, Lumberjack, Herbalist, Songster, Dancer. Adventurer, Fisher, Tinker, Physician

[You have chosen the class Novice Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Increased HP Recovery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Increased SP Recovery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Increased MP Recovery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Water Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Earth Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Fire Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Wind Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Gray Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill White Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Black Spell Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill One Handed Sword Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Two Handed Sword Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill One Handed Axe Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Two Handed Axe Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill One Handed Dagger Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Bow Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Crossbow Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Staff Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Hand To Hand Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill One Handed Mace Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Shield Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Spear Mastery Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Aimed Shot Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Arrow Fletching Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Stealth Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Provoke Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Backstab Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Blessing Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Heavy Strike Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Tracking Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Mining Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Metallurgy Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Skinning Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Animal Knowledge Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Cooking Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Research Cooking Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Bargaining Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Appraise Item Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Nature Armor Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Entangle Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Lumbering Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Crafting Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Herbalism Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Drug Refining Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Singing Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Song Of Morale Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Dancing Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Dance Of Serenity Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Sixth Sense Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Bluffing Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Fishing Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Swiming Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Dismantle Device Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Create Device Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill First Aid Lvl.1]

[You have learned the skill Diagnose Lvl.1]

-Arghhh !

Immediately, the moment those countless notifications popped up a intense headache surged through my entire brain, it was so bad that it almost forced to my knees but I kept myself on my feet and simply endured, I could vaguely see what the notifications were about and also understood that knowledge was being pushed into my head causing this intense headache of mine.

Ultimately the pain lasted for a total of 3 minutes before it instantly stopped, the moment I came to again I realized that my entire body was covered in sweat, a huge amount of stress must have been piled through gaining all of those skills but I wasn’t bothered by it for too long.

-Status window.

Name: Artorius

Race: Roteater Lvl.2/50

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Male

Class: Novice Lvl.1/10

Status: (Weakness Penalty: 50% Attribute Reduction, lasts a total of 6 hours with each passing hour reducing the attribute reduction by 8% )

Health Points: 39/45(90)

Stamina Points: 22/40(80)

Magic Points: 60/60(120)


Strength – 4.5(9)
Constitution –4 (8)
Agility –4 (8)
Intellect –6 (12)
Dexterity -7.5 (15)
Willpower -3.5 (7)
Wisdom –4.5 (9)
Charm –2.5 (5)



[Racial Ability]



Phantom Eyes

[Normal Skills]

[Increased HP Recovery Lvl.1][Increased SP Recovery Lvl.1][Increased MP Recovery Lvl.1][One Handed Sword Mastery Lvl.1][Two Handed Sword Mastery Lvl.1][One Handed Axe Mastery Lvl.1][Two Handed Axe Mastery Lvl.1][One Handed Dagger Mastery Lvl.1][Bow Mastery Lvl.1][Crossbow Mastery Lvl.1][Staff Mastery Lvl.1][Hand To Hand Mastery Lvl.1][One Handed Mace Mastery Lvl.1][Shield Mastery Lvl.1][Spear Mastery Lvl.1][Swiming Lvl.1]

[Class Skills:]

[Water Spell Mastery Lvl.1][Earth Spell Mastery Lvl.1][Fire Spell Mastery Lvl.1][Wind Spell Mastery Lvl.1][Gray Spell Mastery Lvl.1][White Spell Mastery Lvl.1][Black Spell Mastery][Aimed Shot Lvl.1][Arrow Fletching Lvl.1][Stealth Lvl.1][Provoke Lvl.1][Backstab Lvl.1][Blessing Lvl.1][Heavy Strike Lvl.1][Tracking Lvl.1][Mining Lvl.1][Metallurgy Lvl.1][Skinning Lvl.1][Animal Knowledge Lvl.1][Cooking Lvl.1][Research Cooking Lvl.1][Bargaining Lvl.1][Appraise Item Lvl.1][Nature Armor Lvl.1][Entangle Lvl.1][Lumbering Lvl.1][Crafting Lvl.1][Herbalism Lvl.1][Drug Refining Lvl.1][Singing Lvl.1][Song Of Morale Lvl.1][Dancing Lvl.1][Dance Of Bewitching Lvl.1][Sixth Sense Lvl.1][Bluffing Lvl.1][Fishing Lvl.1][Dismantle Device Lvl.1][Create Device Lvl.1][First Aid Lvl.1][Diagnose Lvl.1]


Looking at the filled skill section of the window I couldn’t help but smile a little bit from satisfaction, looking at all skills that I had acquired I felt like a walking factory, but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel that life was going to become very difficult in the near future, even though right now I am may look extremely overpower with all these skills, the truth was that I was very far from being anywhere near as powerful as one would imagine.

The Novice class I have chosen is the most hardest class to play in the game, there is numerous reasons as to why it is the hardest, even though it is capable of learning every skill in the game it suffers from 2 extremely huge problems that is not easy to address.

The first problem being that this class needs a lot of EXP.

And when I mean a lot I mean a shit ton load of EXP, for a novice to level up from level 1 to level 2 he needs to, at the bare minimum gain enough exp for all twenty two 1st rank classes to level up to level 2, meaning that by the time a level 1 novice gets to level 2 another class can easily level up to level 5.

You can already imagine how long it would take for a Novice to even get from level 2 to level 3, such amount of time would enough for any other class that is at level 5 to get to level 8.

The only plus side to this EXP problem is that the Novice can do any action he wants to farm EXP for his class.

In Kings Glaive there exist a total of 2 kinds of EXP points.

The Race EXP that I have mentioned before which is the normal EXP kind in any RPG that can be earned through killing monsters and the Class EXP that can be only gained through doing a Class specific actions.

Fighters gain Class EXP through fighting while Chefs gain Class EXP through cooking, the same going for the other classes like fishers, archers, clerics etcetera.

The Novice on the other hand who has all the beginner skills available to him can use all the skills to gain Class EXP.

A good analogy for this would be taking the class and looking at it as a sort of tool, fighters have weapons as tools while the cooks have pans and ingredients as tools, the more they use those tools they become more familiar and experienced with them strengthening those tools in their hands.

Novices on the other hand have a entire belt full of tools, they aren’t restricted towards any single one tool and can use all of them, they can train in any sort of tool and increase the proficiency in that tool giving them experience and power in that area but not only strengthening the tool alone but also the entire belt that holds the tools which needs a lot of EXP since its so big this being the Novice class.

The second problem a Novice suffers from is the skill proficiency problem.

A skill when learned always starts off at level 1, to increase that skill proficiency one needs to repeatedly use that skill for the skill proficiency to raise, any skill has a max level of ten, 1 to 3 being the beginner level, 3 to 6 being the intermediate level, 6 to 9 being the advanced level and finally 10 being the master level.

There exists 1 level beyond the 10th level the 11th level which is called the grandmaster level, but explaining it right now would be meaningless since I am nowhere near that level with any of skills that I had just learned.

In any case a ordinary class like a fighter can level the proficiency of any skill they learned up to 10 or 11 without any sorts of restriction as long as they train hard and long enough for it.

Class levels generally don’t influence or hinder the skill proficiency of any skill, class levels only serve to indicate the power of that person within that particular class and also serve as a type of requirement to learn new types of skills if their level is high enough to learn it.

A Archer for example when they turn level 2 can learn a skill called [Scatter Shot] or [Quick Shot], Novices when they level up to level 2 can also learn the Archers [Scatter Shot] or [Quick Shot].

The skills I had just learned were all skills that any of the twenty two 1st rank classes learn at level 1, usually when a person gains a class they don’t immediately learn a skill, ordinarily one needs to first learn themselves how to use a skill to gain the skill or get taught by another person who knows the skill to gain the skill, other classes cannot learn the skills of another class, they can only learn the normal skills that any person can learn like the recovery skills or mastery skills.

To gain a class in Kings Glaive a person needs to be first 10 years old and get the skill and practice the skill of the class they want to be for 1 year until they finally gain the class, people who want to be Lumberjacks for example would need to cut down trees with their axe for 1 year with their [Lumbering] skill while people who want to be Archers would need to use a bow and practice the [Aimed Shot] skill for 1 year.

