Chapter 174 No One Wants To Die

=============================Sarah P.O.V==============================

-What the hell are you two doing ?!

Gary shouted out irritated upon seeing those two,his voice a bit too loud and excessive quickly forgetting what kind of place we were in as he couldn’t control himself and stepped out of the bushes he was hiding in swiftly walking up towards sophia and terry who were completely fine by the looks of it surrounding a single white bear cub underneath a hollow tree that was hugging sophia as if she was her mother herself.

The forest was pretty dark especially here since the trees were aligned in a way that didn’t even let the majority of the moonlight shine through and if you weren’t careful enough with your steps you could most likely trip onto a overgrown tree root or rock and injure yourself.

Hearing gary’s sudden shout terry’s first instinct was to draw the dagger on his waist and step in front of sophia to protect her.

The way he moved was intense,full of rigid steps and shakes,if I remember right terry’s class was that of a <Soldier> his class was fully combat oriented and he also had the fourth highest overall strength in our group,right behind me,and while he didn’t have any prior combat training he still could make things up with his over natural strength and speed,added to that he also had his own class skills that allowed him to use his sword even without prior knowledge and just through this “World System”.

Now thinking about it,lately terry had become very motivated in his training then at the beginning when he didn’t even want to leave the cave out of fear,I thought it was strange for him to change so quickly,but didn’t think about it too much since I just figured that he didn’t want to lose his life and went to train out of fear.

But surprisingly fear in itself didn’t seem to be a factor since he also participated in a few gather and hunting missions with janet and a few other girls…if I think about it sophia was also among the people who went to these hunts and gather missions together with janet,terry and another 2 girls…did they become friends through that ?

I wonder…

I thought for a second keeping my eyes on terry and sophia as I watching him stand guard.

Terry looked without a doubt scared,he had a grim look on his face upon seeing gary’s silhouette appear out of nowhere,it even looked as if he was just about to attack at any moment watching gary come close with every step.

The tension was high in the air.

But it only lasted for a few more seconds and instead of attacking,terry surprisingly loosened the grip on his blade and raised his head for a moment to look closer.

Only after identifying the person who was coming close did he lower his blade showing huge surprise on his end momentarily making the edge of his blade tremble in his hand.

-Wha…Gary !? what..what are you doing here ?!

Terry and sophia were shocked for a moment seeing gary appear out of nowhere,it seems as if they didn’t expect anyone to find them at all and what was left of the previous look of fear was quickly replaced with shock that made their eyes go wide.

-You know I would also like to know that too terry…

I said,revealing myself at that too as I faced terry.

-Uhh…sarah…you too ?!



Terry exclaimed meekly,now even seeing me appear out of the bushes,he was speechless and for a moment it seemed as if terry was lost in thought for a second before his face turned rigid and he glanced at sophia bellow him looking into her eyes and then turning back to us.

-Look this is my fault I was the one who…

Terry tried to explain,but before he was able to sophia who was being very quiet the entire time suddenly grabbed onto terry’s hand,stopping him momentarily before speaking herself while looking up to him with a void look in her eyes.

-shut up terry…I don’t need you to explain yourself for me,I already told you this from the get go this has nothing to do with you,you only followed me because you wanted to…you aren’t involved neither are you at fault so can you please let me speak for myself instead ?


It took a few seconds,but after hesitating for another few more terry awkward nodded back at sophia,his expression looked a bit hurt when he heard sophia’s cold words even I was slightly surprised that sophia could make such expression and voice,but if you really think about it that wasn’t really that big of a surprise…

And in a way this was a good thing,I learned more from these people and their characters in the last hour than I did in the last few days by living with them…

I thought,staring at sophia as I watched her get up from the ground patting the little white bear cub for a last time before putting it back into the hollow tree and facing us,her face didn’t show one bit of shame or guilt when facing us.

And instead she smiled with a complicated look on her face slowly walking up to us while holding her hands together,terry didn’t move from his spot and simply stood where he was looking the other way slightly ashamed and a bit regretful gripping his fist hard as if he was frustrated about something while also gritting his teeth.


The wind blew once again making leafs flutter as the branches started to shake in unison creating a soothing sound with it,the light of the moon also started to come more brightly through the leafs,giving us a better look as sophia stopped in her tracks facing us.

-Now let me explain…

Sophia said and with it she quickly started to explain the situation and how it got to this point up until now.


Sophia wasn’t in our original group,just like the majority of the other girls she was a part of stevens group who subjugated the girls in his group under tyranny with his friends.

After being saved sophia just like the other girls needed extensive amount of rest and peace to recover properly from injuries and mental trauma,but because of my healing skill and some help through sorron we were quickly able to stop their pain without a lot of issues.

But that was only a very small part of our problems as the real issue had only just started to come forth which was the mental damage the girls suffered from that was becoming a real problem to our group.

More then a few times we had to stay put at night and watch some of the girls so they wouldn’t commit suicide,some even refused to eat anymore or do anything at all while others just fled to their corners shaking with fear while hugging themselves mumbling something like a chant.

It was very problematic…

At first because it seemed as if we were only guarding a already lost cause that would never return to its former self it was as if these people couldn’t even think anymore and just wanted to go far away be it back at home or at some place so far that no one would even find them.

And while a small amount of them still wanted to live and move on just like valera most of them didn’t have those thoughts…no rather then moving on,they simply couldn’t move,they were all stuck behind a huge wall that would haunt their dreams every night.


A lot of arguing went on because of this,janet and christie especially had a lot of shouting going on between them because of the food we had that sometimes would go to waste or when one of the girls would scream in her sleep in the middle of the night and interrupting christies sleep.

In short everyone was stressed out.

Me personally,I couldn’t sleep a lot not because of the girls,but because of the situation that was simply still too surreal too me.

I preferred to sit night guard most of the days and just stare at the stars and feel the wind outside and relax rather then think about our problems,I didn’t want anyone to die and even now I still think like that,janet was also of my opinion she was our leader and gave her all to keep us safe no matter what which I am thankful for.

But at other times,I also couldn’t help,but indulge in my thoughts and become worried…what if christie was right ? What if we were just wasting a lot time and labor on something that couldn’t be brought back anymore ? Was it better to just simply leave and move one ? We didn’t have any sort of facilities or specialists to help these girls was it even possible ?

These questions would scare me and because I am not smart like sorron or janet,I wouldn’t know what to do or where to go who to listen to or what to do…

lately I had been keeping a lot of my worries to myself making me twitchy all the time and in the end the only one who I could really ask these questions janet after al,it was noon at the time janet and I were also standing night guard and because it was silent,I just couldn’t help,but ask.

-Can we really help them ? If they don’t even want to live…how can we help them ?

My question at the time was really negative,even janet couldn’t help,but look at me wide eyed for a moment the thoughts that were conveyed in her eyes weren’t unfamiliar to me either as most the people who would know me in real life would also think about these things.

Air-head,merry go like girl,naive,idiot…

You think I don’t know what you think about me…but it isn’t true,I know exactly what you think when you look at me the only reason why I don’t distrust everyone is because mom told me no one in this world is truly evil from the get go,if you are nice you will be treated nicely,helping others is a ordinary matter you shouldn’t necessarily thank someone just because they picked up your handkerchief or told them the right way to some place they wanted to know.

At least…thats what I always thought.

But time showed me that it wasn’t always like that…I may not be a complete air-head or merry go like girl,but what I definitely am is naive and idiotic.

Why is it wrong keep everyone happy ?

Why do some people need to pick at others ?

Do they need to keep themselves happy through that ?

Those kinds of thoughts constantly swarmed inside my head even back at home I thought of this and while no one ever picked on me or tried to make me a target for something,I still saw those kinds of people who were picked for one reason or another and thought to myself how stupid that is.

Calling me self-righteous is fine,because at least I had the gut to do something about the things the victims never did themselves…to resist.

But even then how come when someone helps you,instead of being polite or say nothing at all,you turn and become angry instead ? Where is the logic in it ? Is it pride ? Fear ? Embarrassment towards someone who could solve your problem better then you could ever solve it yourself ?

Would those people we were helping truly be happy with us helping them ?

I wanted to know…and finally I had my answer that came out of janet herself when she answered me.

