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A Journey Through Summoning Chapter 2 Sea Of Memories

“Terra Lizar,Ignis Amelton,Curt Mundon,Joseph Snish and finally Estesia Magdol” The village chief read out,his voice very coerce and deep,his statue small and humped over with a long gray beard going down his old wrinkled face as he stood in front … Continue reading

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A Journey Through Summoning Teaser Trailer

“Terra ! Terra ! come on you slow poke ! The summoner is coming to our village today to evaluate us if you don’t hurry up we gonna miss him !” A little girl shouted out her voice full of energy,youth … Continue reading

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Explanation For The Lack Of Activity This Past Month

Hello everyone,it had been over 1 year and a half since I continuously wrote my chapters daily,for the past month I have been really inactive and I am not going to lie and say that there something in my life … Continue reading

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Chapter 175 A Beast In The Bushes

=======================Sarah’s P.O.V======================= A few days back when sophia recovered from most of her injuries she heard janet talking about going into the forest and hunt a few beasts. And while we had enough food to last us for a long … Continue reading

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Chapter 92 How About Coffee?

I sighed… Currently I was sitting inside the Los Angeles Police Department lobby, actually waiting for policemen to finish questioning Hestia. I had been actually sitting here for about an hour maybe… Of course I could always leave and let … Continue reading

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Chapter 174 No One Wants To Die

=============================Sarah P.O.V============================== -What the hell are you two doing ?! Gary shouted out irritated upon seeing those two,his voice a bit too loud and excessive quickly forgetting what kind of place we were in as he couldn’t control himself and … Continue reading

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Chapter 173 Isn’t He Cute ?

========================Sarah’s P.O.V=============================== The wind blew strong this night,making me more then anything cold and uncomfortable for what was about to come,but all of it quickly went out of the window as I stared at gary in front of me slightly … Continue reading

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