The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 10 Origin Of The Hunter Act 6 Finale Part 2

No healer, no magic user or scout.

With only these two 2 roles they were capable of conquering the entire dungeon planting a achievement almost unprecedented into this world.

There were a lot of factors towards their success and how they coped with countering their weaknesses.

But this all came down towards one thing that really stamped their success.

Trial and error.

When Ivankov and his two daughters entered the dungeon for the first time he spent a entire month inside the first floor together with his children teaching them how to fight and clear the floor together with him.

The way they survived for an entire month inside the dungeon was all through the help of the car that had a lot of resources inside of it, water, food and tools, the car itself didn’t come with them since it wasn’t allowed but the things that were inside of it entered the dungeon and laid beside them inside the floor.

When they finally came back it wasn’t only Ivankov who had changed, his daughters had completely transformed, it was like a trial of blood that washed away their naivety, Ivankov stated that he always regretted and felt guilty for forcing his two daughters to become like this, but in the end he also said that if he had the ability to go back in time and decide again he would still do what he did many years ago to ensure the survival of his daughters to make sure that they would never meet the same end as their mother.

When they came out a lot of other people coincidentally also were coming out of the dungeon most people who entered the dungeon had at least spent an entire month inside of it, nobody was able to clear it sooner and even if they cleared the floor faster then others they still had to fight off the floor master the goblin chieftain to finally escape.

Ivankov together with his daughters had just come out of a difficult fight against the goblin chieftain, at that time Ivankov was injured but not heavily as to impair his mobility, his first thought after coming out of the dungeon with his daughters was to run away as far as possible and hide but just as soon as he thought about that he frozen in place and remember the things that had happened inside the dungeon the sensation he felt after every kill and how he and his daughters were becoming stronger, this being the main reason why his children could go on fighting for so long in the first place.

He can become stronger, his revenge was possible, he only needed time.

Ivankov remembered that earth bending awakened, the burning rage in his heart was still very much lit, the only reason why it wasn’t blazing right now was because Ivankov was forcing himself to stay calm and not think about it too much, but eventually he understood that it wouldn’t work and that as long as he was alive that awakened would hunt him and kill him just like he promised in his heart when he stared him down that day.

That awakened, he wasn’t stupid he would come for him.

But as all this may be, Ivankov still had reservations and concerns most notably his daughters, he looked at them for a moment and gazed them, their eyes had long lost their previous innocent sparkle even though they were finally out of that dark and scary place, they didn’t feel happy at all when everyone around them the survivors were shouting from happiness for having survived that hell only these three people father and his two daughters were silent deeply pondering inside their own minds.

Ivankov didn’t ponder anymore, finally making his decision he decided that it was for the best that he took his daughters and started to make a run for it before people started to recognize him and his daughters, while his desire for revenge was big he couldn’t risk the life of his daughters no matter what.

But just as he was about to take his daughters away Nathasa the youngest sibling stopped Ivankov from taking another step.

-Daddy where are we going ?

She asked, Ivankov was stumped by that question especially since Nathasa was speaking in a very cold tone, he simply wasn’t expecting her to speak like this making him momentarily stunned before he answered trying to be as normal as possible.

But just as he opened his mouth and was about to answer he suddenly once again found himself stumped.

He didn’t know, he didn’t know where they were supposed to go, he didn’t have friends or relatives in this country, going back to russia to their homeland wasn’t possible as of now because of the natural disaster which disabled any major form of transport and because the security was tight on the borders even if they do somehow manage to escape, life was simply not guaranteed to be good, rebuilding what he lost would take time and by now quite a lot of powers must have been established while he was gone.

He had nowhere to go, and no way to hide, eventually he understood that the awakened would somehow find him even if he thinks that Ivankov is dead now if someone notices him and his daughters it could end right there and then.

With so many thoughts in his mind, Ivankov truly started to become more desperate as time went on, pushing himself into a corner all because of the single question his daughter asked him.

Noticing that their father wasn’t replying for a long while the elders daughter Masha started to come close to her father, there was a extremely resolute look on her face as she approached, Ivankov didn’t even notice until he felt her small hand gripping his own.

Ivankov stopped thinking at that moment looking down he looked at his daughter Masha, there was something different about her, no that was wrong they were always different every since they lost their mother, ever since he taught them how to kill, ever since they cleared the goblin cave with him, impressionable little children, blank slates overwritten with dark emotions and urges.

Just like him.

-Lets become strong…I want mother to rest in peace…

She said, hearing her words, Ivankov visibly shivered with a cold chill running down his spine, these words could interpreted in many different ways coming from a child, but Ivankov knew from way she spoke she didn’t mean anything close to what a child would think no…

She wanted revenge.

And with the power she gained she once again wanted more to fulfill this revenge.


At this point no more words needed to said, or rather Ivankov was speechless and just stood there, little Natasha didn’t seem to fully understood the meaning behind her elder sisters word because she was still too young, but even then subconsciously she didn’t reject her idea and even let it run free she had no qualms about returning back to that hell, the only thing she could think of right now was her mother she wanted to see her again.

Ivankov closed his eyes. taking a deep breath he couldn’t even believe what he was about to say right now.

-We will rest for a day and collect some supplies, you two go to sleep, after you wake up we will eat something and then go back into the gate…



Neither of the children had any opinion about their fathers decision, they simply nodded and followed him, the car they originally entered with into the gate was not too far away the two girls entered into the back seat and hugged each other, covered in grime, sweat and filth they peacefully within each others embrace, Ivankov didn’t watch them anymore he simply started the car and silently sobbed as he drove off to the nearest supply chain.

And just like this.

They continued to relentlessly challenge the first floor of the Goblin cave, the girls weren’t the same anymore both taking the role of a striker they fought with steel and vigor Natasha using a bow while the Masha holding a sword, Ivankov in the end became the tanker, reason being that the best he could do was to protect his daughters from harm.

The floor master of the first floor would always be a goblin chieftain with 3 to 5 goblin henchmen under him, the fight against the goblin chieftain while not difficult was still challenging as the goblin chieftain actually possessed some greater intelligence allowing him to think properly and use strategies.

In combat he alone was stronger then all of his goblin henchmen combined wielding a glaive, his henchman were also unique as well each holding a low grade weapon ranging from clubs to short swords and possessing some skill in using it.

Ivankov commented that the first 3 fights against the goblin chieftain was always tough, with him needing to almost always carry his two daughters through the entire fight because the children were already used to fighting the weak goblins on the first floor not being able to adapt as quickly, injuries were also unavoidable with Ivankov being the tanker he was able to soak most of the damage dished out by the henchmen and the chieftain but sometimes things didn’t go as planned his daughters would at times completely forget about the plan and become reckless or even distance themselves from him to a place where he couldn’t reach giving them a few cuts and bruises.

In the end the injuries weren’t lethal and the experience through getting them was valuable, said Ivankov, after the 3rd fight against the goblin chieftain and experiencing pain his daughters started to become more level headed, even though they were children age 6 and 8 respectively Natasha and Masha became extremely skilled at fighting and killing.