-Nobody who lived truly wants to die…everyone wants to live even when we say we want to die we never really mean it,those are only our feelings talking and not ourselves that thinks like that even people who get old and are on their last but of time don’t want to truly die and while they have accepted death they only have accepted it because it was inevitable or because they feel at peace knowing that there is someone who would remember them as how they lived…It is the same with the girls…they don’t want to die they are afraid of dying like anyone else,but what they are even more afraid of is living and moving on from those horrible memories that will be scarred in their minds until they die.Dying now knowing that no one would ever remember how they had ended up is more ease putting then moving on having people know,it takes bravery to live only cowards decide to die on their own and if we can’t help them then they simply weren’t meant to live in the first place.Helping them may not make them happy now,but it will when they have truly lived again.

Those words had been since stuck in my head,I never started to doubt it anymore and while I did have troubling thoughts they were only fleeting thoughts and never recurring.

Afterwards,I also gave it my all just like janet helping everyone to stand up again,lily was one of the first who I really helped showing her a lot of things that I had found outside and talked about the things that happened outside she was once a very lifeless looking doll that wouldn’t do anything she changed drastically over the course of a single day when I took care of her and was now a bit more thicker then the skeleton she was a bit cheerier and happier.

And while we still couldn’t completely help everyone we were making a lot of steps in the right direction.

Sorron especially in this part of the problem was the guy who made the most progress even though he only visited us once he made the most impact turning it around.

His food was without a doubt something incredibly delicious the smell of the sweet soup itself was mouth watering making the girls run to the front to see where it came from even the people who refused to eat came to get a bowl only stopping right in front of the cave after they saw sorron who was next to the pot reading a book.

(She is referring to Chapter 76 All you can eat buffet)

Sorron’s methods were unbelievable towards someone like me…he used food alone to lure everyone out and while our cooking wasn’t bad,we still didn’t seem to be anywhere near to the level of cooking sorron was the highest level <Cooking> we had was level.3 and that was valera who is the daughter of a professional chef back in her home,it really takes ages for skills to level up properly cooking much more so since we can’t train it constantly.

It was only for this one moment when everyone could somewhat keep their heads high and eat without a problem and while there wasn’t a single piece of conversation between anyone,it was still better then anything to keep everyone together added to that he even helped with our most stressful girls problem which was hygiene by giving us a hot bath that only further let everyone forget the bad goods and think about the good things.

It was at this time that everything got turned around in a instant,people no longer started to scream in the middle of the night,refuse to eat or commit suicide.

And while that had stopped everyone still was not on the level of being able truly overcome this and continue living,but it was still an improvement to our group,you could say.

Still…just because you forgot a few things doesn’t mean you won’t remember them anymore…No,one truly was over everything that had happened so far not even valera who wanted to live and just like sophia some people while seeming to give life another go didn’t truly care if they continued to live or not.

It was something I only understood after listening to sophia.

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Chapter 173 Isn’t He Cute ?

========================Sarah’s P.O.V===============================

The wind blew strong this night,making me more then anything cold and uncomfortable for what was about to come,but all of it quickly went out of the window as I stared at gary in front of me slightly shocked and stunned at the same time not expecting him to say those words he had just said to me.

-Now,before you say anything I want you to first listen to me and then decide

He started,and in fact I wanted to rebut him and tell him to stay here and keep guard,but at the same time for some reason I felt that listening to him was better then cutting him off.

Generally I can’t say that I liked gary that much not because of his character or because he is a guy,but because he has that sneaky and avoiding attitude to him that makes him invisible at times,he also never talks much either when participating in group activities and his class is a <Lux Thief> after all so him being invisible and hard to notice was a given with the way his class worked.

Gary looked a bit serious this time it didn’t look like he had any second motives nor did he strike me as a guy who would intentionally try to harm anyone,he was more of a runaway type of guy who lets his fears get the better of him which is why I was mostly surprised by his proposal to come along.

In either case,I didn’t say anything after hearing his sentence and simply gave him a nod to continue,I was itching to go into the forest and search for those two,but just as gary started talking I realized something in my head.

How do I find them inside this dark forest ?

And just as that thought occurred to me gary answered my question.

-I can track those two with my <Tracking> skill,I am also very familiar with the forest and with my other skills I can also help us avoid any other creatures to get to them if we go together we are more likely to get to them faster if isn’t already too late…

He said,and while I found his skills to be useful and his intentions to be good,I also had another thought in my mind that slightly bothered me.

-If you really could do this from the beginning why didn’t you do it yourself ?

My question was on point making gary’s eyes go wide for a moment as he stared at me lost for words as if he didn’t think I would be smart enough to figure it out so fast and while I admit that I am a bit slow to figuring out someones thoughts,I am still not completely retarded.

After speaking my part gary had a hard time finding an answered as he stuttered in front of me not sure what to say or how to say it,seeing him struggle like this my opinion of him just got more and more suspicious until he finally sighed heavily and faced me with a embarrassed look on his face,he momentarily stopped for a second glancing behind looking at lily for a moment before speaking.

-I…I was scared alright ?! I didn’t have the guts to go alone,I also figured that the others wouldn’t go either and while I did want to go and find those two myself because of guilt.I just didn’t have the strength to leave on my own…I hate the dark and I hate these monsters,but what I hate even more than that is being alone…

Gary said,the hurt in his voice almost crystal clear to my ears as I picked up some amount of emotion to it especially the last part about being alone and even though I couldn’t completely see the expression on his face,I still realized that he had his own share of issues than I assumed he had.

He may be a coward,but at least he was a thoughtful coward.

The initial suspicion also quickly vanished as I made my way towards the exit holding my sword tight in my right hand.

-Lets go,we already wasted too much time

Upon hearing my words gary was surprised,but nonetheless he didn’t loiter anymore and also followed me behind with a grim look on his face,before leaving he told lily to tell the others that we left to get sophia and terry,seeing him say his goodbyes with lily so thoroughly with care and passion made me more the anything stunned giving me also a better understand of gary this time and another reason as to why he may be doing this other then fear or guilt.

Either way,I kept my thoughts to myself keeping myself from grinning and together with gary we marched through the forest steadily while using gary’s <Tracking> skill to pick up on sophia’s and terries footsteps that would inevitably lead us to them as we walked through this horrifying and dark forest full of monsters.


-I think we are getting close…man why did they bother to go that far aren’t they scared or something ? What do you think why did they go this far ?

Gary asked,his voice a bit ragged and his face more then a bit fatigued as we walked through this harsh terrain of a forest,avoiding monsters and other vile animals.

Hearing his question I myself got momentarily lost considering it,but as much as I thought about it,I had no idea as why they would leave in the middle of the night like this risking their lives together.

-I don’t know,but if we catch up I guess we find out.

We had been walking for about 15 minutes now,Gary’s <Tracking> skill proofed to be more then anything,but useful his unique skill <Intuition> was also very helpful as it helped us avoiding the danger that laid on our paths and let those monsters walk by so we wouldn’t get killed.

Everyone in our camp already knew about their skills and classes,but because majority of the people in our camp were girls,me included,we didn’t know about video games or these “game mechanics” that much since we don’t dwell on them.

On the other hand the boys,janet and a few other girls were familiar with this system and knew how to use it more naturally and as far as I can tell everyone here had at least a few skills in their disposition depending on their class some useful while some not so much some even had similar skills to one another,but what seemed to be unique about this system or the menu was the row above the row that indicated the normals skills called “Unique skills”.

And while I myself do posses one of those “Unique skills” called <Seal Of Command> I still don’t really know what it does because of its vague explanation when I tap on it and because its not a skill that I can evoke,but rather a skill that is constantly active…a passive skill I have no clue how to control it or use it to my advantage.

Janet who is the leader of our group firmly believes that these “unique skills” will be the core factor for our survival and our way to live in this world.

But compared to the other skills like gary’s <Intuition> that allows him to sense danger and janet’s <Phantasma> that allows her to make copies of herself to fight with,my skill seemed just too useless.

“Authority will be given to your stature, voice and appearance”

The explanation while explaining the point of the skill,didn’t really tell me how to use it like my other skills do.

But since these kinds of skills don’t seem to be something that anyone can learn and are unique in what they do,it is still better to have them then not having them,and to top it off I am not the only one who has a bizarre skill with a vague explanation.

Many in our group still didn’t understand how to use their skills properly nor how their unique skills worked,majority were still at level.1 learning to properly utilize their strength and understand how to learn and use other skills such as <Appraisal>,training our skills and raising our levels was important,but to raise skills you had to use them on something to gain practice and to raise your levels you had to kill creatures for experience.

All of these things,I avoided very much and while I am not against killing animals in general I am still not very keen on slaughtering them myself other then maybe injure them so they wouldn’t move anymore,it is the same just as it was that day when I fought that green human sized monster that swung that rusted sword.

I couldn’t kill it.

