A Journey Through Summoning Chapter 4 The Journey Begins

Terra opened his eyes, his vision was blurry and his head was dizzy, his mind was in a total mess, but at the very least he knew, through the rough feeling of the wooden planks beneath him that he finally came back to the real world, back to the town hall inside his village.

His entire body never felt as tired or as painful as it did today, it felt as if he had walked his longest marathon yet or swung the sword 1000 times without a stop, his chest especially felt weird, it was as if a fireball was roasting the insides of his rib cage cooking his organs, the pain so insufferable that he wanted to scream his lungs out but couldn’t do so as he noticed his entire body had already been paralyzed to the smallest muscle including his vocal cords.

It was strange, but fortunately the pain didn’t last very long, it was strong at the beginning but it quickly started to weaken and stabilize over time, not entirely disappearing but keeping it at a acceptable level as it started to become weaker at a snails pace.

This small relief gave Terra a few moments of respite and time to think catching his breath, he wondered what happened, he still remembered that dream like place he visited, the mysterious forest, the little star that suddenly came out of the pond and went into his chest, how he was able to see the little star inside his chest through his mind and the 3 smaller stars surrounding his little star..

He tried to understand what was going on but ultimately failed as he had no clue of anything regarding that strange forest, the only thing he knew for certain was the fact that it had something to do with the evaluation by the summoner and that the summoner most probably held most of the answers to Terra’s questions.

And Terra was right his calm deduction did not fail him, not too far away Terra could see the blurry silhouette of a person standing next to his collapsed body, the long robe that went all the way down to that persons knee’s was enough for Terra to recognized who it was even if he didn’t have a clear image.

The summoner.

“Hmm, looks like both of you just woke up, magnificent, don’t worry you are fine, the reason you are tired is because of a small over usage of your soul power, it happens to all summoners when they awaken the first time…oh my mistake you wouldn’t know what soul power is, would you ? In that case, since I am in a good mood let me teach you, Just look at soul power as something similar to true power warriors use to strengthen their bodies and organs, soul power works similarly but compared to true power you don’t use it to strengthen your body but to strengthen your soul and mind, soul power is unique in the way that only summoners are able to use it, when the soul power of a summoner gets depleted the body gets quickly tired and stiff and at some cases just like yourself they collapse from the depletion of their soul and aren’t able to move for a time being, we summoners call this “Soul Burn” since it feels like your chest is burning up and your body is shackled to the ground. So remember in the future when you use your soul power to never go bellow 10 percent of your soul power, well that is if you don’t want to be at the mercy of your opponent”

There was silence, neither Terra nor Ignis were capable of talking at the moment and even if they were able to, neither would have said anything in response since the last sentence the summoner spoke was oddly laced with a cold intent which send shivers down their spines.

Terra had now a deeper understand of the situation, he felt slightly surprised by the fact that he actually became a summoner, he had his suspicions of course but those were merely suspicions since he knew next to nothing about summoners to really make his suspicions a fact, but now that he knew, the initial excitement he had quickly died down as he didn’t have a lot of expectations to begin with, the previous mentioned lesson about soul power and his soul was still fresh in his mind but that wasn’t what bothered Terra as he instead became fearful of the future that was about to come crashing down on him.

Yet while one person was worried the other one was ecstatic, that person was Ignis of course, she also went through the same ordeal as Terra did, though in comparison her soul space wasn’t a forest like his but instead it was the foot of a volcano, the raging hot wind and the spewing hot flames were everywhere in the place she visited, her reaction to her environment was not as calm as Terra’s was she panicked at first but quickly calmed down after a bit of a time, after calming down she looked at the head of the volcano and just like Terra felt a presence that was coming out of its mouth, the volcano erupted but Ignis didn’t run she also felt the star that was coming her way and also knew that the environment wouldn’t hurt her, the star also quickly found its way and entered Ignis’s chest.

But unlike Terra, Ignis wasn’t able to see the star inside her chest, or rather she didn’t even have the chance to try, the moment the star entered her chest she immediately felt a great shock and her conscious melt away until she finally woke up just like Terra.

Neither person knew what these stars meant but that essentially didn’t matter at the moment as each person was paralyzed and far more occupied with what the summoner had to say not noticing each others existence as of now.

The awakening had in some way influenced their mind, it didn’t increase their intelligence but rather increased their awareness of things around them, they were far more sensitive to information and signs, being one of the benefits of soul power even if they weren’t aware of it just yet.

Back to the summoner.

The summoner wasn’t kneeling or helping the two children as he simply stood straight, towering over them as if he was looking down on them with his cold eyes, and in some sense it was true that he was indeed looking down on them since they were simply beginners, to official summoners like him talking with people bellow their rank or strength was in a sense degrading to them since it implied that they were equal to the person they were talking to, most summoners were incredibly arrogant and prideful, the summoner that stood before them may seem very arrogant but in truth he was one of the more lenient summoners out there who were more flexible than the rest, it was the main reason why the organization the summoner came from chose this particular summoner to undergo this task to gather potential summoners.

And even though he was more easy going, the years of being surrounded by his teachers and fellow peers still had an enormous effect on him that made him naturally turn the way he was, in the mind of the summoner the way he acted was in now way rude or disrespectful, he even thought he was generous by teaching them something regarding summoners, by the logic of the summoner nobody deserved his respect if they weren’t equal or superior than him in terms of strength or knowledge, in a sense the summoners were far more cold hearted than the hot headed sword practitioners, one moved through instinct while the other was calculative, it was a direct difference between mind and might that made this attitude and temperament of both sides so different.

“Now don’t worry, the effects will soon subside, your soul is still weak its stabilizing at the moment but it should recover your soul power fast enough and you should be able to move again, until then you will listen to me and mark my words since I hate repeating myself understand ? Good”

The summoner smiled, even though neither of the children could see his smile the bad feeling of foreboding was still sensed by them making their skin crawl, the summoner also didn’t bother to waste anymore time as he simply started to explain what would happen from now on since they passed the awakening.

Both Terra and Ignis had a basic understanding of what happened to the children who passed the evaluation since it was one of the things most talked about throughout the entire empire and not just their village, the children who had passed would generally be taken away somewhere far away to be trained to become full-fledged summoners, while the parents and the village that the child came from would be compensated with a lot of money for accomplishing such high deed.

For a example the monetary gain from a single child with the potential to become a summoner is enough to keep a average family to live for 10 years without work and even have some spending money, the money the village and the parents gain are both separate too with the money that the village gains mostly used to finance the prosperity of the village and improve it to potentially transform it from a ordinary farming village to a trading town.

This was another big reason as to why people wanted a summoner to be born in their village, it wasn’t only good for the individual and his or her family but it was also beneficial for the entire village and its inhabitants that birthed such unique character.

Nobody had to worry about the money being stolen either.

Ever since the empire enacted this law they also heavily made sure it wasn’t taken advantage of by bandits and other thieves.

For example: at the beginning when the law was first enacted, there were a few daredevils thinking they could cheat the empire and the summoners to make easy money by robbing and killing the people who benefited from this law, meaning the parents and the village, those actions were extremely grotesque and scary to the world once it was made public.

Because of this people started to hide their children from the summoners when they visited every year giving the summoners a bad reputation amongst the general populace as bringers of death instead of prosperity.

Those daredevils weren’t nobodies either, they were a bunch of powerful swordsman that were famous throughout the empire, people that even the empire would welcome with open arms and the emperor would curry favors with, those individuals also knew the strength of the empire and were confident in their skills, even if they couldn’t defeat the empire together, they could still run away easily continuing their spree of robberies and murders, they weren’t scared of the summoners, after all, information regarding summoners was very scarce in the empire, limited to the legends everyone knew since summoners rarely ever made themselves public or even showed up in their empire, they figured it was just exaggeration brought by the passage of time caused by fear mongering of the people and even if a summoner would appear one day, they believed together that they would easily be able to take him out.

Unfortunately for them, they were wrong.

Ultimately once the empire couldn’t do anything against those rogue swordsman the summoners finally stepped in to settle the issue.

Getting their reputation tarnished and their pride trampled the summoners couldn’t just simply take it and leave the empire settle the issue by themselves.

It was only a single summoner that took care of the problem, who it was is unknown, one person against numerous expert swordsman, listening to it was unbelievable and maybe even impossible but the result was clear even to this day.

A great battle took place, people don’t really know how it went since nobody was present to see, but what everyone can agree on was the fact that it didn’t last long rather it ended instantly, the effect was fast but powerful, just like a casual snap of the finger, those numerous expert swordsman were defeated.

On that day the roar of a mighty beast was heard throughout the entire empire, engraving the might of what was a true summoner into the minds of the people.

Nobody dared to mess with the empire since then not even the high nobility, mostly because of the summoners who showed their might and backed them, which is why the nobility made sure that the parents of the potential summoner would be taken care of to the utmost, fearing that if the child grew up in the future and came back finding their parents either deceased or hurt, they would immediately vent their anger on them even if they weren’t at fault.

This reasoning wasn’t as paranoid as you would think, even though it was rare, some children that had been taken away by the summoners had reportedly come back for their parents, in most cases such reappearance was followed by a huge event that was caused by them, depending on how they found their parents or how they wanted to help their parents, gold would rain or blood would flow.

Either way, nobody could do anything against this law, if a potential summoner was found the child would be always taken away be it willingly or forcefully, the summoners had a deal with the empire, the empire wasn’t something a ordinary civilian could ignore much less the power of a summoner which was far more scarier than the empire itself.

The monetary support gave a lot of the children a peace of mind when they would be send away, knowing that their parents would be well even if they aren’t there to support them, Ignis especially felt that the monetary support alone was a huge relief, she worried a lot about her parents since her mother was from the black flame empire, and while she really wished to become a summoner and flap her wings, she also couldn’t help but think about her poor parents who were far more important than her dreams to her.

Terra on the other hand was different, he felt similar of course, though he wasn’t like Ignis who always worried about these things, he understood his parents and knew that his father Donovan was really strong, even if he wasn’t there anymore his father alone would be able to take care of his mother, the things he was concerned about stemmed from the fact that he didn’t have a desire to leave but at the same time he didn’t want to disappoint his parents nor give them any trouble by resisting and doing something stupid, he knew the stories and what happened that day when the summoners first stepped in, even his father donovan didn’t make light of them when he spoke about them.

Even though he believed his father to be strong, he didn’t actually think he was strong enough to go against the empire nor the summoners, being send away was the only way for this to end peacefully, Terra was unwilling of course but for the sake of not causing trouble to his parents he didn’t mind going.

Ultimately, the summoner gave them only a single day before they would departure from their village, he didn’t say where they were going and how they would get there, but the fact that they would leave was already a fate set in stone for those two.

Afterwards the summoner didn’t bother to elaborate anymore, he only said that everything would be explained in time and that they only had a single day to prepare and say goodbyes to their parents and friends, they could also bring whatever luggage they wanted, but it had to be small and something they could carry by themselves which wouldn’t slow them down too much.

At the end of his sentence both Terra and Ignis could also feel their muscles finally starting to recover, Terra especially recovered much faster than Ignis, even though his soul power didn’t recover entirely, he was still a sword practitioner, a seventh stage sword trainee who was able to instigate his true power which he used to heal his body so his muscles would recover quicker.

His chest was still in pain from the “Soul Burn” since his soul power didn’t recover enough, but he could move his body, this in fact didn’t go unnoticed by the summoner, his eyes even showed a small glimmer of appreciations and intrigue for how young Terra was to be able to use true power.

But that was the extend it would go, sword practitioners after all weren’t much in the eyes of a summoner, they were powerful yes, but compared to a summoner who could summon powerful souls beast to their sides to fight for them, a sword practitioner was only a slightly better foot soldier, soul beasts were generally stronger than sword practitioners within the same power bracket and with the help of the summoner a soul beast would generally be always more powerful than other soul beasts of the same rank too.

On top of that there was much that people didn’t know about summoners, summoning after all was only a single part of what made a summoner a summoner, what truly made summoners unique was just like the summoner said, their soul power, which could be used in all kinds of applications not just summoning.


The summoner grunted for a change, with his eyes narrowed, giving the two children one last look before heading towards the exit of the town hall with a arrogant stride, he didn’t say anything but it was clear to the two children that what he meant with his look was to follow him.