The more they challenged the dungeon the stronger they got, for each kill a hunter would feel a strange sensation entering their body and making them stronger and more energetic. this is the reason why the children could fight in the first place and by the time they cleared the first floor for the 5th time they were already as strong as full grown adult males and when they cleared it a 9th time they were closing into become as strong as trained soldiers.

Skill books, mana stones, weapons, equipment and all kinds of accessories started to drop throughout their hunting sessions, more and more power was accumulating inside their bodies until finally they didn’t feel any significant power ups throughout their bodies when they finished their 12th hunting session.

Upon noticing this Ivankov finally decided that they should aim deeper, looking at the stairs that lead towards the next floor, he headed down with his two daughters following closely behind.

At this time it had already been a month since they continued to hunt, the beneficial effects of the dungeon were already known by everyone, the governments were speedily trying to take over the all the dungeons within their countries, the american government already close to the dungeon Ivankov and his daughters were occupying the goblin cave.

The army was coming through the earth bending awakened originally planned on taking over the goblin cave but because of the army interfering he had no other choice but to retreat and while doing so he had actually stumbled upon a alliance whose goal were the dungeon gates.

The “Chosen Ones”.

The earth bending awakened with his comrades swiftly escaped joining the alliance and helped them take over a weak country.

Ivankov on the other hand while knowing that he army was coming didn’t feel too flustered by it.

On the day the army approached Ivankov simply stood in front of the dungeon gate all alone with a shield on his back and a heavy mace on his waist he watched as the tanks. helicopters and army soldiers marched towards him.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 9 Origin Of The Hunter Act 6 Finale Part 1

The Goblin Cave.

One of the numerous dungeons in the world, it is historically the first ever dungeon that was fully explored with a total of 10 floors that were conquered by only 3 people.

There exist numerous other dungeons in the world each with its different themes, requirements and approaches, there does not exist a dungeon yet which can be categorized as easy or hard, such opinion is totally subjective as every dungeon that has ever existed so far was roughly always at the same difficulty compared within the same floors of each dungeon.

The Goblin Cave is the same, within the very first floor nothing really special happens, ordinary goblins roam the floor with an estimated amount of 150 to 200 in the entire first floor which is further divide into groups of 5 making it a total of 30 to 40 groups roaming the first floor.

The creatures themselves, the goblins, were named after the iconic video game mob character that was presented inside most common role play games, the reason for this is because of their uncanny similar resemblance to a goblin.

Dark wrinkled green skin, skinny body, bald head, long deformed ears, pointy nose, rotten sharp teeth, crooked nails, yellow and red eyes, they stand approximately 1 meter tall and were similarly just like humans bipedal creatures, strength wise the goblins are extremely weak, so weak that they aren’t even capable of defeating a human child one on one with similar height and strength but in turn rely on their extreme brutality and numbers advantage to swiftly overwhelm their opponents.

Their main way of attack is through scratching or biting their opponents which while not extremely lethal can be infectious to the person who suffers from the attack as the nails and teeth of a goblin are extremely filthy and full of diseases.

In terms of Intelligence the goblins are not very smart at least that’s the case within the first floor goblins who don’t understand strategy or having tools to help them fight, if a group of goblins see another human by himself all alone most goblins choose to immediately charge at that human together with their comrades to try decimate the human, the goblins do not understand the concept of power or skill at this level. goblins only understand that with numbers they can overwhelm anyone and in most cases beginners facing goblins such as these truly do end up getting overwhelmed but with the help of a experienced hunter it quickly becomes apparent that the goblins within the first floor are nothing more than weak children that rely on their numbers to fight.

Defeating a goblin the first time mainly comes down towards a test of mentality, while the goblins look extremely hideous and inhumane, most humans still hesitate to strike them as they still resemble other humans, defeating a goblin does not take a lot of skill most of the time one sword slash to any body part would immediately take a goblin out of the fight as goblins still experience emotions such as fear and mortality when injured.

Such weakness in terms of strength is probably also the main reason why there are so many goblins in the first floor alone, any other dungeon that w-ere explored so far could not compare to the amount of enemies that were seen in the first floor like the goblin cave, most dungeons with decently strong monsters had 50 to 80 monsters in the first floor which compared to the goblin cave was a number that was at least 3 to 4 times as small.

Through this comparison it was discovered that the dungeon actually does regulate its power by weighing both quality and quantity within its levels, and because of this, as said before, no dungeon can ever be categorized as easy or hard, the dungeon itself only tests the individual, hunters who have a lot of stamina and recover quicker probably strive within the goblin cave while hunters who mainly focus on swift battles and are easy to tire probably are not as successful as the hunters who have a lot of stamina.

This goes both ways, with all dungeons being unique, different play styles are encouraged within every dungeon, which is also the reason why party play is so important, with 5 people in one party every member can ensure that that every weakness of the team is covered with 1 tanker, 1 striker, 1 healer, 1 magic user and 1 scout almost every dungeon can be easily cleared as long as the party stays together and act accordingly to their role.

Now why am I talking about this ?

Well as I said in the beginning, the goblin cave is historically the first ever dungeon that was fully explored, with a total of 10 floors which is the lowest today conquered by only 3 people.

Remember how I said that with 5 people inside a party you could probably clear any dungeon, the party that conquered the goblin cave did the same thing only with 2 less people and further more their roles weren’t perfect either in the time they had conquered the dungeon there didn’t exist many roles one could take to make sure the party was well balanced.

Scouts weren’t very popular at the time and both healers and magic users were rare which is still rare even now as the only way to become a healer or a magic user was to get any kind of offensive magic or healing skill to become either a magic user or healer.

These skill books dropped rarely and furthermore the skills themselves sometimes only dropped in specific kinds of dungeons or in higher floors of a dungeon that didn’t focus on healing or magic too much.

The most easily attainable offensive magic or healing skills dropped inside the first floor of a dungeon that was within south korea, japan and north america, any other dungeon so far would either drop such skill in the second or third floor, while other dungeons only dropped such skills in the fourth or the fifth floor and while the other higher floors also dropped such skills, sometimes those skills weren’t as good as the beginner level offensive magic or healing skills that were attained in the lower floors and sometimes the skills obtained in the lower floors of different dungeons which were either offensive magic or healing were completely different from what was expected.

A good example of this would be a skill book that was dropped within the fifth floor of a dungeon, this skill was called [Desperate Heal] it is as the name suggests a healing skill but the thing here was that this skill was far worse than the skill obtained within the lower floors namely the first or second floor of a dungeon were you could sometimes obtain the skill called [Lesser Healing].

First I would like to tell you the effect of the [Lesser Healing] skill, it is one of the most mainstream healing skills in the world so far amongst [Healing Touch] and [Mending] it is the only beginner level healing skill that was ranged.

Its effect is as follows.

[Lesser Healing]

Channel this skill for 1.5 to 2 seconds, after channeling release this skill at your intended target within a radius of 15 meters, the amount of mana you use in your channeling is equivalent to the amount of healing the target receives, this skill can only heal external wounds and is not capable of healing internal wounds or status effects.

Pretty straight forward and simple, it is arguably the most cost effective and reliable heal there is and while it cannot heal your organs or cure your poison it can still mend your flesh and cure your bruises.