To become Novice on the other hand one doesn’t need to practice a skill for 1 year, when a person learns all level 1 class skills for all the classes they automatically become a Novice.

Now coming back to the skill proficiency problem for the Novice, I mentioned how the level of a class doesn’t hinder or influence the proficiency of a skill, and the Novice is same in that aspect the only problem being that its not the level that is causing the problem for the Novice rather its the class itself that hinders the proficiency of the skills a Novice possess.

A Novice can only raise the proficiency of any given skill he has to level 3.

It doesn’t matter how high of a level a novice is, even if a person becomes a level 10 Novice which is the limit, they can only raise their skill proficiency to level 3 which is entry level for intermediate, for a Novice to go beyond level 3 in any given skill they first have to reach level 5 as a Novice so they can finally class advance into a Apprentice.

Any class in Kings Glaive the moment they reach level 5 can class advance into a higher class or even learn another 1st rank beginner class if they are not satisfied by their first class which also is called double main class or switching main class, advancing does not mean that their original class gets deleted and replaced rather a person gains a additional class that is connect to their main class which is the first class or double class, though by that point a person cannot learn how to become a Novice as the Novice class can only be acquired at the very beginning as a main class, the same goes for Novices as they can only advance into Apprentices when they level up to level 5.

Back to the class advancement of the Novice, when a Novice finally turns into a Apprentice their skill proficiency limit immediately gets raised from level 3 to level 6, this chain of action continues until the Apprentice is high enough level to finally once again advance class, the limit always raising from 6 to 9 and 9 to 10 until finally they can advance to their final class which allows them to learn a skill until level 11 the grandmaster level.

Because of this skill proficiency restriction and need for enormous amounts of EXP, the Novice class while known all over the world for its capability of being able to learn all skills be it beginner or advanced, has never been truly explored to its limits as every person who had tried before had utterly failed in their attempt leaving behind only regret and despair for the future generation of this class.

Through this legacy of failures the people of Kings Glaive have come to dub the Novice class as the most useless class in existence, finding any person who holds this class in disdain and too ambitious.

And its not like they are wrong or anything, the class itself is indeed extremely ambitious, wanting to known any type of skill there is in the world, the requirements and restrictions for such a task would be enormous and too difficult for a person to bear.

-And now, I have come to bear this heavy task, if I want to survive in this world it looks like this is my only path now…I wonder what did I think when I first created this class and this scenario to begin with ? What kind of truth did I try to conceive when I made all of this ? The impossibility of it all or just simply the utter ridiculousness of this class ? Well doesn’t matter now anyways since I have already made my decision, there is only one way to go now [Ignite] !

With those words I finally ripped away the last shreds of my doubt, speaking the keyword for the first [Fire Spell Mastery] spell I could cast, a small flame immediately got summoned into my palm Illuminating the darkness around me, I was fascinated by the first magic I had ever cast, even though it was fire that I was holding in my hands I didn’t feel any sort of pain and instead only felt a warm sensation on my palm, I could even feel the MP drain from my body as it supplied the small flame inside my hand.

-Now I finally don’t have to worry about freezing to death, but on the other hand I seemed to have once again stayed too long in the same spot…

And with those words the tapping feet of many rats could be heard for far away, with their occasional shrieks and squeaks they directly headed towards my location lured in by the strong smell of blood coming from their once alive brethren.

Listening to those sounds I couldn’t be sure anymore how many of those rats were coming this way, the only thing I knew for sure was the fact that I simply couldn’t outrun them or fight them all at the same time, knowing this I finally had only one choice left that would lead me to survival in this situation.

I looked down, staring at the black green lake of sewage flowing through the canals I could see a few pieces of feces floating above the water and also a few rotten bones coming from unknown skeletons that either died in here or were dumped down, either way I felt a very crawling sensation down my spine the moment I considered the things that I was about to do, it took me a few seconds to calm down, but still nauseated about my idea.

-In the end this is the only way, I didn’t wake up inside this new world to immediately die again, if there is a will there is a way…nothing else needs to be said..

And without hesitation, I jumped into the disgusting sewage of the sewer, keeping my mouth and eyes closed shut I swam through the sewer hiding my scent from the rats as I avoided them expertly.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 11 Origin Of The Hunter Act 6 Finale Part 4

The way Ivankov had blocked all those attacks from the beginning was through the help of a item gained through the dungeon.

More specifically it was the one time reward given to people that had cleared the third floor of the goblin cave for the very first time.

[The Box Of Protection]

It is a magic item a tool to be specific that had the effect of erecting a dome shaped barrier around its user within a 100 meter radius.

The barrier could block attacks up to a specific damage threshold, meaning that as long as that threshold was not broken the barrier would not break either, but all of this doesn’t just come for free, the box itself consumes a small portion of mana depending on the power of the attack that hit the barrier.

This mana can come from two sources.

By either the user himself or by a energy source that can be inserted into the box namely the mana stones that came from the monsters.

Obviously Ivankov hadn’t been using his own mana as fuel to power the box, with his mana pool the sniper shots would have been enough for him to be drained completely dry let alone tank shells or helicopter missiles.

No, the power source he was relying on obviously stemmed from the mana stones gained from the monsters, to be specific it was a mana stone found within the first floor of the dungeon.

This mana stone compared to the mana stones found in the lower floors was pitifully small the size of a fingernail but even then it was still capable of blocking all those attacks from before, the amount of energy consumed was merely 3/4 of a single mana stone evident by the cracks and color that remained.

This couldn’t be called neither good or bad, Ivankov at the very beginning hadn’t expected much from the box, he had initially filled it to the brim with mana stones from the first floor thinking that only a single volley would consume every single stone in the box never did he expect such a result with so little consumption, he had originally been extremely wary that entire time ready to leap into the dungeon gate if things went south.

Luckily he didn’t need to do so, having witnessed the result of his gamble it made him sure that he and his daughters could stall a very long time.

After all these mana stones were merely the ones coming from the first floor, they absolutely paled in comparison to the ones gained from the second and third floor which made him even more confident.

To top it off more would be coming soon.

-Haha…this will buy us some more time, I don’t know how long those guys will attack us but at least for now they won’t be able to break through the barrier with the amount of mana stones I have on my body…

And Ivankov was right.

Not soon after the general issued more orders, being completely infuriated and having his pride wounded, the general threw caution out of the window and ordered his men to completely decimate that barrier.

After a while of firing and launching missiles he soon calmed down, having no idea how the barrier function he couldn’t just aimlessly fire at it until it broke, by this point they would run out of ammunition first before being even able to put a dent onto that barrier.

Because of this the general started to put other plans into consideration.

First of all he once again tried to talk with Ivankov and negotiate with him, since force didn’t work he had no other choice but to talk it out with Ivankov, but to nobodies surprise nothing much changed, even after the general assured the safety of Ivankov and his daughters and swore that they could leave in one piece, Ivankov still did not budge from his position, it was as if everything he heard fell on deaf’s ear, the general was even angrier because of it but quickly distilled his anger and abandoned the negotiation plan since it didn’t work.

Next he tried a lot of other different approaches, first he tried to put one of his man through the barrier and see if he could enter, this was actually was his original plan when he couldn’t break the barrier with his weapons but since he didn’t want to put his men into unnecessary risks he first tried to negotiate again ultimately failing and giving him no other choice but follow through with his original idea.

Of course this one failed as well, the barrier not only blocked projectiles but it also blocked other beings from entering as well, after this many other ideas came forth such as digging under it or climbing on top of it, putting large amounts of explosives in one concentrated spot or even just trying to push it in hopes of bending it somehow.

The barrier was tought and it was not until orders came down from HQ that the general stopped trying to break the barrier on his own.

In the end it was decided that a official representative would be send to this area to talk with Ivankov. The army was order to split only keeping the minimal amount of shoulders in place to watch the gate and Ivankov.

This was ultimately what Ivankov hoped for, with the constant bombardments and attempts to break the barrier Ivankov was starting to get worried about how long they could stay inside the dungeon, he was even planning to maybe leave with his daughters and find another dungeon so they could amass power in peace but because they already spent so much time inside the goblin cave and amassed a lot of knowledge about, they feared that they would need even more time to adjust towards the other dungeon gate and would so waste time or even the opportunity to reenact revenge against that earth bending awakened.