Terra was already on his feet, he momentarily froze in the presence of the summoner not sure how to respond or what to do, it was still all too shocking for him, but luckily the grunt the summoner gave off quickly dispelled his frozen state, he watched the summoner walk away with a cold temperament, he wanted to follow but quickly noticed someone else laying next to him making him stop, looking closer he realized that the person who was next to him the entire time was his best friend Ignis.

Ignis also finally noticed another existence other than the summoner but didn’t know who it was, she had recovered halfway through, enough for her to talk but not enough to put strength into her limbs to stand up, she didn’t have the advantage of true power like Terra did and even though she was also a sword trainee like Terra, she couldn’t compare to someone talented like Terra who was a seventh stage sword trainee at the age of 10.

In comparison Ignis was only a third stage sword trainee which was normal for a kid her age who had average talent in terms of the sword, to instigate true power one had to be a sixth stage sword trainee at the bare minimum, before that one could only train their body and form..

There was great amount of surprise the moment they saw and recognized each other, all kinds of emotions displayed inside their eyes ranging from joy, confusion and relief, neither imagining that this could be possible as they stared at one another.

There were many things Terra and Ignis wanted to say and express.

But in the end Terra forced himself to calm down and instead reached towards Ignis’s body trying to help her stand up, the image almost looking like a concerned older brother trying to help his younger sister and in a sense it was just like that.

“Ignis ? Are you alright ? Can you stand ?”

Terra’s gentle and concerned voice was like a hammer breaking a glass window waking Ignis out of her stupor, but Ignis was still slightly at loss for words her emotions as turbulent like never before, it took her another few moments to collect herself and rein her emotions before she stared back at Terra and replied to him with a calm reassured smile.

“I am alright, other then my chest hurting a bit, my body is just weak from exhaustion, I think I can stand up in a little while so you need not to be concerned about me Terra”

Ignis’s voice was a bit low with pain from her chests, but other than that Terra recognized that everything was fine and that she wasn’t in any mortal danger which made him feel relieved making him sigh.

Seeing him sigh like this Ignis couldn’t help but smile and feel her heart start to calm down again, on a second thought she only now realized how really worked up she was the entire time and how tense her feelings were at the moment, be it out of excitement or relief for the fact that she passed and had the talent, never could she imagine something like this would happen and looking back to how nervous and fearful she was before entering this town hall she couldn’t help but feel that she was being really silly which was further strengthened by the appearance of Terra who looked and acted just the same even after having passed the test just like her.

Staring at him Ignis’s recalled the conversation they had just before entering, a set of words naturally came to her as she got lost in her thoughts.

“But…but what if I won’t see you again ?”

Yes, these words pulled heavily on her heart, the burden far more crushing then the burning sensation in her chest as she pondered the meaning behind these that she spoke from heart, Ignis obviously knew what she meant when she said that, she had feelings for the kind and caring Terra who always supported her, she didn’t want to part with him because of these feelings but at the same time she recognized that her desire to not part was only a burden towards Terra and herself.

Ignis smiled, a clearly powerful resolution taking its form within her eyes, dazzling like a pair of stars, she looked at Terra a shred of unwillingness showing for a moment before being replaced with deep determination like never seen before.

Terra obviously noticed this sudden change, it was peculiar to see making curious as to what possibly could have happened for Ignis to express such strong will, he was about ask whether there was something wrong but before he could even get a word out Ignis had already spoken.

“Terra…I am not sure what will happen from now on but no matter what happens, I want to become strong, I want to become so strong that I won’t have to ever worry about never being able to see the people I love, I want to have the right to stand next to someone without having them protect me or me having to rely on them all the time, I want to be able to protect them and feel relied on instead and when I do achieve this goal…Terra I want you to tell me that I have become strong and that you can rely on me…”


Terra was momentarily speechless by Ignis’s passionated words, he could have never imagined to hear something like this from the timid and cheery girl he knew, it almost seemed like a complete shift in the air took place inside this small town hall, Terra could have easily attributed this behavior as a side=effect of the awakening and burden caused by the soul burn, but at the same time Terra didn’t dare to think like that, he understood that everything that happened today meant a lot to Ignis this was after all one of her lifelong dreams she spoke about ever so often, Terra understood that Ignis desired all of this and now that she had this opportunity, this chance, Terra didn’t want to say anything that would make her discouraged, he would continue to cheer for her and support just like always.

He smiled, not even sure to what say anymore as simply replied.

“Yes, when it happens I’ll be sure to tell you”

“Thank you”

There was a moment of bliss between these two children, time almost seemed as if it stopped but even good things have to end someday.


The icy cold tone of the summoner immediately snapped those two children back to reality, it was as if a cold blizzard swept through their bodies when they heard his voice.

Neither of the children dared to tarry any longer, Terra was still slightly worried about Ignis and her condition, fortunately his worry became unfounded as he saw Ignis finally standing back on her feet again, she was still struggling a bit since she only now recovered her muscles, but she could walk.

Terra offered help, but Ignis politely declined, not because she didn’t want Terra’s help but because she felt like she shouldn’t depend on Terra anymore then it was necessary.

Terra respected that he was still worried but he put up with it and kept a watch on her as they both walked towards the exit where the summoner stood with mild apprehension building inside both of their hearts seeing the cold man.

The summoners himself didn’t speak anymore then he was supposed to, he simply gave a light humph before turning his back on them and finally opening the door letting the light through the entrance almost blinding both of the children within that light.

“It will be okay right ?”

Those were Terra’s thoughts just before leaving the town hall and finally beginning of what would be a long journey through summoning.



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A Journey Through Summoning Chapter 3 A New Star, The Feelings Of A Parent



Terra remembered the first time he awakened as a summoner when he was 10 years old.

He was quite confused back then when he first saw his own soul space, back then he didn’t understand anything regarding the soul or that a soul could be used to act as a home to store soul beasts and summon them from that space, his soul space after all was a forest, a soul space is formed by the nature of the soul itself the soul makes the person, it contains the I and the you, the me and the us, its not a empty space with nothing inside and exists for whole sake of existing, it is a print, a mark, it is the origin of life itself, the creation of god and his most precious achievement to date.

But all of this was irrelevant to a 10 year old child, Terra being the child he was, was far more calmer then most children his age he didn’t understand anything from how he got there to how it even worked, but he didn’t need to understand it to know that the forest was deeply connected to him and that it was a part himself.

From the very spot he stood on Terra didn’t move, he didn’t need to as everything was already moving by itself, he knew everything about the place he was in, every corner, every rock, tree and flower, how it looked like and how it was shaped, and not too far away there was a pond with water inside.

In the depths of this pond there was a small light, Terra felt it was emerging from the pond itself and he wasn’t wrong the light started to get bigger and brighter as it headed towards the surface of the pond as if there something it wanted to do something it wanted to chase, his eyes were entirely focused on it he felt very attracted towards it too anticipating its arrival until finally it flew out of the pond and showed itself.

Terra was still surprised when he saw the small light, it looked to him as if a star had come down…or at least come up…it was incredibly bright illuminating the entire forest with its white light and even though it was so bright Terra still didn’t shield his eyes or felt irritated by the light.

In the opposite he just couldn’t take his eyes away from it, the little star he was looking at felt so intimate to him he wanted to touch it.

He thought, and as if reading his thoughts the little star zipped away towards Terra’s general direction, Terra didn’t fear the little star neither did he wanted to avoid it instead he cupped his hands wide open preparing to catch the star.

A boy and a little star united.

The Little star didn’t even stop for a second as it immediately crashed into Terra’s chest, it was truly unexpected Terra wasn’t aware something like this would happen, but most mysteriously of all he didn’t feel strange or pained by this sudden event, he tapped his chest and groped around to see what happened, but as he did so he quickly discovered that there was no wound or a opening.

Terra discovered that the little star really disappeared into his chest.

“Where did it go ?”

He asked himself, and once again the answer came immediately as the depths of his eyes shone with bright light, countless colors started to pass through his eyes as he discovered quickly that those colors represented all kinds of different types of energy, they flew by so fast that he couldn’t even catch them until finally the little star was once again visible to him.

He astonishingly discovered that the star didn’t disappear at all but instead was in his chest all along, even though he didn’t have eyes in his chest he could clearly see the little star floating in space inside his mind, surprisingly the little star wasn’t alone, surrounding it were another 3 smaller stars, it looked as if the smaller stars were worshiping the bigger star, the little star inside his chest was like the sun giving light those 3 smaller planets surrounding it.

Terra didn’t understand what it did or how it worked, but he did understand that it was a good thing and that it wouldn’t do him any harm something had changed in his mind, but Terra was still the same.

“Now…what do I do ?”

Soon after the entire ordeal it occurred to him that he was still stuck inside the forest, but that wasn’t important since in the very next second Terra’s conscious started to melt away.

The next time he woke up, Terra had already become a summoner.


“Lord summoner what do you want me to do ?”

The village chief asked, his voice quivering with small amounts of excitement as he stood next to the door of the town hall with his head bowed lighty.

There a total of 3 children besides him, originally 5 had entered the town hall to be evaluated but now 2 of them had collapsed to the ground sleeping as if recovering from a heavy round of labor.

Those two were Ignis and Terra respectively.

The summoner stood besides these two collapsed children as if he was examining them, for a moment he stayed quiet without responding to the village chief looking mysterious, but the village chief didn’t take offense and patiently waited for the summoner to finish, he wasn’t someone he could afford offending, even the lord of this duchy would need to bow his head in front of a summoner, they were mystical and enigmatic people with strange powers after all, they were far more influential then even the imperial family of this empire and with such power nobody would even think about standing in their way.

“Take those three and get out of here, you can only enter after I tell you to, until then wait outside”

The summoner finally spoke not even turning his head as he made his order, the village chief didn’t dare to tarry and quickly moved his feet dragging those 3 other children away as they looked at both Terra and Ignis on the ground, their eyes showing intense amount of yearning and jealousy, they had already failed the test which made them feel hurt but what was worse was the fact that the 2 people who were the most unlikely to pass the test actually passed it.

To the children it obviously felt unfair to them they wanted to do a remake, but that they didn’t to do so in front of the summoner, the children were young but they were all very clear about a person such as him who was higher then them in social rank, if they start to complain maybe the summoner would get angry and feed them to his beasts if they weren’t careful enough.

Ultimately the door of the town hall quickly opened and shut close, the people outside were probably wondered what happened since something like this never happened before, it had been a very long time since their village produced a summoner it had been almost an entire century since one of their children had the potential to become a summoner which is why they weren’t familiar with the general procedure of what happened when a summoner was found.

Luckily the village chief was informed about this topic, he knew that these potential summoners would be always taken away towards far away places to be trained, the village that produced the summoners especially the parents would be always rewarded heavily for such service in compensation for taking their children.

The reward that given was enough to boost the village and almost turn it into a full fledged town, it is known that some cities in the duchy who started out as villages quickly turned into cities after producing a lot of potential summoners and getting the rewards, sometimes a summoner would even come back to their home to see their parents again though this didn’t happen in their village it would sometimes happen in other towns or cities which he heard about.

Of course it was his duty to make sure to relay the message to those parents and at this moment when he came out of the town hall with only 3 children the parents of the other two missing children came over storming, worried.

“Village chief, my son !”

“Ignis, my daughter !”

Both fathers Donovan and Faux immediately came down to business, their wives kept quiet and let their men handle the situation, but even though they were quiet the nervousness and worry still showed in their eyes sometimes glimpsing towards the door of the town hall looking as if they were about to storm in any minute now.

The village chief could only smile wryly, watching these two pair of parents grilling him for their children,  but he understood and patiently tried to explain it to them that their children had passed the evaluation.

The other onlookers were also present at the time, they were just as curious about the event that they all closely stuck together cornering the village and listening to his explanation.

This didn’t take long as half of them already started to suspect what happened, the parents of the children that also participated in that round of evaluation also told their parents what happened, they talked about the raging winds and gusts of steam that Ignis created, Terra on the other hand wasn’t very special in comparison to Ignis, he only stood there the entire time without any expression looking as if he was in a trance, they wouldn’t have noticed any anomalies in him if he didn’t collapse onto the ground just like Ignis, he didn’t create any wind or steam so most of the kids assumed that he was just pretending since they were jealous of him.

