Chapter 92 How About Coffee?

I sighed…

Currently I was sitting inside the Los Angeles Police Department lobby, actually waiting for policemen to finish questioning Hestia. I had been actually sitting here for about an hour maybe… Of course I could always leave and let Hestia find her own way back by sensing me, but I felt like that would be wrong to do so I just waited until they were done. Don’t misunderstand, Hestia wasn’t accused of anything. It was already sorted out that she was the one who had stopped the robbery and rescued the hostages by herself. There were multiple testimonies that proved it which were the people who she saved. But the thing was, Hestia was very suspicious on her own because she wore the white mask the moment we walked into the bank. Some of the policemen thought that she worked with the robbers which was complete nonsense to me, but they needed to follow their so called “protocol” bullshit, they had to be sure that she wasn’t working with the robbers. And that’s why she was being questioned… As for me, they just told me to go home. But they also said that I could wait which I was doing of course. Actually, I’m not gonna lie but I was a bit worried since Hestia didn’t have any ID’s herself. I was fully expecting them to come up empty when they queried her information which would make her even more suspicious. But at the same time, I wasn’t really pressured since Steward told me once that having no ID wasn’t really a problem, it was only ever important when you left a country. It’s still convenient to have one in some cases… I wonder if this case was one of them.

-Hey kid, you want some coffee? I think the questioning will take a bit and I can see that you aren’t about to run away…

I was suddenly asked, making me slightly surprised. I turned my head towards the voice and as I did so, I met with a woman who had short black hair and stood 6.1 feet tall. She was bent over in order to look at me with her friendly smile while her brown eyes looked at me analyzing something… I knew this woman and actually, I was expecting to meet her in this place. What was her name again…? Now that I’m thinking about it, she didn’t introduce herself to me last time did she?

Looking at her, I also smiled mildly trying to be a bit friendlier.

-Sorry, I don’t think I caught your name last time ma’am.

Hearing my reply, her eyebrows furrowed for a bit as she thought about herself before replying to me soon after.

-Oh, that’s right. I actually never introduced myself kid. Last time we met, it was quite a rushed start and my partner wasn’t quite the most friendliest guy to talk with. I still feel sorry about the situation by the way… On that topic, I didn’t hear your name either did I? Well, let me introduce myself first – my name is Mishel Aunburn. I am a detective working for the L.A.P.D., nice to meet you kid.

She gave me her hand when she said that, trying to give me a handshake which I took gladly as I also introduced myself properly with a smile.

-Nice to meet you Miss Mishel, my name is Dawn Timer. As you know, I moved in only over a week ago. I am also sorry for last time rushing off like that.

She laughed pleasantly and just sat on the seat next to me continuing the conversation.

-Oh, it’s alright… but you’re pretty young you know? The first time we met, I even called you a mister because of the way you acted like an adult. I was also pretty confused myself that… oh wait, I almost forgot. My coffee offer? How about it? Staying here doesn’t seem to be very comfortable. You also seemed to be very bored and having a break right now seems more fitting don’t you think?

She asked, making me think for a moment on what to do. I also glanced towards the door for a few seconds… Hestia would tell me when she finishes and I also really needed a break. I was tired, a bit spent, and never got any proper rest for the past days. Coffee also sounded very good since I don’t get to taste it very often, but I already loved the sour sweet taste of it.

With that out of the way, I turned towards Mishel while nodding my head to accept her offer. She smiled and told me to follow her into the break room which I did of course. On the way, I actually wondered what this woman wanted from me. She obviously didn’t come here to talk with me on friendly terms or out of pity, she wanted something. I could tell from the reflection of her eyes that there was some kind of need from me… information maybe?

I tried guessing but couldn’t gauge which answer was right and which was wrong. Honestly I didn’t care since either way; I got free coffee which was all good.

With those thoughts, I followed Mishel and we soon went into the break room which had a lot of coffee machines set up. She quickly prepared a few machines and pressed a couple buttons to initiate the brewing. In the meantime that was happening, I looked around curiously. On the way here, we had passed by many different people who were restlessly working on their desks. Some were talking with each other and some smoking to vent out a bit of stress. They all looked different but I could see that they all had one thing in common – they all had that sharp piercing glint in their eyes as if nothing could escape them. It was a glint of wisdom so to say but not everyone had it. But most of them had it for sure, one of them being Mishel of course.

-So, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you move over to this rowdy city?

Mishel asked out of the blue while sitting down next to the table across from me. The sound of the coffee machine could be heard as she talked, letting me think about my answer or so to say, my official story that was prepared beforehand by Steward.

-I previously used to live in the countryside and because nothing really exciting was happening there, I decided to leave and live with my uncle in the city.

Mishel listened to me wholeheartedly as I continued to relay to her my fake story of where I came from and what I did before. This story was actually officially true if you look into the documents, but in reality it was forged. It was something Steward made for me so I wouldn’t be questioned too hard or tries to make things up on the fly. The story was written in a document he had given to me along with the ID. It was pretty well done I had to admit.

-So what about your parents? Actually…

She asked when I finished my story. Obviously I didn’t mention that I had parents and just told her a short version.

-I don’t have parents actually… they died in a car accident 10 years ago… when I was 5…

I lied through my teeth without changing my expression and just stared into the coffee machine. Mishel took the answer with slight wide eyes with some sympathy, but at the same time not really believing it fully.