And because I couldn’t kill it,I was almost killed myself was it not for sorron who interrupted and killed it instead.

Going out into this forest was only making me more anxious and while I knew that going out on my own will would do something like this forcing me to react,I still rather preferred to stay out of way and not bother anyone…

I thought,glancing at gary for a moment as I watched him inspect our surroundings left and right with his skills while also following the tracks of our companions.

Watching him i felt slightly envious of his class that allowed him to do these things and thought about my own class which was basically described to me as a meat shield by janet and valera who had a look at it.

Valera and I once talked about these classes and how we could have possibly gotten here,when we talked I had gotten loads of information from her theories most notably about the topic of being assigned a class that you are the most suitable with after all…

On the topic I thought of speaking with sorron about this in more depth and ask him if he knew something about all of this,but because he usually blocked me from speaking to him and only spoke to me when it was important,I never got around to ask him anything useful.

I shared my thoughts with janet about this once,but she also said that asking him wouldn’t help us at all because she somehow assumed that he was also most likely in the same situation as us and most probably arrived at the same time as us,she also said that the only reason why he was better off then us was because he worked alone and had minions to do his work for him while we only had ourselves and if you think about it,thats true I never saw him without those slimes or those dark skinned beautiful woman and while on the topic of his woman…

No,I better stop here,its not my deal what he does to those woman and having seen them I also don’t think that they dislike him rather they seem to be like him more then anything,but simple companionship…

I thought for a second,my cheeks lightly flushed with red without me noticing in result of getting too deep into other people’s business as I got back on track remember what valera said and about her theories.

Valera said something about us being assigned the most suitable class to your character and if that was really so…

Then why am I a meat shield ?

I grumbled,getting more then a bit irritated by this then I probably should be while also following gary’s back and as we continued walking gary suddenly stopped dead in his tracks,he had done this kind of action numerous times when detecting some kind of danger from an animal,but this time it seemed different.

I gripped my sword.

-There is something in front of us,but it doesn’t seem to dangerous…

He whispered a bit confused and while it wasn’t visible to me what it was,I was still very careful and followed gary’s instructions as he gestured towards one of the trees so we could hide and see what was going on a head of us.

Leaning closely towards the tree,I heard the cries of numerous monsters that echoed throughout this forest like always,the cold sweat that came off my forehead never stopped dripping going all the way down my sword arm my fencing skills weren’t at a expert level,but I was still the strongest in my entire school earning me more then a few medals in tournaments.

And while I did have confidence in my fencing skills,that confidence only held up towards humans or at least humanoid creatures whose moves I was familiar with,against monsters on the other hand my confidence was lackluster,but that still didn’t hold me from using me sword.

It was I who made this decision after all,I was already prepared for this to happen running away now was not an option to me not when we are this close.

I thought to myself,keeping my morals high and hopes up as I awaited gary’s judgment on the situation,gary took longer then anticipated to check this time he usual would give a solid 2 to 3 minutes time staring at one spot and then tell me if its safe or not,but this time it took him double the time 6 minutes in fact to finally say.

-Their not moving away…but they don’t seem to be a threat either since my <Intuition> skill isn’t going off thats for sure…how strange…

He said,making me also a bit lost for what to do as we both stared at the darkness up ahead of us,the moonlight was bright,but even that light couldn’t completely shine us the way ahead and while my eyes were getting familiar with the darkness I still could see two small shadows far away wiggle around not making any sound,but rather standing in place crouched doing something.

The idea of confronting those shadows wasn’t very keen on my mind,I even considered just taking a detour around those two to continue our path,but because gary said that the track was leading directly towards those two shadows I felt another more dark idea pop inside my head and I could tell by the look on gary’s face that the idea also came through his skull.

What if…those shadows were consuming something…what if they were eating sophia and terry ?

A cold shiver ran down my heart making me feel more then anything scared at the moment,gore wasn’t my area of expertise neither did gary look like he could stand blood as I,but because those shadows weren’t moving away and because we needed to confirm before moving on we had no other choice,but to get closer and get a better look.

Gary and I only exchanged looks at the moment,swallowing we nodded to each other and went closer brushing through the wild grass and passing by trees masking our presence,my heart beat like a drum my hands holding the sword so tight that the veins on my hand swelled up as I stared towards those two shadows expecting the worst possible image in mind…


That wasn’t what actually happened.

-Ahh your so cute look terry isn’t he cute  ?!

-Sophia ! Put him down we have to go back we have been here way too long they are probably already wondering where we went !

And just like this we found Sophia and Terry next to a little white bear cub underneath a hollow tree.

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Chapter 172 Stand For Yourself

-Lord sorron,it looks like we are close !

Hoboku said lightly shaking me from behind as we continued to ride through the thick forest on her <Abyssal Moon Horse>,the amount of turns,jumps and leaps that were made to navigate through the forest was insane,the terrain itself was definitely not fit for a mount to go through,but because the beasts were all wild beasts and not domesticated and because they were born here and lived here all their lives,every single one of them knew how to navigate properly and find paths to slip through.

Comparably riding was less scarier then flying since we were on the ground,but at the same time,I can’t say that riding is actually more comfortable then flying…

-Is..Is that so ?

I replied,groaning for a second while feeling cold sweat running down my forehead as I couldn’t feel the muscles on my thighs anymore,with the constant jumping and galloping it would make the vibration would constantly pound me from bellow causing my muscles to feel as if they were being teared apart as we continued riding.

It was after all my first time riding a horse,when we were going to depart the selection with whom I was going to take a ride with was between the deer or the horse or habaru and hoboku respectively.

The other beasts didn’t really make me feel safe riding them because they were generally animals that don’t usually are used as a mount at least to my knowledge.In the end I chose hoboku for a ride and when we finally started riding…

I immediately felt the repercussions of my actions.

-Lord sorron ? Is everything okay,you don’t seem to sound well ?

Hoboku asked worried,even though we weren’t directly facing each other she still knew what was going on since we were bound to one another through our bond,she also probably noticed the tight grip I had around her belly while hugging her back the entire time,my fingers were almost pressing onto her skin through her robe but even then she didn’t say anything not sure if it was because she was worried or because she liked the way I was holding her.

Either of the two could most likely be true.

I thought,raising my head for a bit as I looked at hoboku’s back smiling at her kindly,she couldn’t see me smile,but I was still very happy that she was worried about me making me feel warm inside my heart.

On another side note neither hoboku or the other girls seem to share my pain in this area nor show any signs of discomfort when sitting on these beasts and riding them,it is most likely because I have the lowest strength in group not able to take as much punishment as they can.

-Don’t worry,Focus on riding,I am just a bit tired thats all,tell me when we get there alright ?

For a moment hoboku didn’t say anything and because I couldn’t see her face I didn’t know what kind of expression she was making,her feelings were also hidden extremely well other then a little gnashing sound that came from her jaw as she replied,her voice holding a tinge of resolution.


Soon after her short agreement I noticed that our pace had somehow slowed down and the shaking had also been reduced all of which came from the way hoboku was steering the horse,she looked more focused after this exchange somehow learning to properly ride the horse in consideration for me and even though I felt that we should go faster like before,I still couldn’t say anything since hoboku was doing this for my sake after all.

Neither hoboku nor I said anything anymore at this point and while I was sitting behind hoboku hugging her tight I wanted to talk with wylniva through the transmission link about the beastmen and ask what she knew about them.

Unfortunately enough wylniva wasn’t in the mood to talk with me anymore ever since having that bitter conversation with the other 3 girls.

I understood that was somewhat angry about that,but I just couldn’t understand why she was letting it out on me out of all people…

Anyways…It wasn’t like her to hold a grudge for such a lengthy amount of time,but she was acting weird in general so I didn’t think much about it and just thought it would pass after a bit of time,the topic in itself wasn’t that important either since I would most likely hear everything from the source itself meaning the beastmen.

Blondy herself was also on my mind,finding her in the middle of the forest knocked out bleeding wasn’t the best way to reunite much less was the prospect of her suffering from the concussion that I needed to heal as fast as possible.

While thinking about these things I quickly found myself nuzzled up behind hoboku’s back feeling very safe around her while also getting slightly charmed showing a gentle smile on my lips as hoboku looked resolute and focused looking forward with huge strides of her own.

If anyone else would have seen this imagine they wouldn’t be able to tell who the prince or the princess was…

==========================Sarah’s P.O.V=========================

3 Hours ago

-We have to tell janet and quickly go after them,if we don’t act fast who knows what will happen to those two

I told those two quickly coming to a decision as I turned towards the sleeping janet by side,my hand reaching towards her as I wanted to wake her up from her pleasant sleep to quickly go send a rescue party it was the most reasonable and right thing to do.