Obviously the adults didn’t take the children’s accusations seriously since they also knew that it was nearly impossible to scam a summoner, there were already a few unfortunate kids in this village who had tried to fool the summoner themselves but in the end the only thing they got was a heavy shock through their bodies as they were exposed by the summoner, the shock itself didn’t permanently harm them but it still instilled deep fear into those kids regarding summoners and that they shouldn’t be underestimated.

In the end, the distress in both sets of parents quickly started to die down, those 4 looked at each after listening to the village chiefs explanation and didn’t know what kind of expression to make, the mothers were slightly sad, teary and fearful for their children, and the fathers became solemn and strong for their wives, they understood that they would leave the village and leave their parents, and they were happy for them of course.

They wanted their children to grow up and became someone influential to live a better life, but at the same time they would have felt more happier if their children went away after they grew up some more and became adults.

Deep down, all caring parents feared the day their children would leave the house and today would be the day it was about to happen.

Donovan’s wife, Marcy especially felt that sort of fear in her, she couldn’t help but become terrified imagining her son disappear for who knows how long, he was only 10 years old, just a little child who still cried out for his mother, she didn’t want him to leave and even though she had high hopes for her child and didn’t want to hold him back from his bright future she also couldn’t let go.

Marcy quivered, she raised her brown eyes for a moment as she gazed at her husband Donovan, she was very unsure and not clear on what to do she was hesitating, but her husband on the other hand looked the complete opposite, with a slender sword hanging on his hip and hawk like deep eyes he stared at the door leading to the town hall, Marcy didn’t know what he was thinking but he knew that Donovan also had his own ideas.

“Dear…what do you think they will do ? Terra is just a little boy, without us how will he even live ? Maybe we should try talk to that summoner and ask him to let Terra stay for a couple more years before we send him away, having a 10 year child go away like this somewhere far away just doesn’t seem right to me ! Who will take care of him and teach him ! I don’t trust other people taking away our son no matter how much money they give us !”

Marcy said, she had been starting to get hysterical sounding as if they were going to kidnap their child, and Donovan could slightly agree with his wifes slightly over the top reaction, he also didn’t like his only son who was only 10 years old to be brought away to some far away place he didn’t know about, it was his son after all, he had long since other plans regarding his future, Donovan wanted him to become a great swordsman, he knew that his son had a monstrous Talent for the sword, at the age of 10 he was already a seventh stage Sword Trainee who could utilize true power, if you give him another month or so he would most like become a first stage Sword Intern and after another two or three years he could potential even become a Sword Senior which was only 1 rank away from his own rank that was a Sword Accomplished.

How many years would it take for Terra to reach his rank ? Maybe 6 or 8 years ? It took Donovan almost 14 years of his life to become a eight stage Sword Accomplished who was at the cusp of becoming a Sword Elder, maybe his son would only need half his time to become a Sword Elder or even a powerful Sword Master !

At this moment Donovan was only 30 years old, still in the prime of his life, he started to practice the sword when he was 16 and he had Terra when he turned 20, with his current strength he could easily take his family to a big city somewhere and live in a luxurious district, after all that was his plan all along, after this years harvest was done Donovan was going to take his wife and son to the closest city and settle down, money was not an issue since Donovan had already saved a lot from his occasional trip to the city working as a mercenary, the village elder also paid him decently as a combat instructor knowing that he was a powerful sword practitioner, but over all it was still not enough to pay someone as skilled as Donovan was.

Hell, the only reason Donovan was even staying in this village for the past 10 years was because his wife Marcy didn’t want to leave the place where her family used to live, it had taken Donovan quite a bit of effort to convince Marcy to finally move with him and relocate their family.

Marcy was hesitant the entire time and busied herself by taking care of Terra avoiding the topic, they were childhood sweethearts who grew up together his feelings for her were always very strong and when he remembered practicing the sword to be able to protect her one day, she always came after each practice with a smile holding a medicinal ointment to heal his wounds, growing up he understood her thoughts better than anyone, he was aware of her unwillingness which was not only because of her family that used to live here but also because she simply didn’t want to become a disgrace to her strong husband.

He loved her dearly and even though he was already strong and successful, he didn’t bat an eye towards those beautiful woman from good backgrounds, his wife Marcy may not be as beautiful as those woman or as educated but she was the most important person in his life who always stood by him whenever it was painful, she was the reason why he picked up the sword when he was 16, it was only because of her that he was able to push on with his abysmal talent in the sword and become someone competent.

Marcy’s parents who had already passed away due to disease when they were 16 years old entrusted their daughter to him and now that life was going well was there even a need to let Terra go away to some far away place where they wouldn’t be even aware of his well being ?

Donovan thought about it, it was truly a hard decision to make, he knew his son like the back of his hand, he was slightly weirder then most boys his age he didn’t have a lot of drive to do anything, he wasn’t as ambitious as he was when he was young but he was still a lot smarter, he had a lot of talent and was patient and persistent enough to go through with everything as long as he decided to really do it, but at the same time Donovan was worried that his son who didn’t have a lot of life experience would suffer out there in that unknown land.

A Summoner ?! Not one of Donovan’s or Marcy’s ancestors were summoners, not that they knew obviously, and disregarding the fact that they could even stop the summoner from bringing him away what good would it do for him to become a summoner ? His talent lay in slaughtering soul beasts not taming them !


Donovan gritted his teeth. Feeling slightly frustrated by the turn of events, his eyes were passively active with true power allowing him to use his true sight at any moment, true sight was the main ability a sword practitioner gets when they become a Sword Accomplished, it allowed them to see true power without actually utilizing their eyes and detect other living beings be it humans or souls beasts.

Currently Donovan could see a wisp of true power coming his way, the amount of true power he saw was very little comparable to that of a ordinary person, but that was simply a disguise, in all reality the true power of the person who was approaching was equivalent of that of a Sword Intern, 3 times more true power than that of a ordinary person who didn’t practice the sword, the reason it looked like the true power of a ordinary person was because the individual was repressing their aura to their minimum, he was used to seeing that wisp and immediately knew who it was without even looking at them.


“Ah…you noticed ! This time I thought I could hide my presence from your true sight if I repressed it to the maximum, I guess it is really impossible for a Sword Accomplished to miss anything with those kinds of senses”

Faux said, a pleasant smile plastered on his face when looked at Donovan his friend, he was Ignis’s father and also the only hunter in this village, there was not much to be said about their relationship as Faux came with his wife Elissa from the outside and joined their village 10 years ago when Elissa was still pregnant, his daughter Ignis and Donovan’s son Terra were actually playmates which is why their friendship deepened as time went on.

Faux’s hair was partial white, it wasn’t because he was old or anything in the opposite Faux was 2 years younger then Donovan, it was accumulated amounts of fatigue that made him that way, even though he looked energetic and fresh, he was actually very tired and sluggish the entire time, Donovan respected Faux to a certain extend not his strength but by how dedicated he is to his family and how much he works himself to keep his family full.

Donovan once offered Faux a helping hand, but Faux didn’t like pity or charity, he was quite the prideful person even though he didn’t make himself look that way giving Donovan quite a good impression of him over the years.

Now it looked like both Donovan and Faux were in the same situation, Marcy had already walked over to where Faux’s wife was, they were talking with each other and showing worried looks it seemed as if they opinion was the same.

“You came to me ask for my opinion didn’t you ?”

Donovan immediately knew, not that he didn’t want to talk with Faux about this matter, it was just that it was really rare for Faux to come by himself to ask someones opinion, though this time it was really different, thinking about the future their children would take having someone to talk to was always a relief.

“Yeah, actually I wanted to say that I think I will let my daughter go, even though she is only 10 years old and still unfamiliar with the outside world I think she will be alright out there, I heard from a acquaintance in Baal city that the summoners treat their potential summoners with utmost care which is why I am not worried, on top of that I know that Igni’s will go no matter what so talking about this ain’t really gonna matter in the end…haha”

Faux laughed awkwardly, his statement left Donovan a bit surprised since he was always the most protective about his only daughter, if anyone else heard his statement you would think that he was just generally happy for his daughter to become a talented summoner but Donovan knew, that smile he had on his lips wasn’t very honest, he says he isn’t worried but the shacking boots of this man said otherwise.

Though Donovan wasn’t going to point that out.

“Is that so ? I thinking about asking the summoner whether Terra could stay, I don’t see a reason why Terra should become a summoner, it is unknown how well he will do as a summoner and even though it is one of the most prestigious ranks available, why should he risk walking through a clouded mist instead of a clear road ? He is swordsman material him staying here and training his sword is far better”

Donovan spoke firmly, almost sounding as if he wasn’t talking to Faux but rather trying to convince himself about something.

Faux noticed it too, the man he stood next to was one of the most powerful swordsman he had ever seen, if what he says is true it would indeed be for the best, but at the same time there was also another side of the coin when it came to a argument.

“But why not ? Whats stopping your son from being both sword practitioner and summoner at the same time ? Even if I don’t know a thing about summoning aren’t those two fundamentally different things ? Besides I know that little Terra practices the Earth and water style of swordsmanship its totally different from your fire style and he wouldn’t be able to learn from you anyways since he needs to practice by himself. If he can learn more than one trick why shouldn’t he learn more ? The acquaintance I talked about even said that a beginner summoner is stronger than 10 Sword Trainee’s combined not even 3 Sword Interns can beat a beginner summoner he says !”


Just as Faux finished what he thought about Donovans opinion, cracks suddenly appeared beneath Donovan’s feet, a sudden wave of true power came forth making Faux pale for a second as he seemed to have hit a sore spot in Donovan’s mind.

The other villagers who were still there discussing amongst themselves also noticed this powerful change some people who were more sensitive immediately stepped away from from Donovan who was excluding a power wave of true power, nobody was sure what happened and no one wanted to come forward and ask either including Faux who started to keep distance.

After a few more seconds Donovan realized his mistake and immediately stopped his pouring waves of true power, beside him his wife Marcy quickly came back after she noticed what was happening.

“Dear ? Are you okay ?”

Donovan looked at her, there was a deep frown on his face when he was looking at his wife, it wasn’t particular meant for her but instead a bitter memory came to Donovans mind when Faux mentioned the strength of a beginner summoner being stronger than 10 Sword Trainee’s combined, it indeed hit a sore spot something he rather not like to remember.

“I am sorry Marcy…it looks like even I am not quite honest with myself”

He mumbled, his wife Marcy didn’t quite catch what he said which is why she wanted to ask him what he meant, but just as she was about to do so the door of the town hall suddenly opened.

A man, the summoner came out of the door and behind him were two children following his footsteps.

Ignis and Terra.

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Instead Of Being Transported Into Another World I Became Another Person’s Skill In Another World Chapter 5 Talon Reaching For The Gold

-Where are we going ?

Camilla asked, her voice clearly nervous and unsure about the whole situation, her hands tightly wrapped around my neck while her legs lightly shivered within my grasps, holding her behind my back with my black jacket covering Camilla’s shoulders as we made our way through the slum streets of Septinia city.

It hadn’t been long since Camilla and I left the wooden box within that filthy alley, after making a few inquiries about the city, its layout, and its people, I finally judged that we were ready to go by the next day.

Camilla was very uncomfortable with that decision and thought that we needed more time and wait for her to recover, she did protest lightly at the very beginning but she quickly gave in when I told her that we should find better place to recover her wound and that it wouldn’t do good for her health to stay in that filthy place any longer if she wanted to recover quickly.

In all reality I could have left Camilla there and came back later after I finished my task but I felt very insecure having Camilla all alone inside that filthy alley without anyone taking care of her which is why I wanted to take her with me into the streets.

The over all appearance of the city slums wasn’t as different as I imagined it to be, though the buildings looked to be heavily in disrepair, the environment still closely resembled that of my own world without its ruins or rubbles scattered everywhere, if you had to ask me whether there was a difference then it would be the fact that everything here was the same style while in my former world some buildings from the old age were still preserved giving a sense of new and old meshing together which was not present in this city.

The buildings here were made out of stone and wood with numerous strings going from one wooden window to another creating dry hangers for laundry, the path was made out of stone bricks with a few lanterns hanging on masts near the roads to give off light when it became dark.

