Chapter 172 Stand For Yourself

-Lord sorron,it looks like we are close !

Hoboku said lightly shaking me from behind as we continued to ride through the thick forest on her <Abyssal Moon Horse>,the amount of turns,jumps and leaps that were made to navigate through the forest was insane,the terrain itself was definitely not fit for a mount to go through,but because the beasts were all wild beasts and not domesticated and because they were born here and lived here all their lives,every single one of them knew how to navigate properly and find paths to slip through.

Comparably riding was less scarier then flying since we were on the ground,but at the same time,I can’t say that riding is actually more comfortable then flying…

-Is..Is that so ?

I replied,groaning for a second while feeling cold sweat running down my forehead as I couldn’t feel the muscles on my thighs anymore,with the constant jumping and galloping it would make the vibration would constantly pound me from bellow causing my muscles to feel as if they were being teared apart as we continued riding.

It was after all my first time riding a horse,when we were going to depart the selection with whom I was going to take a ride with was between the deer or the horse or habaru and hoboku respectively.

The other beasts didn’t really make me feel safe riding them because they were generally animals that don’t usually are used as a mount at least to my knowledge.In the end I chose hoboku for a ride and when we finally started riding…

I immediately felt the repercussions of my actions.

-Lord sorron ? Is everything okay,you don’t seem to sound well ?

Hoboku asked worried,even though we weren’t directly facing each other she still knew what was going on since we were bound to one another through our bond,she also probably noticed the tight grip I had around her belly while hugging her back the entire time,my fingers were almost pressing onto her skin through her robe but even then she didn’t say anything not sure if it was because she was worried or because she liked the way I was holding her.

Either of the two could most likely be true.

I thought,raising my head for a bit as I looked at hoboku’s back smiling at her kindly,she couldn’t see me smile,but I was still very happy that she was worried about me making me feel warm inside my heart.

On another side note neither hoboku or the other girls seem to share my pain in this area nor show any signs of discomfort when sitting on these beasts and riding them,it is most likely because I have the lowest strength in group not able to take as much punishment as they can.

-Don’t worry,Focus on riding,I am just a bit tired thats all,tell me when we get there alright ?

For a moment hoboku didn’t say anything and because I couldn’t see her face I didn’t know what kind of expression she was making,her feelings were also hidden extremely well other then a little gnashing sound that came from her jaw as she replied,her voice holding a tinge of resolution.


Soon after her short agreement I noticed that our pace had somehow slowed down and the shaking had also been reduced all of which came from the way hoboku was steering the horse,she looked more focused after this exchange somehow learning to properly ride the horse in consideration for me and even though I felt that we should go faster like before,I still couldn’t say anything since hoboku was doing this for my sake after all.

Neither hoboku nor I said anything anymore at this point and while I was sitting behind hoboku hugging her tight I wanted to talk with wylniva through the transmission link about the beastmen and ask what she knew about them.

Unfortunately enough wylniva wasn’t in the mood to talk with me anymore ever since having that bitter conversation with the other 3 girls.

I understood that was somewhat angry about that,but I just couldn’t understand why she was letting it out on me out of all people…

Anyways…It wasn’t like her to hold a grudge for such a lengthy amount of time,but she was acting weird in general so I didn’t think much about it and just thought it would pass after a bit of time,the topic in itself wasn’t that important either since I would most likely hear everything from the source itself meaning the beastmen.

Blondy herself was also on my mind,finding her in the middle of the forest knocked out bleeding wasn’t the best way to reunite much less was the prospect of her suffering from the concussion that I needed to heal as fast as possible.

While thinking about these things I quickly found myself nuzzled up behind hoboku’s back feeling very safe around her while also getting slightly charmed showing a gentle smile on my lips as hoboku looked resolute and focused looking forward with huge strides of her own.

If anyone else would have seen this imagine they wouldn’t be able to tell who the prince or the princess was…

==========================Sarah’s P.O.V=========================

3 Hours ago

-We have to tell janet and quickly go after them,if we don’t act fast who knows what will happen to those two

I told those two quickly coming to a decision as I turned towards the sleeping janet by side,my hand reaching towards her as I wanted to wake her up from her pleasant sleep to quickly go send a rescue party it was the most reasonable and right thing to do.

But just as I was about to do that,I saw another two pairs of hands in the corner of my eyes reaching out to me quickly stopping me from alerting janet as they grabbed my arm holding me in place for a second.

-No wait !

Lily and gary came stopping me from doing what needed to be done as they showed a look of desperation and fear in their eyes,I was honestly surprised and watching their expressions I couldn’t help,but feel a little bit disgusted at them not because they let their own friends walk out like that into this dangerous forest without a second thought,but because they still wanted to hide their mistakes without alerting everyone else so they wouldn’t be punished for it.