But just as I was about to do that,I saw another two pairs of hands in the corner of my eyes reaching out to me quickly stopping me from alerting janet as they grabbed my arm holding me in place for a second.

-No wait !

Lily and gary came stopping me from doing what needed to be done as they showed a look of desperation and fear in their eyes,I was honestly surprised and watching their expressions I couldn’t help,but feel a little bit disgusted at them not because they let their own friends walk out like that into this dangerous forest without a second thought,but because they still wanted to hide their mistakes without alerting everyone else so they wouldn’t be punished for it.

Their eyes said it all,they already had lost their believe of them still being alive or rather wanted to let go,but still felt guilt and haunted.

I didn’t know either of them very well generally I didn’t know anyone here since coming here even my own friends who I thought I really knew at first showed sides of themselves that I never even seen before making me question who these people really were that I called my friends.

One thing I realized since coming here in this nightmarish forest is that people aren’t truly themselves when they introduce who they are,there is always darkness looming over everyones hearts hidden like a sleeping snaking at first and if you aren’t careful enough and wake up that snake it will soon show itself lunging at the first person it sees.

Fear,selfishness and desire.

These are things that all drive people and make them capable of doing the most atrocious acts possible just to attain their goals,I never really thought about any of this,but staying here forced me to think such thoughts and make the darkness come oh so closer to my heart as if its scratching the surface of my veins making me anxious of myself fearful of who I really maybe underneath this disguise of skin and flesh.


I was scared that goes without saying everyone was,but that still not a excuse to not do anything,because if I don’t do anything the people who I call friends may just disappear just like that…

I thought to myself,suddenly the image of sorron popping up inside my head as I momentarily lost myself  remembering the few conversations we had and how he had helped us so far,even I myself didn’t know why his image popped up like that,but for now that didn’t matter.

-So what are you going to do ? If we aren’t going to tell janet or everyone else what do you think should be done ?

My words hit where it hurt quickly catching the two off guard as they stopped holding me and instead stepped back for a second,their facial expression changing into total panic and fear as they looked at each trying to find an answer in the eyes of the other just to see their own fearful reflection in their eyes that spoke more then a few volumes.

They didn’t completely think this through that was for sure they only reason they woke me up and told me about was because they didn’t know who to talk to and tell their problems to without getting into trouble themselves,but now that they seen each others faces they didn’t know what to do anymore…

Time was ticking and it wasn’t just going to slow down for us the forest continued to roar inhuman and monstrous roar through the nights any moment now and those roars could turn into blood gurgling screams instead.

-This…this…Damn ! what do we do what do we do…

Gary was the first to break down,the sweat on his face pouring down like buckets as he kneel’ed on the ground mumbling to himself,lily on the other hand just as confused as gary didn’t come down to gary’s level and instead observed him for a few seconds in silence.

She was scared,but this wasn’t the first time she was scared,she already experienced fear and pain inside this place,she didn’t want to feel it again and do nothing about it which is why she knew what to do and stared back at me grimly.

-Tell janet we have to quickly go and get them maybe we aren’t too late…

I nodded my head at her words while turning my head I once again reached towards janet about to grab her shoulder to wake her up and tell her everything about this so she could tell us what to do,but as I was just about to grab her my hand stopped moving for a moment as I considered several thoughts inside my head.

When we find them and get them back then what ? What if they are already dead ? What if terry made sophia go out with him ? What if…

The thoughts swirled like a hurricane my face paling at every single thought that occurred and how it would affect our group as a whole after all everyone was on edge,the girls were disconnected largely traumatized showing hate and distrust towards the few boys in our group even janet wasn’t out of this circle she may not have experienced what the other girls had she still had large amounts of stress accumulated in her mind today was also one of the only few days where she would get some sleep in peace.

We are always relying on janet or sorron,but we never even consider thinking about it ourselves,but if I can’t even help myself how am I so stupid to even think that I can help anyone else ? And to be real even if I woke up janet and told her anything…

What would it change ?

I already know…no one is going to leave the base even if janet tells them to,its too dangerous we are too weak and majority of these people can’t even hold a sword less than that fight…

And after doing nothing,how will our group continue ? Will we harder our security with 4 people a night ? Maybe 6 ? Will the boys become even more hated since one of them was involved ? Who will first start complaining and who will succumb to their darkness?

In the end…There was only me…

I withdrew my hand slowly,watching janet closely with a smile on my lips as I let her sleep peacefully.

Afterwards I stood up glancing at both lily and gary who were panicked and scared before ignoring them and walking past them towards the cave exit reaching towards one of the swords arming myself.

-I am going alone and bring and them back tonight you two just stay here and keep guard until I come back

With those words out my mouth I quickly stood exited the cave into the moonlit night,lily and gary were still paralyzed,astonished from what I just said as I continued to walk towards the exit of our camp with no hesitation or second thought.

But just as expected gary quickly popped in front of me stopping me from moving forward,seeing him I was about to tell him to move away and that it wouldn’t change anything even if we told janet what happened,but unexpected what I heard next was something complete different,his face was still full of fear but there was also stiff look in his eyes that said something about him.

-Can I come with you

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Chapter 171 Something Weird

Consoling everyone took a bit more time then expected,but after hugging and making up with everyone,we finally decided to start moving on again.

Of course there were a lot of things everyone wanted to say,but because I was a bit worried about blondie’s concussion and the beastmen that were now in the tow,we couldn’t afford to have any more idle time with each other.

There was also the problem with rimulu and the medicine we still needed to acquire for her mother and looking at our current state with myself and wylniva already tired without even getting close to the dungeon…it didn’t look very good after all…

We may need to delay this task some more.

I thought for a second,raising my eyes towards rimulu who was still sitting on top of one of the beasts,the <Obsidian Tusk Bear> our eyes momentarily met,but only for a split second before she looked away from me with a bit of bitters clearly seen in her eyes and quivering lips.

I could only smile wryly seeing her act like that,it wasn’t as if I couldn’t understand her,she probably also understood that we may delay this for another few hours or even a day if we don’t recover fast enough from this incident.

Her frustration was also fairly justified because this wasn’t a case that could be taken lightly it was something that would decide the life and death of someone dear to her,her mother in specifically,time was precious at the moment and before the poison would kill her mother we needed to get into the dungeon as quickly as possible and search for the <Seven Cloud Flower> as fast as we could before the 6 days would pass for the poison to become lethal.

If such delays continue I am not sure if rimulu will continue to be docile and obedient like this anymore she may even decide to go on her own and do this by herself,getting killed in the process because of her injuries that weren’t healed yet in her dragon form..

That I could definitely not let happen at any cost.

I vowed to myself looking away from rimulu at the same time as I didn’t want to upset her anymore nor break my promise.

-Wylniva do you think we can still get to the dungeon today ?

I asked,standing next to wylniva as the other girls were still making quick preparations to saddle in again,they still weren’t experienced with riding their beast mounts even while coming here some of the girls had to try really hard to keep their balance on their mounts without falling off to the ground,the only reason they were able to move so courageously while on beast back was because it was urgent,but now that the tense feeling was gone and I was safe some amount of clumsiness returned that made it troublesome for them,luckily they gained some amount of insight in riding while coming here so I can’t say that this was a fruitless event even if it was forced.

Wylniva hearing my question seemed a bit surprised,not sure how to answer as she spoke to me with her honest opinion crossing her arms while also shuffling her beautiful black hair behind her back.

-My lord,you still think of continuing ?…Hmm seeing that only the two of us are relatively spend and the others are fine I can’t say that we can’t still go there…In either case it will still all depend on the dungeon itself who knows maybe its going to be much harder then anticipated.But rather then that there is something else that is bother me…

Wylniva murmured that last sentence if it wasn’t for me being so close to her I probably wouldn’t have heard it,but hearing her say that,I could immediately guess what she was getting at,after all,with the forced encounter of the beastmen and one of them calling the other princess nonetheless,I can’t help but feel as if there is something much more going on then I initially thought it was,wylniva wasn’t exempt from this either as the conversation we had on the flight showed that she seemed to know something after all when that princess gave her name to us.

I looked at her,keeping my gaze at her sharply as if trying to get the answer out of her that way while watching her getting lost in thought,it didn’t take long for her to notice my gaze and after seeing it she quickly came back to herself smiling at me seductively while licking her red lips with heated eyes.