Right now it was about 5 or 6 o’clock maybe, the sky was dyed orange with the sun rising up, the day had just begun with people already out and about, some looking to go to work while others waiting to start their own business for the day.

Looking around the facial expressions of these people weren’t that good, there was a very real sense of fatigue that you could feel oozing off their bodies and the atmosphere was also strangely oppressive or rather hurried giving off a heavy vibe that made people uncomfortable.

Normally there wouldn’t be anything strange with such display of people busily going through their day, my world wasn’t any different with people worked hard everyday so they could keep their bellies filled and their minds occupied, the only difference here though was the fact that these people going about their day weren’t humans.

They were all demi-humans.

It was really strange in my perspective, if I thought before that the red eyes of Camilla were strange then the people here were in a whole other level of strange with some demi-humans having not only different hair or eye color but also extra limbs such as           animal ears ,tails ,claws ,fangs or horns growing out of their bodies, their eyes were also unique some having pure black or white eyes while others showing cat eyes or snake eyes which differed forms from person to person as they passed by.

Body proportions and lengths aside, some of these people didn’t even resemble humans at all, compared to Camilla who almost certainly looked human just with a different eye color, some of these people had their entire bodies covered with gray scales or green skin and their faces resembling lizards or pigs.

I already knew from Camilla that Demi-humans were beings that were the result of humans and different humanoid creatures copulating with each other, other then humans there were a lot of other races in this world the most prominent ones being elves, dwarves, beastman, dragonnewts and devils.

Humans were merely the most numerous out of all the major races, if you thought about it really humans weren’t that special compared to the others.

And while I heard those races description and names from Camilla I still didn’t understand them since I’ve never seen them before which is why for now I couldn’t be bothered about knowing them.

I thought, almost forgetting about Camilla behind my back because of my inner rambling quickly recalling her question and thinking back to my plan.

-A Tailor shop, we need funds quickly because without money we can’t start earning money…

-Tailor shop ? Funds ? How are we ?…

Camilla let out a confused whisper, at this point I also didn’t see a point to hide what I was planning to do and directly told her why I wanted to find a tailor shop, Camilla herself didn’t know where the tailor shop was because she never went there before since clothes were too expensive for her to buy.

As of now both Camilla and I were penniless, Camilla wasn’t paid for her last round of work because she got injured and needed to escape, before that event she didn’t have any savings anymore since she already used everything for food and medicine that day relying on that days work to reimburse her pockets with coin.

I on the other hand came from a different world, in my world bartering was the only type of trade available, water was the most closest form of currency I had in that world, since everyone needed clean water to stay alive it became the norm to measure everything in exchange of water.

In fact the water bottle I used to clean Camilla’s wound was sort of like my wallet, other then the bottle I also had a few rolls of gauze, a waist pouch, my clothes, my hat, a jacket, 6 throwing knives, 2 skinning knives, 1 Military grade combat knife, a compass, binoculars and a multi-purpose mini-axe.

These things were the only items I had on my body I usually always carried more inside my backpack but because I died without carrying it on my body it didn’t come along with me.

Now since we didn’t have money my first thought was to immediately sell what we had.

The reason I wanted to find a tailor was because out of all the things I had on my body my clothes were the only things I didn’t mind losing, as far as I could hear from Camilla linen seemed to be the only common piece of textile around this area and if I offered my clothes most probably the value of those textiles would be something Tailors would find incredibly interesting and that isn’t even mentioned the over all design my clothes had including the durability which was both water proof and tough to cut.

The compass, the binoculars, the multi-purpose mini-axe or even the plastic bottle may get us a lot of money if I find the right person to sell it to, but at the same time it would probably cause a lot of trouble for us if these items are something that aren’t invented in this world yet.

People would question the origins of these items and how they are made with loads of hungry sharks charging at us to bite off a piece of meat or eat us whole.

As a ruins explorer lost technology was something I was always careful about when peddling around, I knew the thought process of others before they could even think about how to take away my possessions, making my clothes the only thing I had that could gain us some bit of funds to kick start our operation and keep ourselves low.

Or at least get us enough money so we could afford the cost of lodgings and some food for a week or two after getting that much I was planning on collecting information and letting Camilla rest until she fully recovered and by then think about how to proceed further.

And if that didn’t work, at worst case scenario I was ready to sell my knives even though I felt very uncomfortable in my heart I still knew what was worth more between our future or the knives that were dear to me.

And if finally that didn’t work either I could always resort to either stealing or trying to find temporary work until we got things figured out.

-At least thats what I think we should do.


Camilla was silent, after hearing my entire thought process and plan she seemed a bit strange even though I couldn’t see her expression I could feel her red eyes staring at the back my head as if trying to poke a hole into it.

For a moment I thought that there was something wrong with her or that she didn’t feel well but just as I was about to ask her.

-I..Is that so ? I didn’t know you thought so much about all of this…Alright, I try to stay quiet until you find the shop…

She said, her voice a bit strange not the usually shaky tone but rather a hesitant one, I felt tempted to turn my head and look at her but Camilla had already buried her head into my neck hiding her face as she started to rest and conserve her energy.

The feeling I got from Camilla were still a bit strange but I quickly let go of the issue and instead focused on the task at hand.

Thinking like this I slightly turned my head towards right and looked around the area, find the tailor was my top priority asking somebody was also a good idea but at the same time there wasn’t such a thing as being “too careful” when it came to your privacy.

It was also a good opportunity to finally test something that I wanted to do since yesterday.

I thought, my eyes sweeping through the crowd for a second shining with a golden luster as I tried to find someone who looked generally weak finally glancing towards a bird like demi-human who was sweeping the front of a building which looked like a pub ?

Race:Demi-human(Half-Harpy Half-Human)
Occupation:Shop Keeper (Apprentice Tailor)

-Philanderer Lv.0 (0/10)

-Body Arts Lv.1(4/25)
-Sewing Lv.2(18/50)
-Physical Strength Enhancement Lv.1(2/25)
-Abnormal Status Resistance Lv.2 (8/50)
-Keen Eyes Lv.2 (4/50)
-Wind Magic Lv.0 (0/10)

Instantly, a blue window appeared the moment I laid my eyes upon him, this window was something I had discovered yesterday when I looked at Camilla’s eyes for the first time, I am not sure what this ability is called but I call this blue window the “character window”.

The reason I call it the character window is because it shows the true character of the person I looked at, who they are and what they are capable of, even revealing things that the person himself doesn’t know about showing their true potential.

The way this ability gets activated is by me just looking at the person and desiring to see their true self and not necessarily looking into their eyes.

Yesterday, since the discovery of this ability I’ve been constantly experimenting with it through Camilla, Camilla isn’t aware that I have this ability as of yet and while I want to tell her about it I judged that for now keeping this secret was fine since telling someone about it was far more detrimental then keeping to myself which would do no harm.

At some point I would probably tell Camilla of this ability and inform her of her true origin but as if now it wasn’t the time.

Getting back to the window itself,I had a bit of trouble understand and operating the window at first but after thinking about it and instinctively touching the unknown terms and numbers of the window a few smaller windows appeared giving more insight and explanation to what these terms meant.


A Name is a sound,combination of letters and marks identifying a being in this world in which it resigns in, any being or individual can only have 1 true name which they were born with or given the moment they acknowledged themselves with the name.Any other names later brought to the individual will be counted as fake names if they do not associate themselves with the name.


A Level or LV is the base power and knowledge of a being represented with a number, a single Level is made out of a certain amount of experience crossing the threshold, experience comes through all sorts of methods ranging from daily activities such as eating,sleeping and working to active and more rewarding activities such as hunting,discovery and understanding.The higher the level the stronger or more experienced the individual is.Certain items or techniques also have a certain Level requirement that need the individual to be at a certain strength to be able to utilize the item or technique.


Race is the categorization of all individual conscious beings be it living or not.


Gender is the differentiation between masculinity and femininity or man and woman.


Age is the representation of the current lifespan lived by the single Individual.


Occupation is the Individuals usual duty or principle work they are associated with examples such as guards and blacksmiths can be taken as occupations.Occupations give boosts to certain aspects of power and allow the individual to grasp certain skills faster.


A Talent is the innate ability of every living and intelligent being, it is the characteristic that enhance’s one’s latent abilities in a accelerated manner.Traits which allow one to improve at quicker rates than others in the same field of expertise and excel in them further then others.Talent comes in many forms, people can have it passively like swinging a sword as if it is a extension of their arm or sometimes they are simply capable of it actively like being able to levitate items with your mind.A Talent is most of the time no different from that of a Skill which is why it is treated as such as, it needs practiced to be truly useful for the individual.A Talent cannot be learned a individual can only be born with it or acquire it through special means.A Talent while treated as a skill cannot turn into a evolved skill.


A Skill is the accumulated knowledge or experience of a person in a certain area of expertise which they practiced.A skill can be learned through a number of means depending on the skill itself, a average human can only learn 10 skills without crossing level 30, if a human learns more then 10 skills before level 30 the skill proficiency of all other skills will decline until one other skill proficiency drops to 0 and disappears to open space for the new skill, some other races or demi-humans can have different skill limits and required level prerequisite compared to humans. Some skills a person can only be born with or acquire through special means.When the skill Level of a certain skill exceeds Lv.5 it becomes a evolved skill.

A skill has a total of 5 Level proficiencies practicing the skill increases the skill proficiency,certain actions, enlightenments and discoveries can also boost the skill proficiency level.


Is what everything meant.

I never imagined something as complex as a person could be analyzed to this extend, I felt dubious the first time I read through the entire passages of text explaining what every little thing did and what it meant, though things started to get clear to me the situation only got me to ask more questions the more I started to know.

I even figured out that the window was most probably not telling me everything since some of the explanation regarding the function of the window left out some newer terms like , evolved skills, which I wasn’t aware how they looked like or what they even did to the original skill itself making me assume that they either replaced the skill or included a add-on to it ?

Talents and levels were also just as doubtful, a talent signified the potential of a person and their growth but what were levels for then ?

If Levels determine the base strength or knowledge of someone does it mean that the level can rise indefinitely ?

If there is no max cap to a level does it mean a talent can become obsolete depending on the base power of the individual ?

Can a person grow infinitely ?

The levels also seem be deeply connected towards the amount of skills a person can master depending of what race you are, humans can only master 10 skills under level 30 if they try to learn a 11th skill they will suffer from skill proficiency drop until one of their skills disappears and opens a slot for the new skill to reside and if that really is the case does there exist a race which can master more then 10 or less skills at the very beginning ?

How many talents can a person really have ?

Can a skill become more powerful then a talent ?

If there already exists a level boundary in which you can learn more then 10 skills is it possible that you can learn infinite amounts of skills if your level rises infinitely ?

And all of these questions don’t even account for the fact that I am somehow capable of knowing the name,age,gender and occupation of a person without even exchanging a single word with them !

This was just too illogical ! If this was just some sort of game on a sheet of paper maybe I could have accepted this more easier…well not that it matters now.

I lightly gulped, looking back at the character window of this bird like demi-human trying not to directly stare at him while doing so.

Race:Demi-human(Half-Harpy Half-Human)
Occupation:Shop Keeper (Apprentice Tailor)

-Philanderer Lv.0 (0/10)

-Body Arts Lv.1(4/25)
-Sewing Lv.2(18/50)
-Physical Strength Enhancement Lv.1(2/25)
-Abnormal Status Resistance Lv.2 (8/50)
-Keen Eyes Lv.2 (4/50)
-Wind Magic Lv.0 (0/10)

This person had decent amounts of skills and even more impressively he had something called Wind Magic.A skill that was native to this world and seemed to be one of the types of skills a person can only be born with similar to a talent but not actually that unique.Recalling a matter from yesterday I also summoned Camilla’s character window for a side by side reference.