Now lets read the description of the other skill obtained in the fifth floor the [Desperate Heal] skill.

[Desperate Heal]

This skill can be cast instantly, taking a total of 50% of your maximum amount of mana this skill can be only cast on a target with less then 10% of health, the user also has to be in contact of the intended target for this skill to be cast and when casted the 50% of mana that was taken will be doubled when converted into healing, the skill prioritizes internal and muscle damage, it cannot be used to reattach limps but is instead used for a last ditch effort for survival.

You see this effect ? As the description offers this skill can be cast instantly, compared to the other skills it does not take preparation time to heal someone with this and the amount healed is double ! But as you read further you must have realized by now that the fact that you need the target to be bellow 10% health for this to work is extremely risky, furthermore the mana required for this spell while 50% means a lot of different things for different people, you would imagine that by the time you need to use this skill as a healer you would have already used your other healing skill to heal your target, but the fact that you still have to rely on this skill to heal your comrade means that your usual heals weren’t helping as your target was already approaching the 10% benchmark of health.

By this point you wouldn’t have a lot of mana since you were spamming heals meaning that at least more than 50% of your mana should have been gone by now, with another 50% left you can either use it to continue spamming your ordinary heals or try risk it and wait until the person you want to heal gets bellow the 10% health benchmark so you can use this skill and heal them for double.

Now there are numerous problems with such skill.

First of all, this skill requires your target to be at least with 10% of their health, this status of health is for any person a near death state, a person could die by a simply nudge to the chest with such health if they aren’t careful.

Second of all, you need to be close to the target, this another huge problem for another reason, while there exist other such similar spells like [Mending] and [Healing Touch] which have similar requirements this skill forces you to be near a target that is in a near death state.

How many times do you heal someone who is near death state ? And how many times is person safe when they are in a near death state ? Half the time this skill becomes usable you will probably charge at the person who is near death mid battle, the most likely person who will need this heal is either going to be your striker or your scout meaning that if you want to heal them with this skill you need to get close to them which is almost always at the front lines of the battle putting yourself into danger.

And finally third of all, this skill prioritizes organ and muscle damage which means that what this skill actually does is rescue someone from near death so they can continue living and moving, most of your healing is probably going towards the internal and muscle damage the external damage while also being healed is probably not going to amount to much meaning that the target still suffers from external damage but isn’t going to die instantly.

This is not a skill that is mainly used in a desperate situation and get a comeback, this skill is used when your in a hopeless situation and are about to die, it is a skill to preserve your life giving you enough healing to stand up and run away with all your might.

Now I am probably talking too much about the skills and not getting onto the main point, you should have a good idea now how important roles are as well since I talked about the dungeons and you are probably now curious about those 3 people who were capable of conquering the entire dungeon into the 10th.

Who were they ? And if they were 3 people how did they do it ? What were their roles ?

Well the last question is actually quite easy.

Their roles were 2 strikes and 1 tanker.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 8 Act 5 The Dungeon Race

Time passed.

Ever since Ivankov had entered the gate together with his children and presumed dead no more news was being spread about him, the survivor camp that had originally been lead by him had long since been taken under the control of the awakened, everything else happening in the world was just as I previously mentioned.

The appearance of Samson and then his disappearance, the emergence of the church of Samson, the world congress in which the austrian president had lost his life turning into stone.

And then finally.

The return of the 1 million survivors from the gates all over the world.

In a span 3 days they came back, the 1 million survivors that came out of the estimated 5 million had finally survived their ordeal and made it out alive.

Their sudden reappearance was a total surprise towards the people all over the world, even though a major event had just happened within the world congress meeting everyone seemed to have completely forgotten about that event and instead immediately focused their attention towards those survivors who came out of those mysterious gates that were the cause of all the chaos in the world.

The governments and different organizations scrambled over each other within their nations as they hastily tried to grab those people and get information from them.

Another round of turmoil happened as this was going on, the thought of war seemed to have completely been forgotten for the time being not sure whether it was a good or a bad thing.

But ultimately once those survivors were finally caught and gathered no organization wasted even a single second asking them the crucial question that laid on everyone’s mind.

What was inside those gates ?

The answer they got were beyond their imaginations.

Tales of monsters, wide floors and all kinds of fantasy or game lingo were thrown out of the mouths of the survivors, their struggles and experiences echoing behind their horrified faces as they recalled the terrifying things they had seen and done.

Some were crying while talking about these events while others looked cold and apathetic when speaking of those things, as if they still couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a dream but something happening in reality.

The people who listened to those survivors half doubted whether the things they were saying were true or not, but because everyone was telling the same story and some had strange injuries coming from unknown creatures that couldn’t be identified, they couldn’t help but start believe and take what they said seriously about the horrors of the dungeon gates.

But ultimately all of this became the truth in everyones mind when finally a survivor came forward and showed those people a item they had looted from the dungeon that came out of a monster the survivor had killed.

A Mana stone.

A shining fingernail sized piece of blue crystal that exuded strange light, the discovery of this item had forever change the history of earth ever since its first appearance this is also the main reason why hunters go into the dungeon and hunt monsters, any monster inside the dungeon had one of these small fingernail sized crystals inside of them that acted as a type of power source for the monsters, in a sense it was just like a human heart for the monsters giving it life.

But to us humans this piece of crystal was more then just the remains of a creature.

It was a source of power !

Upon further inspection and research the scientists that studied the mana stone immediately came to realize that the crystal had unimaginable amount of energy stored within it.

A single mana stone the size of a fingernail could power a entire smartphone for up to 3 months without having to recharge, this discovery had thrown the entire world into uproar once again especially the scientists who went wild by this discovery and further became ecstatic when they realized that these mana stones weren’t the only things the survivors brought back out of the dungeons.

Monster parts, strange cloth,minerals, gems, armor, accessories, weaponry of all kinds such as swords, spears and bows, even consumable items such as strange potions were found that had ridiculous effects upon consumption capable of healing a superficial wound in a matter of seconds visible to the eye.

But most importantly it weren’t only these items that had caused such an uproar.

The humans themselves the survivors that came out of the dungeons were even more strange and bizarre, upon further inspection these people were found to be incredibly athletic and strong for some reason, a middle aged man who was in his late thirties who was originally a salary man was found to be just as fit and strong as a young man in his twenties who had been working out his entire life, his motor skills and reaction speed could rival a standard soldier and even though the middle aged man hadn’t worked out once every since he became a salary man he became fit just through clearing a single dungeon floor which was simply inconceivable.

But this wasn’t the only thing that caused a stir !

There was more !

It was later found that throughout these 1 million people there were a very small few that had surprisingly extraordinary abilities !

At first it was believed that these people were actually awakened that had entered these gates, and while something like this wasn’t heard of before it wasn’t out of question.

But as the investigation continued it was quickly found out that these people with abilities weren’t actually awakened at all !

They were all originally humans with no abilities they only gained those abilities inside the dungeon when they continued to advance forward slaying monsters, the way they gained those abilities at that was even more inconceivable as they all similarly found a strange book either dropped by a monster or within a chest written in a mysterious language that couldn’t be opened no matter how hard they tried to open it.

