Table Of Content

[Web Novel Synopsis]

Year 2048, California, Los Angeles, a dense forest above which lies an enormous floating prison. There lives a boy with his little sister, imprisoned for an unknown reason. One day the boy escapes with his younger sister … but not as he planned : he got help through a strange ability he suddenly gained !


[The web novel updates once two days]

Chapter 1 Closer

Chapter 2 A Strange Escape

Chapter 3 Stop And Start

Chapter 4 Ignorance Is A Bliss

Chapter 5 Icy Cuffs And Fireballs

Chapter 6 Final Run !

Chapter 7 Things About Magic And Time Logic

Chapter 7.5 Two Parts Of A Story

Chapter 8 Misunderstanding

Chapter 9 Introduction

Chapter 10 Experiment

Chapter 10.5 The Clavicula

Chapter 11 Too Many Questions !

Chapter 12 One Step Closer Ten Steps Behind

Chapter 13 To The Home Run !

Chapter 14 The Green Eyed Shadow

Chapter 15 Broken Broom

Chapter 16 Rewind Broom

Chapter 17 A Life Decision For Someone Loved

Chapter 18 The Gate

Chapter 19 A Promise

Chapter 20 An Unpleasant Encounter

Chapter 21 Inhuman

Chapter 22 The Vampires

Chapter 23 Horns ?

Chapter 24 Sera The Dragoness

Chapter 25 The Mage

Chapter 26 Arrogance

Chapter 27 Stella’s Lesson

Chapter 27.5 Stella’s Determinationg

Chapter 28 Final Step

Chapter 29 The Agreement

Chapter 30 Mr.Headache

Chapter 31 The Requirements

Chapter 32 Hellhound

Chapter 33 Nervousness To The New Level

Chapter 34 Aphrodisiac

Chapter 35 Dawn Of The Pureblood

Chapter 36 Surprise Motherfuka

Chapter 37 Heat

Chapter 38 A Threat

Chapter 39 Day Over

Chapter 40 New Day

Chapter 41 A Duel For A Secret

Chapter 41.5 Through Darkness Into The Light Part 1

Chapter 42 The Not So Lonely Dragon

Chapter 43 The Dwarven Way To Hold A Secret

Chapter 44 Vengeful Dragoness

Chapter 45 Ready !

Chapter 46 Fight !

Chapter 47 Winner Or Loser ?

Chapter 47.5 Through Darkness Into The Light Part 2

Chapter 48 Chronos The God Of Time

Chapter 49 Gratitude From The Angel Of Death

Chapter 50 The Burning Bird

Chapter 51 Protect And Serve

Chapter 51.5 Through Darkness Into Light Part 3

Chapter 52 Sensing Demons

Chapter 53 A Clue

Chapter 54 Unstoppable

Chapter 55 The “Witch Doctor”

Chapter 56 The Central

Chapter 57 The Broken Brotherhood

Chapter 57.5 Through Darkness Into Light Part 4

Chapter 58 Painful Smile

Chapter 59 The Power Of The Badge

Chapter 60 I Will Make It Happen So Please

Chapter 61 Heart Fire Hestia

Chapter 62 Early Enough

Chapter 63 It’s Harder To Understand Yourself Than Others

Chapter 64 Ice And Nova

Chapter 65 I Kill People I Guess ?

Chapter 65.5 Through Darkness Into Light Part 5 Final

Chapter 66 Spooky !

Chapter 67 The Little Necromancer

Chapter 68 Smile Of Joy

Chapter 69 Embrace Yourself

Chapter 70 Archangel

Chapter 71 The Fallen

Chapter 72 I Don’t Take “No” As An Answer

Chapter 73 That’s All I Wanted To Know

Chapter 74 Me Too

Chapter 75 Tear In Thyself

Chapter 76 It Isn’t Almost It Is

Chapter 77 People Like You

Chapter 78 Still Illegal

Chapter 79 Rusty Dagger

Chapter 80 I Don’t Care

Chapter 81 Partial End Of Request

Chapter 82 The Same End

Chapter 83 The Heated Debate

Chapter 84 Guest In Black

Chapter 85 Indirect Meanings

Chapter 86 Long Story Short

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

Chapter 89

Chapter 90



14 Responses to Table Of Content

  1. kyosukedei says:

    the grammar is horrid! holy crap cakes.


  2. haagendazz says:

    I really enjoyed this story, but my god, please get a proofreader or something. Feels like i’m reading google translate 😦


  3. otaku shiba says:

    Is this still ongoing?
    i Haven’t seen an update since Chapter 60 was posted?


  4. ClockWorksX says:

    Please update the “Table Of Content” page for all three novels. It really throws me off when i see the list of chapters and it has not been updated but the new chapters are indeed on the home page instead of where they actully belong.

    Thank you in advance & keep up the good work, i really enjoy these three stories.


  5. haagendazz says:

    Has this or your other stories finally been proofread? I want to read your stories but it’s impossible without proper grammar.


  6. pionkochi says:

    I will comment my offer here so you’ll see it (I hope so) . I want to apply for the position of an editor if possible, you dont need to pay me or whatnot. I will wait for your reply for 2-3 weeks


  7. malvazar says:

    Absolutely amazing story! Keep up the epic work 😀


  8. asadlinguist says:

    Is the picture copyrighted? Might want to check that. You could be DMC’ed or something.


  9. julianffx says:

    are you stille alive ? whats going on are you not translating this anymore ?


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