-What ? Do you want something my lord ? I will give it you whenever you just need to ask~…

She said playfully,quickly getting back to her usual persona as if nothing happened for the past few minutes of our lives that could have been our last,she was someone easy going with eyes always aiming towards her goal and loyal nonetheless,

After experiencing everything with her,I couldn’t say that I didn’t like that part about her she was a bit scheming most likely,but I didn’t feel like keeping my guard with her anymore,after seeing her getting scared so much towards despair.

How should I say it ? It was fun I guess.

I smiled,seeing me smile all of a sudden wylniva felt a bit confused,but that confusion only held for a couple seconds until it was replaced by small amounts of surprise the reason for it being my hand that had suddenly come up her left cheek caressing it gently within my palm as I spoke to her softly with kind glint in my eyes.

-I am glad you are okay

The words themselves just seemed so little if you think about it,but after hearing them wylniva couldn’t help but freeze and stare at me wide eyed without saying a word,this little interaction continued for about a few more seconds until I felt someone from behind pulling me to their chest with a irritated growl that followed.

-What are you two doing ? Did something happen while we were gone ?

Hoboku asked suspiciously,hearing and feeling her plain jealousy through both tongue and soul I couldn’t do anything,but smile wryly and it wasn’t only just her hobusaku and hobura were also here crossing their arms in a strict way while glaring at both me and wylniva as if we were doing something taboo even though it really wasn’t anything dirty,still me getting all friendly with wylniva like this must have made them a bit too worked up then normally which was sort of my fault to be fair.

Wylniva quickly came back to herself upon seeing the trio behind me,she obviously knew what those eyes meant that were directed towards her and could feel those emotions that welled in the air easily as she narrowed her eyes a bit watching the 3 behind me,her usual response to this would be a rude or teasing response depending on the reception she got,but for this one instant I felt that she had a somewhat change of heart when she spoke.

-Hmph…What ? Your pets don’t like me talking to you anymore ? I think their paranoia had gotten into a whole new level after getting separated for a few minutes can’t you have your own opinion now ? Its a bit shameful don’t you think ?

She said,her expression showing more then a bit of disgust and anger as she left without hearing a second word,her sudden outburst left me momentarily surprised as I didn’t expect her to say something like that even her emotions were a bit jumbled switching between anger,loneliness and lust,luckily neither hoboku,hobusaku nor hobura could understand wylniva’s foreign speech which made it so much more troublesome as three girls obviously caught onto the hostile tone of hers and looked at me as if waiting for me to tell them what she just said to them.

I sighed turning around as I stared at the 3 beauties behind me.

-Girls,I understand you being worried,but can you please be not so hard on wylniva,I know that I was a bit too close to her for comfort,but that was only because I thanked her,without her I don’t think we would be standing here talking like this…

I said,trying to lessen this hostile relationship some bit as I faced the girls explaining them what was going on and lecturing them at the same time,their response to my explanation was a bit mixed with faint unyielding grunts and lowered heads,but they quickly understood and told me they would try even if they were a bit unwilling.

Hoboku was the still a bit unconvinced about something even though she knew that I wasn’t doing anything devious or trying to break my promise she still continued to stare at wylniva from afar while thinking about something intensely,I couldn’t figure out what she was really thinking and because she wasn’t answering me when I questioned her I had no choice,but get close to her and squeeze her butt.

-Uhh ?

Her response to this lewd action was pretty immediate as she suddenly looked at me with a hot glint in her eyes having finally pulled her attention towards me again I laughed for a second still groping and massaging her plumb butt to make her feel good..

-What is it ? Is there still something you want to say ?

I asked,it took hoboku more then a few minutes to properly answer as she seemed to be really lost in the joy of her having her butt squeezed by me,hobusaku and hobura who were watching by the side could only watch enviously as they also seemed to yearn for this treatment themselves waiting patiently as if hoping they would get something too.

-Hnn…My lord…don’t you think..that..that she changed somewhat ? Just now the…way she looked at you made me feel a bit concerned thats all…

She said,trying her best to keep her moans to herself while also enjoying the grip of my hands kneading her butt into shape.

Her little concern didn’t actually sound very weird to me as I also had that very same though a moment ago when listening to wylinva and watching her look at me,maybe she got a bit uncomfortable after being completely exposed to me emotionally or maybe she is tired and isn’t acting like herself,in either case I still wouldn’t say that any of these reasons would warrant hoboku watching her so strange just until now I was sure that these two in particular had a pretty understanding with each other,but now…it just seemed weird.

In the end,I didn’t try to pursue this matter anymore and just let it go,hoboku also didn’t think about this anymore after the massage and instead constantly tried to kidnap me into one of the bushes or grope me while I wasn’t looking and because hobura and hobusaku were waiting patiently the whole time I couldn’t help,but feel bad for them which is why I gave them a small service to make them motivated again.

And while all this was happening,I didn’t notice wylniva’s far away gaze watching me intently.

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Chapter 91 Not Again


The robber threatened as he pointed his assault rifle towards the bank lady. I could sense that she was trying to press something under the table until the robber stopped her with his gun. Raising her hands, her face was pale and she was scared out of her wits like all the other bank receptionists.


Hestia clicked her tongue. Seeing the robbers, she moved her hand slightly to the left about to unleash hell on these guys. But I stopped her mid execution which made her confused as she looked at me with her orange colored eyes. She still wore the white mask which I was about to tell her to take it off when we were inside, just to be interrupted by these guys.

-Don’t, let me handle this. Your way of doing things are way too suspicious. There are a lot of spectators here.

Hestia twitched for a moment hearing my whisper. She grumbled some inaudible words a bit put off, but she knew very well that I was right. She withdrew her hand while watching the robbers with a hidden scorn on her face… she was annoyed, that’s for sure.

I looked back towards the robbers for a moment, analyzing them a bit more to see what we were dealing with. What I got was: The total amount of these guys was 10, and from the body features I could deduce that they were 6 guys and 4 women. Two of them were guarding the entrance; another 4 were guarding the main hall with the normal folks inside while the other 4 were stationed in different positions; such as the back door and other blind spots.

They were all holding assault rifles. Two of them were holstering handguns while the others didn’t seem to have any obvious extra weapons. Their faces were hidden behind black masks and if I remembered correctly, they were also called ski masks. While I was thinking like this, one of the robbers suddenly started approaching the normal folks, a woman from what I could tell.

-Ladies and gentlemen… we all appreciate that you have come today but let’s be honest here. You stay quiet and I won’t have to pull this trigger to “make” you stay quiet. As long as we have this mutual understanding with each other, then I assure you we won’t have any problems. Another thing to add, don’t play the hero. That move only works in fictional movies so I’d like you all to stay in reality if possible. It’s healthier that way and you get to live longer, so what do you say?

Her words were calm and assuring. The people around us, the clients so to speak, were already in turmoil on what to do. And with the added threat for their lives, they couldn’t do anything since they feared for their lives and wanted this to be over as fast as possible. Everyone became quiet and extremely nervous.

Finished speaking, the female robber was about to leave her position. She took one last glance towards the crowd to be sure that everyone understood, but then her eyes suddenly met with my golden ones. She kept on glancing at me for a few more seconds, her eyes were a dark brown color and I could see a very sly glint in them. She started approaching us, me in particular as she started moving in a haughty demeanor…

-Hey you…

She said, obviously talking to me. But I acted as if it wasn’t the case… I had a really bad premonition about this so I tried to ignore her, which usually never works.

-Hey, I am talking to you handsome. Turn your head to me and let me see a bit more…

The people around us were a bit confused, some gaping and some making an awkward smile at this show. But one person in particular was furious, and that was of course Hestia. She stood behind me wearing the white mask but you could feel the heat she was creating around her, making some of the people sweat profusely. Hestia didn’t like the way this woman had approached me and probably felt threatened by that. She openly stared at the woman with hate who in turn didn’t even notice her because she was too preoccupied with looking at me with her dazed brown eyes…

-Franky, what are you doing?! We are robbing a bank for crying out loud!

One of the guys that were standing guard quickly came over warning the woman who he called “Franky.” He had been listening to this from the very beginning and took the chance now to stop what was going on thankfully… or not.

The woman looked pretty annoyed getting reminded of that. She rolled her eyes and looked at the guy telling him with an annoyed tone:

-Bug off Jason. It’s not like anything urgent will occur, it will take 20 minutes or so for the others to prepare the drill to open the safe. We have hostages so the police won’t be coming in any time soon. Having 3 people on guard doesn’t make any difference either so if anything goes wrong, I want to have at least some amount of fun until that happens.

Hearing this, the male robber “Jason” was perplexed on what to say next. He was more than anything, shy or anxious so to say and quickly lost the ability to speak since he didn’t have a counter argument.