But upon holding the book closer to their heads the book shone with bright light and when they finally realized what was going everyone seemed to have experienced a voice or intent speaking to them whether or not they wanted to acquire the knowledge that was held in the book.

Almost everyone that first encountered this event had immediately accepted the intent and let the book enter their minds, in the end the book vanished into light particles with the survivor finally gaining the knowledge that the book itself held.

The knowledge that was held within the book was immediately grasped by the user as if it became their second nature, the result of this was that people had gained all kinds of abilities through the use of different books that helped them survive inside the dungeon like the ability to cast firebolts, attack instantly or being able to perceive other living beings from a distance without using their eyes.

Many of these abilities were even found to be not only possessed by a single person but multiple people who had found a similar book with the same design within the same dungeon.

It was also later discovered that these abilities were totally different from the abilities that the awakened possessed, while the awakened couldn’t use their abilities without a rest they still could control it as if it was an extension of their body and use it for a long time, the abilities the survivors on the other hand exhibited were more like extra functions to the body that weren’t a part of the user but still depended on the strength of the user to grow and control.

Different people when using the same ability could exhibit different amount of control and power when they cast’ed it, some people also had different amounts of capacity then others, meaning that while person A could use 10 firebolts consecutively until they get tired person B could only use 5 firebolts until they hit their limit, but in turn it may also be that person A could only cast 10 weaker firebolts while person B could cast 5 stronger firebolts showing that there were a lot of aspects which depended solely on the user of the ability.

Because of this the abilities that were acquired from the books were called Skills while the books that bestowed these skills were called Skill Books.

The different skills were in the end further differentiated between combat,support and auxiliary skills which was further branched down starting from the combat skills that had two types of effects being physical and magical skills both of which dealt damage but in different forms.

The other two main branches had similar sub branches like healing, buffing/debuffing, summoning, body strengthening, alchemy and crafting but right now I liked to talk about this some other time.

Now with all of this discovered and made clear the governments all around the world didn’t hesitate anymore as they full on started to besiege those dungeons, they first all tried to capture and seize the dungeons within their own countries while stopping people from entering them anymore so they could get a monopoly on the dungeons themselves.

Armed with the knowledge that the dungeons could make a ordinary human become more powerful, everyone seemed to have found a way to suppress those awakened that were getting too out of hand, the awakened themselves even understood what this meant as well as they had also caught some of the survivors and interrogated them for information, unfortunately because they were all still too short on manpower they couldn’t match the resourcefulness or networking of the other giant nations and could only helpless watch as all the dungeons were being claimed on after another.

The awakened tried to claim a dungeon for themselves but because of the sheer amount of soldiers that were being deployed towards those dungeons they couldn’t come close as they were still mortals who could die if they weren’t careful.

Even though they were strong and could kill a ordinary human like a ant under their feet it didn’t mean that they could kill a thousand or millions of ants just as easily without dying, the only reason the awakened weren’t hunted and capture so far even though they were doing all kinds of crimes was because most of the awakened had made an alliance with other awakened and surrounded themselves with their own troops which were also civilians that the governments couldn’t easily touch without it turning into war crimes and turning the public opinion against the governments.

Plus the awakened themselves were still nothing to scoff at even if they were only a single people, they were extremely slippery because of their powers and while some plans in killing these awakened were successful these plans would always come with a big price with ultimately not stopping the problem from its roots as another awakened would soon be found to replace the other awakened that was killed this time with a different ability keeping the numbers steady between 10 to 20 awakened in each country.

Though while this looked bad for the awakened it still didn’t fully stop them from using those dungeon gates.

Even though the awakened weren’t capable of accessing the dungeon gates of the powerful countries they could still access the dungeons of the weaker countries who didn’t have any impressive military force.

This in fact happened with a particular awakened alliance called the “Chosen Ones” that was lead by the pope of the church of samson, they not only claimed that dungeon of that weak country they even claimed entire small nation as their own killing the entire upper echelon without leaving anyone alive, once again shocking the entire world with their ruthless strength.

Now it seemed as if every country and organization were racing with each other on who could produce more capable hunters, the war that everyone expected by now seemed to be very close but not quite there yet making everyone feel anxious on the bleak future up ahead with the natural disaster still happening.

With all of this you probably already wonder.

Where was Ivankov when this all happened ?

Well Ivankov was actually still inside the Dungeon together with his daughters, not that he hadn’t come out the first time when he cleared it.

This was actually the 8th time he cleared the first floor of the dungeon together with his daughters, and right at that moment he was doing his 9th raid.


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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 7 Act 4 A Story Told

-Do not let them escape…chase them, kill them, if you can’t bring me their corpse’s until sunrise do know that I’ll turn your bodies into corpses instead and this doesn’t only apply to you only but also your family…

The earth bending awakened spoke, his tone cold as ice as he menacingly stared deep into the night watching Ivankov making his escape with the car, the feelings he held at the moment were deeply disturbed the glare he had witnessed coming from Ivankov just before he escaped send chills down his spine.

It was as if a prime instinct had been invoked by that glare, the awakened understood what it meant, such glare couldn’t possibly come from any random or weak person, he knew that this man would be a incredible thorn on his side and that if he didn’t remove it quickly, he wouldn’t have a single restful day his entire life and maybe even come to regret not chasing after him to kill him when he had the chance.

The people around the awakened who had heard his orders immediately felt a deep sense of conflict and fear when they heard his threat, the person that had just escaped was their former leader and even though he was a person they owed a lot, they still couldn’t go against the orders of a awakened, they were simply too weak and since nobody wanted to die or wanted their family members to get killed they had no other choice but to follow the orders of the awakened, even if they hated it.

Ivankov’s survivors camp had fallen, by merely 3 awakened combined strength it fell in a matter of hours with everyone changing their allegiance towards the awakened under their powerful strength and ruthless threats.

Ivankov himself while not knowing what was going on understood by the numerous cars chasing after him that the people he once considered comrades had turned coats on him, he felt even more enraged realizing this and even though he felt pain, hatred, grief and anger at the same time he still forced himself to calm down, he may have lost a huge part of himself to the mad beast, but deep down he was still a professional soldier who understood how to think in difficult situations.

With the cries of his daughters Ivankov concentrated and tried to think about numerous escape routes and paths he could take to shake these cars off, because of the natural disasters occurring everywhere a lot of paths that were usually available had long since become completely inaccessible because of heavy damage and while new paths and roads were made most of those were not very safe or good enough to shake off pursuit.

Plus Ivankov had to also think about numerous other points, while he still had a extremely large advantage of distance with his head start over the others, this advantage would slowly start to diminish over time through either depletion of gas or maybe through the numerous firearms those people could use to damage his car and stop him in his tracks.

Even now he could faintly hear from the distance from where the cars were coming from the sounds of gun fire slowly approaching him, while bullets weren’t hitting him at the moment they would soon start to whizz through and maybe even hit his children !

With all of this in mind Ivankov had limited amount of time, and as soon as a plan was formulated in his mind it was quickly erased because of some difficulty and replaced by a new plan which would also get erased for the same reason, this action continued for another few minutes, the cars while not completely closing in on him still slowly started to gain some distance, for Ivankov it seemed as if no matter what kind of plan he thought of, it would still be either too insufficient or impossible to pull off, the stress he felt, the despair creeping into his heart only served to further his fears and the fact that they may die here tonight.

