Kings Glaive Chapter 5 Giant Rat

[You have leveled up]

-Finally !

I cheered, getting back above the sewage, I raised the last drowned rat within my hand and opening the status window as I looked at my newly acquired stats which I finally acquired after grinding for the past 6 hours using my makeshift rat trap.

Name: Artorius

Race: Roteater Lvl.6/50

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Male

Class: Novice Lvl.1/10


Health Points: 78/100

Stamina Points: 46/90

Magic Points: 73/140


Strength – 10 (+1)
Constitution – 9(+1)
Agility – 10 (+4)
Intellect – 14 (+2)
Dexterity – 19 (+4)
Willpower – 11
Wisdom – 10
Charm – 5

-I didn’t notice it when I first leveled up but after getting to level 6 my body really seemed to have undergone a large improvement in both energy and capacity, admittedly the stat increase is really meager compared to a human, but it still should be enough at the moment to let me accomplish my goal, though I would have liked it if I just got a little bit more strength and constitution but alas since I am a roteater I can’t expect much in that area of growth until I reach max level and become capable of evolving.

I sighed with lamentation, closing my status window, I climbed up the side path of the sewer while holding the last drowned within my hand.

Glancing at it I considered eating it for a moment to regain some energy, but after again staring at it some more and watching the excrement and sludge roll off its dirty fur I started to get grossed out and didn’t think twice before dropping it back into the sewer stream and letting it float away with the other rats that I had killed previously for experience.


I sat down abruptly just as I threw the rat, feeling tired and yearning for rest, my whole body started to ache and itch from the filth covering my body.

The filth made me feel extremely uncomfortable and depressed, but because I didn’t want the [Depression] debuff to inflict me so soon I quickly tried to distract myself by thinking about the things I had done until now.

In total I had killed over 32 rats, with each rat giving me a maximum of 10 experience points I had gained a total of 320 points of experience which allowed me to gain 4 levels letting me reach level 6.

The leveling mechanic in this game is hidden for all characters, meaning that you can’t see your experience bar and know how much progress you had made and how much was left before you could level up again.

Kings Glaive the game in general does not give you a whole lot of information at all, the only reason I am even capable of seeing my status window with my attributes and skills is because of my unique talent [Phantom Eyes] that allows me to see my status and the status of other beings.

Normally none of the playable characters in this game can see as much information as I do, the only information any character has access to is their personal level, personal information, skill level, class level, health, mana, stamina and that’s it.

They can’t even see the damage numbers they deal or how much health a enemy character has like me, this being one of the main reasons why Kings Glaive was such a notoriously difficult game in my world, when people die in this game they would always need to start over and while most of the time it was obvious why they died, sometimes this didn’t apply when you would just die randomly without your knowledge through some other convoluted reason like poison or diseases.

Of course since now it isn’t a game I wouldn’t have to worry about this since I am using my own body to feel my current state, on top of that my status window would also be able to tell if something happened to me making it difficult for me to perish that way without me knowing before hand. but even then it would be difficult to die from poison or disease since my racial ability [Scavenger] would resist from most types of poisons and diseases.

-Right now the only way for me to stay safe is to get a higher level, even though I now generally get the gist of how most of this works in practice, this isn’t a turn based RPG anymore, just because someones has higher stats and level then me doesn’t signify my defeat or death proven with the rats who are theoretically way higher level then me at the beginning, but even then, I am curious to know how most of the mechanics would translate into real life like my attributes, I know that I gained significant improvement overall, but is there ever going to be a limit ? I know there exists a limit on the game called “Kings Glaive” I made but is this really the world of “Kings Glaive’ that I created ? What if its just the modded version of whoever brought me into this world ? How did the rules change ? And how much of what I know right of the game will really be useful to me at the moment ?

Those sorts of questions momentarily lingered in my head, those were questions that I really wanted answers to at the moment, but I shook my head after slight consideration, thinking that there was no point in thinking about questions I couldn’t get the answer to at the moment, I forced myself to once again the change the topic for now and focus on my current predicament like I planned.

-Yes, I should think about how I now should go about this, I know where the safe spot is and how to get there, but can I get there, is the question ?

I looked down once again opening my status window after a short rest I stared at my attributes all neatly lined down like a list of sorts with numbers attached to them showing the highs and lows of my current capabilities.