-Oh really… Sorry to make you remember that. Let’s change topics; do you go to school and why are you actually here in the first place?

The last question had me laughing a bit since the story was a bit long and weird. But the first question was easy.

-I’ve already finished school, jumping grades actually. And as for why I am here, that’s a pretty long story actually…

Mishel smiled hearing that. She got up when she noticed that the coffee was already done brewing, fill the cups.

-I am all ears.

She said, finishing up and placing 2 cups of coffee on the table, one for me and one for her. Her attitude from this point was pretty laid back as I told her how Hestia kicked the robbers’ asses and why I was here since I was just waiting for her. I even explained who Hestia was, telling her that she was one of the security guards my uncle had hired who also happened to be a friend of the family which I made up. Mishel was pretty much already hooked on the story. She was pretty wide eyed because of the things that I had gone through in one day and still be able to talk like this as if it wasn’t a big deal. She also showed a big interest in Hestia herself, dropping hints on wanting to meet her personally.

-Wow, that’s really an amazing story you got there. I wasn’t really there for the robbery but I was working on another case actually… You may remember when we first met, I asked you if you saw anything strange in these parts the last few days right?

I nodded now; really interested in what she wanted from me since this topic in particular was something she didn’t mention out of the blue. She intended to lead the conversation to this and was for some reason, interested in my opinion which was weird seeing that I only came a few days ago. Why would she have any interest in a person like me?

I wondered. I just sat there and listened to her talking and acting as if I knew nothing. From what I understand, it goes something like this:

Over the past month, there have been multiple cases of homicide in the city. All of them ended up with 2 to 3 people dead each time. The amount of these cases was at least once per week now, which was worrisome since the homicides happen randomly in different parts of the city. Each time it would be from a different person who committed the crime. And most of the time, the perpetrator would be shot dead because strangely, they couldn’t be reasoned with. They would turn into wild animals and try to kill everything that moves. Catching them was also very hard and not advised after the first 2 incidents. Trying to use tranquilizers also didn’t seem to work on these guys, having no effect on them. Disabling them was also useless since the moment they finally calm down, their heart stops beating leading to instant death. These incidents were strange and had made its way through the news all over the town, warning people. Currently it is believed that it’s some kind of drug that caused people to suddenly go berserk or something, but the autopsy report states that there weren’t any drugs involved. The incidents were shrouded in even more mystery since they can’t even predict when such incidents were going to happen again or who was making them happen. Mishel in particular seems to be really upset by this when she told me about it. And listening to her, I also remembered some words about this that wasn’t from the news, but it came from Illeana the Vampiress, also known as the president of the “Victoria” night club. She had once mentioned to me that there had been a werewolf in the city going rogue all of a sudden, killing 3 people too. Illeana herself had given me a small explanation to this topic. It gave me a basic understanding of things such as the Fenrirs and the wolf packs and members; and how the transformation usually goes with a supervisor who makes sure that the newly made werewolf doesn’t go rogue.

She also told me that it was unsettling since no one really knew where that werewolf came from. This seemed basically impossible since werewolves could sense each other pretty easily. It seems other than that, there appears to be multiple theories on how that could have happened. One of them being that it may have been smuggled in without anyone knowing, a possibility that Illeana seemed to be the most scared of… with a good reason too I guess.

-You seem to be unfocused, do you know something? Anything is fine. I know that you didn’t live here long enough but small clues could always lead to something…

She said trying to look like she didn’t really care, but I knew that’s what she was really after. For some reason, this woman slash detective believed that I knew something about these incidents which I clearly did not. So why was she thinking like this then?

It was confusing so to say but I shook my head with a sigh, telling her the truth.

-I don’t know anything. I was actually on an errand for the past few days so I didn’t get to hear the news actually.

I could see small disappointment in her eyes. She probably thought I at least knew something and felt betrayed of her expectations, which couldn’t be helped. She looked at her own cup for moment before taking a sip from it. Then suddenly, a man stormed into the break room filled with urgency.

-Hey Mishel, we have to go. There was another incident…

He said a bit grimly. He glanced at me for a few seconds filled with confusion, but then looked back towards Mishel again who finished her coffee entirely. Mishel looked towards the man nodding her head in a determined manner.

Soon after, the guy left leaving only Mishel and I inside the break room. I looked at my warm cup of coffee for a moment and took a single sip from it before looking back at Mishel who was getting ready to leave.

-Well, it was nice talking with you kid. If you need anything or have something to say, then come to me. I am police officer after all and I promise to uphold justice. Bye for now, you can take your time in finishing your coffee so don’t worry about it.

I nodded my head to acknowledge her before looking back at the mug of coffee and taking another sip. Mishel took out her phone and started talking to someone. I sharpened my senses for a moment trying to listen in on the conversation.

-Martin, what’s going on? Give me a run down…

-Man… Mishel, you gotta see this. We have another 3 victims here this time and they are shredded… this is messed up and it doesn’t make sense either…

-Shut up Martin and just tell me what is going on. I don’t need your opinion just yet.

-If you say…

They continued like this back and forth until Mishel finally reached beyond a certain distance making me unable to hear anything further. But I was still able to get the gist of what was going on.

This was a bit unnerving and I wasn’t sure if this was another one of those werewolves gone rogue incidents. Maybe it could be a drug, who knows…

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