“No, I can’t think like that…Natalie would probably hit me if she knew what I was thinking”

Ivankov momentarily thought to himself, a small amount of grief showing on his face as he remembered his wife momentarily glanced back at his two daughters who had long since stopped crying.

At the current moment neither of them were making any sound at all sitting in the back seat, the sisters were hugging each other while shivering in fear, tears rolling down their once cute little faces, the younger sister was curled up into a ball hiding inside the embrace of the older sister, while the older sister was protectively shielding her younger sister stroking her back in a comforting manner in a attempt to calm her down.

They were both respectively 6 and 8 years old, the younger sister was called Natasha while the older sister was called Masha, both children were incredibly cute and adorable both taking after their mother as it was clear that they would grow up to be just as beautiful as her with striking black hair, red lips and fair skin.

Thinking about the future of his children Ivankov would always feel a bit uneasy about them growing up much more so when he considered the fact that he had to ultimately let go off them and let them pursue their own happiness with another man to form a family, just like any good father he was incredibly protective about his daughters, he wouldn’t just let any random joe chase after his daughters, he had already planned to thoroughly screen every single male around his daughters who desired to chase after them and if they didn’t meet his expectation then…


Well then they could only taste Ivankov’s fist before giving up !

Ivankov thought with a faint smirk on his face.

But in the end this was beside the point, none of this would even matter if they couldn’t make it out alive, what was the point of thinking about the future if you couldn’t even live to see it through ?

“There is only one way”

Ivankov muttered under his breath, seeing his daughters and thinking about silly things had cleared his mind somewhat, rage and unending desire for revenge was still present but that didn’t mean he couldn’t keep himself in check, to some extend it was also Ivankov’s wife Natalie that caused Ivankov to not give in to his fears, giving up was simply not an option be it through tooth or tail he would make it out alive together with his daughters, at any cost possible.

“Thank you Natalie”

Ivankov prayed in his heart, no longer thinking about any sort of plans as he straight out turned the wheel of his car by 90 degrees and changed directions, his clear with nothing obstructing his way.

His destination.

The Dungeon gate.

Now at this point of the story I have to momentarily pause for a second.

The reason for this is because this is the part of the story where things will start to get skipped or either cut.

Why is that you may ask ?

Well its because I simply don’t know what happens after this or more precisely I don’t know what happened when he went through with his decision.

This may be a bit confusing, but the only reason I even know this story to begin with is because I read it from a very popular book telling the tale of the first hunter Ivankov.

I’ve never heard this story from the man himself who had experienced all of this, furthermore it wasn’t even Ivankov who had written the book, instead this piece of literature was written by a fan of the first hunter, a incredible admirer so to say, who had interviewed every person Ivankov had ever talked with or had seen, putting together this story and finally asking the hunter himself Ivankov for permission to publish the book.

And as you may have already figured out he gained this permission and finally even scored a face to face interview with the legend himself the first hunter.

But even then, I am still well aware that not everything in this book may be 100 percent the truth, but even so it also doesn’t mean that it is entirely false as many people before had also investigated Ivankov before and after he became a hunter, most of these investigations yielded about the same results with similar events playing out, many books and tv shows were created from the life of the first hunter but only this book called “The Story Of The First Hunter” was ever really approved by the man himself which is why I liked to believe that there is some truth in this story, this is also the reason why many people prefer this book over any other book regarding the first hunter.

It has a breath of sincerity to it which other books just simply can’t match.

And while I don’t read often or rather I don’t read at all, this book in particular still managed to captivate a person like me who is not very bright to begin with which is what I mean with “Sincerity”.

The part of the story I am particular about to speak of is the part where Ivankov decides that the only way he and his daughters can survive is to enter the dungeon gate.

Up to this point everything seems to be fine it describes Ivankov riding straight to where the nearest gate is, his emotions at the moment very complex and full of doubt but his actions with full resolve and no hesitation.

People were already gathered next to the gate observing it everyday, there were already people who had went in long ago but there were still no one who had ever returned, Ivankov knew very well about these facts regarding the gate but even then he didn’t stop as it was much better to jump into the unknown with a chance of survival then let yourself give into death.

He charged with his car going in full speed he pressed the horn of wheel and let everyone know that he was coming their way at full speed, Ivankov couldn’t afford to stop for them and let him pass even if he had to run over someone he had to get in at that moment as he had noticed that bullets were already flying at him already shatter his back window causing broken glass to fly and whizzing next to his head.

Luckily his effort wasn’t unrewarded the people who had heard the horning sound of the car and saw it coming at high speed warned the others and immediately gave way for the car as they didn’t want to be run over, after moving out of the way Ivankov directly charged into the light the gate was exuding and disappeared into depth not even leaving a single trace.

The cars that were originally pursuing Ivankov soon came to the gate as well but in the end they had no other choice but to end their pursuit without being able to catch Ivankov or kill him, nobody dared to enter the gate knowing the things that were told about the gates everyone already assumed that it was a death trap, at this point they had immediately assumed that Ivankov had died and returned to report back to the earth bending awakened who was incredibly relieved upon hearing the news also assuming that he was already dead since no one had ever come back out of the gate ever since they first appeared which was already a couple of months now.

But if this really was the truth, and if Ivankov had really died, this story wouldn’t be told in the first place don’t you think ?

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 6 Act 3 Ivankov’s Hatred

Why are the Hunters called Hunters ?

The meaning of a word would normally come from what a person does and to describing what it is.

In this sense the word “Hunter” would have come from the word “Hunt” itself which is the act of tracking or pursuing a animal or creature for personal gain.

This being either by skinning and eating the flesh of the animal or removing the creature because it is a huge threat to the hunter himself or those close to him.

These days anyone who ventures out into a dungeon and makes a living off of it is called a “Hunter”.

But why a “Hunter” in particular ? While its true that hunters hunt animals for survival and personal gain they do it in the wild and chase the animal from which the name really takes its roots from.

Someone who enters a large gate and kills monsters that charge at that person haphazardly could hardly be called a “Hunter”, rather why not call this person a “Farmer” since they farm these monsters or a “Fighter” since they fight them.

Or even better what about “Dungeon Explorer” because that’s exactly what those people do when they are down there fighting monsters.

It sounds strange right ?

It may have to do with the fact that the word “Hunter” simply sounds better to the ears which is why it was adopted in the first place.

But that is not true, in reality, officially the people that venture into the dungeon gates are formally known as the “Dungeon explorers” while the public may know them as the “Hunters” it isn’t really what those people are, rather the public is simply mistaken and had adopted this term by the events that had occurred 1 year later after the dungeons appeared.

And while this word was indeed first used by a “Dungeon explorer” who called himself a “Hunter” it wasn’t for the same reason as to why the public calls the dungeon explorers as “Hunters”.

This in turn leads us to the person who had caused all of this naming dilemma to happen in the first place.