Race:Demi-Human(Half-Dragonnewt Half-Human)
Occupation:Bag Carrier

-Natural Instinct Lv.3(127/250)
-Otherworldly Space Lv.0(0/10)
-Otherworldly Contractor Lv.0(8/10)

Abnormal Status Resistance Lv.3(29/250)
Physical Strength Enhancement Lv.2(26/50)
Physical Vitality Enhancement Lv.2(42/50)
Cooking Lv.1(4/25)
Dragon Magic Lv.0 (0/10)

Just like this bird like demi-human Camilla also had a type magic called Dragon Magic, Camilla herself claimed that she is not aware that she possess such skill neither did she ever practice it before reinforcing the idea that magic is a exceptional type of skill that someone needs to be born with to use, at this point it was unknown to me how this system differentiated between Talent and skill even though magic itself looks to be a talent than a actual skill…


Either way this wasn’t something I could figured out right now without having a good understanding of magic, ignoring the magic skills for a moment I looked over both their skills and talents while also at the same time tapping on all the skill names to get a good idea of what they all do again, though honestly I was more curious about the talent the bird like demi-human possessed then skills themselves.


Increases opinion of the opposite sex towards you, charm increases the more you speak towards the opposite sex giving extra libido when in heat.

【Body Arts】

Increases unarmed combat skill, precision and agility gain a boost the more you practice.


Increases your ability to stitch and craft clothing items, Dexterity and concentration gain a boost the more you practice.

【Physical Strength Enhancement】

Increases physical strength, handling and health gain a boost the more you practice.

【Abnormal Status Resistance】

Increases resistances against poison,disease and infections.

【Keen Eyes】

Increases eye sensitivity, the more you practice the more you pick up on smaller details with your eyes.

【Wind Magic】

Increases your skill to control wind and its different properties, mind, wind affinity and concentration gain a boost the more you practice.

【Natural Instinct】

Increases your perception of danger, the more you practice the more you are capable of discerning your surroundings and seeing truths from lies.

【Otherworldly Space】

Gives you the ability to a open a alternate space within your soul where you can store items ,the more you practice the bigger the space gets.

【Otherworldly Contractor】

Gives you the ability to form a single contract with a being from another world making it your familiar, the more you practice the stronger the contract gets and the more privileges you gain through the contract.

【Physical Vitality Enhancement】

Increases your physical regeneration, willpower,stamina and defense gain a boost the more you practice.


You are capable of utilizing ingredients and tools together to make a meal, the more you practice the more you gain the ability to make better food with more status bonuses.

【Dragon Magic】

Increases your ability to wield the power of a dragon,elemental resistance increases the more you practice.

I read through all of the windows, especially focusing on Camilla’s talents thinking about the space that could be incredibly convenient to us, the otherworldly contractor skill seemed to be the reason why I was called into this world in the first place, how this ability was categorized as a talent baffling my thoughts trying to find a criteria as to how this structure itself is build.

I wasn’t surprised to see Camilla having a ability such as Natural Instincts the first time I saw it, it was understandable since without this ability Camilla probably couldn’t have taken care of herself for so long, the fact that her Natural Instincts, Physical Strength Enhancement and Abnormal Status Resistance were on a such a high level for someone her age proved how much she struggled for so long to continue on living.

People live differently in different regions and here people couldn’t easily leave the safety of the city walls, with monsters and incredibly powerful beings walking outside that can kill them at a moments notice, it seemed as if my world in comparison was probably much more lenient then this world…will we able to pull through?

I wondered, before lightly shaking my head shooing away those pessimistic thoughts…

I raised my head looking around, the people here weren’t even paying attention to a couple like us standing in the middle of this street, everyone here had their own goals to pursue and I wasn’t done yet either I knew struggles were ahead if I didn’t start pull my weight fast enough.

-Excuse me mister…can you stand still for a second ?!

Just as I was about to move on again, the bird like demi-human who I had just used as a test subject for my ability suddenly approached me asking me to stay. I was a bit surprised honestly that he approached me all of a sudden and thought that he had noticed that I was looking at him for too long, but staring back at him appraisingly I noticed that he didn’t seem to have any malicious or hostile intent when approaching us.

I was about to ask what he wanted with a slight harsher tone so he would go away, but just as I was about to do so I could see his hands move lightning quick, his bird like fingers stretching out towards my body, the black talons of his finger nail looking as if he was trying to impale me.

My instincts reacted instantly, my left hand reaching towards my military grade combat knife to sever those talons and my feet stepping side ways to avoid his lunge, my eyes were focused on those black talons of his, Camilla seeming to be still asleep the entire time and didn’t wake up from the sudden shake of my movements when all of this occurred.

The shaking was not that bad my balance was still steady the only thing that happened was just as I moved the black jacket hanging on Camilla’s shoulders fell down intercepting the bird like demi-humans lunge with his talons.

At this point I had already drawn my knife but just as I was getting ready to retaliate, the bird like demi-human spoke again, his voice excited drawing my eyes towards his face as I once again saw his “no harm intended” looking expression holding the jacket with sparkling eyes and fondling it with his fingers as if he was holding his lover.

-Mister…where…where did you get these clothes !


I may or may not have wrote too much.

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Instead Of Being Transported Into Another World I Became Another Person’s Skill In Another World Chapter 4 The Road Ahead

-I understand,from today on our goal will be to travel to one of the other major human kingdoms and start making a living ! After we finish that and have acquired sufficient amounts of funds we will directly head to the Demi-human kingdom and set a base !

I declared, my voice full of motivation as I set a clear goal inside my mind while thinking about a lot of other plans to reach said goal in the vicious journey that was up ahead of us.

-What ? How are we going to do that…

On the other hand Camilla still seemed to be befuddle by my sudden declaration of our quote on “Goal”, it was understandable really, doing something that she couldn’t reach even after working for 5 years must have seemed much too impossible for her even with my help.

But I thought differently.

Pies didn’t fall from the sky, only opportunities would show themselves and if you aren’t quick enough to grab those opportunities or gutsy enough to chase after them, then the pie would never bake itself.

Glancing at the confused Camilla I uttering only one sentence with a smile.

-We’ll become adventurers obviously !

And just like this a road was set, and with the road Camilla’s expression froze as she looked at me with small amounts of anxiety and horror which I could only smile wryly towards whilst sitting inside this big wooden crate of ours.

My eyes shone lightly with a golden brilliance.

========================3 Hours Ago=====================

Camilla and I started off rough, she was just like me not the most open or loose person when it came to others.Her paranoia was a good thing even though she understood that I saved her life and didn’t have any ulterior motives, she still opted to keep her guard up towards me in a certain part of her mind so she wouldn’t get swept up easily in case something happened.

This kind of paranoia was something I knew all too well, I was fine with it too since I also didn’t have much faith in this girl either, I knew that without at least that much suspicion she wouldn’t have survived for this long inside this vicious world.

It would have been all well and good if we could separate and walk our different paths.

But in the end things weren’t as simple as that, my life depended on this girl’s well being quite literally.

I wasn’t sure why god would tie my life with the life of this girl but I knew that questioning or holding assumptions wouldn’t do me good if I wanted to continue on living.

And because of this I wanted to form a friendly and trustworthy bond with her, I couldn’t see myself from running away all too soon, hiding things from her wasn’t going to be good either leading me into confessing everything I knew regarding this situation and the fact that my life was bound to hers.

Camilla at first was slightly nervous and skeptical by my confession, it was obvious that something as far-fetched as appearing out of nowhere and being bound to someone else’s life would garner their doubt and suspicion but fortunately she was quickly convinced adding her own few sentences explaining that she also saw the very same light blue window appearing when I was summoned and informing her of similar things finally understanding the gist of my existence and how I came here.

She was most surprised about the fact that my life was bound to hers and that I came from a different world, explaining why I had so many questions that seemed common sense in her mind.

She especially pondered about the fact that I was her Familiar, on that note to be quite honest, I was very much nervous and expected to be at least smacked by her because of how roughly I previously pushed her to the ground and made her suffer.

But luckily she only glanced at me with a passive look before letting go of the matter altogether, I was unsure what she was thinking but I quickly figured it out after she thanked me for treating her wound.

-It was only natural after all if I didn’t treat it and you died I would have most probably followed you suit, you don’t need to thank me for it

I replied like this at first and Camilla probably understood that too but she shook her head and stared back at me, her cheeks slightly red with a small voice of thankfulness as she spoke.

-Yes, I know, but I still want to thank you, even if you were forced to, you at least didn’t…didn’t leave me alone..

The last part was a bit low but I was able to hear it nonetheless making me also feel embarrassed for once thinking about how devoted I was, I lied after all, at the time it wasn’t because I was forced to treat her that I stayed with her but because I felt guilty for making her suffer, even I wasn’t as quick minded to connect the dots and think back to the part where I woke up greeted by the blue window.

I was still shocked after all letting my survival instincts take over instead of rational thought that I usually used.

I didn’t know why I lied that time about me taking care of her, maybe I didn’t want to seem pretentious or make her think that I was only saying that to make an excuse on my part but either way the distance between me and her quickly closed after the first few interactions we had to each other.

We talked for a long time until mid day, it was mainly me asking questions though mostly regarding the world and what people considered common sense.

The things she told me were all things I found incredibly curious and mysterious, topics of which my own common couldn’t seem to find head or tails with, no matter how many times I heard about them.

At some point our conversation started to lead towards Camilla’s personal life.

Camilla obviously had things she didn’t want to talk about, I even lightly alluded to the numerous bruises and scars she had all over her body when I tried to clean her while she was asleep.

She was quite embarrassed and depressed when she first heard me checking her entire body shaking with anxiety at first and looking down with a sulking face before quickly calming down when she heard about me asking about the scars and bruises.

She had a painful look at first but then stared at my face as if trying to find something reassuring,seeing my calm face she probably thought it was okay to talk about it and opened up lightly towards her life for the past 5 years she had as a bag carrier.

She briefly talked about the labyrinth and what kind of place it was, I was even more fascinating about her explanation regarding the labyrinth and how adventurers ventured into the depths to gain treasures and raw materials from there, it was truly magical, being able to gain massive amounts of wealth through venturing into the labyrinth in one shot was the epiphany of opportunity, but its massive wealth came in equal amounts of dangers as the entire labyrinth was ridden with dangerous demonic beasts which lurked at every corner.

For a moment I felt very curious towards this entity called “labyrinth” and the people who invaded it called “adventurers”,the way Camilla explained it she seemed to mean that the monsters and the treasures made of gold and other materials just came out of nowhere which baffled me.

I wanted to know more about the labyrinth,but refrained from asking any further since I didn’t want to interrupt Camilla who was originally patiently telling me about herself.

When she talked she didn’t seem to notice that her voice was getting a bit shaky and the fact that she was saying things that she probably wanted to hide.

I listened to everything, her struggles and how she desperately tried to work so she could one day leave towards the demi-human kingdom and live a better life with people who didn’t hold prejudice against her, as a demi-human Camilla had it tough all her life, at the age of 6 she didn’t even know how she got into this city and why she was here, and even though she didn’t say that it was tough herself or that she was tired, I knew from the way she was telling me everything that her mind was out of juice and that she felt like she was cornered the entire time.

I kept my face blank the entire time as if nothing was wrong.

I didn’t say anything or offer any sort of solace in what she was feeling at the moment, for what seemed like a solid and determined person to survive looked to be actually a weak life on the border of her sanity.

In a few ways her appearance sort of reminded me of myself, not her personality but the way she was feeling resignation and hopelessness that no matter what she does she wouldn’t able to escape no matter what, when I sat in front of god and knew that my life had ended I had the very same appearance of resignation and hopelessness so many emotions jumbled at me at that moment,but what particular feeling did stand out the most ?

The last question of the god momentarily seemed to flash through my mind as I thought about it.

Yes, regret.

My happiness came from desiring a world where things weren’t as tough as they were, for this goal I have staked my life, but for who did I really desire it for ?

Was I this selfish to the extend of making myself believe that my intentions were pure and just ? Maybe I truly didn’t understand myself as much as I thought I did.

Even in death.

I was alone.

I pondered snapping out of my daze, finally looking back at Camilla who I had noticed gone quiet all of sudden.

-Eh ? Is something the matter ?

I asked surprised the moment I turned my head, finding myself being stared at by this red haired girl whose eyes were gazing at me as if trying to poke a hole into my skin.

At that moment I didn’t know why but I found myself quite compelled by her red eyes for some reason, giving me a very strong impression and inexplicable feeling, it wasn’t in particular the color or form the eyes had that made me feel so conflicted but rather the hidden potential that was slumbering within those eyes which made me dazed as if I could just reach out for it and see what it was.

