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[Web Novel Synopsis]

A world of sword and magic where the strong rule and weak get served as breakfast.In such a world damon white is reincarnated formally known as blue on earth the master over hundreds martial arts gets reincarnated into this world what will lie ahead of his future only we will know.

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Prologue Predicament

Chapter 1 A Strange Start

Chapter 2 Strange Dreams

Chapter 3 Good Things About Reincarnation

Chapter 4 How It Works

Chapter 5 Knowledge,Skills And A Sad Past

Chapter 6 Discrimination And Elimination

Chapter 7 Albi The White Munchkin

Chapter 8 Roles Switched

Chapter 9 Cat And Fight

Chapter 10 Duel Against The Unknown Blacksmith

Chapter 11 Too Much Pride

Chapter 12 Drew The Teenage Mage

Chapter 13 Sword And Gun

Chapter 14 Feelings That Can’t Be Denied

Chapter 15 Getting To Know Someone For Just A Little

Chapter 16 The Headmistress Of Alanora Academy

Chapter 17 Realizing Feelings

Chapter 18 Worry And Rank Up

Chapter 19 From Demon To Deldurian

Chapter 20 Attack On The Elven Village

Chapter 21 Roar Of Power And Mind

Chapter 22 Fight Against The Acid Snake

Chapter 23 To Alanora Academy

Chapter 24 Rushed Start

Chapter 25 Demon Prince Mora

Chapter 26 The Determination To Change

Chapter 27 Start Of The Training

Chapter 28 Magical Problems

Chapter 29 Runes Of Magic

Chapter 30 Boringness And A Big Clue

Chapter 31 Showdown Against His Fears

Chapter 32 Forgotten Reason For Strength

Chapter 33 Confrontation

Chapter 34 Release The Beast

Chapter 34.5 Week Of Change

Chapter 35 Underestimated

Chapter 36 The Sentence “Over Scaring”

Chapter 36.5 Test Of Trust

Chapter 37 The Alchemy Lab

Chapter 38 A Trust That Is Good Enough

Chapter 39 Weird Case

Chapter 40 To The Mountains

Chapter 41 Unexpected Encounter

Chapter 42 A Bliss Of Hope In A Dragon’s Mouth

Chapter 43 Deciding Blow

Chapter 44 Dreams Equal Darkness

Chapter 45 Back Home Back In Order

Chapter 46 Sometimes Strength Isn’t Going To Do It

Chapter 47 Razor Sharp

Chapter 48 A Cheerful Sword

Chapter 49 Plan’s Plan’s Plan’s

Chapter 50 Remembrance

Chapter 51


20 Responses to Table Of Content

  1. Tyler Clark says:

    chapter 4 has the same link as chapter 3


  2. deadlybell says:

    there isnt a chapter 2, it links to chapter one, also i think the rrl one has more chapters than this cause i remember reading em…. could be wrong tho

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mohd Azley says:

    WHen I click ch 18… The link brought me to ch 17..can u fix it..??? Thx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. David Walker says:

    I’ve enjoyed this story greatly so far but I have been wondering where was chapter 34? it seems to been skipped.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aceavia says:

    Chapter 34 is missing from the list can you please add it.


  6. shira says:

    ….. well….. there are some things that i would like to ask :
    – why are there no punctuation here?
    – some words have typo or incomplete (i’m still on ch12 though)

    well, i myself still can read them, just wondering why~~
    and the story is great, thank you~~ will keep lurking around~~


  7. laforlia says:

    will there be a next chapter?


  8. Metal God's Ascension says:

    When will the next chapter come


  9. gospelkiru says:

    If it still ongoing please add genres. Thanks.


  10. muhamad raka says:

    are you seriously not gonna resume this series??


    • Kakemonoko says:

      I would want to,but with another 2 series going on and other real life issues coming up,I have a very hard time making time for a third series of course at some point this series is going to come back without a doubt,but who knows when sorry.


      • Assassin in Another World says:

        I’m glad that you are gonna resume the series some time, but hope you know that there are people like me who prefer this series over the other two you are doing. Hope it gets picked back up soon.


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