-Jason, let it be. She’s right; it doesn’t make any difference since we are going through this anyway. The police will arrive in about 10 or 15 minutes, 20 even if they still haven’t figured out what’s going on.

Another woman who was sitting on a chair told him that. She also took a few glances towards me which lasted a few seconds. But overall, she seemed more focused on the heist than me, which I was glad about.

-Nice… thanks Alice. Now you, handsome, move. Let’s go to a more secluded area…

The brown-eyed woman said while pointing her assault rifle at me telling me to move. Her lips were shaping onto a form of a smile through her mask… They had all really lost it haven’t they? Well, you need some kind of guts to be able to pull this off so I can’t really argue with that. She’s actually doing something like this in the middle of a heist which was pretty ridiculous. And by the way, Hestia who was standing behind me was already reaching her limits while clenching her fists. Her intent was also turning very deadly as she really wanted to just burn the woman into ashes.

I wanted to sigh but stopped myself. Instead, I used my telepathy to tell Hestia that she has to stay low. I had an adequately well thought out plan, and that plan involved her getting what she wanted which calmed her significantly.

Turning back towards the brown-eyed woman, I watched as she pointed the muzzle of the gun towards me. Her eyes showing her lewdness for what she was expecting to get… not.

With a single will of my thought, I activated my ability and stopped the flow of time. Altogether, sound and vibration stopped on the spot as I felt no movement around me, everything going blank. This kind of sensation was almost suffocating sometimes because it made you think that you were blind, but not really since you could see yet not feel.

This kind of thought always burst out of my mind every time I use this ability. It didn’t scare me or make me perplexed, but it did remind me of things that I’ve never thought of before. It’s sort of like a wakeup call… anyway, back to the present. Standing here all day thinking is not productive at all.

Thinking like this, I focused on the robbers on how to deal with this. I could simply knock them all out if I wanted to, but that would look way out of place. So instead, I thought of something else which was a bit comical in my mind… Let’s make them into idiots shall we?

With that thought, I started moving around the place finding each robber and tinkering with them for a bit. The time this took was about 20 minutes probably, if time was actually moving, and it was a fun thing to do thinking about the result in general.

Finishing up, I returned towards my original position with my hands raised. I stared at the gun muzzle with a stupid grin on my face as I starting time once again.

-Hey, do you have cotton in your ears? I told you to move!

The woman demanded. Seeing me not move an inch from my position made her a bit agitated. Instead, I used my telepathy giving Hestia my orders.

-It’s your turn. Remember; don’t get too carried away…

-Who do you think I am?

Hestia returned with a sly tone as she stepped forward beside me. She grabbed onto the muzzle of the gun and quickly shoved it forward into the woman, hitting her with the butt of the rifle. The heavy blow was quick and strong, making her drop on her knees while holding her chest in pain. The other robbers all saw the spectacle and became alarmed by it as they reflexively pointed their guns at Hestia while shouting:

-Franky! Are you alright?! Hey you, what are you doing? Didn’t you understand that playing hero isn’t going to help? Drop the weapon lady… and why are you even wearing a mask?!

The robber was slightly side tracked because of Hestia’s bizarre appearance. But that didn’t stop her; she didn’t even listen as she continued with her rampage. With that said, Hestia quickly kicked the pained woman on the ground in the face, knocking her out completely. She didn’t stop and threw the assault rifle towards the robber who was still dazed by the scene in front of him. Getting caught by surprise, the assault rifle hit him in the face making him crumble to the ground due to the impact and excessive pain. Any normal person would have probably used the gun to fire projectiles instead of using it as a throwing weapon…

-Damn it you bitch! Who do you think you are?!

The woman who was sitting on the chair roared as she stood up and pointed her gun towards Hestia. So was the fourth guy and like this, both of them pulled the trigger to open fire. But the thing was they didn’t have any bullets since I had taken them out already. I almost wanted to laugh out loud…


The sound of clicking could be heard as the empty rifles showed their true worth in this kind of situation. It took a few seconds for both of them to realize that their guns were empty, which Hestia effectively used to lessen the distance on them. Arriving at the woman first and doing a roundhouse kick, it launched her a couple meters away with an instant knockout.


The male robber exclaimed. He already knew that he didn’t have any bullets yet he didn’t bother to check his pockets for more since it would take too much time to reload. Instead, what he did was raise his rifle and use it as a blunt weapon as he charged towards Hestia with it. Dumb move.

Hestia’s movements were swift and fluid. She held back a lot in this fight because I told her to, so she wouldn’t accidentally kill someone. Even without her flames, she could give you a very mean punch as her supernatural strength wasn’t just for show.

Back to the present, the male robber was already close enough in range to swing the rifle in his hand. But before he was even able to do that, Hestia already closed in on him with normal speeds. It was just enough to surprise him, catching him off guard as she gave him a left hook to the chin, which caused blood to splutter from his mouth. For a moment, I felt that Hestia had gone too far but then I realized that it wasn’t actually a strong punch; it was just that the robber had bitten his own tongue because of the hook…

-What are you standing there for? Move already!

Hestia roared. She finished up pretty quickly telling the people to get out of the bank. The other 6 robbers were actually busy with the bank safe making it unknown when they were going to come back and check, making this the best moment to escape.

-She’s right, let’s go!

-Run for it!

The people around me quickly snapped out of their shocked state. They were amazed by Hestia’s incredible show of strength and fighting ability, but cared little about it as they ran for their lives. I could also hear sirens far away; the police were on the way ending this act once and for all. It was fun as long as it lasted but there was still one problem I had…

-I didn’t get my cash.

I sighed. Since this happened, I’m expecting the bank to stay closed for at least 2 days or so, giving me no other choice but to leave for now. With that done, both me and Hestia quickly ran towards the exit with a light jog. Hestia seemed proud of herself, humming a cheerful tone and being the last ones to leave the bank. I could now hear the sound of sirens becoming much louder than before. I could also see blue and red lights flashing outside, indicating that the police already made their way here which was quick actually.

Stepping outside, I was a bit irritated by the bright lights and a bit astound by the amount of police cars. Waving my hand, I wanted to say that everything was alright but when the policemen saw us step outside, every single one of them pointed their guns towards Hestia for some reason…

-Drop your weapon missy and raise your hands. Release the hostage immediately. If you do so, we can still talk about this.

Oh no, not again…

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Chapter 170 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Hoboku shouted at me,her voice extremely pissed off and stern as she glared at me with such anger like never before,her voice was like thunder while her eyes glowed an incredibly deep shade of red comparable to that of the basilisk that glared at me a few moments ago,her aura was oppressive truly terrifying making my hair stand up on its own to no end while shivers crawled up my spine making the shade of my skin even paler then it was before as I stood before hoboku not sure what to say or even if I should say anything to begin with to make her feel better.

But what was even worse about this situation wasn’t the shouting nor the furious glare she was giving me instead what really made me shake were those small droplets coming down hoboku’s cheeks as she glared at me.


She was crying.

It had been over half an hour since we reunited,wylniva and myself didn’t fly away initially because both of us already wasted too much energy to do so,calming wylniva I decided that we would wait for the other girls to come and pick us up instead and because I was still suffering from the mana burn and had a strong mild headache,I couldn’t quite contact hoboku or the other girls which is why we didn’t move from our spots and just let them track us through the bond.

When the girls finally did catch up to us they arrived in a cavalry style charge from afar,I could still remember their fierce faces riding on their respective beast mounts as they made their way through the forest following the path that was initially created by the basilisk with its huge body,it was really surprising at first to see everyone being able to ride their mounts without an issue,but as it was the way they did it was most probably out of necessity and deep worry adapting quickly to reach their goal as fast as possible.

The reason for that being that since we were all connected to each other through our bonds they all felt my terrified feelings and my painful experience with the mana burn that I suffered from that happened during the incident with the basilisk.

Seeing the path that was created by the basilisk and sensing the flow of the bond between us the girls all started to think of the worst scenario possible and made haste.

And in a way this was mostly my fault if I had to be honest,since I insisted on going alone even though the girls were strictly against it,they only really let me go when I said that I would be alright and careful,but that immediately went down the drain if you think about my previous idiocity involving myself voluntarily jumping into the danger to protect blondy.

In the end trying to hide something from them was just too impossible,the bond literally made it impossible to do so and upon meeting face to face with the girls again hoboku was the first to get down her horse as she ran at me with a teary look in her eyes she didn’t look as angry as she was at the beginning.