His name was Michael Ivankov, when the dungeons arrived 20 years ago he was a 34 year old Russian military lieutenant that was on his vacation with his family in the united states of south Dakota.

It was officially documented that while he was sitting in his vacation home together with his family, Ivankov had suddenly felt a very bad premonition sweep over him, his instincts were crying out to him making Ivankov restless, at time Ivankov couldn’t understand what going on, he at first thought he was just tired and imagining things and tried to distract himself by watching TV.

While watching TV he coincidentally stopped at a news channel where they were just reporting on a sudden hurricane that had been heading towards florida, seeing this piece of news it was as if a lightning bolt had struck Ivankov, something seemed to have clicked in his mind making him immediately jump out of his seat and open the windows to look outside.

It was a clear sky, with no clouds or anything obstructing his view Ivankov could only see the brightly shining sun in the sky, but even though everything seemed fine and dandy Ivankov still felt unsettled, is battle hardened instincts of a soldier were telling him that things were going to get bad real quick.

With this in his mind, Ivankov didn’t hesitate any longer, even though he understood in his mind that he may just be incredibly paranoid he still didn’t want bet with his paranoia and risk having his family hurt, because of this Ivankov immediately decided to cancel their family vacation and bring his family to a place where he could keep them safe and sheltered.

The family had their own opinions regarding his sudden decision his wife in particular but in the end she didn’t say anything against it as she trusted Ivankov and knew that he wouldn’t just casually joke about something like this.

And oh be hold not soon after they decided to find a safe place with a lot of food inside their mini-van…

The dungeons appeared.

What happened there you already know, the dungeon gates appeared and the natural disasters followed with the world immediately falling into chaos.

Soon after that ability users the “Awakened” started to pop up one after another, Samson Brooks came into the worlds view, the church of Samson had been established.

What was Ivankov doing while all of this was going on ?

He was protecting his family.

Because of the chaos world wide society was experiencing its most devastating moments in history, all production line in the world were getting stopped starting to make food an issue, while city were getting obliterated by the natural disaster while the survivors started to forms groups and perform raids to gather food and other supplies.

Ivankov amidst this chaos did his all to protect the people that were dear to him, he had gone through a lot and being a trained military man he had a immense advantage in this chaotic world, he even established his own survivor camp very quickly and trained his men through discipline making him a powerful force to be reckoned with.

His camp in particular was very open and friendly, while Ivankov wasn’t a good man he wasn’t a bad man either, he wasn’t like one of those run of the mill bandit groups that stole and killed as they pleased, Ivankov had his own sets of rules and morals and while he was fully prepared to break them when it came to it, he still mostly found the act of banditry beneath him which is why he sought the way of self-reliance more appealing then raiding.

Unfortunately this all came to an end when they appeared.

The Awakened.

One day when they were peacefully minding their own business, a group of 3 Awakened suddenly came out of nowhere inside Ivankov’s camp, how they entered the camp and how they entered so deeply into its core was unknown but it was most probably by the use of a ability by one of the awakened.

Ivankov was very surprised at the time, he immediately questioned them and their intentions, asking them what they wanted, Ivankov of course knew who they were immediately upon seeing them, he already had heard news of those people with extra ordinary abilities, he felt them to be extremely dangerous which is why he didn’t immediately start shooting them when they appeared out of nowhere.

Though in the end this decision would cost him, because the moment he decided that he wouldn’t immediately shoot them was the moment he lost everything.

One of the awakened raised his hand, not even bothering to reply towards Ivankov he simply activated his ability, the ability being earth based as it immediately caused the ground beneath their feet to shake and turn, Ivankov was surprised he didn’t even need to order his men before a hail of bullets assaulted the group of 3 Awakened.

Alas their actions was also in vain as the moment the bullets near the Awakened they stopped in front of them suspended into the air the bullets were caught inside a invisible force field.

Ivankov was just about to order them to throw explosives instead but before he could even finish his orders the shaking ground beneath their feet stopped for a moment before gigantic human sized earth spikes started to appear from the ground itself.

Blood and flesh flew into the air, his soldiers were immediately impaled by those spikes Ivankov was stunned by this unnatural phenomenon though he immediately shook it off and decisively decided that he needed to get his family and escape.

He couldn’t beat them.

His gut feeling was telling him so, and because it was his gut feeling that saved him in the first place, he would trust it again.

With those things said, Ivankov escaped.

Leaving his men behind who covered for him, Ivankov sought his family and brought them towards his mini-van, putting both of his children into the van Ivankov made sure that he would be the last to enter as he quickly pushed his wife into the passenger seat.

He was just about to succeed.

But things weren’t always that easy, fate was not that fickle.

-Look out !

Ivankov’s wife shouted and out of nowhere she immediately jumped out of the car, pushing her husband away from her, Ivankov was confused he couldn’t understand what was happening and just as his mind fell into disarray he saw a huge spike from bellow, coming from the spot he had just stood on and his wife pushed him away from.

He Immediately understood raising his head he looked at his wife’s face who was smiling at him with tears in her eyes.

It had happened so fast.



With a shout of unwilling sadness and a morbid piercing sound, blood was starting to flow with the body of his wife going limp as a huge hole was made through her chest, the spike that was originally aimed at Ivankov had missed its mark and instead pierced his wife who saved him at the last minute.

Ivankov still had the last moments of his wife in his mind, that smiling face and those sad tears were still deeply engraved into his eyes, the children were crying seeing their mother pierced right in front of their eyes and the people who were responsible were just 50 meters away one of them talking.

-Tsk…I missed.

It was the man with a dark coat who had spoken, his voice immediately waking Ivankov from his brief moment of grief, he remembered the face of his wife again just before she, he immediately understood what she meant with that expression, that smile.

Live on, protect our children.

He understood, and as such Ivankov didn’t continue to grief any longer, he couldn’t afford it as this was not the time, the death of his wife could not be just simply wasted like this and neither could her wish.

With those thoughts in mind Ivankov immediately raised his gun, not even looking at that man with the dark coat he shot at him across the field getting into the drivers seat.

The man or rather the awakened who could control earth immediately summoned a wall of earth to protect himself upon seeing the gun, the bullets flashed across and embedded themselves onto the surface of the earth wall, because the awakened came alone he couldn’t use the ability of the other awakened to protect himself by suspending the bullets, which is why he didn’t attack Ivankov while he was escaping since he needed to protect himself from the bullets with his own ability which couldn’t do 2 things at the same time.

This little exchange was fortunate as it still gave enough time for Ivankov to act, riding the mini-van Ivankov successful escape together with his children who were still crying by the sudden loss of their mother.

Ivankov himself didn’t feel any better, he also wanted to cry but both of his children were girls and he didn’t want to worry them with his pathetic display, which is why he held it in and simply drove in silence, letting the memory of his wife’s death repeat countless of times inside his head a very dark emotion surfacing inside his heart, something far more powerful then hatred had swallowed him like a beast.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 5 Act Two Rise Of Samson

This period of havoc lasted for a total of 4 months with the awakened gaining large amounts of followers and even forming their own factions.

The way they gained those followers ranged from simply threatening their well being to making them worship them and their unnatural powers which they displayed to do heroic deeds.