Remember Ivankov and his daughters weren’t the only people who were right now amassing power like this, the awakened including the earth bending awakened were aware of the effects of the dungeons, many similar cases had already popped up over the world with large amounts of people either claiming the dungeon or even just building a organization centered around the dungeon itself.

It was already a miracle that Ivankov could monopolize a dungeon only with 3 people including him, if it was not for [The Box Of Protection] they could have never stalled for so long until they amassed enough power, but even then Ivankov understood that things wouldn’t end so peacefully, right now they were fine and well but there would be no telling when their Mana stones would run out or their barrier would be broken by a powerful attack, the people were growing everyday, there would come a day when the barrier he was so proud of right now would snap and tear like a piece of paper.

He could feel it in his bones.

And as such, the moment the government representative appeared and came to negotiate with Ivankov he said this.

-I want to join your government, I am willing to disclose every bit of information and knowledge I have regarding the dungeon and even am willing to give you some of the items acquired from the deeper floors, but that is only under one condition, I want to make my own organization connected with the government

As he spoke, the representative was obviously surprised by the sudden proposal, but because the representative was a slick and experienced man he quickly calmed down and thought this proposal, he was thinking quite a bit and just as he was about to give his answer.

-Think  carefully mr, representative at the current stage I maybe one of the only people on earth who has ventured so deep into the dungeon, at this rate it won’t take long for the other countries to catch up, I would say a minimum of a month or two would required until the other countries especially china catches up to my clearing speed, at that point I predict that america would stand no chance clearing the dungeon as fast as china since they have so many people who venture forth meaning more chances to win the lotto and far more man power to overwhelm your army, and this isn’t even mentioning the awakened who will also soon start to become even more powerful and troublesome then they are now, with my help I can help you nurture more and more explorers ensuring the survival of this country, you only need to give me the right to open my own organization that is also connected to your government, dont you think this deal is good as is ?


In the end the representative completely lost on what to say, the points Ivankov had made were very valid and already concerned the upper echelon of the country a lot, with the help of Ivankov this problem could be relatively solved quickly if they make all the right decisions, and on top of that Ivankovs own condition wasn’t even that bad, since he said that he would bind himself with the government it meant he would fall under them and follow their orders, in fact this could be a immense benefit !

-I have not enough authority to make such decisions please let me go back to the HQ and discuss with my superior, I will come back immediately after I get my answer.

-Very well, I wait for you, but be aware that this offer has a limited time, I am not staying here forever and if you reject me, I have no other choice but to return to my own country and offer my services there instead, do consider my words.


The final bit of information Ivankov gave disturbed the representative quite a bit especially since he couldn’t see any bit of doubt or worry when Ivankov told his intentions, he kepts those words in mind turning around he quickly made his way back to the HQ.


There were many reasons why Ivankov would do something like this, most of these reasons stemmed from the fact that Ivankov simply acknowledged that he did not have enough manpower to complete his goals.

It would take far more people then Ivankov and his two daughters to complete what was he was about to do.

On top of that he needed also a safe place for both of his daughters to go back to in case anything happened to him, and finally Ivankov just simply couldn’t think about anything better as he wasn’t good at anything other than fight and leading people.

-I did all I could, now all thats left is fate playing its tricks.

And just like this even more days past the representative talked with his superiors, and through this a wide and long discussion was held, meetings after meetings were booked until this topic finally reached one of the highest authoritarian positions in this country.

The president of the united states.

-Hmm…well, we can’t lose and we can’t let the awakened win either, I don’t like where this is going, but if this is the only way for this country to keep up with this race and remained unharmed…then I agree…

The vice-president stood up clearly in shock as he looked at the president wide eyed.

-Then mr.president you mean ?

The president nodded, standing up and putting his hands behind his back before looking out of his window.

-Yes, Micheal Ivankov, from today on words he will be the leader of the department of dungeons, what will come out of this…lets hope its going to be good.

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Kings Glaive Teaser Trailer Chapter 1 A Life Of Twist And Turns

Where…am I ?

I asked myself, my eyes blurry and my head so incredibly dizzy as if I had just ridden the most mind boggling roller coaster ride in my entire life.

I wanted to vomit and scream at the same time but because I was also trying to keep myself calm I refused to give into any of my pain and simply focused on getting better which wasn’t very easy mind you.

My vision was still very blurry even though I tried to look around and see what was around me I could only see a faint darkness surrounding me with occasional silhouettes passing by the corner of my eyes.

It was scary but I tried not to get panicked or shout so I wouldn’t get targeted by anything.

After a bit of time I finally started to get better but as soon as I had wiggle room to think properly I started to ask once again.

Where am I ?

No rather who am I ?

I found myself wanting to know the answers to these two questions only now realizing that I was laying on a seemingly unpleasant and moist floor a extremely unpleasant stench in the air that resembled feces, I finally forced myself to get up…or at least try to sit properly.

At the same time I was organizing my thoughts, my eyes were still blurry and there was not much I could see other than darkness still.

-Yes…I remember my name…my name is Artorius Castus…I am 96 years old and…and I am a game developer !

I remembered, my memories immediately flooding back into my head as I started to remember who I was again, my life that lasted a total of 96 years flashed before my eyes as if a long lost recording was being played through my eyes.

I was born in the year 1995 having been born in rome and in a military family at that, namely the Castus family, I was named after one of the most famous commanders in history Lucius Artorius Castus though I prefer it when people call me Arthur.

Being born in such a military family my parents and even my grandparents expected a lot out of me, at the mere age 6 I was immediately put into a hard educational regime, I could still remember the day when my caretaker dragged me away and put me into a pitch dark and completely isolated room, I was scared and confused, I cried a lot and shouted out for my parents but no one came, I at first thought they couldn’t hear me but later when I got older I realized that they simply didn’t care.

Even to this day I sometimes shiver when I think about this experience which would repeat itself for the following years as I got older, being left alone everyday inside a pitch dark room for 4 to 6 hours where the only thing you could hear was your own voice is a terrifying experience, it messes with you and turns you into a completely different person be it for the best or the worst, though ultimately I learned to overcome these fears the more I got used to the dark but not completely.

Finally this continued until my adolescence namely when I turned 12 years of age, I would no longer be locked into that room and need to experience total isolation and darkness, but instead a completely different hell started to be enacted for me.

I begged my parents and tried to ask why they would do something like this to me I asked them what did I do wrong, but in the end the only reply I ever got was this.

-You will understand when you get older, this is all for the sake of the family our blood may be strong be we also need to strong to continue our lineage.

These words stung a lot especially since they were told by my own mother who I still loved dearly, it felt as if the only thing she cared about was our lineage the blood that ran through our veins.

She never really cared about me much less my father who rarely even talked to me, and regarding my grandparents they were even more severe than my own parents not even looking at me like their own grandson but rather a product to be judged.

It hurt, it was painful, it was agonizing, it was scary…

But most of all…

It was lonesome.

With no one to call out for help, with no one to love I felt as if there was no way I could ever escape from this deep seated feeling of helplessness in my heart.

And as such my mind seemed to completely break when I turned 13, it was as if my mind switched into auto pilot with me completely giving up any thoughts of resistance or escape I continued to walk through my life that was set out for me by my parents and grandparents, experiencing even more horrific things starting with torture training to combat lessons and even how to effectively kill people, the only time I had ever felt even slightly at peace was when I studied general knowledge such as math and physics and even then it was only a small glimpse of peace that never truly came into being.

Fast forward 8 years later, at the age of 21 I had finally finished my training, becoming a full fledged and thoroughly groomed member of the Castus family, I was completely brainwashed and somewhere along the line started to believe that everything I had experienced was right and proper, I even somewhat had pride in myself in a twisted sort of way, at this point my mind and body didn’t have any sort of rejection, I was ready for anything and everything, ready to lay my life for my family for my lineage that was bestowed to my by my noble blood.