Their eyes said it all,they already had lost their believe of them still being alive or rather wanted to let go,but still felt guilt and haunted.

I didn’t know either of them very well generally I didn’t know anyone here since coming here even my own friends who I thought I really knew at first showed sides of themselves that I never even seen before making me question who these people really were that I called my friends.

One thing I realized since coming here in this nightmarish forest is that people aren’t truly themselves when they introduce who they are,there is always darkness looming over everyones hearts hidden like a sleeping snaking at first and if you aren’t careful enough and wake up that snake it will soon show itself lunging at the first person it sees.

Fear,selfishness and desire.

These are things that all drive people and make them capable of doing the most atrocious acts possible just to attain their goals,I never really thought about any of this,but staying here forced me to think such thoughts and make the darkness come oh so closer to my heart as if its scratching the surface of my veins making me anxious of myself fearful of who I really maybe underneath this disguise of skin and flesh.


I was scared that goes without saying everyone was,but that still not a excuse to not do anything,because if I don’t do anything the people who I call friends may just disappear just like that…

I thought to myself,suddenly the image of sorron popping up inside my head as I momentarily lost myself  remembering the few conversations we had and how he had helped us so far,even I myself didn’t know why his image popped up like that,but for now that didn’t matter.

-So what are you going to do ? If we aren’t going to tell janet or everyone else what do you think should be done ?

My words hit where it hurt quickly catching the two off guard as they stopped holding me and instead stepped back for a second,their facial expression changing into total panic and fear as they looked at each trying to find an answer in the eyes of the other just to see their own fearful reflection in their eyes that spoke more then a few volumes.

They didn’t completely think this through that was for sure they only reason they woke me up and told me about was because they didn’t know who to talk to and tell their problems to without getting into trouble themselves,but now that they seen each others faces they didn’t know what to do anymore…

Time was ticking and it wasn’t just going to slow down for us the forest continued to roar inhuman and monstrous roar through the nights any moment now and those roars could turn into blood gurgling screams instead.

-This…this…Damn ! what do we do what do we do…

Gary was the first to break down,the sweat on his face pouring down like buckets as he kneel’ed on the ground mumbling to himself,lily on the other hand just as confused as gary didn’t come down to gary’s level and instead observed him for a few seconds in silence.

She was scared,but this wasn’t the first time she was scared,she already experienced fear and pain inside this place,she didn’t want to feel it again and do nothing about it which is why she knew what to do and stared back at me grimly.

-Tell janet we have to quickly go and get them maybe we aren’t too late…

I nodded my head at her words while turning my head I once again reached towards janet about to grab her shoulder to wake her up and tell her everything about this so she could tell us what to do,but as I was just about to grab her my hand stopped moving for a moment as I considered several thoughts inside my head.

When we find them and get them back then what ? What if they are already dead ? What if terry made sophia go out with him ? What if…

The thoughts swirled like a hurricane my face paling at every single thought that occurred and how it would affect our group as a whole after all everyone was on edge,the girls were disconnected largely traumatized showing hate and distrust towards the few boys in our group even janet wasn’t out of this circle she may not have experienced what the other girls had she still had large amounts of stress accumulated in her mind today was also one of the only few days where she would get some sleep in peace.

We are always relying on janet or sorron,but we never even consider thinking about it ourselves,but if I can’t even help myself how am I so stupid to even think that I can help anyone else ? And to be real even if I woke up janet and told her anything…

What would it change ?

I already know…no one is going to leave the base even if janet tells them to,its too dangerous we are too weak and majority of these people can’t even hold a sword less than that fight…

And after doing nothing,how will our group continue ? Will we harder our security with 4 people a night ? Maybe 6 ? Will the boys become even more hated since one of them was involved ? Who will first start complaining and who will succumb to their darkness?

In the end…There was only me…

I withdrew my hand slowly,watching janet closely with a smile on my lips as I let her sleep peacefully.

Afterwards I stood up glancing at both lily and gary who were panicked and scared before ignoring them and walking past them towards the cave exit reaching towards one of the swords arming myself.

-I am going alone and bring and them back tonight you two just stay here and keep guard until I come back

With those words out my mouth I quickly stood exited the cave into the moonlit night,lily and gary were still paralyzed,astonished from what I just said as I continued to walk towards the exit of our camp with no hesitation or second thought.

But just as expected gary quickly popped in front of me stopping me from moving forward,seeing him I was about to tell him to move away and that it wouldn’t change anything even if we told janet what happened,but unexpected what I heard next was something complete different,his face was still full of fear but there was also stiff look in his eyes that said something about him.

-Can I come with you


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