-Your eyes are strange ? It looked like they were glowing gold for a moment.

She said, her voice quickly snapping me back to reality as I realized what I was doing the entire time and also wondering what Camilla was talking about.

But before I could even ask her what she meant a small flash seemed to enlighten my eyes as an image started to make itself clear in the form of a blue window with text which greeted me the first time when I arrived into this world.

Race:Demi-Human(Half-Dragonnewt Half-Human)
Occupation:Bag Carrier

-Natural Instinct Lv.3(126/250)
-Otherworldly Space Lv.0(0/10)
-Otherworldly Contractor Lv.0(8/10)

Abnormal Status Resistance Lv.3(27/250)
Physical Strength Enhancement Lv.2(26/50)
Physical Vitality Enhancement Lv.2(41/50)
Cooking Lv.1(4/25)
Dragon Magic Lv.0(0/10)

I was astonished, just like last time the window was informing me of something but this time it was something completely different out of the world.

This was also the first time I used my talent.

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Instead Of Being Transported Into Another World I Became Another Person’s Skill In Another World Chapter 3 The Two People See Eye

Astoundingly Camilla’s recovery wasn’t that long,In my own estimation it only took her half a day to recover back some energy and finally wake up.

This proofed that her vitally was strong and that she was very resilient towards a lot of microbes or germs,normally if it was an ordinary person with such a long cut and amount of blood loss they would have at least needed another 2 days to recover properly inside a warm,humid and comfortable area instead of this cold,filthy,abandoned crater.

I was fascinated by how fast her recovery was,but that wasn’t as important right now since my foremost mission was to deal with what came after she woke up.

-Please….please don’t hurt me…you can have whatever you want,but please don’t hurt me…

She begged tearfully,pitifully so as the moment she woke up and saw my face while looking up she immediately jumped and leaned onto the other side of the crater making the big wooden box shake for a second by the amount of force she used to escape my care even going as far as to create a small dent in the wood where she leaned onto.

She had unnatural strength…most probably from her job,but I wasn’t bothered by that right now.

Looking at her with blank eyes,I temporarily ignored her pleading and rather concentrated on the freshly bound gauze that I had rolled around her left leg where the cut was made.

I identified it to be from some kind sharp claw that belonged to an animal with long reach.

The gauze was starting to turn slightly red meaning that the injury had opened up from her useless flailing when she tried to escape.

Glancing at her expression,it didn’t even look like she was in pain in the slightest bit from her wound reopening but rather was concentrated on my entire being begging me not to touch her as if she forgot that it was me who had treated her in the first place…

Well unpleasant memories are the ones everyone remembers more then the pleasant ones so it wasn’t that nonsensical for her to forget after that whole ordeal of nearly losing her life from blood loss.

I thought simply keeping my eyes on the girl giving her a small space to breath before taking action once again.

Camilla was alert to the extreme,even though she had recovered enough to be awake and play this wild act,she was still very weak without food,running only through the water that I had fed her the entire time.

Obviously when she saw me trying to come close to her without a second word she immediately started to plead again telling me not to come close or not to touch her,but whatever she said I ignored and slowly approached as if I was some kind of bad person that only meant harm.

Of course I had my reasons to not say anything,after all words were empty without action,showing was believing not the other way around,I needed her trust not her consent.

-If…if you don’t back away right now…I..I will hit you !

She screamed out,showing her last ditch effort as I saw the look of desperation in her eyes that blinded her from the truth,her hands were gripped to the max ready to strike and even though she didn’t look like someone who would seriously hurt anybody she was still in a position of a cornered animal which could make her moves unpredictable without the proper judgment.

Her strength was something I should be careful of…

I merely thought,not stopping even after the harmful threat that came out of her mouth.

Seeing me not stopping no matter what,Camilla quickly realized that nothing she said would work.A glint of madness started to form in her red eyes as she started to get more determined in her decision until finally…

-AHhhhhhh ! I said go away !

She threw a punch,haphazardly so,with her eyes closed as she aimed at a random spot in my general direction,her movements and reaction were all pretty slow,predictable and wrong showing that she had never be in a serious fight before,but rather opted to be on the receiving end making it clear that she was not only a coward,but also a gutless coward too.

(Whump !)

A shock wave ran through my entire body as I caught Camilla’s flying fist at point blank,even though I told myself to be wary of her strength I still couldn’t help,but groan from my reckless move of trying to catch the fist instead of avoiding it.

Either way,I didn’t let the pain show on my face and didn’t let go of the fist either quickly closing into her space as I sat only a few centimeters away from her whilst holding her hand tightly within my grip.

Camilla wasn’t trying anything anymore and only stared at me wide eyed with a hopeless hollow look on her face as if resigning herself to her fate.

The look on her face closely reminded me of the time not too long ago when I met god and made the very same expression of resignation,seeing her like this I couldn’t bear to continue teasing her anymore and instead grabbed her left shoulder and pulled her towards my chest.

-Kyaaa !

She screamed lightly not even trying to run away anymore or say anything to stop this,and even though it was easier and more convenient this way,I still felt that she should resist to the end…well not as if the person who resigned to god has anything to say on that matter…

I mocked myself keeping her tightly nuzzled into my chest as I reached towards her left leg to see the gauze and whether or not it became loose.

Seeing me reaching for her injured leg Camilla looked as if she finally wanted to say something,but upon seeing that her leg was treated and covered with a unfamiliar fresh gauze she opted to quickly shut up and see what I was about to do instead.


She moaned light twitching in my embrace as she felt the pain of my touch fiddling with her injury by tightening the gauze to keep the injury closed.

Whilst doing so Camilla seemed as if she got used to me touching her freely and no longer seemed to shiver as much as she did at the start,I could feel her bright red eyes staring at me intently as if she was looking at an alien creature,not sure what to make out of me or how to respond to me as she finally realized that I wasn’t harming her,but treating her.

A lot of memories also seemed to return to Camilla as she started to remember who it was she entrusted her body to before falling asleep and at this point words didn’t even need to be transmitted as I quickly finished up with the inspection facing back towards Camilla with a gentle smile on my face.

-Looks like you survived,its my fault for having you go through this so can you please accept my apology ? Since I still want to hear more about this world how about it ?

It was a bit unnatural by Camilla looked as if she had already enough of the unnatural and only sighed before giving me a light nod with her gentle eyes,her heart also seemed to have calmed down leaving any trace of the previous madness she had behind replaced by ease a feeling of warmth.

-Yes…I..If I am helpful enough of course…

A weak reply,but we could work on that as we go along.

I thought so giving a nod back to her as we slowly returned to the conversation at hand and about the world I was just about to step my foot into for the very first time.

=====================Camilla’s P.O.V=======================

Today a lot of strange things happened.

I experienced a lot of things.

Getting close to death,I thought about many things and came to a lot conclusions about myself that I didn’t know of.

My name is Camilla and I am a demi-human living in the city of Septinia belonging to the Aion kingdom which was one of the 4 major human kingdoms.

Even though I was born demi-human I am not sure what kind of demi-human I am exactly as I had never met my parents before or even remember anything about them to give me a clue about my common heritage amongst my people.

My red hair and red eyes do not match with any kind of demi-human I have met so far,other then the color of my hair and eyes that didn’t match that of a human,I look and act like a complete human which puzzles me to this day.

In either case I work as a bag carrier inside labyrinths to give support to adventurers by carrying their materials and equipment inside and outside the labyrinth.

It is a dangerous line of a work that doesn’t pay much for the amount of risk that is involved for someone who isn’t a experienced fighter or well equipped,but it is one of the only lines of work demi-humans are capable of doing as most or almost all places that give out work don’t hire demi-humans such as myself into their mids.

The only places that give work to demi-humans are construction sites and brothels,but even those are almost always hesitant about hiring demi-humans that makes the line of work hard to approach and in either case,I am definitely not interested in to sell my body or to work all day in exchange of little to no money.

Even though my job does pay less then normal bag carriers it was still higher than most of the construction workers out there.

The treatment of demi-humans around the human kingdoms isn’t very friendly because of the recent war that occurred 50 years ago between humans and demi-humans,this unfriendly behavior was especially evident in Aion as the humans here practiced the belief of a goddess called Chirke who believes in human supremacy over that was not human.

As most commonly the humans are distinguished by their eyes and hair color that ranges from black,brown,blue and gold,my red hair and red eyes stand out significantly as those were the signs of discrepancy that were most commonly associated with demi-humans.

Demi-humans aren’t accepted into a a lot of places as you may have already guessed.

And while public order was kept high to keep people from harassing demi-humans such as myself,it was still unavoidable that people would break such rules to commit small acts of harassments against the minority of demi-humans that resided inside the city,though acts such as murder or heavy bodily harm was taboo,small acts such as bullying or public slander was still overlooked by the major populace and even the guards.

Fortunately,I was majority of the time spared by such harassments of the public,as ever since I was born I had a natural ability to sense danger or harm coming my way,I concluded that this ability must have something to do with the blood of the demi-human that was running through my veins and while I tried to see some common traits with other demi-humans,so far,I couldn’t find any leaving me to believe that maybe it was a unique ability of my own that allowed me to sense danger.

This ability was also the reason why I was leaning towards becoming a bag carrier inside a dangerous labyrinth with ruffians such as adventures who could cut me up if they didn’t want to pay me inside the labyrinth,it helped me recognize and differentiate between dangerous and harmless by looking at people allowing me to choose my clients effectively and without too much hitch.

But this ability while extremely convenient didn’t mean it showed me the nature of someone,but rather how dangerous they were towards my survival,harmless didn’t always mean unpleasant as most or almost all the clients I work with had prejudice against demi-humans in some way or another sometimes paying me less or at other times not paying me at all after the whole work was said and done.

Life was hard,and because of the danger within the labyrinth it wasn’t always possible to avoid the harm that came my way even with the ability making me experience countless of painful injuries and frightening experiences.

I worked 5 years as a bag carrier and kept myself from starving to death even without a luxurious bed or a roof over my head I kept on living expecting something to happen that could change my life.

I thought countless of times to save up and one day travel towards a demi-human kingdom so I could live my life in slight ease and not always struggle for my next meal.

Alas such thoughts were mere dreams,after all the paths leading towards the demi-human kingdoms were far and filled with danger that took the form of demonic beasts and occasional bandits on the roadside.

My strength wasn’t much either in comparison to the adventurers,even though I became strong through the years of carrying heavy materials and equipment,I was still very cowardly because of my ability to sense danger which gave me fear as a demerit of the ability.

On top of that I didn’t even know the first thing about holding a sword,buying one wasn’t an option either since majority of the stores don’t sell weapons to the demi-humans or either charge way too much for lower quality goods that makes the entire point of the weapon useless making a branch on the roadside a better weapon than a rusty dagger.

Even hiring adventurers to escort me was hopeless as most adventurers from this city held extreme amounts of prejudice towards demi-humans that it wouldn’t be surprising if they simply robbed me of my possessions and then killed me on the way there halfway through the journey.

And thats not even mentioning the amount of money needed to cover such ground or money needed to hire the said trustworthy adventurers.

It was truly despairingly hopeless making me think at one point that I would one day die inside the city or labyrinth without ever being able to do anything about my situation.

At one point I even considered to sell my body in exchange of a favor just so I could escape from my predicament,but in the end I quickly to came to give up such ideas because of disgust and issues regarding my pride that wouldn’t allow me to go that way…

My face and body were generally also nothing exceptional either for someone important to take note of,I was malnourished,my body was on the skeletal side while my face was slightly caved in from the lack of protein,the only thing that stood out were my eye and hair color which were completely crimson,a bit exotic yes,but compared to those prostitutes on the streets I was slightly above average perhaps,but even I doubt myself about my beauty and don’t think about it all too much so I don’t get sad…

In the end my only choice was to keep being optimistic and try to think of different solutions…but even so my luck had caught up to me…

The last job I did seemed as if it was my last as a demon mantis had suddenly attacked the group of adventurers I was working for,my ability to sense danger was overshadowed by the ability of the mantis as I couldn’t even sense its existence until it came close to us.