But most importantly of all I really wanted to see my family, my mother and father, for the past 8 years of my training I was constantly isolated and never had the chance to see them or hear any news from them, I originally hated them for making me go through all of this but because I was getting brainwashed, slowly but surely I started to miss my own kin my family.

Because of this the moment I successfully finished my training I immediately unhesitantly headed towards my family home, my butler tried to stop me along the way giving me loads of excuses as to why I couldn’t go there at the moment and meet my family but I ignored him, I had every right to do so since I was the rightful heir and he had no control over me, my moral compass at this point was also extremely twisted, I thought nothing of murder and killing, the butlers and maids surrounding me were merely bugs in my eyes that I could kill any time worthless and without merit, living only for the purpose of serving me and nothing else.

I truly feel disgusted about myself when I think back to this, but at the same time I feel that this wasn’t my fault, I was brought up thinking that I was a noble and that there was truly nothing I couldn’t do combined with my own personal skills that were both rivaling that of a expert scholar and a master assassin I had nothing to fear.

Actually fear was something I had long since lost through my training only a cold and calculating mind was left after all I went through with the only warm thoughts being the memories of my family that kept me going and made me strong.

Yes…my oh so great family…

-Haha ! Mama, look I made this airplane ! Doesn’t it look cool it even flies very far ! Uncle Marco taught me how to make it ! Hey hey isn’t it cool !

The moment I came back home this was what I saw.

A little child holding a white paper airplane showing it off in front of her parents, the parents surrounding their lovely little child smiled sweetly and lovingly as they praised the lovely little kid who looked like she was 8 to 9 years old.

-Yes, yes its really cool how about you show mama how it flies.

The mother said stroking the kid’s head.

-Hey your only want your mama to see ? What about your papa ? Am I not important enough to see your cool airplane ? Haha..

The father replied, laughing happily as he asked his cute daughter while crouched to her level.

Standing within the beautiful rose garden this image of father, mother and daughter smiling happily was like a image taken from a supreme painting, looking at it you could simply feel the love that was displayed so openly and affectionately.

It was pure family love, warm cozy and comfortable anyone who saw it would feel the same as the family in the picture.

But why was it…

That when I saw it…





For a moment I felt like coughing up blood seeing that image in front of me, I barely was able to keep myself together before I stepped forward finally making myself known to these 3 people.

-M…mother ? Father ?

With me suddenly entering the picture the previous happy and warm atmosphere seemed to have gone to wind, both my parents and the child turned their heads to me, the child was confused when she looked at me not who I was, but when my parents looked at I could clearly see their expressions.

Pure horror.

It was clear and evident even though it only lasted for a split second I could clearly see it in their eyes the amount of horror and fear they felt when they looked at me.

Afterwards there was a notable and clear awkward silence when I made myself known, it seemed like both of my parents were completely unaware that I came back and that I completed my training, the fact they weren’t aware of my arrival was understandable since I climbed my own over the fence and entered on my own but the fact the didn’t know that I had finished my training truly pierced the depths of my heart.

Did they perhaps forgot ?

Did they perhaps forgot about me ?

Was I really that forgettable ?

How worthless could I have possibly been for them to forget me ?

Maybe they didn’t forget ?

Maybe they just mistook the date and thought it was tomorrow.

Yes, maybe I am just mistaken.

Not being able to take all of this at once I completely fell into my own crazy delusions convincing myself that they simply forgot the date of my release, but deep down I completely understood and knew why they looked so shocked.

They did forget about me.

They didn’t care about me at all, I was worthless.

But because I hated such thought I forced myself to think otherwise.

-A..artorius…you came back ? son how have you been doing ?

After a long silence this was what my mother was finally able to tell me…

How have you been doing ?

How have you been doing ?

How have you been doing ?

How have you been doing ?

How have you been doing ?

These words kept on spinning inside my head the moment I heard them, they weren’t the caring words that I had originally imagined inside my head and instead sounded incredibly offensive in my ear.

How have I been doing ?

First of all my entire body is riddled with scars that pain me to this day, I have over 50 types of augmentations planted inside my entire body making into a half human and half cyborg, I have a fake tooth planted inside my back jaw that releases extremely potent poison in case I get captured so I can easily commit suicide to not leak intel and on top of that I am blind within my left eye which was replaced with a prosthetic that is used to store data.

How have I been doing ?

I thought for another brief moment about that question, wanting to answer it as best as I could because it was my dear mother who asked it of course and after thinking for a bit I finally smiled brightly before I said.

-Yes, of course I am doing very fine nothing to worry about

There was a clear twitch to my bright smile the moment I answered, even though I wanted to act happy about the fact that my mother was sort of caring about me, my subconscious mind just couldn’t stop itself from rearing its head and showings its true feeling even when I wasn’t aware of it.

Because of this my mother looked clearly frightening when she saw my crooked and sinister smile that was both twitching and deforming inside my mouth, her immediate instinct was to grab her daughter and hide her in her bosom while looking down not daring to meet my eyes, the child still not understanding what was going on faintly asked her mother why she was doing this and that she felt uncomfortable with the way her mother was hugging her.

Of course my mother didn’t even hear what her daughter was saying and simply kept her inside her bosom the child also seemed to realized that her talking would not work and simply gave up all of a sudden, her eyes once again curiously glancing my way.

I met her stare for the very first time, the child was beautiful resembling her mother very much she had long and glossy brown hair and cute facial features, donning a white one piece dress she looked like a little princess from a story book.

Looking at her I felt both the urge to talk with her but also touch her at the same time, I originally thought these emotions I felt were the feelings of brotherly love, only later did I truly realize that it was intense jealousy and hate I was feeling when I was looking at her.

The child obvious understood my gaze and felt terrified, I stepped forward wanting to touch her but before I could even take another step I found myself getting blocked by someone.

My father.

-Hey..hey Artorius how about we inside already, it sure is cold outside how about you tell your dad about what you been up to lately ? It had been so long since we last talked and I really want to know you know ?

I blankly stared at my dad as I listened to him ramble on in front of me, it was only now that he had started talking and even though I was supposed to feel good about the fact that my father truly cared about me, for some reason I couldn’t help but feel that he was incredibly annoying standing in my way. the face I was looking at felt so unfamiliar, to be honest he never talked to me so much before ever since I was born this is the only time he has ever talked to me so much and even though I always dreamed of him talking to me like this…

Why do I feel…

As if he was just acting ?

I thought about it, but immediately chose to ignore it once again and simply smiled towards my father once again showing him a crooked smile.

-Father, I would like to talk to you as well but right now I am more curious about my sister, you should understand right ? I haven’t come home for a very long time, I didn’t even know that I had sister, to be honest I feeling very surprised buts its also very pleasant and as I brother isn’t it my duty to care for my sister ? Since she is so young she should probably be already in mids training to become a rightful member of our family and as such as her brother and her senior I should give her some advice for the challenges that have yet to come no ?

I spoke sincerely, not even aware of the fact that the moment I mentioned the “training” my mother had gripped my sister even harder to the point my sister was now crying, my father also looked extremely tense the moment I mentioned this topic, cold sweat was running down his cheeks and his eyes were shaking as well, I pretended like I didn’t notice but all my training and the superhuman augmentations I had been planted with allowed me to see every single little detail there was to see, even if I pretended not being able to see my body would still look with or without my wishes.

At the back of my head I wondered why the atmosphere had gotten so tense all of a sudden, it wasn’t as if the atmosphere wasn’t tense to begin with ever since I appeared it was just that the initial tense atmosphere had immediately turned hyperactive the moment I opened my mouth, my father also just continued to stare at me without saying a word blocking my path.

-Well, if father doesn’t have any else to say then I shall meet my sister

Ultimately I started to get sick of looking at my father and simply chose to excuse him while passing him swiftly, my father in turn seeing me outright ignoring him made a dumbfounded expression which immediately turned into a scared and panicked one as he chose to chase after me and grab me.

Through this process my mind was racing and my once bottled and sealed emotions running amok inside my body, I haven’t even realized how much all of this affected me a type of augmentation that caused me to get cool headed was constantly doing its business but even then it couldn’t stop my raging emotions from spilling out of my body.