No…she more like looked stressed,worried sick and terrified and when she finally saw me in one piece alive and kicking with a dumb smile on my face greeting her.

She was immediately joyful again upon seeing me which only lasted for another few seconds until wylniva put down the tree and we stood face to face again.

I saw the entire change in her expressions and I knew very well without a single doubt how she felt when she saw me sound and safe again without any scratch or blood,after all it was the same way I felt after finding out that hoboku wasn’t in danger anymore and that she stupidly went against my words almost getting killed in the process from a huge beast that she underestimated.

And it wasn’t only her,glancing behind hoboku,I could see the glowing eyes of the other girls glaring at me furiously,the only reason they weren’t coming over and shouting at me like hoboku was because hoboku already said the words that was on everyones mind at this moment if everyone really went ahead and said what they wanted it would take far too long and we would be stuck here until late night.

The amount of feelings that were streaming through the bond at the same time was just too much that it made me petrified and turn into a very small animal in front of these giant wolves that could devour me at any time if they so pleased.

-Lord sorron…


I said a bit nervously as I straightened myself in fear and nervousness,thinking about this conversation,I couldn’t help,but remember that conversation I had with hoboku when I gave her a punishment for being foolish,but now looking at this our roles had practically been reversed and it didn’t feel very good standing on this side after all…

((Chapter 79 Punishment)) if you don’t remember)

I thought to myself,still looking down to the ground with a bit of anxiety of what might happen next,a bit ashamed to be standing like this and turning into a fool instead.

Wylniva who was standing behind me didn’t seem like she was going to help not that she could help in the first place as half of the girls had already come down their mounts and surrounded wylniva to keep her from helping me staring at her in a very scornful manner too as if she was the cause of all of this.

She did look a bit regretful seeing me like this,but only shook her head with a sigh that said it couldn’t be helped as if understanding what was going on which may not be far from the truth if you think about.

Rimulu was also here,she didn’t come down the beast,but rather observed from a distance on top of it,she was a bit too young to understand what was going on here,but even though she was young she could somewhat understand what was going and stared at me intently.

What happened next isn’t very hard to imagine,hoboku throughly started to interrogate me about the happenings and what those painful feelings were that I had,I couldn’t hide anything from her even if I wanted to,I knew that through the bond that we had that lying was almost always impossible to do,but continuously explaining to her why I did those things that I did to end up in this situation while under her intense stare was really hard to do nonetheless hoboku didn’t shout at me anymore or make me nervous,but she still made me flabbergast when I heard the last question.

-Lord sorron…do you love that woman ? Did you protect her because you like her ?

She said,her voice significantly calmed to the point of being scary as she started to walk up to me very so slowly,the question itself made me momentarily freeze into a daze the girls who were originally just guarding the spot letting hoboku do the rest quickly turned over hearing the question showing a heated look in their eyes also seemingly wanting to know this single piece of information no matter what.


Me loving blondy ?

I thought for a moment,entirely engrossed in my thoughts as I couldn’t see why would hoboku ask me such question,for sure it did look like I liked her,but other liking her I can’t say that I actually love her like the other girls other then being a good soul,I can’t say I feel attracted to her even if she saved me,the only reason I even jumped for her rescue was because I looked at her as someone important like a friend…this is just…

-Lord sorron…please…look at me

Hoboku suddenly said making me immediately snap out of my thought as I realized that hoboku had suddenly come closer so close that our bodies touched each other her arms were hugging me tight and my head was still looking down stuck between her incredibly soft and voluptuous breasts making me feel safe and at peace,but that peace didn’t last for a even more then a split second until I raised my head again looking at hoboku just as she told me to do.


Looking at hoboku,I was shocked for a second an unfathomable feeling started to rise in my chest the previous turmoil that was between our bond quickly dissipated into nothingness as I continued to stare at this beautiful face that had joyful tears in her eyes at the same time showing a strong illuminating smile that could even outshine the sun itself…

-Lord sorron,I am glad you are safe…I…I..I wouldn’t have know what I would have done if you had been gone…I…I..

-Don’t say anything anymore..

I spoke solemnly,taking the crying hoboku into my arms as she lightly started sobbing into my shoulders and it wasn’t only her who was getting teary eyed the other girls who originally stern and furiously had already gone soft and mild as they all looked at me with small tears coming down their cheeks,I couldn’t even keep track of my own feelings more then less the feelings of everybody else..

And like this everyone started to break down with the first two being hobura and hobusaku as they quickly ran and charged into the two us hugging me and not letting go acting as if they hadn’t seen me for a decade or even longer then that sobbing unrestrained,after these two another 2 and then 4 followed until everyone came in one big haul hugging each other with tears.

Through all of this,I couldn’t even muster a single sentence or word to make it alright,the only thing I could think about were the countless times that something close to this happened,everyone just relied heavily on each other if something would happen to anyone no one knew what to do as much as I needed the girls the girls needed me much more,they didn’t want me to leave they always wanted to stay near me and for good reason too since everyone knew that I could die by just single tap to the head everyone was scared of me dying after all.

It was hard for them to let me go when I asked them to let me fly ahead without their protection or keen eyes hoboku and the rest probably thought that always staying next to me would make me annoyed which is why the reluctantly let me go not because wylniva and red hawk were by my side to look after me,but because they just simply didn’t want to be hated or despised which never could happen no matter what they did..

I would always love them.

-Hoboku…girls…please don’t cry…I only love you and no one else that woman could never replace any of you nor could anyone else take your place how about from today on you won’t leave my side ? I am okay with that if that makes you happy…

My words were sincere and honest,I didn’t want for something like this to repeat itself and people to get hurt and even though the girls seemed happy by my words some of them still looked unsure as if what I was saying was impossible even hoboku looked at me this way raised her head to me with a wryly smile of her own.

-No,my lord,I only wanted to know one thing and now that I know I feel better,but even though I feel better I don’t want you to just tie yourself to us as if we are some kind of nuisance that can’t be dealt with otherwise some of us may be happy with that,but I am not because I do not want to be a nuisance I want to be of use to you in any way possible…

Her words truly touched my heart,it was as if time had once again stopped and the heat that was pumping through my veins just couldn’t stop from doing what was about to happen next,the grip in my hands quickly started to tense up some more as I felt myself going through extacy in a single second while looking at hoboku with heat clear in my blue eyes.

-Then if you really want that can you kiss me now ?

I asked,hearing my question hoboku seemed extremely happy not saying a word as she pressed her lips into my own letting her tongue run wild inside my mouth and her hands grope me from every place possible to feel and make out her dirty desires for my body.

We went a little bit overboard I gotta admit even the rest of the girls couldn’t hold it anymore and went in extreme heat trying to get a piece of me all at once pulling me from everywhere trying to get a kiss or even more.

Over all this little argument quickly got finished through a share of love what would happen in the future and if we would come to this topic again wasn’t very clear at this point,but that didn’t matter as my faith and loyalties never wavered.

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Chapter 169 Job Well Done

Need to get onto the groove summer break is right around the corner !


The <Dragon Roar> I used was the biggest and loudest yet to come out of my throat,the shock wave even shook inside my neck for a few moments making me feel as if I was being strangled,but because my throat had had changed to encompass the strength of the roar it wasn’t too bad,but still hurt like hell.

My eyes were directly facing the front the entire time meeting the basilisk head on,but what was a clear vision of this giant serpent turned into a curtain of pure dust instead,combined with the overwhelming charge of the basilisk and my <Dragon Roar>the earth beneath us literally broke and flew into the sky creating a little shroom of dust making it unclear where the basilisk was standing ad because there was no sound of anything moving,it made it that much more harder to see clearly.

My hands were firmly gripped onto the surface of the big egg the entire time my finger tips covered with frost so close to be released at any second to shatter the egg into oblivion.

My forehead sweating intensely at the same time with no clue what was about to happen or if my plan worked even Wylniva who was usually extremely calm at all situations showed intense amount of fear shaking tremendously while hugging me tightly from behind with those voluptuous balls of hers pressing onto my back tightly as if trying to squeeze me to death and even though it felt like heaven falling down on me,I didn’t have time to enjoy any of it and just simply kept my eyes wide open refusing to close them even when dust clearly swept into these sockets making me burn with no end.

I couldn’t afford to be careless not now when it counted the most.

I thought to myself and just as I was thinking like this I felt brief wisp of air lightly brushing down my cheek,that simple air was also followed by the smell of strong blood and smelling it I could immediately tell that it was so close that I could even touch it,if I just stretched my hand out.

Not that I was about to do so,since I didn’t want to lose my hand after all.