My highest attribute at the moment was [Dexterity].

Most of my level ups heavily leaned towards [Dexterity] and [Agility] which was not surprising considering the fact that my race is a Roteater.

Roteaters evolved in a way that made them flexible and fast enough take what they wanted without getting caught, they ate the rotten remains of other animals that were hunted by bigger predators giving them no need for [Strength] or higher [Constitution] to continue living since they actively avoided combat.

[Intellect] on the other hand while not completely neglected was still not very useful considering the fact that no amount of [Intellect] could save roteaters from getting eaten by a huge predator as roteaters were not know to be good spellcasters.

At the current stage each level up would guarantee a increase of my [Dexterity] and [Agility], with [Intellect] increasing every second level while [Strength] and [Constitution] increasing only with every forth level which sucked at lot at the moment since these two attributes were the most useful in my current predicament that affected my immediate survival.


I muttered, thinking about the setting of this world and everything related to levels and experience points.

The people actually call this the “absorption phenomenon” as in gaining experience from slaying creatures.

Originally when I made this game and implemented the race level up mechanic that allows any character to gain experience as long as they kill something, I wanted there to be an explanation for such event as why it made people grow stronger and not just write it off because of plot reasons.

The idea was actually pretty simple, when a creature/person dies through the act of another or more people/creatures that creatures/person’s soul will dissipate into thin air and return to the earth to be purified and then reincarnated, but before it completely dissipates, the soul leaves a small fragment of itself and gifts it to the person/creature or people/creatures it was slain by, the amount of experience gained is always depended on how powerful the creature itself was which is the race level and which evolutionary rank it is.

The evolutionary ranks being.

Inferior Rank.

Low Rank.

Middle Rank.

High Rank.

Top Rank.

On a side note as a roteater I am currently a Low rank creature while humans and elves on other hand are middle rank creatures.

But taking the [Big Rats] for example these creatures are one of the the lowest in terms of both power and evolutionary rank, them being low rank, they are barely above the strength of a simple house cat and no matter how high of a level a [Big Rat] is the experienced gained will always be 10 points because the evolutionary rank of the [Big Rat] restricts its soul fragmentation or released experience.

If one person single-handedly kills a [Big Rat] obviously that person will gain the entirety of the experience, but if two people kill a [Big Rat] depending on how much damage was dealt and who contributed the most to the fight, that person will always gain the most experience out of the rat, meaning that persona A cannot simply strike the killing blow after person B has done most of the job through incapacitating the creature.

If such event occurs persona A would at most only gain 1 percent of the experience for the killing blow which is extremely inefficient if you haven’t already guessed since a [Big Rat] gives 10 experience points 1 percent of that would be 0.1 experience.

It is far more efficient to fight such a creature yourself and get the full experience from it or even fight in a group of low level individuals and challenge a higher level opponent.

Though admittedly it is a strange sensation, whenever I killed a [Big Rat] I would always feel a strange flow of energy seeping into my veins, the sensation was similar to how you would momentarily get a high from a cigarette through inhaling the smoke or caffeine settling into your bloodstream, I hadn’t originally made any description regarding how it felt to level up as the word “level up” didn’t exist in this world, the way people judged another persons strength was purely through either instinct or through the use of investigative skills and spells.

-Well, at least I can feel myself starting to get more stronger, even though I hadn’t fought for a long time and had gotten rusty, it doesn’t seem like I will need a lot of time to get back to shape…

And just as I was thinking like this, I could hear the high pitched shrieks.


-Their coming, I think I had enough rest…I need to move.

I stood up, steeling myself once again I didn’t hesitate nor glance towards the rats before immediately jumping back into the sewer following its stream.

-Now I can only pray I succeed and that my memories are whole of this place, it wouldn’t be a joke if I end up in a completely different location from what I originally thought was the hub, I hope lady luck smiles at me today, but looking at my past few hours I really doubt it…

I thought as much, without stopping or averting my gaze I swam past multiple groups of [Big Rats] patrolling the area, not even giving them a second glance I moved like a fish inside water, though I doubt a fish could survive even a second inside this polluted waters, if they hadn’t already died from the smell itself.