I was close, oh so very close to my sister who was tearfully looking my way with frightened eyes, she must have been shouting but I could hear none of it too focused on what I was about to do as I was about to lay my hands on her…


That is until my mother shouted at me.


I was surprised by her sudden outburst, my hands frozen and hesitantly retracted themselves for a moment as I raised my eyes towards my mother, this entire time I hadn’t even once looked at her eyes for some reason only now getting a good look at her, I saw a deep and feral beast inside those brown eyes of hers, she looked at me with hostility, fear and rage, I couldn’t believe such transformation and I also just couldn’t understand why she was shouting at me in the first place.

What did I do wrong ?

Am I not enough for you ?

Are you not proud of your son ?

What did I do wrong tell me, what do you not like about me ?

I fix it for you if you want. I give my life for you.







I wanted to shout, I wanted to ask why she was being like this to me her own son, but in the end no sound came out of my mouth, I hadn’t even realized but tears were coming out of my eyes, even though I had long since forgotten how to cry, tears were somehow escaping my eyes, tears of red pure blood, the augmentation that was keeping my mood under control were being overloaded starting to mess with my body causing these blood red tears of blood.

I could only see my mothers eyes, the pure hostility directed my way and the extreme fear I felt from these eyes had told me enough for me to understand that I was simply not wanted.

A unwanted child. A child with no worth or merit.

Those servants I thought that were worth less then bugs seemed to have far more worth and merit then I ever had.

A realization stroke my mind, this realization allowed all of the frustration and fears that enveloped me to suddenly disappear, my bloody tears also stopped streaming, looking back at my mother she looked extremely surprised that I was crying blood, looking at her there was in a small trace of motherly worry I could spot in her eyes at that point.

A sliver of acceptance that I yearned for all these years had appeared.

But now it was already too late for me to accept or to forgive, no reason or purpose would change this fact.


I laughed, for the first time in over 15 years I laughed, it was as if all the weight and burdens, all the pain and horrors I had experienced just flew away with that laugh, I directed my eyes looking down at my little sister with new found emotions enveloping me.

-Hey…My name is Artorius I am your elder brother, this is our first time meeting each other whats your name ?

My sudden questions garnered quite a bit of surprise from my sister, she was still extremely scared but seemed to have significantly calmed down after seeing me cry and politely introduce myself, she stuttered a bit before speaking to me letting me her lovely voice.

-M…my name is Sabrina…

-Oh Sabrina huh ?…what does that name mean ? My parents named me after a great commander that once served in our family Lucius Artorius Castus, whose name did you inherit ?

I spoke with a bit of my twisted pride mixed into my voice as I spoke to her about the origin of my name, ultimately though all of that pride was crushed the moment I heard her reply.

-Ehm…I didn’t inherit anyone’s name…my mother said that my name Sabrina came from a flower she loves…your really lucky Elder brother Artorius for being named after a great commander I am really jealous !

She smiled telling me her opinion, I froze for a second hearing her words, that she was “Jealous” of me, though I would have loved it if she was simply sarcastic and trying to hurt me but I understood that this wasn’t the case, she was sincere and pure, she was a child after all and after interacting with for the past few seconds I also realized that she was completely different from me, she didn’t even experience 1/100 of what I had gone through, the training I was speaking of was never even something she had known in her entire life or would ever experience.


I once again laughed, my parents hadn’t been doing anything ever since my sister and I started to talk with each other they simply observed and kept watch over us, even though I couldn’t see their expressions I guessed that they wouldn’t interrupt either until we finished and I was fine with.

But in the end things have to come to an end eventually.

I raised my palm, putting it on top of my sisters head I stroked her gently, my mother and father clearly gasped seeing touch my sister but were immediately calmed after realizing that I wasn’t actually harming her or anything and simply stroking her.

Sabrina herself was sort of surprised as well it looked like she wanted to say something but ultimately she just choose to keep her tongue instead and wait until I was finished, her eyes were closed and as time went on it looked like she was starting to get comfortable with me stroking her like this.

-Sabrina, when I was your age, I once asked my mother why our family was the way it was, she told me that when I get older I would understand why and that while our blood may be strong we also need to be strong in body, well what I am ultimately trying to say is that, don’t rely on your blood but your body, the blood isn’t truly whats important its the thing the blood contains that is important…do you understand ?

-Uhuh…I didn’t understand everything brother Arthur…but I did understand what you wanted to say…basically you should work hard right ! To be worthy of your blood ?

-Yes thats exactly what I wanted to say…hehe Sabrina is very smart…though is it hard for you say my name ? Why Arthur ?

I asked slightly puzzled as it was the first time someone ever called me Arthur or even tried to abbreviate it like that.

Hearing my question Sabrina smiled even more she didn’t immediately answer me and instead shook free from her mother all of a sudden and started to run towards a patch full of different kinds of roses and flowers.

We were all confused standing still not sure what was going on, luckily it didn’t take long for Sabrina to find what she wanted, picking a flower she immediately ran back towards us holding a golden yellow rose in her hands she came to me and showed it to me.

-This is ?

-Its called Rosa “Arthur” Bell, its my favorite flower because brother Artorius has the same name as the flower I thought it would be easier to remember your name if I think about this flower !

She said, putting the golden yellow rose into my hands as I observed it with shaking hands, I had lost all words after her explanation, not even sure how to respond I simply held the beautiful golden yellow rose, it was beautiful and smelled extremely sweet, the thorns on its stem were sharp and point but I didn’t care and simply admired its beauty.

A flower like this called “Arthur” ?

I couldn’t help but laugh again.

-Yes, thank you, I think I like that name better too “Arthur”, I don’t mind you calling me that either Sabrina.

Sabrina giggled, her laugh causing the atmosphere to mysteriously shift making it feel calm and gentle, but just as Sabrina finished her giggle she looked up to me and made a puzzled expression as she looked at me.

-Brother arthur…why are you crying ? Did the thorns of the rose hurt you ?

-What ? I am crying ?

I was surprised touching my cheeks I could feel my hot tears coming down my face, but this time those tears weren’t blood and instead they were normal salty and clear tears that came out of my eyes without me noticing.

-Ahh…I see well its looks like its time for me to go

I started to understand, these tears weren’t bad rather just like I came into realization because of my mother and let go of my pain Sabrina had also induced a type of enlightened towards me, a side that I had long lost as a human seemed to have slowly returned back to me, it wasn’t fully back but I realized that for a long time now I had been completely wrong with the way I was living my life, not in the way I was treated or put through all of this training to become who I was but rather the attitude I wore when I faced those difficulties.

I felt ashamed, not realizing something this easy to understand, it was shameful.

-Sabrina, your brother has to leave now, I hope we will meet again somebody but it could also be that we’re never going to see each other again so please take care of father and mother in my stead, can you do that for me ?

I gently asked, Sabrina was a bit confused by my statement she even asked where I was going but in the end seeing me not answering her she simply nodded at me telling me she understood.

I also didn’t dawdle anymore, I felt as if I had learned a lot that day, I still needed a lot of time alone and time to digest the information I had acquired for myself.

Turning around I made my way towards the exit.

Where I would go, what would I do and where I would live was completely unknown to me, without any money or friends to rely on, I was completely alone in this world but I wasn’t scared or distressed, even though I most probably could have demanded money from my parents or stayed here I didn’t do so as I knew that there was simply no place for me here anymore.

This was further was proven after both my father and mother just simply let me go, they didn’t stop me, my father looked as if he wanted to say something to me but in the end held his tongue as he watched me leave in regret.

My mother didn’t even look at me, and I also simply didn’t care anymore, I walked out of the gate of our estate and never looked back ever again.

Time passed.

With no aim or goal in sight I continued to walk and walk my through the world, having collected myself and digested most of the things I’ve come to know about myself I started to think that I simply knew too little about the world and its inhabitants.

I decided to once again learn and do some training, but this time it was under my own accord I wanted to learn, along the way I met numerous people and made dozens of friends, I learned to appreciate life in a different sense, the common sense of world started to affect me giving me opportunity to fix my ways and become a better person, I continued to go and travel like this for approximately 5 years until I was 26 years old, the way I survived and made my living was through selling my own skill.

