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The City Of The Damned And Cursed Teaser Trailer

Fear,it is a feeling of uneasiness and despair it isn’t real or has any consequences it is the figment of our imagination not a danger at all,but fear is a choice. The fear of death is inevitable truly no living … Continue reading

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New Series Part 3 (Please Read This)

The poll for the most desired series is OVER the winner is (Drum Roll) THE CARD DEALER ! Now since the series is decided there won’t be any polls for now concerning this,I will also post a few chapters of … Continue reading

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New Series Part 2 (Please Read This)

The results of the poll are clear people don’t want me to sacrifice time for another series now that this is cleared up I will set another poll for which series you would like to see if I finish one … Continue reading

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New Series (Please Read This)

Don’t worry I am not stopping any series at all I am just telling you something that you should know please read on. ============================================= Currently I am actively working on ‘The Fragile Monster Lord” and the “Rude Time Stopper” both … Continue reading

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Ancestral Spirit Teaser Trailer

It was a¬†cold night with a cold dagger running through someones back,the warm blood heating the ice cold blade,you could hear the sound of small suffering and coughing,splatters of blood coming out of a persons mouth as that very someone … Continue reading

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The Creationist Teaser Trailer

“Huh..its getting cold…” Ryu complained to himself as he walked through the barren woods holding his mouth to keep his hands warm through the cold wind as he pulled over his hoodie to shield himself… Looking through the woods you … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Crime Teaser Trailer

“So you’re saying that someone knocked you out and then stole all of the weapons after you woke up 30 minutes later with no injury on your body and the whole van empty not a single weapon inside ?” A … Continue reading

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