As I swam though, I noticed that the groups of rats I encountered started to get more frequent and larger, my [Phantom Eyes] picked up on the frequency with the amount of red hues that were walking within my vision, the amount was starting to get so big that my vision started to turn entirely red from the amount of them and for a moment it seemed as if a literal strain was starting to get put inside my head giving me wicked migraines.

Fortunately it seemed as if my body understood the pressure and before I could even start to consciously fix them myself my eyes adjusted themselves as if fine tuning and changing their settings, the red hues of lights indicating my enemies started to get fainter until finally leaving only a speck of red, still showing their existence but not overloading me with their presence.

-Well this is convenient, after I get within safety I should really try to understand how this ability works in detail, up until now I had only been instinctually using it like moving a limb, but seeing this now, there is way more to this ability that I am not aware of, maybe I could even control the [Fear] effect of my [Phantom Eyes] if I really try to understand how it works..

I momentarily pondered thinking of the possibilities, and though I was thinking as much in the back of my head I already noticed that I was starting to get close towards the hub with the amount of rats that were increasing the closer I got.

It now wouldn’t be long until I finally…

-I see a [Giant Rat]…

I voiced the last few of my thoughts as I finally saw one of the  real dangers within this sewer.

And just like I imagined the statue of the [Giant Rat] walking next to the side path was anything but similar to the [Big Rats].

Being 3 times as big as a [Big Rat] the [Giant Rat] was most of the time a lone hunter because of its size and strength, a low rank creature, the amount of food it needed to satisfy its tummy could fully feed 4 to 5 other [Big Rats]  which was another reason why [Giant Rats] were most of the time lone hunters since they don’t want to share their meals with other rats when it can barely feed itself.

This aspect in fact was one of the only solaces I could expect from this place, [Giant Rats] detested sharing their food which made them often times easier to spot alone, but at the same time they were far stronger and smarter then [Big Rats], the only way I could realistically defeat one was through using my [Lesser Fireball] spell on it constantly and hitting it from a range.

In close quarters the [Giant Rat] could easily just push me to the ground and kill me without a problem, with the amount of strength I had right now and the skinny 10 year old build I had there was no way for me to contest in brute strength even if I filled the gaps with skill alone.

Employing tricks was also not very effective as compared to the [Big Rats] the [Giant Rat] didn’t easily get deceived by simple tricks like the cloth of blood that lured the [Big Rats], a [Giant Rat] with its intelligence would at the very least be able to differentiate the difference between meat and blood, what was edible and what was not.

-I expected it, but I truly didn’t think it would come so quick…

I thought to myself, observing the [Giant Rat] that 90 cms tall and 90 cms long, I watched as it swaggered through the sewer side path as if it owned that place, its long and pointy nose sniffing the air and ground as it looked for anything to eat and appease its stomach, sometimes looking into the sewer stream looking for a delicious snack to float its way, and when it didn’t find anything it would just continue to look elsewhere its nose never stopping its awfully twitching and sniffing.

Any [Big Rats] that were heading this way immediately stopped the moment they saw the [Giant Rat], the looks the [Big Rats] showed when they spotted the [Giant Rat] was incomprehensible, but even though I didn’t know what kind of expression they were showing, I still understood the immense apprehension these [Big Rats] had towards that [Giant Rat], the [Giant Rat] in turn also noticed the existence of the other [Big Rats] and even though it was aware of their presence it did nothing to them and simply continued its own search for food.

One of the [Big Rats] who looked to be slightly braver then the others stepped forward approaching the [Giant Rat] I was unsure what that [Big Rat] was trying to accomplish by getting near that [Giant Rat], but the moment it came near the [Giant Rat] stopped in its tracks observing the little [Big Rat] coming its way with big red eyes.


After the [Big Rat] got close enough it cautiously made a subdued squeaking sound which it usually used whenever its trying express something. It looked like it was trying to probe the [Giant Rat] with that squeal, but still nothing happened, the [Giant Rat] was still the entire time simply watching the [Big Rat] in front of it as if observing something interesting.

-Hmm…I understand what its trying to do but if the [Big Rats] can distract this [Giant Rat] maybe I don’t have to make detour after all…

And just as I was thinking like that I could immediately see a bright red sinister light shine within the [Giant Rats] eyes, the [Big Rat] hadn’t noticed at the time too dumb to realize the danger it continued to approach the [Giant Rat] after noticing that it wasn’t doing anything.