As a expert scholar and master assassin there were a lot of things a man like me could do, but I first started with manual labor to get a feel as to what working was like, because I had augmentations and consumed serums that enhanced my body I never got really tired or felt that it was difficult, because of my talent a lot of people reached out to me and wanted to know me, using these connections I slowly started to build my own network and go from work place to work place doing all kinds of things ranging from simple cleaning to cooking inside a restaurant, being a bodyguard to becoming a manager of a entire store, I walked all kinds of ways of life but through all of this I came to realize that the world was really a peaceful place.

Sure there still existed a lot of bad things that happened on a daily basis but in comparison to the past the world had come a long way to become the way it was today with the majority of the people happy.

I myself still didn’t know what I wanted to do, I had only been travel and working the entire time meeting with people occasionally to talk and have fun with, I had never a true friend who I could speak on equal terms as every person I spoke to so far simply too normal and ordinary, sometimes I would feel a sense of non-belonging knowing that I was simply different everybody else but even then I didn’t let it get to me, I tried smile most of the time at first people thought my smile was disturbing and crooked but as time went on my smile seemed to have improve as I started to enjoy myself.

Of course I also knew that I just simply couldn’t continue like this my entire life, I had to do something, and make something out of myself, all this time traveling I understood that the purpose of living to a human wasn’t for the sake of living but for the sake of making your dreams come true.

A friend once told me that most people don’t know what their dream is, most people simply go by their lives wantonly and expect something to happen to them that can change their live and force them to go, such train of thought is fundamentally wrong, while taking your time is advised it doesn’t mean you can just not think about it and expect something to happen.

Hearing such thoughts I became increasingly scared of my future, I asked that friend about what I should do if I wanted to avoid something like this happening.

-Well, for starters how about you do something right now that you think you want to do ? Instead of thinking about the future try to think about the now, try to use the things you enjoy to do and link it to the future you want to happen and by doing so you should also try to connect this train of thought to other people and help them too.

-Help..other people ?

I was puzzled sitting inside a food cart my friend and I ate and drank that night, he was a journalist I got to know while travel, his name isn’t important as this was also the conversation we ever had ever since we got to know each other, but his advice held deep in my actions that came after which I am thankful for.

-Yes, helping others, nowadays don’t you think that a lot of people started to get cynical and close minded about themselves ? What is the purpose of working to begin with ? It is to benefit not only you but the society altogether most people don’t understand that while others take things for granted, you gotta first enjoy helping others before you think about working, insincere work will not get you anywhere other than making people think they deserve your work, greeting people, telling them that you appreciate their help or enjoying the smiles someone gives you for your help can come a long way don’t you know ?

-Enjoying to help others, connecting the things you like to do with other people

I pondered about these two things greatly and after this conversation I seemed to come to another enlightenment that change my life once more.

As soon as I turned 26 I immediately settled down into a big city and started to learn how to program and design graphics.

With my ultimately aim to become a great game developer !

After traveling for a long time I came to realize how great it was to play a video game be it alone or with other people, the amount of happiness and engagement you can bring through a simple program is fascinating it helps you to keep your mind off of things and relax, a game can be both difficult and easy to play but regardless what it is the most important aspect is to keep the player engaged and interest.

I aimed to be such a developer, I wanted my games to be not only great to play but most importantly keep the player interested, I wanted the people outside to enjoy my game just as much I enjoyed making it.

Because of this my motivation and enthusiasm went through the roof, I started off inside a small one room apartment learning programming and graphical design until I finally ended up inside a big mansion with dozens of rooms working inside my work office.

I did this for almost my entire life, spending another 5 years of my life into learning every detail regarding the development of the games and how to make them I started to branch out further after I realized that I already knew quite a lot of things.

Making simple games at the beginning and releasing them at a steady rate for free into the public garnered me attention and quite a reputation, it wasn’t all that easy though, I may have originally smart and clever but I wasn’t all too immune by the hurtful comments from the people that didn’t like my game, even to this day I mostly avoid the review section of my games out of fear that I would lose heart but that is something I just can’t help, forcing myself is also hard to do at times but I try to keep the complaints in mind and improve on them.

After I started to gain a steady reputation as a indie developer a lot of development companies started to pay attention to me and review my games, I have quite a lot of my favorite game developers over the years and had also the pleasure to acquire wisdom from them.

In the end I was eventually hired by one of these big companies, I worked very hard in that period with other people collaborating and getting my name in the credit sequence of a lot of triple A titles getting a lot of games under my belt.

Sales or popularity were never really important to me, I never forget my true aim or strayed from my promised path, I always aimed to make games that people enjoyed as much as I enjoyed making them, the company I worked for on the other hand didn’t share my sentiment, they only wanted to see high sales and didn’t care about the quality of the game which eventually led me into a fallout as I decided to voluntarily quit the company.

I was 35 when I quit the company, at that time I was already considered a veteran when it came to game development, many other companies wanted me to join after they heard the news of me quitting but I also rejected every single one of them, in the end what I truly wanted to do was to create my own video game company and make the games I wanted to make.

Doing this wasn’t difficult, having saved a lot of money I bought out a building to serve as a base of operation and through using my connections I assembled a team that I could fairly well work with and trust.

With this team and everything set, my dream was coming closer and closer, at the age of 35 I had long since let go of everything that happened to me ever since I was born, nobody obstructed me and my parents never called back for me, I was happy, even though I didn’t have a wife or kids I didn’t feel bothered by it and instead full heartedly chased after my dream.

This video game company would later become extremely famous for making hit titles and extremely good games that catered to the audience, the main genre of games we made were RPG or action games, I loved rpgs the most and my most crowning achievement of all was the game I had poured my entire life into and spend over 40 years making up until I was 80 years of age.

Kings Glaive.

It is as the title suggests an RPG game, but it aint any ordinary rpg game, needing at the bare minimum over 500+ hours of time to finish the main story alone this game had endless replay value as the side stories and other subplots would take even more a total of maybe even 30000+ plus hours to complete, it is a turn based rpg with basic 2D graphics but don’t let that fool you, the game is extremely difficult and has a extremely high learning curve what makes this game so special though is the fact that it has a perma death mechanic.

Yes you heard me right, perma death just like a rogue like this game will immediately end the moment you die and you need to start over, your save will be deleted not that you even have more than 1 save as the game only saves when you need to pause the game and leave.

Many people complained when the game was first released, complaining about the extreme difficulty and perma death mechanic of the game, but I didn’t care, this game originally was simply not meant for casual players, the game was meant for people that could truly appreciate and enjoy its difficulty.

A lot of people tried to cheat the game as well trying to add mods to it or make console commands appear unfortunate for them it was impossible for either of these two methods to work without corrupting the game itself, I took extra precaution to these kinds of cases when I made the game making it impossible to cheat to clear the game.

Admittedly because of this the game suffered from horrible reviews and didn’t make a lot of money, but that didn’t last forever this trend only continued for about 1 year before the sales shot up high into space.

The reason being the few people who actually did enjoy the game, hardcore players who made it their goal to clear the game.

Videos of the game were everywhere over the net the captivating story being narrated and shown with those gamers who tried all sorts of combinations and skill builds in the game in a effort to at least clear one of the beginner characters and move on the next character.

Yes, even after 1 year after the release the game still had not been completely cleared, the game has a total of 12 official characters with 6 males and 6 females, the game would start with you either choosing the male or female beginner character to play the game, each character has its own unique story, and if you clear the game with either character you would immediately unlock the next set of characters with a different story.

All characters are set and aren’t just blank slates, I made much effort into including each arch type and play style to all characters as to make the player feel unfamiliar each time they play a different character.

Furthermore this wasn’t even the end to truly beat the game a player had to get the true ending for 12 characters in game for him to finally unlock the final hidden character inside the game !

Well I say all this but its not like I have seen anyone yet do all of this and clear the game with all 12 characters much less acquire the true ending for all 12.