The world was really starting to form a divide at this point, the other countries higher echelon and the ruling sovereigns were worried that they couldn’t control these awakened anymore as they were growing too quickly and influential, they even considered whether they should pull the root before the tree grows, but because the natural disaster were still happening at this point and the abilities of the awakened were useful ,they hesitated a lot before ultimately not being able to come towards a decision which cost’ed them heavily.

Samson Brooks.

This was the name of the once most powerful awakened on earth, he was also the leader of the biggest faction that had emerged from this chaos, the way he managed his faction in particular was through the way of worship, most of his followers revered Samson as a god because of his abilities and in a sense that may have been partially true for Samson as his ability was simply too powerful to be called anything other than godly.

His ability was Transmutation.

This ability allowed the user to change and alter the structure of minerals and objects by will, like turning stone into gold or creating entire fortresses that spanned a few kilometers from the earth itself.

Samson was capable of changing anything in his surroundings as long as he was able to perceive them in any way, with this ability Samson had protected a lot of towns and villages in his surrounding area by either building bunkers or extremely sturdy walls to shield them from the elements of natural disaster.

Through his ability Samson was capable of saving a huge amount of people and keep them safe as his ability did not only protect them very well but also had a lot of uses such as producing a lot of food by transmuting the earth and increasing its fertility or produce ores to make tools and other things that could help their survival which he did.

Samsons beginnings were very humble and full of goodwill, he expressed his desire to protect humanity world wide which gained a lot of recognition to the world at large.

Through his heroic actions the people he saved not only started to revere him but some even started to worship him as a living god, since he could literally manipulate the form and structure of anything he was near at people started to call him the god of creation himself, most of these people who worshipped him were saved by him in some way or another while others were simply superstitions and couldn’t recognize the fact that Samsons was a simple human like them just with a ability.

In the end a whole religion was made after Samson, called the church of Samson in which the worshippers tell about the story of Samson and how he saved the world from destruction some of these stories being real while most of them being completely fabricated.

And as for Samson himself, there was never really any statement coming from him or anything that suggested he believed himself to be a god, but in the end his inaction on itself must have been the biggest indicator towards where he was leaning with people claiming whether he was a god or not.

After a while Samson rarely appeared in public anymore and at one point he seemed to have completely disappeared, because he was gone so suddenly it was rumored that he had become a true god and ascended to godhood leaving earth and going into heaven, the rumors of which were all being spread by the so called pope of the church of Samson who also claimed that Samson had given him a part of his power which he demonstrated by changing the earth beneath his feet into pure gold, this demonstration only served to further fuel the power of the church with the pope claiming that whoever joined would also share Samson’s great powers and be protected.

The influence of this event was extremely large as it was all recorded and streamed live all other countries tried to convince and prove the public that the abilities the pope demonstrated could be easily attributed to Samson just hiding amongst the crowd and using his ability to fool the crowd and make them think he bestowed the pope with such abilities.

In the end nothing could be proven or disproven at this point, even though the other countries were aware of the fact that the church was growing at a rapid pace starting to become a threat, they simply couldn’t do anything against it as the natural disasters were fully occupying their hands, the only people that could resist those disasters to some extend were the people with extraordinary abilities this being Samson’s biggest forte as his Transmutation ability allowed him to easily create big and heavily resistant shelters for others to use.

It seemed only a matter of time until the church of Samson would ultimately take the world by storm, people were joining left and right most of them not joining because they believed in Samson as a god or anything but because of the security the church could provide against the natural disasters that the government seemed to fail in utterly.

By the end all the countries seemed to have finally decide to gather and hold a world congress meeting, this meeting was aired throughout the entire world in which they discussed the ever changing events that happened so far and what they should do to counteract them.

The church of Samson was not excluded of this congress they were even invited for some reason because they were powerful enough to hold an opinion, the pope himself even came and took a major role inside the congress putting in his own two cents by telling the congress that their god Samson was the only person that could protect them from the natural disaster and that if they didn’t join they would all die.

This statement in on itself was incredibly outrages and shocked a lot of people world wide, the world leaders were furious on TV gritting their teeth but chose to keep quite even though their mouths were bitter which was obvious as to why.

And while most of the world leaders chose to stay calm it was unavoidable that a few would completely lose their temper one of which was a man that came from a not so powerful country but did very well for himself who was also one of the only world leaders that had largely been successful of counteracting the natural disasters through smart planning and clever tactics.

This man while not very important to this story was the president of Austria, the reason why he lost his temper so quickly was because the president just couldn’t stand the shamelessness of the pope and the way he was outright threatening the world congress.

The first thing he said after collecting his thoughts some more was “Scum” after which he completely lashed out towards the so called pope of the church of Samson saying that they were nothing more then smelly trash trying to take advantage of the circumstances which threatened planet, the way he spoke held a lot of meaning and passion, the people that watched him on TV resonated with his voice of reason in this world of chaos and watching it again even to this day his voice alone seemed to be the only thing that made sense to lot of people who were watching at that time.

Not soon after he was finished with his speech the camera immediately focused back onto the pope himself, his face as recorded had the most deepest and blackest line that you could ever imagine, the way he was displeased couldn’t even be describe as angry it was rather more than fitting to say that he was infuriated, there was a strange pause when the camera switched towards the pope, looking at the recording it seemed as if the image had frozen or muted at that point, but that was not the case, it was simply that the pope was so angry that he couldn’t even say anything and the crowd was so amazed that they became mute themselves.

This continued on for another 20 seconds before the pope finally stood up from his seat, that black line that came down his eyes and the enraged look on his face were simply never before seen, the humiliation he must have felt could be even felt by a mere recording and when he clapped his hand all of a sudden the situation couldn’t have gone even more down the drain.


Immediately a strange shrieking sound could be heard, the voice coming from a woman who was handing out water to everyone, the cameras moved hastily to show what was going on as they did so you could see heads of the other world leaders moving towards that spot from where the scream came from most of these people had already stood up while others who were closer towards that spot had already moved away out of fear.

There was intense discussion and uproar, and when the camera finally moved towards that spot it was seen.

A stone statue.

More precisely it was the statue of the Austrian president sitting in his chair with a strong frown on his face, the statue looked extremely life like with every crease and line matching the president, it actually too real and seeing that the actually president of Austria had also disappeared into thin air there was only one answer to this mystery.

The president of Austria had been turned into stone.

Immediately after this happened nobody started to waste time any longer, security were all called in and the leaders were all hauled away back towards their respective countries, the only victim in this case was the president of Austria and while it was unknown how he had turned into stone it was very clear to everyone who had done it.

The pope of the church of Samson.

The moment the pope returned he announced to the people that he had a revelation that the great god of his Samson had told him that he had turned that man into stone because he disrespected him in front of the world, the people were obviously skeptical about this some that were smart enough to think for themselves understood that this was all just a farce to further pressure the other countries while the more weak willed ones just accepted this fact and further worshipped their gods great figure.

The reaction of the countries leaders towards this proclamation was solemn, everyone was starting to get trigger happy, the militaries of every country were starting to get drafted and the buttons for the nuclear weapons were being stroked as if they couldn’t wait to be pressed and put this world to even more chaos.