The comrades of the [Big Rat] also seemed convinced about something and followed the courageous [Big Rat] who was the at the front, this action itself only made the [Giant Rat’s] eyes glow more dangerously and as soon as every rat was close to its reach…

(Chomp !)

It was only a single instant.

The [Giant Rat] moved abnormally fast aiming for the courageous [Big Rat] first, the [Giant Rat] opened its horrifying and sharp mouth, chomping onto the [Big Rat] it was capable of putting 80% of its entire body into its mouth alone before crushing it within its mouth making blood splatter everywhere as it finally swallowed its meal.

The other [Big Rats] who had witnessed what happened were momentarily shocked by the event, it took only a second though for them to understand what happened before they started shrieking again this time not in a threatening manner or subdued but rather in absolute fear.


The [Big Rats] ran for their lives, all of them were pretty fast and for a moment it looked as if they could get away from the [Giant Rat] who hadn’t even moved after crushing that [Big Rat] within its mouth, but no that was a mistake.

I could see a very disturbing and sadistic light within the [Giant Rat’s] eyes, even I for a moment felt disturbed by that brief intelligent cruelty it was showing even though it was a animal, its early act of cannibalism hadn’t fazed the [Giant Rat] at all, no rather it looked as if it was very used to it licking its over sized mouth from any excess blood.


And then, it laughed, or what I could perceive as a laugh, the usual squeaking sound that I had come to expect from all these rats was nowhere present within this [Giant Rat] it didn’t even sound like something a rat would make with its deep grimy tone.

I furrowed my brows.

-I need to leave, this doesn’t look good at all…

And without a moment of hesitation I started to swim backwards, I would have swam away already if I had known from the beginning how abnormal that [Giant Rat] was, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a “If” the [Giant Rat] may have been just another minor mob character in my original world but in this world it was a cruel and cold blooded killer, no matter how weak it was in the grand scheme of things, it can still easily kill me if I let it get close to me.

I swam, swam like my life depended on it which it technically did, since the place I was in was merely a singular path, the [Big Rats] could only escape one way which was the way I was also headed, and the [Giant Rat] who still hadn’t moved was obviously not going allow them to get away that easily, it was obvious with that look in its eyes.


And just like I thought, I could hear a grueling roar behind me, I didn’t look back or stop to see from where it came from already knowing the source of that grimy deep tone it only forced me to swim faster.


And as I swam I could hear the deathly throes of the [Big Rats] behind me, once again I didn’t bother to look or stop in any matter, the crunching sound of bones getting grinder apart was enough for me to understand what was happening, and from the way it was repeating with death throe followed by crunching I understood the the [Giant Rat] was also extremely fast there being a total of 5 rats and 3 being killed so far 1 at the beginning and 2 on the run, I knew that there must have been not much distance before the [Giant Rat] caught up and ate all of the [Big Rats] and since I was slower in water then on land the [Big Rats] were always slightly catching up to me causing me to worry as I was simply not sure how far the [Giant Rats] perception radius was and whether it was going to notice me.

-Faster…Faster… come on !

I lightly mumbled to myself, my limbs moving like never before, in my past life I had imagined countless times on how I was going to go out, how I was going to breath my finally breath of air, I always imagined extreme scenarios that were somewhat ordinary to me considering with the way I was brought up, most common way of death being through either gun or poison, but never had I imagined that in that life I would die from old age instead.

And now ? Well I hadn’t even considered how die yet since I only just arrived into this world, but one thing I can tell for sure.

I would have never imagined it would be a [Giant Rat] that would kill inside this world.


And just like that the last [Big Rat] died just before it could scream its final shriek, hearing that sound I stopped swimming exhaling deeply from within my stomach.

Most people would have continued swimming at this point to try to get away, but I wasn’t considered “Most People” after all the moment I heard that last death throe I felt “it” through the countless life and death experiences I had I knew.

-Damn…it noticed me.

Fleeing now was only a waste of energy, the burning gaze I had felt on the back of head was proof of that, and not soon after I could hear a deep grimy shriek that sounded like laughter coming from behind me.



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