When I was 96 years old and was laying on my death bed I’ve never got to see the player who would ultimately clear the game, at the time the record was only 6 characters that were cleared, but I didn’t feel dissatisfied even though I didn’t get to see who was going to be the lucky one to end that game I was still very happy about the result of what this brought.

A whole following was made around the game, people all over the world connected through this game everyone came together to try beat this game and became comrades along the line, it wasn’t the game really that was important to me, it was the people who came together that really made me proud.

-Haha…brother Arthur looks like you finally fulfilled your dream

Around the corner of my eyes I could see a old woman approach me holding a walking stick in her hands.

Her voice was old and hoarse and she had a lot of wrinkles in her face but looking at her I knew immediately who she was even if I didn’t see her for the past 75 years of my life.

My little sister Sabrina.

I smiled looking at her, I was already extremely old, it was a miracle that I could live 96 years of age without mental problems and a body full of scars plus the augmentations and even though death was now very close I felt happy to see my sister for the last time.

-I didn’t expect for you to show up, how did you even find me ? I thought I cleaned every trace of my existence ? I even changed my name…

-You mean from Artorius to Arthur ? What kind of name changing is that you old scrooge ! To begin with don’t you know that our family has a incredibly intelligence network ? I could find you even if you were on the moon my dear brother !

The old lady said, smiling at me as she teased me with her words, the only thing I could was laugh as I already knew as much, it wasn’t as if I wasn’t aware that my family had been observing me this entire ever since I left, the only thing I could thankful of is the fact that they didn’t interfere with me or try to get me back, I was happy the way I was I wouldn’t change anything even if I had the chance.

-So how were father and mother ? What did they say when they died ? Are you doing well yourself Sabrina ?

The old frowned upon my question, even though she was my little sister we were both way beyond acting like siblings, we haven’t even talked ever since I first met her that day, and even though that was the case I didn’t feel as if I wanted to reject her, no, time heals all after all.

-They…they regretted it…brother Arthur…the regretted not being able to save you, the regretted for putting you through all of that and even I do regret..its just that I…

It was obvious that this topic was too much for Sabrina, she was old 83 years old even though she was 14 younger then me she was still very old and was probably not too far from death door since she was a female and weaker then me.

-Enough, I don’t want to hear any more sit down already it won’t do you any good standing like this all day, how about you just sit down and tell your brother what you’ve been doing so far, come.

I patted, the side of my bed telling her to come closer, Sabrina was obviously a bit shocked, tears were welling in her eyes but she chose endure and quickly came closer with a smile sitting next to me on my bed.

She told me everything, how she grew and what she did, how she became the house head and how she never had time to marry anyone as she was too busy with her own work and instead decided to adopt her own child who gave her own grand children.

She initially didn’t mention our parents, but that was fine, hearing about them was not going to change anything, regret was regret pondering on it would not change what happened, but Sabrina still insisted only telling me the reason why I went through all of that, even though she didn’t mention our parents she told me that it wasn’t because my parents hated me that I was put through all of that no, the reason was fairly simple actually, they just couldn’t care at the beginning, my mother and father originally never even loved each to begin with, their marriage was purely a political one set up by their parents, my grandparents, after they had me they immediately chose to get away from each other and choose to live separate lives, they left my care towards my grandparents who had unreasonable expectation from me since the beginning wanting to make me the perfect heir to the house.

But after a few years both of my grandparents died from old age, at this point my father became the true heir to the house and my mother the true mistress, no longer did they have to live under the shadow of my grandparents and through this they finally had room to breath eventually sparking love each other which finally resulted in the birth of Sabrina.

The child born from the love of these people was equally loved, but that didn’t mean that everything was fine both of them still remembered their first child myself who was still in the training camp over going horrible torture, my father initially seemed as if he wanted to immediately take me away out of guild, but my mother on the other hand was hesitant and too ashamed to meet her son again after all she did to him, this caused a lot of strife around the house and arguments to spark finally it got so drawn out that they ultimately didn’t decide until I showed up myself and came to them.

Sabrina says that mother and father blamed themselves until their death ever since I left, there was not one day they didn’t regret or feel as if they were complete failures, because of this both became extremely depressed and weak, and Sabrina at a young age was forced to handle a lot of business that was supposed to be handled by parents, she also went through a lot of pain though she does admit it since she can’t say that the pain was just as much as my own.

This revelation in the end did nothing to me.

It didn’t matter to me how my parents felt about me, their inaction alone has showed that they were indeed incompetent, but that doesn’t mean I blame them now, being bitter even to this age will not do me any good the only thing I can do is let go.

-But brother don’t you think that this is too upsetting and unjust ? Aren’t you even slightly angry at our parents ?

Sabrina asked me, her voice was full of doubt and insecurity, I wasn’t sure why she was asking me this but I understood that Sabrina wanted to at least feel slightly at peace after all she would also soon follow me into the after life.

I looked at the window, beside the window was a flower pot and inside the flower pot was a Rosa “Arthur” bell, raising my hand I plucked it from its stem and gave it to my sister, who took it confusingly for a moment before she started to remember our very first meeting and the promise she made to me.

-Take care of our parents for me ?

She whispered those lines, sudden realization taking place in her mind as she looked at me with astonishment

-You…brother you knew ?

I nodded at her, it wasn’t as if I didn’t know what parents would become after I left, I saw the regret in my fathers eyes, he wasn’t a bad person per say, he was just awkward and didn’t know how to express himself, mother on the hand was too ashamed and couldn’t defeat herself, with those kinds of traits it was easy for me to concluded that they would probably start to loath themselves after I was gone, I made Sabrina promise me that she would take care of our parents so they wouldn’t do anything drastic which is the current result.

-But why ? Why would you do something like this ?

Sabrina cried, her voice shaking as she looked at me, I looked at her as well feeling that death was about to come, my hands shook as I wiped away her tears and smiled at her.

It was a bright smile, no longer crooked or deformed, I learned to smile with all my heart, I had finally become human again.

-Sabrina, you’re not at fault, my views of my parents do not reflect their real selves, just because I didn’t like them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either, the flower you gave me that day and the name you bestowed me made me realize this, so don’t think less of them just because they failed once, just because they failed me doesn’t mean they failed you isn’t that right ?


Sabrina hugged me, holding the Rosa “Arthur” bell in her hands she hugged me tight as her tears soaked my garment, I hugged her back and gently stroked her head just like I did the very first time we met.

-Sabrina, I hope you feel better now, your brother doesn’t have a lot of time, I hope we will see each other again someday in a different life

-Yes ! We definitely will ! No, I will make it happen so please brother look for me okay ! Promise me !

Sabrina cried to me, I was surprised by her sudden outburst but I still smiled in the end and promised her.

-Yes, Sabrina I promise I will look for you when I remember again.

Those were the last things I could remember before everything went dark and now finding myself back to the present I couldn’t help but notice a light blue window floating in front of my eyes that stated.

[Please Choose Your Class]

Mage, Archer, Thief, Fighter, Assassin, Cleric, Warrior, Novice, Hunter, Miner, Skinner, Chef, Merchant, Warden, Lumberjack, Herbalist, Songster, Dancer. Adventurer, Fisher, Tinker, Physician

These were all the 1st rank classes from the game Kings Glaive, but to top it off this screen was something only available to one character in game who was also the only character that could choose a class from the very beginning.

The hidden character of Kings Glaive.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 11 Origin Of The Hunter Act 6 Finale Part 3

-I am warning you right now ! This is the army of the united states speaking, I am general Mathew Hathaway, Mr. Ivankov, I am ordering you and your comrades to immediately leave the vicinity if you do not want to get hurt, as of now this area has been official dubbed a restricted civilian zone under the direct command of the united states government, if you do not leave in 30 minutes we will not hesitate to use force to make you leave !

The acting general commanded, his voice loudly traveling through the entire area near the dungeon gate with the help of a megaphone, almost all people who used to live close by were already gone at this point.