The demon mantis was famously known inside the labyrinth as the rookie killer because it aimed for adventurers in the upper levels of the labyrinth who almost always beginners.

It was the first time for me meeting such a gigantic and frightening demonic beast,I tried to run away but I was pushed by one of the fleeing adventurers who couldn’t keep their composure with the others and fell on the ground.

The demon mantis at the time probably saw an opportunity within my fall and aimed for me with his sickle,nobody tried to stop it and instead only cared for their own lives which wasn’t surprising since I was merely a demi-human they had hired to carry their equipment.

Fortunately I was able to avoid the entire slash in the last second and only partially got cut on my left leg,the demon mantis was displeased and probably wanted to kill me soon after,but quickly got distracted and changed its target to someone else for some reason which I am not sure about,but thankful that it happened still.

I dragged my body towards the exit as it was close by and simply walked away without contacting the guards as I could feel that if I didn’t treat my wounds immediately I would die from excessive blood loss.

I didn’t trust the guards,reporting them about the demon mantis because I thought that they would hold me up for too long without letting me treat my injury until it was too late,and in a sense my ability also told to immediately get out of there and get back home towards the slums.

At that point I was hazy and don’t remember much,I remember getting back home,closing my wound with a dirty rag and hoping that I would live through the night and not get diseased or infected with something.

In a sense I felt myself afloat while leaning against the wall of my trusty wooden crater that I had turned into my home inside the slums,I don’t quite remember what I was thinking about when I was trying to fall asleep,but I think I knew that I was probably going to die that day from either infection or blood loss.

The initial thoughts just like I said were hazy ,but my finishing lines were still very fresh to my mind as I knew what it was that I thought before I thought it was over.

If only…if only there was someone who could save me…care for me…

I thought,lines of which were quite innocent and unexpected from me as I tried my hardest to not to rely on anybody in my entire life so I could live without worries or feeling as if I owed somebody,I am not sure where those thoughts took root in myself,maybe it was because in the end I was still just a woman that wanted the reassuring embrace of a man that could protect me or maybe it was because I just felt burdened being all alone my entire life not relying on anybody or being relied upon by anybody.

But either way it was too late to regret,I believed.

Well I was not wrong until a stream of light suddenly appeared and summoned a young man out of nowhere.With his arrival a big blue screen of light suddenly appearing before my eyes before I could even react.

【Otherworldly Contract has been established】

【Kleptes has become Camilla’s Familiar】

【Kleptes the Familiar shares the Life of Camilla the Contractor,if the Contractor dies the Familiar will soon follow the fate of the Contractor and also die,if the Familiar on the other hand perishes the Contractor on the other hand will suffer 1/3 of the damage taken by the Familiar and the soul of the Familiar will be returned to the Contractor for safe keeping and repair purposes to be revived after 3 days had passed】

The writing was unfamiliar not that I knew,I was uneducated and didn’t know how to read and even though I knew close to nothing about writing or reading I still understood the words written on the window perfectly as if they were within my second nature.

Soon after I finished reading,the screen disappeared just as abruptly as it appeared leaving behind more questions then answers.

Quickly forgetting about the window I changed my attention back to the young man trying to wake him and see whether or not I could ask him what was happening.

The first thing I thought when he finally woke up was this…

His hands are quite rough…

Which is how I met Kleptes for the very first time.

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Instead Of Being Transported Into Another World I Became Another Person’s Skill In Another World Chapter 2 Rescue From Another World

-I see so this place is called Septinia a city of the Aion kingdom and right now we are inside the farther ends of the city outskirts or also known as the slums…am I correct ?

I asked patiently to reaffirm,my eyes calm and reserved endowing a gentle smile across my face as I looked at the young girl in front of me with no sorts of ripples or cracks showing in my expression.

If you looked at it that way you would have probably thought it was a very civilized and polite way of exchange though naturally that was only what was seen on the surface as what was happening bellow my head within the grasps of my hands was anything but civilized or polite for that matter.


The girl nodded,shivering in fear as I sat on top of her holding her in a tight restraining grip.

Currently the situation was both confusing and distraught,I was naturally a very cautious and suspicious person by nature since I was small.

Dying,meeting god and then waking up inside the dark alleys of a slum inside a foreign land would shake up almost anybody even the most foolish and because of this it was no surprise for me to immediately react negatively upon waking up and finding myself getting stared at by a filthy girl touching my body.

My reflexes reacted automatically towards this stimuli as my first course of action wasn’t to ask questions but rather immediately try to restrain the girl underneath me and then ask questions later,leading to this situation at hand with me sitting on top of her while pushing her face down side ways with one hand and pulling her left arm in a restraining grip with the other.

Because my body acted on impulse I didn’t have time to think,I was still very confused as to what was actually happening and while I did have a small suspicion inside my heart,I held it back and instead asked the most crucial questions at the moment that led to this situation.

The girl bellow me was called Camilla,she was 15 years old which means 1 year older then me,she didn’t have any parents and lived inside the outskirts of the city slums explaining her unbearably foul stench and her grime covered body that was laid with a dress that looked like it was made out of a potato sack.

The city was called Septinia and was a part of the Aion kingdom within the continent of Geus.

Camilla was a bag carrier who worked basically as a manual laborer that carried equipment and items for people she called “Adventurers” who ventured out into labyrinths and fought monsters for raw materials to gain money.

Camilla,while introducing herself slipped into her introduction that she was a Demi-human and while she was already spouting terms and settings that I had no clue of what she meant,the word “Demi-human” had a significant impact on me that left me curious as to what she meant when she was referring to herself.

Even though her red eyes were unusual coupled with her crimson hair,her body was still completely normal looking in my opinion no different of that of a normal human.

In either case I didn’t feel like interrupting her and just continued to ask her questions as time went on,surprisingly Camilla herself was quite docile or rather submissive of my rough handling and continues questioning,not once did she interrupt me or asked any questions about myself not even showing signs of resistance that I was prepared for from the very beginning,she felt rather detached and fearful than anything else to the point I felt rather pitiful for treating her like this.

But in the end I wasn’t going to let her go since it had already turned out like this and things couldn’t be changed.

After asking her some basic questions regarding my surroundings,I quickly went over the topic on why I was here in the first place which bothered me the most.

Camilla was a bit stumped upon the question which made me feel suspicious,it took her a few more seconds of silence before she answered me which still didn’t satisfy me but only served to baffle me more.

In short she didn’t know.

Camilla explained that she saw me just appearing out of thin air within a stream of light when she was resting inside her small hut recovering,In turn the small hut she was talking about was the little room we were inside currently isolated from the world,it looked like it was 2 meter square tall and was completely made out of wood with a small entrance to the right that you needed to crawl through to get in and out,other then me and her the hut only had a big bag inside and nothing else.

To me it looked like it was a gigantic crater turned into a hut by this girl,but that was besides the point.

Recounting her memories again,for Camilla it wasn’t a special day,she had just come back from the labyrinth working as a bag carrier,she didn’t talk about her payment,but she mentioned that she was injured by a monster inside the labyrinth her leg had been cut not severed but cut long enough to make her bleed profusely giving her no other choice,but to leave early.

Her expression was a bit paid when mentioned her early leave most probably she wasn’t paid.


At this point I finally noticed why Camilla didn’t even bother resisting the whole time looking back I could see her left leg tied with a big dirty rag that was turning red from the amount of blood she was losing,her face didn’t look well either she looked pale,malnourished with her cheeks caved in and tired making her unable to do anything even if she wanted to.


My face paled for a moment with a grim look showing on my face.I could feel the air inside the hut turning colder by 10 degrees in an instant as realization dawned on me.

My eyes turning sharp as a frantic expression started to form on my face.

-Damn it ! Why didn’t you tell me from the very beginning that you were hurt !

I shouted out angrily swiftly getting up from her as I turned her over and placed her more comfortably,my hands moving quickly as I started to pull out a bottle of clean water and a roll of gauze that I kept at all times on my body for first aide.I wasn’t sure how much blood the girl had lost,but looking at the her swimming eyes and delirious expression she was most probably very close to death.

-I…I was scared..I didn’t want to die…I thought…if I didn’t answer I would die…

She answered feebly,slightly shaking my heart as I felt the guilt only start to drill further into my conscious.

How could I be so short sighted…

I blamed myself,quietly trying to calm Camilla and make her stop talking so she could preserve her energy while explaining her that I would treat her wounds.

Camilla also seemed to have realized that I didn’t have any bad intentions hesitating for a brief moment before nodding back at me resolutely and shutting her eyes with a light sigh as exhaustion seemed to have taken her back into deep slumber with her chest slowly rising up and down.

I on the other hand didn’t have such leisure as my hands gently started to unwrap the blood covered dirty rag from her left foot while raising her filthy skirt up to her thighs to have a better view.

Whilst doing so I inevitable couldn’t avoid looking at Camilla’s delicate lady parts,but instead of being distracted by her feminine body I was far more dumbfounded by the amount of scars and bruises she had on her body making me wonder whether it was normal for her to take injuries like these on a daily basis…

-No you idiot of course it isn’t normal !

I quickly rebuked myself shaking my head while looking away and concentrating on treating her currently bleeding wound instead.

I didn’t know how much time passed while I was nursing her,but either way I wasn’t going to stop until I was finished.


-Pew…it looks like this is as much as I can do for now…

I muttered sighing out of relief,finally finishing up with my treatment as the blood stopped flowing and Camilla’s expression turned normal again with her breath getting into proper motion…

Before this Camilla looked very pained in her sleep while I was treating her,but otherwise she didn’t wake up.

I took extra time wiping off the excess grime and filth of her body so she wouldn’t get sick or infected through her wound or body making her look somewhat decent,but still smelling foul as ever.

And after everything was finished I considered to up and leave this place since I didn’t want to bother this girl any longer or cause her more pain.But after considering and remembering the bright blue window I was greeted with when I came to,I shelved the idea of leaving and instead stayed,nursing the girl that looked like had a very close relationship to me from today onwards.

Placing her head onto my thighs while putting my jacket on top of her body I kept her warm and comfortable as much as I could.

Occasionally I would give her a sip of clean water to keep her hydrated when she would wake up from her stupor and then fall asleep.

Looking at Camilla like this I felt very sympathetic of her circumstances,even though I still had no idea where I was or what was going on,I already knew that the world I was in wasn’t the world I was originally from.

The only thing I knew right now was that I needed to stay with this girl and make sure that she doesn’t die or get hurt under my watch…

It was a funny situation really…If I wasn’t send here could it be that Camilla would have died from her injury ? Was the reason god send me down her to prevent her death ? How was she important to all of this anyway ? Why was I send to her or to this world in the first place ?

I wondered,still questions upon questions stacking up on my mind as I couldn’t get a head around what to do or what to say really.

In the end I could only sigh and look down onto Camilla’s sleeping face while showing a bitter smile.

-Looks like I’ll be staying with you for a long time now little missy…I hope you wake up so I can apologize..

I whispered,her stench still very unpleasant,but my nose slowly getting used to it as time passed.

Camilla also looked as if she had heard my honest words and gently nuzzled into my thighs looking comfortable.

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Instead Of Being Transported Into Another World I Became Another Person’s Skill In Another World Teaser Trailer The First Contact

Inside a single room,I sat on top of empty white space.

My surroundings weren’t any different it looked as if the room went on infinitely within the white space it showed,but I knew from one way or another that it was indeed just a room and it didn’t go infinitely like it looked it would.

-Hey…would you mind looked at me instead of the room,I am getting a bit offended you know ?…

Said the strange old man…

-Hey ! I am not strange at all ! Its clearly you the one who’s strange ! Getting in here and then completely ignoring me all of a sudden and instead looking all over the empty room for the past 30 minutes !

-So this really is a room and you can read my mind too !

-Of course I am god after all !

The old man replied,smiling as his words showed the kind of pride he held for his job while sticking his old chest out in the air,his white clothes completely melded into the space around us almost making him seem one with it if it wasn’t for the distinctive golden edges it had indicating his holiness.

His sudden proclamation of being god didn’t surprise me,the moment I found myself in this otherworldly space and seeing this old man I already had a small idea of where I was and who he was,but what assured me the most was the fact that the bullet holes that had covered my entire body not too long had completely disappeared along with the blood that stained my garments.