Luckily, the situation didn’t come to the worst case because just as world war 3 was about to start the gate of the dungeons shone with bright light all over the world.

The 1 million people out of the 5 million had finally made it back in a span of 3 days.

They had returned.

The curtains finally opened for the hunters.

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The Almighty Search Engine Chapter 4 Act One The Awakened

Just as the wounds caused by our fathers death started to heal, we found out about the strange diseases that infected Katie when we noticed that Katie’s pupils started to become bluer and bluer as days past, both me and my mother got worried the first time we found out and immediately decided to send her to the hospital, she was 13 when it all started and at first no doctor was able to diagnose her or tell us what was going on.

Through regular check ups it was discovered that nothing really was wrong with her body and that the doctors just couldn’t discover any abnormalities other than her changing eye color, Katie herself admits to it as well as she stated that she doesn’t feel any different, she only gets occasional irritation in her eyes but other than that nothing seemed really be in need of concern.

Of course this alone didn’t calm neither me or my mother, in the end we just started to look for more qualified hospitals and doctors until they could at least tell us what was going on so we could rest easy.

The amount of money we used for these doctors was exponential, usually we wouldn’t have that much money on hand but because of my fathers smart idea as a businessman and the worlds chaotic state he had left a will with a contract stating that upon his death every business asset he owned would be sold to the government and the money would directly given to his family which was us.

From this will we gained such a huge fortune that it allowed us to live the rest of our lives without ever having to work again.

Though in the end ¾ of the money had already been used to pay those doctors and other things that could potentially cure my sister, neither me or my mother regretted this decision, we both had jobs and it was not like we really needed the money, we also didn’t tell Katie how much of the money we used as to not worry her, even though she probably knows that it had to be quite a lot by the amount of times we went for check ups with her.

Father probably wanted us to use it that way anyways to keep us safe, which is why no one felt anything by the loss of money when it was gone.

Years passed.

With more regular check ups and transfers into different hospitals we started to get more and more ink lines as to what this disease could possibly be and after finally ending up inside Britain’s most medically advanced hospital did we hear what the diseases was.

“Blue eyes shut down”, a diseases so rare in fact that only 3 victims of it had ever been recorded in history, only a very miniscule amount of people on earth were even capable of catching this diseases, much less detecting it as the only symptoms of the diseases until it fully matures were change of eye color that would turn the victims eyes sky blue, and when the diseases fully matures the body would instantaneously experience organ shut down from where it finally got its name from “Blue eyes shut down”.

It was horrible and as you can imagine this type of news just didn’t come well to me at first, much less did the final diagnosis of the doctor who predicted that Katie would only have 5 years to live at the bare minimum before the disease would mature and claim her life.

After knowing all this I immediately pleaded and asked the doctor if he could do anything, but as fate had it once again the shook his head and simply said that our current medical standards hadn’t reached as far to cure a diseases such as this, research for the cure hadn’t even started since only 3 victims had been ever recorded which is why it was impossible to cure the diseases.

It was a devastating thing to hear, when the doctor told me the truth new years had just gone by, at that time it hadn’t even been that long since I celebrated new years with my little sister and her new friends inside her ward, merely a few hours had passed, I felt extremely hopeful watching her cheer, laugh and smile and even foolishly thought that everything was going to be alright that the doctor would bring good news to us and that we wouldn’t need to go to any hospitals anymore for a while.

Ultimately those were just my delusions, but at part it was true that we didn’t need to go to hospitals any longer, as the moment I felt myself falling into a deep abyss, the doctor finally told me an answer that gave me a thin line of hope supporting my crumbling will.

-You misunderstood me Mr.Owain as I said before there is nothing I nor this hospital can do, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t cure your sister…In fact there is one way to cure your sister 100%, you only need to get a elixir from the dungeon down bellow and she will be cured.


I screamed.

My scream rightfully justified as what the doctor spoke was nothing short of a fantasy or the ramblings of a madmen as getting something like a elixir was not as easy as the doctor made it out to be when he casually proposed such a crazy idea without even blinking.

He probably even knew that and seeing my pitiful appearance he must have wanted to either make me feel even worse or at least give me some kind of hope to support myself.

Either way the feeling was still the worst.

Now this is the point in which you may be curious about what we’re talking about right ?

More precisely you would probably ask me this.

What is a Elixir and what does it do exactly ?

And to be honest while there are a few easy ways for me to explain these things to you, those explanation would probably be incredibly confusing to hear when I have not even given enough context yet up to this story.

You remember how I once said that I would talk about how the dungeon effected the people and how important it became to our modern economy ?

And why anyone would possibly risk their lives to clear a dungeon in the first place ?

The elixir in this context would be one of those reasons, but that’s only a very small part of it that I have not explained yet, with all this talk about my family and current circumstance I should probably now tell you another aspect of the dungeon and the people who work inside the dungeon.

By now you should have heard me mentioning them through this story and its about time I introduce them to you.

Their names are.

The awakened and the hunters.

First of all before I go in depth on this topic I would like to tell you another story.

I know that I am probably rambling too much by this point, but this story is something very important to hear before we go in depth at what I am about to speak, in a sense this is also a very crucial reminder to myself to get my noggin spinning since I am not really bright at all.

Now… where did all of this start again ?

Oh ! Yes ! These events happened not so soon after the dungeons appeared world wide.

The emergence of people with extraordinary abilities !

These people were just like you and me, people who had lived ordinary lives and were simply affected by the changes of the world that was brought by the dungeons, these people were never special in any way as they were simply humans, they weren’t chosen by some extraterrestrial being either, but for some reason the world seemed to simply decide that it was them who would gain these extraordinary ability.

Being able to fly, use telekinesis and turning yourself invisible were one of those abilities, nobody understood how these people gained their abilities and neither did the people who received them, the only thing everyone understood at the time were the hard times that were about to come.

And they were right.

Because of the rampant natural disaster of the world caused by the dungeons, the government’s all around the globe were completely focused on the well being of their countries and temporarily neglected the dungeons.

In this period of negligence the curiosity of the brave few were ignited all around the world causing them to finally enter these mysterious gates and see what was beyond.

And while these two things were happening not soon after did the people with extraordinary abilities start to pop up one after another, some who had quote on “Awakened” to these abilities used them to help humanity, while others not so virtues immediately decided to use it for their personal gain causing even more havoc to this world then it already had.

This event was called by the people the “Emergence of Awakened” it is unknown who had started to call these people with extraordinary abilities the “Awakened” but it couldn’t be more fitting as those abilities were simply out of this world as if those people had awakened from their deep sleep and with it brought their dreams into reality.

Now you can imagining how truly messed up the world was back then, it doesn’t even need to be explained how many people had died in these first few months by the natural disasters alone much less the amount of damages caused by those awakened who as soon as had the ability to toy with the lives of another started to unceasingly use it for their own benefit.

Power corrupts, other than this there is not much needed to be said.

The only saving grace I could think of at this moment that could make this situation slightly better would be the fact that there weren’t many awakened to begin with, each country in the world had roughly only 10 to 20 awakened not even china who had the largest population on earth had more then that, why that is nobody knows.


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