The government had already prior announced their intentions and issued orders to evacuate making everyone migrate, ever since the effects and use of the dungeon gates were discovered, the government was already doing their all to completely occupy every single dungeon in their country and keep them under control, the reason for this is not only because they wanted to monopolize these gates, but also because they didn’t want another problem such as the awakened springing up even more, meaning people with extraordinary power causing chaos.

There already have been a lot of similar case happening all over the states involving these gates, different organizations already started to play their cards trying to occupy the gates and use them, normally the civilians were never too much of a problem but ever since the gates effects were known people started to hunger for power that these gates bestowed.

The turbulent and chaotic times of this world had changed them, the tyranny and rule of the awakened made people aware that only through possessing such power can they protect themselves and the people they hold dear, willing to even risk their lives for it, it may not seem as if things were going to go bad right now but that was simply not true, what everyone was experiencing at the moment was merely the calm before the storm, the gates powers being the catalyst of the storm that was about to brew sweeping everyone in its wake.

Ivankov originally was one such case, using the gate he had amassed power beyond comprehension, the government had done their homework, investigating every person who had gone in and out of the dungeon they understood that Ivankov by now together with his daughters must have gone over 70 to 80 times into the dungeon, such amount was beyond human limits if you consider the time span in which it was accomplished, it being only a couple months or so.

The general with his army while only seeing one person near the gate, namely Ivankov, was still heavily wary of the situation as his superiors described that a person of such caliber or power cannot be judged and that he should be careful of handling him and treat him like one of the powerful awakened.

Ivankov arguably could be weaker or just as powerful as a awakened, since it is still unknown just how much power one gains through grinding the dungeon so many times even if its only the first floor.

Plus skills were still very new at that point, the variety and effects so massive that it was simply too difficult to really judge what kind of skills one should expect when facing a dungeon explorer.

The general pondered to himself not sure what to do as he stared at Ivankov with his binoculars, he still wasn’t responding to the warning neither did it look like he was about to get up and leave, his daughters weren’t with him either, it was reported that both of them had entered the dungeon a few hours ago and that Ivankov had been sitting in front of the entrance ever since, which was puzzling.

-Huhh…its only a single person… even if he and his daughters grind’ed the dungeon over 80 times they can’t be as powerful as a awakened…we have the number advantage and since he isn’t a genuine awakened, there is no way that he should have a ability that allows him to utilize his power in a wide and long range…

The general deduced, mostly being correct with his deduction as he remembered one of his encounters with the awakened, that person in particular was a woman who was capable of controlling the weather, killing her was nigh impossible and in the end he had indeed failed his mission, in the process losing a lot of his precious men as well, including other war machines such as the tanks and helicopters.

The extreme blizzard and lightning strikes that came out of nowhere were especially deeply engraved into the mind of the general giving him shivers, fighting the awakened wasn’t easy, while most of the awakened didn’t have such powerful abilities the ones that did were a extreme nightmare towards the army, killing a weak awakened may temporarily solve the issue but its not going to solve the problem, especially when the awakened never seem to cease decreasing but instead come back stronger as the original awakened that had been killed would figuratively come back in a different body and soul and also most importantly a completely different ability that could be even more unpredictable and terrifying like the weather woman.

Adding the dungeon explorers to this mix and you get a even more unpleasant and tough can of worms to open, the general was hesitant, mostly because he had already experienced what it was like to fight a powerful awakened, he simply didn’t know what to expect from this or what Ivankovs plan was, but hesitating wouldn’t do him any good, he wasn’t the general for nothing when it came to making decision and being cool headed he was one of the best.

-Bring out of the snipers, aim at him and await my commands.

-Yes, sir !

The soldier obliged, running off with his orders as he general turned his gaze back to Ivankov holding his megaphone.

-This is the last warning ! Mr. Ivankov we currently have snipers on you ! If you’re not going to leave at this instant we will shoot you !

The second warning came, but there still no reply from Ivankov, just like at the beginning he cold sat still in front of the dungeon gate his eyes numbly looking at their directions as if he was waiting for something but not sure what.

The general also gave him enough time waiting for another 10 minutes before he couldn’t take it anymore, he teeth for a second before ordering.

-Fire !

His words just as they came out resulted in the sound of over 10 to 15 gunshots coming out of all kinds of snipers.

The bullets flew at a extraordinary speed and velocity all aiming at one person, Ivankov saw these bullets but was still not disturbed and instead continued to be deadpan sitting in his original position as if he was inviting death.

This day would be known as the day when Ivankov openly challenged the authority of the united state.

What happened soon after these gunshots could be described in many ways, but ultimately there only needed to be one thing to be said.

They didn’t hit.

Just as the bullets came close to Ivankov the immediately exploded into shrapnel’s 100 meters away from him, it looked as if the sniper bullets had hit a incredible hard object and as result imploded because of it.

But in all reality that was no true, there was no object or wall to speak of that could have stopped those bullets, the path was open and clear objectively there should have been no problem !

It didn’t make sense.

The general seeing this started to get a but worried, but immediately he quenched this worry and calmed his mind like the trained professional he his, patiently ordering…

-Again. Fire !

The snipers also while confused still chose to not think much of it and repeat fire, once again 10 to 15 shots were fired from all angles and positions but just like last time the bullets turned into shrapnel 100 meters from the gate from where Ivankov was sitting from.

-This…how can this…

The generally was thoroughly befuddled but that still didn’t stop him, he ordered his snipers to stop, feeling that it was no use to continue fire he instead decided to go all out instead, the general simply couldn’t believe that they couldn’t break barrier that was protecting Ivankov, the general understood that the gate had nothing to do with his phenomenon even though there were “rules” inside the gate, outside the gate were no such rules other than the fact that the gate was indestructible.

Firing at it would not cause such event, obviously meaning that Ivankov was doing something.

-Heh…Maybe this isn’t going to be so bad after all, at the current stage I am not be able to hit him but that doesn’t mean I am defeated, since he doesn’t seem to be able to attack, he is simply a turtle waiting to be eaten, eventually that barrier he is hiding behind will crack and when that comes we will see what happens.

The general smirked, temporarily getting a small taste of his imagined victory but quickly cooling himself down as he coolie observed and once again ordered.

-Line up the tanks ! Prepare the attack helicopters and at my command start shooting !

-Yes, sir !

Events repeated themselves, once the general understood that he couldn’t get through with his bullets than he no other choice but to raise the firepower.

Soon enough it didn’t even take more then 5 minutes before the tanks and helicopters were all lined up, but even then Ivankov was undisturbed, from the very beginning he looked as if he was completely indifferent towards these dangerous machines, it looked as if he had complete faith in that barrier that was protecting him.

The general who expected to see Ivankov to lose his composure was disappointed in the end, but he didn’t take it to heart and simply ordered.

-Fire !


Just as his voice settled in the sound of huge explosion echoed throughout the entire region, the tanks firing their shells and the helicopters launching their missiles was a sight to behold. It was like a deadly firework festival with smoke and dust flying everyone, a smoking fire enveloped the air the shooting lasted for only a couple seconds before it was finished.

The general the entire time kept a confident smile to himself as he watched, holding his binoculars he waited for the dust to settle, fully expecting to see nothing remaining of the foolish man he thought as overly confident, but just as the dust seemed to have disappeared and he got his clear vision…


His hysterical shout brought the attention of every soldier near him with confusion, and before a attend could ask what was the matter a soldier had already seemed to have realized what was going on as loudly shouted and pointed towards the dungeon gate at the place where everyone fire with their tanks and helicopters.


Everyone looked at the place the soldier was shouting and pointing at, there was a eerie silence around the battlefield as the people concentrated on what was going on until they finally saw.

A smile.

A mocking smile.

-Hahaha I actually expected worse but never did I think this thing could really take tank shells and helicopter missiles…the items that come out of these dungeons are truly one of a kind !

The originally expressionless Ivankov finally spoke, standing up and patting his shoulders he smiled and laughed extremely heartily as if he had heard the most hilarious joke ever.

The general on the other hand wasn’t as happy as Ivankov, dumbfounded he couldn’t even believe what he was seeing at the moment as he shaking held his binoculars watching Ivankov laughing his ass off.

There was not even a single scratch from their attack.

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