I smiled,not sure if I should be feeling blessed,lucky or terrified at this moment,but that wasn’t my concern really my main concern didn’t even start yet.

-Who knew ? Snakes aren’t as cold blooded as I thought them to be…

I said not trying to excessively mock while keep my face straight as I raised my head for a second and into the dusty curtain of dirt,the words that came out off my mouth were sharp hisses and slithers at first those words seemed as if they weren’t talking to nobdoy in particular,but soon enough another pair of slithers accompanied my own making the pathetic sounds that I called hisses go to deep shame in comparison to this native speaker.

-You speak my tongue…very surprising indeed little lord much more surprising even after listening to your amusing attempt to whelp like a dragon,fufufufu

The voice was like a sharp knife,for a moment I felt as I was about to get cut and teared apart by it,but I quickly regressed keeping myself tense as I held the egg further into my palm listening to the belittling tone of this snake,my head never changing as the dust curtain finally started to settle down some more,revealing the strikingly blood red eyes of the basilisk in front of me,its statue easily towering over the large tree we stood in as those dark green scales of hers covered her entire body like armor slightly muddied by the dust that came down.

I kept on smiling,not because I saw anything funny rather because I was terrified out of my mind and couldn’t figure out what kind of expression to make,the way she played it out was questionable and while my head was clear as the surface of a clean pond the pouring feeling of my cold sweat spoke otherwise.

-You know first of all,I ain’t a little lord,but a <High Lord> second of all we both know why you stopped so suddenly,it is for sure not because you were surprised by my linguistic talent,but rather because of the egg that I am holding ain’t it ?

I said mockingly,almost too provocative,but it couldn’t be helped since the basilisk wasn’t going yield just so easily with the current circumstances at hand,even she didn’t look like it,the basilisk from what I could tell was easily smarter then any magic beast I had seen so far,its initial rage must have looked savage and mindless,but snakes are by nature cunning and deceitful they wouldn’t so easily succumb towards something like rage to muddle their senses and decision making a predator keeps its head cool at all times the only reason she even put out such image was to lower morale and strike fear into its preys heart,but when truly everything she did was calculated and precise to strike like the malicious snake she was.

The basilisk,didn’t react to my words all too much there wasn’t a shred of change in her expression either since she was a snake,but her not react or moving was also sign that indicated that she knew throughly what I was inquiring at with her ever lasting presence putting more pressure as time went on.

I couldn’t get overwhelmed no matter what,I won’t be able to keep up with her if that would happen,this wasn’t a fight of strength nor smarts…

It was a fight of who dared to do what and what kind of consequences would follow for the loosing party strength didn’t matter in this kind of fight what mattered was how much either side would be willing to sacrifice in order to win which the golden princess obviously lacked which is why she gave up the egg in the first place.

And for sure.

I knew what I was doing and I also knew that this was one of the most craziest ideas that I could have possibly come up with trying to bargain with a basilisk,but at the current situation I couldn’t find any other way,but this to solve the problem.

Throwing the egg wasn’t the right choice because it wouldn’t assure the basilisk from going away or stop chasing us,it could as well just carry the egg and continue chasing us until we tire out even if we were capable of shaking it off since we didn’t have the tracker on us anymore it was still not the smart thing to do since we would go under the risk of tiring before the basilisk would be shaken off.

No rather then throwing away the only leverage we had towards the basilisk it was better to use it like this as a hostage.

Of course things could have gone south very quickly if it turned out that the basilisk mother didn’t even care about her own child,but looking at her now it was very different.

Her blood red eyes were always connected to my own,but that was only what it seemed deep down I could clearly see that it wasn’t me that she was looking at,but the egg the entire time,more specifically the heavy frost that covered the tips of my fingers gripping the egg.

Deep down in those blood red eyes,I saw a small light of a caring mother looking at her child fearfully she did well masking it with her murderous intent and rage,but I was still able to figure out her true feelings even if it was a bit too late.


Suddenly the tips of my fingers started to steam the eroding cold of the steam was very sharp to the ears and upon seeing the cold steam the basilisk quickly grew anxious much more so after seeing my fingers glazing over the top of the egg of hers slowly inching closer.


I stopped.Immediately upon hearing her vicious cry the eroding steam on my fingers ceased to exist the basilisk was furious the look in her eyes the anger and rage that was accumulated must have tripled…no quadrupled by quantity as she stared at me deathly ready to bite me to death and drink my blood,her previous rage and anger couldn’t trump her current state which was that of absolute horror this wasn’t the wrath of a angry beast.

It was the wrath of a angry mother and what was worse,she also knew that she couldn’t do anything,the fight was over the moment she cried telling me to stop and we both knew that.

For a moment both me and the basilisk stood like two statues staring at each other appraisingly even though it was clear that I had the upper hand neither of us lowered our guard,looking at the basilisk I could tell that she was considering her own options,but in the end after a small consideration he red eyes quickly dimmed down as she came down to my head level in a more considered way.

-What do you want little lord ?!

The basilisk hissed rapidly coming to the point as she seemed have also realized that she had no other choice,but to follow my demands,after all I had her child and in all honesty I wasn’t proud of threatening a woman with her child even if she is a giant serpent,but I also wanted to live and keep everyone else safe a giant vengeful serpent wasn’t going to make this wish come true by a long shot if we still wanted to live in this forest.

-I am glad that we came to an common ground…

I smiled,speaking mildly as the most hardest point seemed to have been overcome with it a heavy burdened released from my shoulders into thin air a pleasant sigh escaping my lips too.


-Wylniva ? Wylniva hey snap out !

-Ehh..Lord sorron ?

Wylniva spoke a bit confused as she looked at me with a wondering look in her eyes,my hands firmly gripped onto her shoulders shaking her,she had been this way since we landed on the tree,her grip was really hard to escape from in the beginning.

But after a few little shakes I quickly was able to get away and bring her back again from her fearful state,she may not have been hit by the terrifying eyes of the basilisk,but the fear she felt from the basilisk wasn’t less then the actually effect of those harmful eyes either.

Upon getting back to herself wylniva immediately remember what happened and quickly started to look around again nervously,obviously looking for the giant basilisk that was chasing us.

But upon studying her surroundings she quickly came to the realization that the basilisk was gone without a trace and with it was the egg that we had vanished into thin air,for a moment wylniva couldn’t believe what was happening the face she made looked completely off hand and was the most surprised I had ever seen her so far.

-The basilisk is gone,it won’t come back again don’t worry

I quickly explained,smiling reassuringly as I patted wylniva’s head for a moment trying to calm her down,it was a bit unusual to do this to wylniva since she would always act,high and mighty,but because I was used to doing this with the other girls to calm them down or spoil them,I couldn’t help but do it out of reflex and I felt like wylniva needed it too at this moment so she wouldn’t get completely overwhelmed with what was going on.

-Lord sorron…

Wylniva lightly said,surprised and with a bit of emotion too,she obviously had many questions regarding this incident,but after getting patting like this out of nowhere,she seemed to have momentarily forgotten to really ask questions and instead lost herself to my touch calming down quiet a lot as her feelings started to settle down again not completely,but it was a start.

Wylniva’s emotions were pretty much a mess at this point,seeing her distressed wasn’t very pleasant which is why I wanted to calm her,but still unexpectedly cute nonetheless even with her demonic hideous change that gave her black eyes and rougher darker skin which I didn’t mind all too much,the transformation itself also quickly reverted itself as I continued to pat her until finally she turned back into her seductive and beautiful self that she was and my eyes were familiar with.


Feeling my warm hand rubbing the top of her head wylniva slowly started to purr in a very enjoyable fashion it was the first time she did that since I don’t touch her don’t often anyways,even her heart that was once beating furiously now cooled down magnificently as if feeding off the warmth I was giving to her,her feelings also quickly transformed as love and happiness sprang forth between our bond giving me a fluffy feeling inside.

After another few seconds wylniva didn’t seem to be able to control herself anymore the heat in her eyes getting all too much to handle for her as she tightly embraced me all of a sudden and shivering for a bit while doing so,nuzzling her head into my neck for comfort and even though I couldn’t see it I heard and felt droplets of tears coming down her eyes and onto my neck wetting my collar that was drenched with my cold sweat.

Her hug was surprising,but I didn’t reject it and also gave it back strongly with care and the utmost gentleness I could muster as if I was holding one of the girls myself while also lightly scolding myself for letting something like this happen.

-Uhh…I think I expected too much from her…

I thought to myself feeling bad for getting her into such a risky situation,but also glad that she was with me here after all even if she wasn’t a big help.

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