Indeed,I was dead.

There is not much I could say about my death,it was reasonable and a mistake on my part thinking about it…If only I chose to run the left path and entered the manhole,I could have most probably avoided those guys…

-Do you regret ?

The old man…or rather god suddenly asked as he pointed his eyes at me,he looked ordinary to anyone who laid his eyes on him,but he had the kind of aura to him that showed why he was a godly being deserving the title of god.

-Hehe…flattering me ain’t going to work if your aiming for that kid !

-Ho really ? Well was worth a shot wasn’t it ?

I smiled back at the old man,giving out a light sigh before looking down and closing my eyes again bracing myself for what was about to come,I knew that nothing I did at this very moment could save me from this all powerful being that was about to judge me and while asking questions was on my mind I simply didn’t see any reason to prolong my stay inside here…well if I knew that a god existed in this world I would have probably became religious,but that something everybody says isn’t it ?

Such fleeting and nonsensical thoughts floated about my mind as I kept my eyes closed and my head lowered,but just as I was expecting getting myself thrown somewhere or swept into a different dimension,I could hear the voice of god speaking to me again this time a lot more solemn and sincere then before.

-Do you regret it ?

-What ?

-I mean your life do you regret having lived through all of that ?

He asked,his words gentle and very soft as continued to stare at me with those glowing eyes looking as if he would wait as much as needed before hearing my answer.

Looking at him,I was momentarily dumbfounded I wasn’t why he was asking me this and not just throwing me into the after life or river styx or something.Either way it looked as if he wasn’t going to be satisfied if I didn’t answer him my thoughts were most probably read by him all the time even now,and because of this lying didn’t make any sense half heartedly giving an answer also didn’t make me feel contend with myself.

Making such thoughts I finally started to recollected the experiences I had over the course of my life,it wasn’t a long life the things I could remember were barely 9 years of memories I was after all only 14 years old and seeing that a 14 year old got showered by bullets like it was nothing you can guess that my world wasn’t very pleasant.

It was by the shortest sense a apocalypse…a crumbling world on its last legs.

My name was Kleptes and I was 14 years old.

I was 165 centimeters tall and had medium dark hair and soft brown eyes,my build was slightly toned and athletic with pale white unblemished skin.

I didn’t have a surname,but that didn’t bother me since a name had a value on its own which I treasured very much.

The name was in ancient greek from a time long ago and meant thief which suited me quite well,I disliked it when I knew of its meaning the very first time,but when I grew older I came to like it,it was given to me by one of the elder caretakers inside the orphanage when I grew up,residing besides a ruined city that was once called new york.

The cause of the apocalypse was also very simple as 110 years ago a meteor shower hit earth and killed at least 95% of humanity,fortunately the remaining 5% of humanity had somehow miraculously survived the entire ordeal and made it out alive,but unfortunately the true troubles began after the apocalypse and what followed soon after.

Food and water became an issue as the whole worlds preserved food supplies or farms were completely destroyed by the meteorites that came crashing down everywhere,and with this issue came also a lack of medication which turned small diseases such as a common cold and influenza into lethal diseases that could cause death.

After the apocalypse a truly united nation never happened,raiders and different factions emerged scattered across the lands making fights common place around the world who were also aiming for food,water and medicine.

Not many of the survivors who made it out knew how to live off the land much less cultivate or raise livestock,the knowledge of agriculture though not completely lost started off slow with many mistakes and sacrifices along the way which made it harder for people to live as the days went by.

I was one of the third generation of humans that was born after the great apocalypse,I was an orphan inside a small enclosed community residing beside the ruins of a great city that was once know as new york.

Both my parents had died when I was given birth,my father by natural disease while my mother after birth when she couldn’t recover anymore from the whole ordeal of giving birth and bringing me into this world soon after an orphanage accepted me into their mids when I was only a month old and from there life went on.

It wasn’t a good life,but I was contend with it.I never felt the feeling of having my belly full or ever not feeling sore all over my body from doing work all day,now that I am thinking about it I am not sure why I continued to live such life,but in the end it didn’t matter as living was the only goal every person had that I have met in my entire life giving it value on itself that I couldn’t quite explain why.

Of course my life wasn’t only eat,work and sleep,I did have days free and spare time everyday and this itself gave me a lot of things to do and things to explore within the ruined city of new york even when tired or sore.

The elders of the community would often talk about the wonders and stories of the past civilization with its futuristic colors and convenient gadgets that they employed in their everyday lives ranging from machines that fly in the air and things that were called computers which you could use to play games in and listen to music or even communicate with other humans on the other end of the globe.

By nature I was a quite curious and intelligent child,I was a quick learner too being the youngest child to learn how to read,write and do math at 8 years old,I helped out a lot within the community and would sometimes get rewarded for my efforts with more food which gave me extra energy to explore the ruins,the other children in comparison were always more obedient and fearing of the artifacts and remains of the old civilization which made me a bit of a outcast and weirdo because of my natural curiosity of the past.

The children never really walked out of the safety within their community and the adults also never bothered to explore the cities as they had said that anything left to take had already been taken by others long ago the ruins were also dangerous in a sense with a lot of sharp rubble everywhere and instable infrastructure that could flatten you if it fell on your head if you were unlucky.

Of course hearing such discouraging words I didn’t expect to find anything or even get much out of my exploring,but because I felt intrigued by the old civilization and as its descended I wanted to see what it was all about living in such times when famine was none and work wasn’t as hard.

Fortunately my exploration wasn’t as fruitless as I assumed it was,of course it took me a long time,but along the way I was capable of find ancient books and manuals within the ruins buried deep that gave further insight into the civilization and what it was like.

The stories and what was written in those books or rather magazines were fascinating and very valuable at that too,the language and writing system I had learned was identical to the one from ancient times that was used around the world called “english” which was now called “the common tongue” instead.

One of my more useful finds though on the other hand were the books concerning medical knowledge,geography,science,mechanics and physics.

These books gave me an entire new perspective of the whole world and everything around me,the information itself so incredible that I sometimes couldn’t believe what was written in there and sometimes thought that it was all made up fool with the populace.

But due time I came to realize that everything written down was true,that the earth spun around the sun and that the sun was a gigantic planet made out of fire,that our heart pumps blood through our veins to keep us alive and that the planet had something called gravity that was responsible for making things fall.


I became zealous with the new gained knowledge I had on hand,it gave me power in a sense which for a 8 year old at the time was far too tempting to refuse.

I of course hid the books inside the ruins,not because I was selfish,but because I feared that they would be taken away from me or I would be threatened with me life if word ever got out that I possessed these valuable books at hand.

Of course there were people out there who were curious of my  exploration everyday,some even followed me in secret trying to find anything valuable I could be hiding which they could steal,fortunately over the course of my exploration I had gained a lot of experience walking through the ruins,reading tracks and sounds,my eyes in particular I found out to be much more superior compared to that of a common man being able to catch small details within a moments notice.

I commonly shook off pursuers that way by walking through complicated paths or simply pretending as if I was admiring ancient relic from the past.I was 8 years old after all people didn’t expect much of me nor did they think I was that clever enough to trick them otherwise.

In a flash 2 years went by in such fashion,In my community one would be kicked out of the orphanage at the age of 10 when they were ready which was very young,but it was young enough for the humans in my world to live on their own as the orphanage taught the children by a very young age on how to get by.

I distinctly remember the day I was kicked out of the orphanage like it was yesterday,I had people that I called friends at the time sure,but those people had quickly walked their own path when we all got released from the orphanage,the last things we said to each other were small goodbyes and good lucks before treating our own way and never seeing each other again.

When I was kicked out a lot of different factions and clans came to me asking me to work under them as they knew that I was quite bright head for my age and could be of significant help if they employed me,the work they offered was mostly paper work or management which had some amount of power and a tempting salary.

But in the end I still refused all of them and went my own just as I planned they moment I was free.

In the end after brooding for it my whole life I had decided to become a ruins explorer and to uncover the lost knowledge of the world ahead of me.

New york while still big and with a lot of things to explore was already searched through and uncovered the things I found while valuable were still not much in comparison the other things explorers must have found while for the first time searching through the place,it was my greed for knowledge itself that drove me into the predicament that I got myself into.

In my head…I thought that the future looked bright,but it wasn’t.

4 years later,I was shot to death by a group of men that belonged to a particular strong leader who had wide influence throughout the lands,he was even capable of gaining the knowledge to a powerful weapon called a firearm to kill me instantly,the reason being my intentions of wanting to share my knowledge and discoveries with the people all around the world so we could go back to the good old times were no famine existed or work was too hard,over the course of years I had seen suffering and despair far more then I should have leaders lord who neglected their people and their pleas of a better life.

Being a ruins explorer wasn’t an easy task either there were already dozens on hundreds of explorers out there who searched the old civilization for profit to be found collaborating with powerful faction leaders to keep themselves in power and dominance.

I was mortified knowing how the world had turned out,even though I was also hungry for knowledge myself,it wasn’t to the point of selfishness and feeling of total control,but for the fun and enjoyment of knowing how the world and its surroundings worked.

Murder was normal for ruins explorers nobody was safe when entering a city and parties were even rarer as the chance of your teammate betraying you for a cheap profit was more likely then you sharing it with your teammate altogether.

Learning was a process any living creature had to go through,I learned all my life,but never had I imagined I had to learn so much bloodshed to reach my goals.Having someone waiting for me at a exit or being followed became routine for me until I reflexively started to meld into the shadows and move inconspicuously,the movements of my dagger became much more natural as I continued to cut down my foes my natural talent for eye sight and movement truly shined in this line of work which I truly couldn’t be happy about.

At the time of my death I didn’t have anyone on my side,no loved ones,no friends or a family,I had hopes and dreams…

I…I did so much in life…set so many goals…

Do I regret it ?

I looked up at the old man,my face showing a very straight and tranquil look as I gazed at him with my sharp eyes.

-Of course I regretted it,but did I think I was wrong ? No…never…no,in a million years…

-I see…I understand

God replied,giving me a gentle smile on his wizened old face as if he was looking down on his grandson,I couldn’t quite understand what he was thinking,but whatever it was,I was ready to be judged.


Reading my final thoughts god didn’t bother to say anything anymore as the space we sat in quickly started to shake,the floor cracking in a spider web pattern underneath my feet as flowing orbs of light started to escape these cracks floating up the ceiling.

My vision blurred and my head spun around as I quickly realized it was time.

Staring at the old man I gave him one last looking to see what his face was like,but just as I did so I could see him making a distorted crooked smile at me his eyes never leaving my own as the whole world seemed as if it was about go into thin air,I heard his voice.

-Haha…I originally was thinking that I would send you to another world,but you changed my mind instead of only sending you to another world I want you to watch someone down there instead as a—

He said,his last few words quickly distorting and became unintelligible as I couldn’t figure out their meaning.

Send to another world ?

I was confused,not sure what he was talking about I tried to ask him again only to be met by complete blackness as the world turned into a wide abyss…

Was this the end ?

I thought to myself my conscious immediately laying dormant as I felt resignation in my heart.


-Hey !….you ! Are you—right ?! Please—up !

Someone spoke to me,the voice feminine and very clear to my ears as the world seemed to spin violently making my head feel incredibly dizzy.

And before I could even say anything a big blue window of light suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

【Otherworldly Contract has been established】

【Kleptes has become Camilla’s Familiar】

【Kleptes the Familiar shares the Life of Camilla the Contractor,if the Contractor dies the Familiar will soon follow the fate of the Contractor and also die,if the Familiar on the other hand perishes the Contractor on the other hand will suffer 1/3 of the damage taken by the Familiar and the soul of the Familiar will be returned to the Contractor for safe keeping and repair purposes to be revived after 3 days had passed】

It said,reading it with my eyes wide open,I couldn’t believe what was happening right now.

Soon after the blue window quickly disappeared after I finished reading it with my vision turning clear again as the intense feeling of dizziness subsiding instantly as if it never happened.

I blinked a few times trying to focus my eyes some before finally resting them towards the face of a young girl that was right in front of me.

The first thing I thought when I looked at her crimson red eyes was simple.

She stank like a pig.

Which is how I met Camilla for the very first time.

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